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E04b The Aperture

This is the second half of a two-part episode. In this half, we talk about the aperture. Nick and Graham start off talking about the purpose of an aperture on a camera and the collimation of light that is required for a sharp image. Graham floats the crackpot concept of using variously-sized holes in lens caps as aperture controls (10:22). Nick then talks about the optical test-bench he wants to create (14:18). Returning to the real world from their flights of fancy, they discuss the...


E04a The Shutter

E04a The Shutter Notes This episode was originally planned to cover both the shutter and the aperture but as the recording topped two hours, we decided to separate the two concepts. In two weeks we will continue as we focus on the aperture. Right off the bat, Graham can’t remember the name of the camera repair guide he read. It’s Camera Maintenance & Repair by Thomas Thomosy. Contributor to the forums on the Homemade Camera Podcast Flickr group, Flaver-D’s projection-TV-lensed...


E03 The Lens

E03 The Lens Show notes: Note: This episode contains some erroneous information about Ilford Direct Positive Paper. Graham states that it is no longer in production. This information is not correct. Direct Positive Paper is still in production after a short interruption. For more information on this, listen to the Sunny 16 Podcast episodes 100a, 100b, 100c where they visit the Harmon Technologies Ilford headquarters. Nick and Graham talk about lenses and how they can impact a camera...


E02 The Body

In episode 02, The Body, Nick and Graham talk about the purposes and qualities of a camera body. Nick talks about exquisite beauty (6:00); the hosts describe the seven components of a camera (14:20); they focus on the body of a camera (19:30); Nick realizes he is late in starting his Garbage Cam Challenge project (24:15); the four main functions of a body are listed (35:00); the guys talk about lens flange distance and how it relates to the body of a camera (46:30).


E01 The FrankenBessa

In which Graham describes the process and decision-making during the build of a FrankenCamera (a camera made out of parts of different source cameras), the FrankenBessa. The inspiration for the camera is discussed (7:45), including the K-Pan camera (http://paulkohlhaussen.com/k-pan/) and why the Voigtlander Bessa 6X9 folder was chosen for the body (10:30). Lens choice and experimentation is covered (12:45). Nick explains the concept behind a hyperlocal setup so the camera can be used as a...


E00 The Manifesto

In this episode, Nick and Graham cover the making and modifying of cameras and processes as they launch the Homemade Camera Podcast.