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Hey Amarillo is a weekly, one-on-one interview podcast hosted by Jason Boyett, and featuring the people and stories of Amarillo, Texas.

Hey Amarillo is a weekly, one-on-one interview podcast hosted by Jason Boyett, and featuring the people and stories of Amarillo, Texas.


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Hey Amarillo is a weekly, one-on-one interview podcast hosted by Jason Boyett, and featuring the people and stories of Amarillo, Texas.








Melynn Huntley

A conversation with Melynn Huntley, Elections Administrator for Potter County. With a little over a month before an enormously consequential presidential election, Melynn speaks with host Jason Boyett about her wide-ranging career. How did a former graphic designer end up managing elections—and how will it work during a pandemic? Most importantly, she shares what's on her mind as she coordinates local election equipment, workers, and security in preparation for November 3. This episode is...


Teresa Kenedy

A conversation with Teresa Kenedy, president of the Barrio Neighborhood Planning Committee and a retired social worker with Amarillo ISD. Teresa tells host Jason Boyett about growing up as a member of the only Hispanic and Catholic family in a small mountain town. Upon arriving in Amarillo for college, she found a much more robust Hispanic culture—and has since become a community organizer working on behalf of Amarillo's Barrio neighborhood. This episode is sponsored by Blue Handle...


Ali Ramos

A conversation with Ali Ramos, a graphic designer and Amarillo native who just graduated with a master's degree in social work from Columbia University. Ali is also a board member for NMD United, a national organization advocating for individuals with neuromuscular disabilities. She shares with host Jason Boyett about growing up with a physical disability, embracing an accidental leadership role in Amarillo, and using her unique perspective to fight injustice. This episode is sponsored by...


Bowden Jones Jr.

A conversation with Bowden Jones Jr., Executive Vice President and Chief Consumer Officer at FirstBank Southwest. Bowden is involved with a variety of community nonprofits and is one of the creators of the Northside Toy Drive. He shares with host Jason Boyett about his military-kid upbringing, coming Amarillo after having lived in Panama, how he stumbled into a successful banking career, and why he's optimistic about progress toward racial reconciliation in Amarillo. This episode is...


Austin Sutter

A conversation with Austin Sutter, executive director of the Amarillo Hockey Association. A native of Red Deer, Alberta, he tells host Jason Boyett about arriving in Amarillo 15 years ago as a professional hockey player and deciding to stay even after his playing career ended. He believes Amarillo is on the verge of becoming a thriving hockey city and explains how the Amarillo Ice Ranch—a year-round ice facility currently under construction—will transform local athletics. This episode is...


Karah Gilbert

A conversation with Karah Gilbert, the founder of Solidarity Isn't Silent and an employee of Randall County's Youth Center of the High Plains. Karah shares with host Jason Boyett about her work with young people in the criminal justice system. They also discuss her multi-faceted organization, which began this summer as a way to stand up to the injustice faced by Black residents in Amarillo and across the country. This episode is sponsored by Blue Handle Publishing and SKP Creative.


Devenie Graham

A conversation with Devenie Graham, artistic director for the brand-new Sharpened Iron Studios, a newly launched company that is working to bring Hollywood-level film and TV production to the Texas Panhandle. An actor/model who worked in New York City and Los Angeles before returning to Amarillo, Devenie shares with host Jason Boyett why Amarillo is the perfect location for a major motion picture studio and how the city can become a cultural character of its own. This episode is sponsored by...


Dr. Kishore Yalamanchili

A conversation with Kishore Yalamanchili, MD, a Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center assistant professor and local Division Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care. Having spent the pandemic treating COVID-19 critical care patients—and sharing about it on Facebook—Dr. Yalamanchili shares with host Jason Boyett about his career, his unlikely social media prominence, and why he has chosen to live and practice in Amarillo. This episode is sponsored by Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum.


Kyla Frye

A conversation with Kyla Frye, Executive Director of the WT Enterprise Center. The Enterprise Center is central to Amarillo's economic ecosystem, and Kyla shares with host Jason Boyett how the WTEC is helping local people launch new businesses and improve existing ones. They also discuss the Wire Accelerator program for early-stage tech startups, including why this area is building a reputation as a great place to start a company. This episode is sponsored by Wieck Realty and SKP Creative.


Mugisha Aime

A conversation with Mugisha Aime, a mechanical engineer who recently graduated from Texas Tech. After Mugisha's family fled genocide in Rwanda, he grew up in a refugee camp in Tanzania. Eventually they resettled in the U.S. when Mugisha was in his early teens. He shares with host Jason Boyett about what it was like to enter American school with no English, and how one teacher at Palo Duro High School transformed his experience by giving him the confidence to succeed. This episode is...


Megan Eikner

A conversation with Megan Eikner, a local agriculture and natural resource agent with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension. Her job is wide-ranging and complex, but it’s largely educational in nature. She helps local farmers understand the latest ag science and research, sharing with them the techniques that work best for the Texas Panhandle. A native of southeast Colorado, Megan also explains why she decided to plant herself in Amarillo. This episode is sponsored by Blue Handle Publishing and...


Liz Rascon Alaniz

A conversation with Liz Rascon Alaniz, a doctoral candidate at WTAMU and executive director of the Wesley Community Center. The Wesley is located in the heart of the Hispanic Barrio and has a long history of serving that historic neighborhood. Born in the Texas Panhandle to parents who immigrated from Mexico, Liz shares about her family's search for opportunity, the unique gifts of the Barrio to Amarillo's larger community, and the multiple generations who benefit from the Wesley and its...


Michael Timcisko

A conversation with Michael Timcisko, executive director of the Panhandle AIDS Support Organization (PASO). As Pride month concludes, Michael tells host Jason Boyett about coming of age as a gay man during the height of the AIDS pandemic, and how that has informed PASO’s efforts to serve HIV-positive individuals. (It also has interesting parallels with the current moment, as our society learns to live with a deadly virus.) They also discuss how shifting local attitudes in recent years...


Melodie Graves

A conversation with Melodie Graves, Associate Director of Advising at Amarillo College and member of the executive board of the Amarillo Branch of the NAACP. A long-time community activist, she shares with host Jason Boyett about being bussed to south Amarillo from the North Heights, her experience with subtle racism in high school and explicit racism while pursuing her Masters, and what the last few weeks of pandemic and protests have taught her about Amarillo. This episode is sponsored by...


COVID Chronicles Chapter 18

“What I'll remember most is...” In mid-May, while cases were still rising in Amarillo and before the worldwide protests following the death of George Floyd, host Jason Boyett asked local listeners to call in and record the events, experiences and feelings they would remember most from the Coronavirus pandemic and shutdown. This final COVID Chronicles episode features the voices and perspectives of 24 different listeners in Amarillo, Canyon and elsewhere in the Texas Panhandle. This episode...


"Value my life" / Discussing race and justice in Amarillo

“Value my life as a human being. Cry when you see harm done to a person that looks like me, and do your best to stand beside me.” The murder of George Floyd has sparked national protests across the United States and an unprecedented conversation about race. Against this tragic backdrop, African-American residents of Amarillo share their experiences, their emotions, and their longing for change. Guests include Bowden Jones Jr., Jasmine Taylor, Joseph Peterson, Lia Warren, David Lovejoy and...


COVID Chronicles Chapter 17

“As a nation, we are in a pain dance.” As May ended, another crisis compounded the pandemic's disruption. Protests spurred by the pain and outrage around racism spilled onto American streets. In this episode, Mayor Ginger Nelson shares with host Jason Boyett about Amarillo’s response to both crises, and the challenge of leading in times of uncertainty. Meanwhile, Jackie Kingston of KAMR Local 4 News and Patrick & Krystal Burns of Palace Coffee return to update listeners as the city...


COVID Chronicles Chapter 16

"It was a nightmare. I can't think of a better word." In this episode, Amarillo residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 share their personal stories. Guests include a local Tyson plant employee still in quarantine, an 82-year-old woman whose husband spent several weeks in the hospital, and a single mom who got the virus from her teenage son. All presented a variety of symptoms and levels of severity. All have recovered. This episode is sponsored by SKP Creative and Wieck Realty.


COVID Chronicles Chapter 15

"It was the toughest decision I've ever had to make." Businesses are beginning to reopen around Amarillo. But taking this step is not as simple as unlocking doors or posting a sign. In this episode, local business owners and experts reveal the discussions they're having about moving forward. How do they balance the economy with public health? How do they protect their bottom line while also protecting customers and staff? Guests include Jason Harrison (Amarillo Chamber of Commerce), Kasey...


COVID Chronicles Chapter 14

"You have to take every day as a blessing." The pandemic and shutdown have devastated high school seniors, who had the final weeks of their school careers taken away from them. In this episode, a graduating senior from each Amarillo ISD high school shares what it's been like, what they regret, and what they'll remember from this moment. Guests are Shandra Ahsan (Amarillo High), Jared Arellano (Caprock), Kourtni Wilburn (Palo Duro) and Andrew Beggs (Tascosa). This episode is sponsored by...