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Meaningful, in-depth and fun interviews with Hollywood's most interesting people.

Meaningful, in-depth and fun interviews with Hollywood's most interesting people.
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Meaningful, in-depth and fun interviews with Hollywood's most interesting people.






Kevin Page Interview - DALLAS 40TH Anniversary Celebration (CBS/TNT)

The DALLAS 40th Anniversary Celebration continues with Kevin Page: Kevin Page Interview - Dallas 40th Anniversary Celebration Exclusively on Hollywood and Beyond. Special episode greeting by: Randy Powell (Alan Beam) He was there after Pamela Ewing’s horrific accident on DALLAS (CBS), arrested Afton Cooper on DALLAS: J.R. RETURNS (CBS), and was there during JR’s final moments (TNT). How is that possible? Learn about this DALLAS mystery and his historical appearances on television’s...


Tracy Lindsey Melchior - THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, Breaking The Perfect 10

She is known for her outstanding performance as Kristen Forrester on CBS’s THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, actress and author Tracy Lyndsey Melchior. She wrote an inspirational book, "Breaking the Percect 10", sharing her journey to new found faith and rediscovery within her life. I’m excited to have Tracy on the show! Before Hollywood and Beyond premiered on Apple Podcasts, iTunes and Podbean in September of 2018, the show originally aired LIVE on Clear Source Radio. This online radio is...


Brooke Simpson - THE VOICE Season 13: Never Give Up On Your Dreams

I had such a fun time speaking with Brooke Simpson (The Voice / Season 13). Excited to release her interview tonight on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, PodBean and more. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a contestant on The Voice over on NBC then this interview is one you will not want to miss. Most important though, is Brooke's personal story of why she almost gave up on her dreams, and the decision to try one more time as a contestant on The Voice (NBC). She was in the top...


Keri Maletto - HSN Host, Actress

I am extra excited about the next episode coming up on the show featuring the dynamic Keri Maletto on HSN! For those unaware, Hollywood and Beyond with Steven Brittingham first aired over on an online radio network (Clear Source Radio) back in the summer of 2016. I have been a host for over two years now! Several episodes were actually broadcasted LIVE. These past episodes are being added bit by bit along with the new episodes on Apple Podcasts, PodBean, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Google Play...


Karolyn Grimes - IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE: The Interview

Take a trip back to Bedford Falls with special guest Karolyn Grimes (ZuZu), featuring Classic Radio style moments with clips from IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, and a discussion of Jimmy Stewart! This Christmas Eve Morning, take a trip back to Classic Hollywood with special guest Karolyn Grimes. Exclusive Interview on Hollywood and Beyond. Happy Holidays friends and listeners! Learn more about It’s A Wonderful Life with special guest Karolyn Grimes! Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed, Frank Capra, and...


Alex Zsolt - Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Be sure not to miss the return of Alex Zsolt to Hollywood and Beyond with Steven Brittingham. Although the holidays can be a wonderful time of the year, for many though it is one of the most difficult. Loneliness, anxiety, sadness, stress, these things can have one feeling overwhelmed. Alex joins me with his insight on how to have a fresh perspective towards Christmas for those suffering, offering suggestions on how to rediscover the magic of the season. Not to be missed is historical facts...


Steve Kanaly - Return to Southfork: Dallas 40th Anniversary Celebration

The DALLAS 40th Anniversary Celebration continues on Hollywood and Beyond with Steven Brittingham Podcast. Steve Kanaly Interview - Return to Southfork Show Greeting by Deborah Tranelli (Phyliss Wapner) From the audition to the sad farewell of Ray Krebbs, this actor is one of the iconic actors from DALLAS. Steve Kanaly visits the show! In a deeply sentimental and often emotional interview experience, hear what Steve has to say about Jim Davis, Barbara Bel Geddes, Victoria Principle,...


Jamie Bernadette - MIDNIGHT, TEXAS (NBC)

Jamie Bernadette visits Hollywood and Beyond to discuss her experience working on MIDNIGHT, TEXAS (NBC) with Host Steven Brittingham. Her key role is under wraps but she can still discuss the overall experience working on the supernatural hit. In addition, hear about her role on NCIS: NEW ORLEANS (CBS), a big decision she made in her life regarding her passion for acting, and much more! I had the most amazing interview experience with actress Jamie Bernadette! My favorite topic was her...


Lara Hope - Touring with The Brian Setzer Orchestra, Rockabilly and Life On The Road

In a fun and informative interview experience with Lara Hope learn about rockabilly, currently being on tour with The Brian Setzer Orchestra and touring in Holland with her band The Ark-Tones. Don’t miss it!! She is currently on tour with The Brian Setzer Orchestra. This Episode features the lady with one amazing voice - Lara Hope: On a chilly night in downtown Cincinnati over at the historic Taft Theater, the lead singer of the opening act for The Brian Setzer Orchestra impressed me so...


Kendra Carelli - BLOODY BALLET: Her Leading Role, Her Passion and North Carolina

Welcome to "Meaningful Interviews" on Hollywood and Beyond with Steven Brittingham! Please Subscribe/Follow the show. Thank you for the wonderful support. Listen/Subscribe for free on: iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, PodBean, Google Play Music, TuneIn, Radio Public As the lead role in the gripping and intense psychological horror film BLOODY BALLET there were many challenges for actress Kendra Carelli. Her impressive performance will not disappoint horror fans. Learn about...


Merete Van Kamp - Memories Are Forever: DALLAS 40th ANNIVERSARY, PRINCESS DAISY

Speaking with Merete Van Kamp was not only an amazing experience, but a deeply sentimental interview experience. Do not miss my fascinating conversation with Merete. Now available on Hollywood and Beyond: The one and only Merete Van Kamp joins me from Paris! This EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW premieres on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, TuneIn, Radio Public - with Hollywood and Beyond's classic radio style opening and ending segment! The original trailer from NBC'S...


Shannon Rae - An Original California Country Rocker

Excited to welcome a true “California Country Rocker” to Hollywood and Beyond! Singer Shannon Rae visits with Steven Brittingham in a fun, music packed episode with an interview that covers her rising career. Much more than just an interview, this fascinating discussion is not only about the music industry, but the joy of music itself. Hear about Shannon's style as an energetic on-stage presence, who has influenced her musically and a sneak peek of her upcoming third album release. In...


Tyler Hynes - IT'S CHRISTMAS, EVE - Hallmark Channel

Get the inside scoop on the upcoming movie IT'S CHRISTMAS, EVE on Hollywood and Beyond. Special guest Tyler Hynes shares his experience working with the lovely LeAnn Rimes on the Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. (Hollywood and Beyond is available for FREE on: Apple Podcasts, iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spotify, PodBean And Google Play Music) In the upcoming Hallmark Channel Christmas movie IT’S CHRISTMAS, EVE my special guest Tyler Hynes co-stars with the amazing LeAnn Rimes. What was it like...


Alex-Zsolt Interview: Sharing His Faith Through Music

I had the most wonderful experience speaking with the talented pianist Alex-Zsolt. He shares how he first discovered his joy for playing the piano and music in general. Most important to Alex though is his faith. He shares how he ministers to others through the universal language of music. We even discuss Floyd Kramer and David Gates from BREAD, and a story of an unexpected mishap on stage. He has played at over 2,000 churches worldwide and shares why we all need to help encourage each other...


Tiffany : "All This Time" - the Interview

Welcome to Hollywood and Beyond. Be inspired with meaningful and in-depth interviews with host Steven Brittingham on Apple Podcasts, iTUNES, PodBean, Spotify, and Google Play Music. FREE to LISTEN and SUBSCRIBE. My sentimental interview with the lovely Tiffany is the first past episode of Hollywood and Beyond to arrive on Apple Podcasts and other podcast listening formats. Originally recorded in July of 2017 when Hollywood and Beyond was airing over on an online radio station, this...


James Jurdi Interview - Working in Hollywood, DANGER ONE (Movie) and Memories of Burt Reynolds

Episode #8 featuring James Jurdi (DANGER ONE) : Two paramedics discover a million dollars sewn into the clothes of a dying man. Faced with the choice of doing the right thing or pocketing the money DANGER ONE was released on September, 14th. An action-packed film starring James Jurdi. My interview with the multi-talented James Jurdi goes in-depth on the making of DANGER ONE, and extends to discussing working in Hollywood, his impressive career, his experience on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL,...


Giselle DaMier Interview - Sandie from TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN

Giselle Damier (Sandie) TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN: From the audition and receiving scripts without prior knowledge of who she would be working with until arriving on the set, and working with her co-stars Andréa Leal (Mandie) and Amy Shiels (Candie), hear about all of this and much more! Learn about her impressive career. Already a fan of Director David Lynch’s masterpiece TWIN PEAKS, it was a dream come true for guest Giselle DaMier to land a role on TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN. Learn about her...


Josie Davis Interview: Memories of Her Amazing Career

Josie Davis visits with Steven Brittingham in an exciting and in-depth interview. In a sincere and upfront manner, Josie shares not only her thoughts of appearing on television shows such as CHARLES IN CHARGE and BEVERLY HILLS 90210, but her thoughts on the current status of the industry in general and much more. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and those Lifetime Movies are all discussed as well. And we discuss that magic word - coffee! In addition to her memories of her career, Josie shares...


Mark Withers Interview - Memories as Ted Dinard from DYNASTY (ABC) and His Amazing Television Career

Ted Dinard. He had a passion for the arts. He was also deeply in love with Steven Carrington (Al Corley). After a confused Steven returned home to Denver, leaving Ted and New York far behind, a distraught Ted followed pursuit to win him back. Disapproving of their relationship, oil tycoon Blake Carrington (John Forsythe) demanded Steven end his involvement with Ted. Steven, realizing he was indeed unsure of his feelings, broke things off with Ted. Unfortunately, Blake walked in as they...


Stephen Kramer Glickman Interview: Stand-up Comedian, Actor, Podcast Host and Voice Over Artisit

The voice behind Pigeon Toady from the film STORKS visits Hollywood and Beyond with Steven Brittingham! Stephen Kramer Glickman, actor and stand-up comedian, voice-over artist and was also one of the celebrity MC’s for the Family Film Awards at the Universal Hilton Hotel in Universal City. This interview is in a word: FUN! Absolutely thrilled to share my fun and often hilarious interview with Stephen Kramer Glickman on Hollywood and Beyond with Steven Brittingham. I have been seeking a...