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Shauna Thornhill

A conversation with Shauna Thornhill of Amarillo Vision Specialists—an optometry practice based in the Walmart Supercenter on Grand. Shauna was named Walmart's optometrist of the year for 2018. With host Jason Boyett, she explains the connection between Walmart and eye care, how education became her escape from poverty, and why she's one of the few healthcare providers her patients ever see. This episode is sponsored by BOC Bank, with help from The Union Hall Workspace. Support the podcast...


Eveline Rivers-McCoy

A conversation with Eveline Rivers-McCoy, the philanthropic powerhouse behind the Eveline Rivers Christmas Project and Eveline's Sunshine Cottage. She and host Jason Boyett discuss how she ended up in Amarillo, her professional childcare career, and the sad circumstances that helped kick off her now 40-year-old Christmas project. This episode is sponsored by Betenbough Homes, with an assist from The Union Hall Workspace. Support the podcast via Patreon.com/heyamarillo.


Jacob Aaron Morin

A conversation with Jacob Aaron Morin, an Amarillo-born artist who shuffled around the foster-care system before ending up here full-time. Jacob abused drugs during his teenage years, and at the age of 17, nearly died after being shot through the neck. Jacob believes he survived for a reason, and has spent the years since working on his art and giving back to his community. This episode is sponsored by Wieck Realty, Six Car Pub & Brewery, and Amarillo Nurse-Family Partnership. Support the...


Suzanne Wheeler

A conversation with Suzanne Wheeler, a relative newcomer to Amarillo. Less than a year ago, Suzanne left Tulsa, Oklahoma—where she had raised a family—to open a branch of Mariner Wealth Advisors here in Amarillo. The decision was intentional. She first saw Amarillo and Palo Duro Canyon as a weekend vacation spot. Then she saw the business opportunity here. Suzanne and host Jason Boyett talk about what attracted her to this area and what made her so excited to put down roots in a new city and...


Matt Darby

A conversation with Matt Darby, who saw the clothes jockeys were wearing ten years ago and thought, "We can do better than that." This year, his Speed Silks® were seen riding Triple Crown winner Justify and are being used by some of the biggest names in horse racing. A former sportscaster and radio guy, he and host Jason Boyett talk about Matt's dramatic career shift—and Amarillo's entrepreneurial environment—in this episode. The show is sponsored by Lemieux Company. Support the podcast via...


Daniel Davis

A conversation with Daniel Davis, the proprietor of Sad Monkey Media and half of the country/americana band Fine & Dandy. Daniel is a designer, web developer, songwriter and musician who started both his business and the band over the past couple years. (He's been busy.) With host Jason Boyett, Daniel digs into the local music scene and why he's so invested in the growth of downtown Amarillo. This episode is sponsored by Lemieux Company. Help support the show at Patreon.com/heyamarillo.


Savannah Gates

A conversation with Savannah Gates, the entrepreneur behind Reinventing the Weal, a hydroponic farm and consulting business west of Amarillo. Savannah is hard to describe. She's a former engineer. She's a mixologist. She grew up on a Bushland farm and studied sustainability in Hungary. With host Jason Boyett, she shares her passion for cultivating the connection between local farmers and chefs and explains why food and drink are at the heart of human relationships. This episode is sponsored...


Jason Boyett

A conversation with Jason Boyett, host and creator of this podcast. Jason is a longtime designer, copywriter and author who has been working in Amarillo's marketing and advertising industry for nearly two decades. Interviewed by Dusty Green, Jason explains his longtime interest in theology, how he found his way into celebrity ghostwriting, and why two years at Amarillo College played such a huge role in his career. This episode is sponsored by Wieck Realty and SKP Creative. Help support the...


Valerie Gooch

A conversation with Valerie Gooch, executive director of The PARC—the Panhandle Adult Rebuilding Center, which serves members of Amarillo's homeless population by offering classes and activities that help them rediscover their identity and purpose. With host Jason Boyett, Valerie explains why Amarillo is such a generous city and why it's so important that homeless people have a safe place where they feel known. This episode is sponsored by Street Toyota. Help support the show at...


Dr. Guy Loneragan

A conversation with Dr. Guy Loneragan, a former WTAMU faculty member and now a Texas Tech Animal & Food Sciences professor working to bring the Texas Tech School of Veterinary Medicine to Amarillo. With host Jason Boyett, Guy explains why Amarillo is a perfect fit for this high-impact vet school and details the huge economic benefit it will bring. A native of Australia, he also compares West Texas to his home country. This episode is sponsored by Street Toyota. Help support the show at...


Kristin Babbitt

A conversation with Kristin Babbitt, a local entrepreneur and the owner of Dotsy's Boutique in Wolflin Square. Women's fashion is big business in Amarillo, and Dotsy's has carved out a loyal following despite tons of competition. With host Jason Boyett, Kristin shares how she started her boutique and why social media is so central to Dotsy's success. This episode is sponsored by Street Toyota. Help support the show at Patreon.com/heyamarillo.


Special Episode: Year One Retrospective

Jason talks! In this 52nd episode of the podcast, host Jason Boyett gives up control of the mic and lets Wes Reeves ask him questions about the first year of the show. Together they discuss the current moment in Amarillo and what part Hey Amarillo may be playing among those who want to see the city meet its potential. Jason also introduces a new way for listeners to connect with him and help fund production of Hey Amarillo moving forward. To support the show as an individual, visit...


Jodi Thomas

A conversation with Jodi Thomas, a best-selling novelist and member of the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame. Jodi lives in Amarillo and has written more than 50 books, from historical romances to contemporary women's fiction—including Mistletoe Miracles, her latest. With host Jason Boyett, Jodi shares about how her career began, her writing process, and why this area plays such a significant role in her work. This episode is sponsored by TalonLPE.


Patrick Freeman

A conversation with Patrick Freeman, a professional voiceover artist who narrates audio books and voices video game characters from his home studio in Amarillo. He and host Jason Boyett talk about Patrick's career change—he used to work in financial services in Houston—and why he's chosen to live and work in Amarillo. We also discuss his upcoming work in China and the techniques he uses to perform different voices. This episode is sponsored by TalonLPE.


Eight Straight: Vol. 3

In another series of three shorter, "Eight Straight"-only conversations, host Jason Boyett asks the standard, Amarillo-focused questions of photographer/concert promoter Bahareh Ritter, marketing advisor Cale Hawley, and workforce specialist Sabrina Meck. This episode is sponsored by Bivins Pointe.


Abhishek Sonkkar

A conversation with Abhishek Sonkkar, general manager of the Amarillo Club, a prestigious dining club located at the top of the city's tallest building. "Abhi" is a native of northern India who arrived in Amarillo expecting it to be a temporary stop in his hospitality career. He and host Jason Boyett talk about Abhi's background, why he chose to stay here, and how the Amarillo Club is moving forward despite its financial struggles earlier this year. This episode is sponsored by Bivins...


Beth Duke

A conversation with Beth Duke, executive director of Center City Amarillo, a nonprofit involved in the revitalization and historic preservation of downtown Amarillo. At its helm, Beth has been the driving force behind countless efforts to restore the vibrancy of this part of town, from the signage on Polk Street to the Amarillo Community Market. With host Jason Boyett, she explains why a strong core is so important to the city and how her journalism background prepared her for the job. This...


Dr. Ryan Pennington

A conversation with Dr. Ryan Pennington, the founder and director of the Refugee Language Project (refugeelanguage.org). Pennington, a linguist by profession, moved to Amarillo after several years as a Bible translator in Papua New Guinea. Here he discovered an extraordinary refugee population—and set about trying to remove the barriers that kept these residents from success. He and host Jason Boyett talk about Pennington's culture shock, how West Texans and Somalis are alike, and why...


Jon Mark Beilue

A conversation with Jon Mark Beilue, the recently retired columnist at the Amarillo Globe-News. Jon Mark's decades-long career in Amarillo has covered high school sports, unlikely championships, local heroes and the unique residents of the area. Just a few days after his official retirement, Jon Mark sits down with host Jason Boyett to discuss how he got into the business and why he loves telling Amarillo's stories. They also discuss the current state of journalism amid claims of "fake news."


Eight Straight: Vol. 2

In a series of three shorter, "Eight Straight"-only conversations, host Jason Boyett asks the usual questions of insurance agent (and food blogger) Jason Burr, artist and shop owner Stacy Lavon, and credit card manager Jennifer Callahan. This episode is sponsored by the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation.