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An examination of Asian horror films and culture.

An examination of Asian horror films and culture.
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An examination of Asian horror films and culture.






Hero Hero Ghost Show – Bonus Episode: Wishing Stairs with Richard Glenn Schmidt

Hero Hero Ghost Show returns with a continuation of our bonus series looking at the Whispering Corridors series. Faithful ally Richard Glenn Schmidt is on board again for the third entry, Wishing Stairs. While we intended to do both this film and the follow-up, Voice, but we were so enamored by Wishing Stairs, we made it its own episode! You can check out more Hero Hero Ghost Show here: iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hero-hero-ghost-show/id1102947580 Stitcher:...


Hero Hero Ghost Show – Dark Water

Welcome back to Hero Hero Ghost Show! We have a great one this time around. Mike Marryman is here to talk Hideo Nakata’s Dark Water. Cort Psyops shows up in The G-Spot to talk Invasion of Astro-Monster. And no show would be complete without a look at divorce in Japan. So, what are we waiting for? Forget the kids at school, it’s Hero Hero Time! The post Hero Hero Ghost Show – Dark Water appeared first on Legion.


Hero Hero Ghost Show! Meatball Machine and Kodoku Meatball Machine

It’s here! A brand new episode of Hero Hero Ghost Show has arrived! We welcome Jerry Herring of Kill the Cast and Underwater Kaiju from Outer Space fame to chat about the bananas films, Meatball Machine and Kodoku Meatball Machine. We try to make some sense of the J-splatter silliness and manage to divert into discussions of Sion Sono, Takashi Miike, and the often-uncomfortable relationship with sexuality in Japanese cinema. Also, a trip to the G-Spot with Cort Psyops as we look at Ghidorah,...


Hero Hero Ghost Show – Thirst

Welcome back to Hero Hero Ghost Show! This time around, we have a star-studded slam-bang episode! First, Cort joins us in The G-Spot to talk Mothra vs Godzilla (aka Godzilla vs the Thing) before we welcome Duncan McLeish for a discussion of Chan-wook Park’s Thirst. There’s mah jongg parties, armpit licking and much, much more… Warning! Things get sexy! Opening Song: 808 by Suchmos Closing Song: Fukanshou by PANORAMAPANAMATOWN The post Hero Hero Ghost Show – Thirst appeared first on Legion.


Hero Hero Ghost Show: King Kong vs Godzilla

Join Cort Psyops and myself for a look at the first Technicolor appearance of the Big G, and he’s brought a monkey along for fun! We talk parasol weakness, non-habit forming narcotic berries, the Smog Monster goes to rehab, bad Hokkaido vacation packages, amazing octopi, Kong’s wicked berry habit, bad Brando, Elvis Kong, the benefits of electricity-eating, Kong’s big cheat, and more! Opening Song: Incomplete by Girugamesh Closing Song: Bad Kicks by DYGL Join us for the next episode where...


Hero Hero Ghost Show – Bonus Episode: Whispering Corridors and Momento Mori with Richard Glenn Schmidt

Welcome back to a brand new bonus episode of Hero Hero Ghost Show. Now in a world where no new Tomie films exist (much the shame), Richard Glenn Schmidt returns to tackle another female-centric series of films. This time, we look into the world of all-girls high schools in South Korea with the Whispering Corridors series. In the first film, titled appropriately enough Whispering Corridors, a vengeful spirit may or may not be possessing a student and murdering teachers, but maybe that’s not...


Hero Hero Who Will Ghost Survive? w/ Kurando Mitsutake

Here for a super special bonus team up episode of Who Will Survive? and Hero Hero Ghost Show! Marco, Paul, and Bo are joined by writer/director Kurando Mitsutake. After discovering his movie Gun Woman and falling in love with it, we needed to see more from Kurando. Luckily our paths crossed and we were able to work out some time for this extended interview show. Since Mr. Mitsutake was so generous with his time we were able to learn a lot about all 3 of his movies – Samurai Avenger: The...


Hero Hero Ghost Show – Exte: Hair Extensions

Welcome back to a new episode of Hero Hero Ghost Show! We pay respects to Ren Osugi before diving into a the Sion Sono/Ren Osugi film, Exte! Haunted hair, family drama and rampant abuse form this tale of a vengeful spirit that also serves as a surprisingly radical take on J-horror in general. Also, we dive into The G-Spot with Cort Psyops to talk Godzilla Raids Again! The post Hero Hero Ghost Show – Exte: Hair Extensions appeared first on Legion.


Hero Hero Ghost Show! – Godzilla

Welcome to Hero Hero Ghost Show!, a podcast all about Asian horror, and this time around we’re going straight to Tokyo Bay with special guest Cort Psyops from Cinema Psyops to get under the scales of a temperamental gentleman named Godzilla. Did you ever wonder who came up with Godzilla in the first place? Or what a kaiju is? Or maybe you just enjoy Gamera digressions. I don’t know how you live. Join us for a look at everyone’s favorite city-stompin’ reptile in ways you may have never seen...


Hero Hero Ghost Show! – Tomie vs Tomie & Tomie Unlimited w/Richard Glenn Schmidt

It’s Bro-mies before Ho-mies when Richard-mie joins Bo-mie for our final trip into the realm of Tomie, the cinematic adaptations of Junji Ito’s manga. And we are going out in style, friends and neighbors. In addition to discussing two of the more interesting entries into this series, we talk a little gialli, discuss which in the series best captures the spirit of the comic and much, much more! Opening Song: dear sad big laugher by Mop of Head, feat. UCARY and The Valentine Closing Song:...


Hero Hero Ghost Show! Bonus Episode – Tomie: Beginning & Tomie: Revenge

Welcome back, everyone! In further proof of our obsession with Japanese love demons, I am joined by Hello! This is the Doomed Show’s Richard Glenn Schmidt for a stroll down Tomie lane. This time, we examine films six and seven (!) of the long-running series of films, this time helmed by original Tomie director Ataru Oikawa. With Tomie: Beginning, Oikawa creates his own prequel. Why do we keep flashing forward? How great is Gondo? And, of course, Homeless Pele makes an appearance. Then, we...


Hero Hero Ghost Show! – Suicide Club

We’re back, and this time… it’s personal! Well, if not personal, certainly weird. We’re talking Sion Sono’s Suicide Club with Black Annis’s Misty Marchant, and we cover this thing like pros, including why Genesis set up shop in a bowling alley, Charles Manson trivia, the gleeful black comedy of this movie and fun talk about suicide! Also, Sion Sono time travel theories! Opening Song: Karma War by Aiko Closing Song: Ghost in a Closet by Spangle Call Lilli Line Next time… more Sono! The...


Hero Hero Ghost Show! Valentine’s Day Special: Sadako vs Kayako

Welcome back to Hero Hero Ghost Show! I’ve been away a while, but back in time to celebrate a day of togetherness… and what better way to celebrate than with the two women that perhaps best represent Japanese horror? That’s right, we’re talking Ringu vs Ju-on, yurei vs yurei… it’s Sadako vs Kayako! In a solo run, we go through the surprisingly comprehensible story, the awesomeness of Tamao, the superior rock-tossing skills of Keizo and the final, titular battle! Does this movie actually...


Hero Hero Ghost Show! Tomie Special #2 – Tomie: Rebirth and Tomie: Forbidden Fruit

Welcome back to Hero Hero Ghost Show! Relieved of solo duties, I am joined by Hello! This is the Doomed Show‘s Richard Glenn Schmidt for our second venture into the land of Japanese love demons. We begin with Takashi Shimizu’s wonderful take on the Tomie story, Tomie: Rebirth, and it’s amazing set pieces and horrible gift-giving ideas. Then, we take on Tomie: Forbidden Fruit, the movie that should be the naughtiest in the series and somehow just… isn’t. Warning, there is a whole lot of...


Hero Hero Ghost Show! Season Two: Episode Four – Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman

The solo train keeps rolling, but enough bonus content, let’s do a real episode! This time out, we take a look at a listener request in the form of Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman. Based on an urban legend, the movie is a weird blend of urban fairy tale, slasher and treatise on child abuse… maybe? We take a stroll through the plot before trying to figure out if this is just an entertaining piece of horror cinema or if something deeper is going on under the hood. Spoilers, there is. Also,...


Hero Hero Ghost Show! Season Two – Special Episode: Imprint and Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies

Here we are, just the two of us. Sure, we usually have some guest yammering on about one movie or another, but if we could distill the show into its purest state, something that could lead to the dawning of a new age? Or, you could just join me for a solo show in which we discuss Takashi Miike’s entry into the Masters of Horror series, “Imprint.” And why not get a little nutty with the low-fi gorefest, Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies? And maybe even a listener question! It’s just us,...


Hero Hero Ghost Show! Season Two: Episode Three – Evil Dead Trap

Ah, Asian horror… With its technicolor lighting and Goblin-esque scores, the brutal killings, the maggots on the ceilings… Hey, wait a second! That doesn’t sound like Asian horror at all! And that’s just what makes 1988’s Evil Dead Trap such an oddball piece of cinema. The movie director Toshiharu Ikeda swears was not influenced by countless giallo movies is a weird blend of classic horror tropes, but through the eyes of a director who spent much of his career in Japan’s Pink subgenre. Along...


Hero Hero Ghost Show! Season Two: Episode 2 – Tetsuo the Iron Man

Welcome back to Season Two of Hero Hero Ghost Show! Boy howdy, do we have a weird one tonight – the seminal Japanese body horror/cyberpunk/splatter movie, Tetsuo the Iron Man. This is one of those movies people intend to see, yet never quite get around to it. Along with my co-host Gary Hill (of Two Drink Minimum Commentaries and Cinema Beef fame), we explain why you kinda need to see this to know what you’re missing. It’s expressionistic, it’s loud, it’s slightly Evil Dead by way of KMFDM…...


Hero Hero Ghost Show! Season Two Premiere: Ringu

Hey Ghost Show Heroes! We are back for a new ten-episode run of the best and strangest in Asian horror, and we’re starting with a bang. That’s right, it’s Ringu, the movie that made us all scared of long haired girls in wells. We dig into the iconic moments of the film, diabeetus ghosts, raising your children Amish, SGF treatments, the Sadako vs Scanners movie we never got and warm parenting memories from the film. Also, a look at the various versions of the film and its divergent sequels....


Hero Hero Ghost Show! Bonus Episode #2 – Tomie: Another Face and Tomie: Replay

Hey there, Ghost Show Heroes! We’re still getting things ready for Season Two, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve your fair share of Asian horror goodness. To keep you tantalized, I have enlisted the help of both a Japanese love demon named Tomie and an American love demon named Richard Glenn Schmidt (he of Hello! This is the Doomed Show). We’re making our way through every damn Tomie film, starting with the television anthology Tomie: Another Face in which we debate the relative...