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HoofNit™ Podcast with Everything Horses and Livestock® is dedicated to "Connecting humans using for the benefit of mental health."


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HoofNit™ Podcast with Everything Horses and Livestock® is dedicated to "Connecting humans using for the benefit of mental health."






HoofNit with Ashville Equine Therapy - Megan Hill

Meet Meg Hill - a jack-of-all-trades with a heart for horses. After graduating from St. Edward's University, Austin, TX with a degree in Art and Education, Meg has spent 40 years riding horses in all styles - English, Western, and even Sidesaddle! With a lifetime of personal experience, Meg has always known the magic of horses, and recognized their therapeutic power from a young age. Settling in North Carolina for the past two decades, Meg saw a need for equine-assisted services in her community, inspiring her to create Asheville Equine Therapy Inc. As a center member, they provide equine-assisted services and beginner riding lessons, driven by their goal to enhance lives for all. Their services cater to people with disabilities, special needs, PTSD, and trauma through equine-assisted services, adaptive/therapeutic riding, and horsemanship. Meg and her team strive to build true friendships and make a positive impact on all who cross their path with the help of these majestic creatures.


HoofNit with Katherine Zachman, Founder of Angel Reins Stable

This Del Shields recommendation holds a unique significance. Katherine, with her devotion to God and attentiveness to His guidance, contributes to the exceptional nature of this recommendation. Angel Reins Stable, a sanctuary for both humans and animals, embodies rescue, love, and tranquility. Katherine graciously imparts her personal narrative about this extraordinary program, which aids survivors of human trafficking and veterans. The rescue horses undergo a process of restoration and repurposing, enabling them to leave their painful pasts behind and embark on a journey of healing. We invite you to join Katherine as she shares her heartfelt experiences and everlasting memories.


HoofNit with Kristen Marcus - Chaps Equine Assisted Services

Kristen Marcus Executive Director, a passionate advocate for CHAPS, shares her story and the programs available to the public. These programs include Adaptive Carriage Driving, Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning, and are designed to cater to individuals, groups of veterans, Pre-K children, and aged community members. One of the benefits of human-horse interaction is its ability to provide both physical and mental-emotional benefits. Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy sessions work to reduce emotional reactivity, anxiety, depression, and improve coping, relationship and communication skills. CHAPS' professional staff and volunteers work closely with clients to ensure safe lessons and increase confidence, while every effort is made to ensure the safety of the client, horse, volunteers and staff. CHAPS' instructors have a strong equine background, as well as an understanding of various disabilities, and each staff member earns a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education per year. The staff is comprised of outstanding individuals with a heart to help people, and they are committed to changing lives through therapeutic horsemanship.


HoofNit with Freedom Equine Association - Simone Bourassa

Find your Freedom with Freedom Equine's unique experience. Simone tells us about her journey towards working with Horses at Freedom Equine Association's programs. They offer Equine Assisted Learning, Therapeutic Riding and Boutique Trail rides for an intimate exploration and adventure on horse back. The dedicated team at Freedom Equine make a difference in lives of those that come to their facility for help.


HoofNit with Inspiration Ranch

MG Tidwell and Justine Daniels have quite a program to share. Their goal is Providing hope and improving the lives of those with physical, mental, and emotional challenges through equine-assisted services. They have a large facility in Texas. MG and Justine share how they use horses for mental health and the other programs they offer. Listen to how many volunteers they have Wow!


HoofNit with Best of America By Horseback - Del Shields

Del Shields a well known musician who wears many hats, Join us with this Podcast as we talk about Del's journey with singing and poetry then his travels with Best of America on Horseback. He talks about his travels around the country, showcasing trail riding locations and meeting interesting people along the way. Scheduling historic rides at locations that create lasting memories.


HoofNit with Dan and Marie LaRock from Rock Ranch

Meet the two people that make Rock Ranch so special. Together they created a Faith based place to help people heal in so many ways. Rock Ranch is a non profit that has several programs designed in a welcoming environment. We hope you enjoy meeting them through this interview and learning about their Ranch.


2023 Seen Through Horses Campaign with Lynn and Tyler

HoofNit with Lynn and Tyler from Horses for Mental Health. Tyler and Lynn join us for another interview to share the Seen through Horses Campaign results. 2023 was a great success join us as Tyler and Lynn go through the stats and what is coming.


A Different View Equine Center with Sarah Douglas

HoofNit with Sarah Douglas, she is General Manager, certified in Equine Facilitated Learning a Level 1 Practitioner for the program at “A Different View Equine Center”. If you Are you are active duty military, a veteran, 1st responder, or family member. This program is for you. In this interview Sarah shares her journey that led her to this program. Her passion and experience working with clients and horses for healing mental health. #hoofnitpodcast @hoofnitpodcast #horsesforhealinginc @horsesforhealinginc


HoofNit Podcast with Catilin Erickson Horses For Healing

Caitlin Erickson, who recently accepted the position of Executive Director of Horses For Healing Inc. Caitlin shares her journey with us of how she has been with “Horses For healing” from the beginning. Growing up with a parents with careers as a Veterinarian and a horse trainer, her love for horses turned into a career that she never dreamed of. Helping people heal in this unique program. #hoofnitpodcast @hoofnitpodcast #horsesforhealinginc @horsesforhealinginc


HoofNit Podcast with Bettina Schultz - Jobe & Natural Lifemanship

Bettina is Co-Founder & CEO of Natural Lifemanship. Bettina tells us her story on how her journey began with Tim Jobe and how together they expanded the Natural Lifemanship program to where it is today. Bettina has more than 20 years of experience partnering people and horses to bring about healing, growth, and transformation for horse and human alike, Bettina Shultz-Jobe is passionate about discovering and utilizing the horse’s full potential for helping humans. Bettina teaches and empowers others to do the same through the process and the practice of Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning. #hoofnitpodcast #ehal #everythinghorsesandlivestock #bettinaschultzjobe


Tracy Boone - Elijah's Path

Have you lost someone in your life? Have you felt so much pain you just didn’t know what to do? Are you still struggling with loneliness? We are HoofNit with Tracy Boone, President of Elijah’s Path Foundation Tracy is dedicated to help Widows, Children and anyone that is struggling with Grief. Tracy tells us about her journey as a widow and how God led her to create a program to help people that are hurting. She uses horse’s in her program “Worshiping with Horses." Tracy travels all over the US to help people. She will help you no matter where you live. Don’t miss this interview


HoofNit Podcast with Beth Russell, Serenity Life Resources

Beth Russell Executive Director of Serenity Life Resources shares her knowledge about how horses connect with humans. She tells her story and how Serenity Life came together. She has a brand-new program she is excited to share. Join us as we are HoofNit across the country side with Beth!


HoofNit with Cheryl Eriksen - Follow Me Friend

HoofNit Podcast with Author, Blogger, and horse midwife. Cheryl L Eriksen published her award-winning memoir, Follow Me, Friend in 2021. She holds a master’s degree in social work (MSW) from Western Michigan University, and is a former equine assisted therapy facilitator. Cheryl has developed and taught continuing education courses on Equine Assisted Psychotherapy as a viable adjunct therapy, and on Trauma, Resiliency, and Horse Sense for social workers. Cheryl shares her story with us and how Follow Me Friend came to fruition. Be looking for her new book coming soon.


HoofNit Podcast with Jayne Hamilton - Living Life Ranch

Jayne joins us today to share her story. Her passion for helping people through life shines through as she shares her journey and experiences as a mother, wife and Living Life Ranch facilitator. #hoofnit #hoofnitpodcast #llr #livingliferanch @hoofnit


HoofNit Podcast with Elaine Davis - Unbridled

Join us with Elaine Davis as she shares her story on how she partnered with a friend to develop Unbridled, which became the first Faith Based Equine Assisted Learning Curriculum this has helped people all over the United States with healing. Elaine teaches others that want to offer her methods in their programs, so healing through the Holy Spirit is available for all to experience.


Seen Through Horses with Lynn Thomas & Tyler Brklacich - Horses for Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month - With us today is Lynn & Tyler with Horses for Health. Horses for Mental health is an outreach designed to bring the non-profit horses for mental health community together. Lynn & Tyler describe how their dream program came to life and are now helping over 50 nonprofits with fundraising. Check out Seen Through Horses Campaign


Cheryl Meola, PhD, LCMHCS, NCC editor of Integrating Horses into Healing

Editor and Author Cheryl Meola, joined with us to talk about her new book "Integrating Horses into Healing". Cheryl talks about her journey with horses and how she started her Mane Source Counseling Program.


HoofNit Podcast with LE Quarter Horses and Cattle Company

HoofNit Podcast had a great time learning about LE Quarter Horses and Cattle Company #hoofnitpodcast @hoofnitpodcast @ehalnews #ehalnews @lequarterhorsesandcattlecompany #lequarterhorsesandcattlecompany


Equifest of Kansas 2023 THAT'S A WRAP! Jamin with Justine Staten

Equifest of Kansas 2023 Was a BLAST! HoofNit met with Kansas Horse Council Director, Justine Staten to hear how this huge event ended up. What an amazing horse event produced by the Kansas Horse Council, volunteers, board members, the town folks of Salina, Kansas and more! #hoofnitpodcast #equifestofks2023 #khc @ehalnews @equifestofks @kansashorsecouncil @hoofnitwitheverythinghorsesandlivestock