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Podcast created by Erin Williams focused on visual artists and the process and influence of the work they create.

Podcast created by Erin Williams focused on visual artists and the process and influence of the work they create.
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Podcast created by Erin Williams focused on visual artists and the process and influence of the work they create.




Episode 18 - Marcella Stranieri

Marcella Stranieri first started drawing in 2016, when she was between jobs and trying to quit smoking. She picked up drawing to occupy both her mind and her hands. She was sharing what she made with friends and family until she decided to start an Instagram account. Her drawings are exaggerated extensions of her daily thoughts and observations. Things she is told by friends, witness on the street, or read in a book are all contributing factors to her thought process. She loves reading,...


Episode 17 - Emily Butterfield

Emily is a live art model, writer, and designer based in Baltimore.


Episode 16 - Nicole Capo Martinez

Nicole is a Boricua storyteller currently residing in the District, where she's lived for a decade in a hundred different lives. She's worked closely alongside DC artists and makers as an administrative + web + emotional support guru while helping to promote all things local. These days, she's managing the retail portion of She Loves Me and occasionally moonlights as a freelance writer. Curandera Club was born from a desire to reconnect with her roots and to form new connections with the...


Episode 15 - Julia Stotz

Julia Stotz is a photographer that strives to capture the simple everyday moment with a sense of sincerity and adventure. Her passion for food works in conjunction with her joy of photographing it. She loves to tell the story surrounding the act of people eating and gathering. Whether it be food, still life, or portraiture, she loves the assignments that bring her closer to the makers, creators, and innovators of our time. From the start of a projects idea to the shoot day collaboration with...


Episode 14 - Louisiana Mei Gelpi

Louisiana Mei Gelpi is a photographer from Singapore based in New York City. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2018 and is a photo staffer at Man Repeller. Check her out at


Episode 13 - Jordann Wine

Inspired by sacred geometry, Jordann Wine draws on classical forms and patterns in her work to reference mathematical concepts that reflect the wonders of the universe. Working with the golden ratio, fractals, and gradients these geometric abstract paintings, drawings and murals connect to notions of deep space in time, as well as deep space found in meditation. Floating, falling, fading and unfolding patterns of triangles and circles mesmerize the viewer, evoking contemplation of the...


Episode 12 - Linny Giffin

Linny is a multidisciplinary artist known for creating large scale installation art, bespoke pieces, textiles, larger than life weavings and soft sculptures. Her feminine, eclectic aesthetic reflects her intuitive, open minded nature. She loves connecting with new clients and helping tell their story visually. She was featured as a woman to watch in Washingtonian Magazines Most Powerful Women in Washington in 2017 and co-founded The Lemon Collective, a hub for DC's creative and curious in...


Episode 11 - Sarah Rubenstein, co-founder of ArtSnacks

Sarah's bio, in her words: "After graduating in 2012 with a graphic design degree, I chose to stick to the one thing that I have always been obsessed with: SHOPPING. Some would call it ‘user experience design’ or ‘retail strategy,’ but I’m not into getting lost in the technical terms. Shopping is everything from getting a beautiful email in my inbox, to the design of the packaging when the product arrives at my door. My love for shopping has given me the opportunity to work at high-fashion...


Episode 10 - Marcella Kriebel

It’s not a stretch to say that Marcella Kriebel has always been an artist and foodie. Her earliest memories include barefoot gardening and a love of paints, paper and pencils of any kind, and a major desire to see what she could do with them. Her collection of watercolors, and illustrated cookbooks reflect her early interest in drawing and painting, coupled with her education – majoring in Studio Art and Cultural Anthropology. She used this background as a springboard for travel, journaling...


Episode 9 - Maggie O'Neill

Maggie O’Neill is an artist, designer, and creative entrepreneur based in Washington, D.C. Her work is inspired by local landscapes and cultural icons, her travels abroad, notable women, and fashion. In 2012, Maggie had the honor of personally delivering a portrait to President Obama, and in 2014 her “DC Uncle Sam” was featured on the front page of The New York Times. She is the co-founder of SWATCHROOM, a full-service design, art and fabrication studio. Through SWATCHROOM, she’s designed...


Episode 8 - Heather Sundquist Hall

Heather Sundquist Hall is an artist based in Smithville, Texas. Her work is heavily influenced by narratives, nostalgia and details. Heather’s illustrations have become pieces of her own stories whose purpose is to preserve memories like souvenirs. Much of Heather’s focus is on the details. It’s the subtle floral pattern on a curtain, or the kind of plaid a certain couch was that she sat on in November of 1986 that she is most attracted to explore. Heather’s work is also an attempt to honor...


Episode 7 - Cristina Fletes

Cristina Fletes is an award-winning photographer, videographer, and visual artist. She holds a bachelors in photography from Louisiana State University and a masters in photojournalism for the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Internships at The Washington Post and NPR eventually led her to working for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, where she has been since 2014. In 2015 she was part of the team of photographers the won the Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography for images...


Episode 6 - Heidi Phelps

Heidi Phelps is an artist and illustrator from Washington, D.C. by way of Providence, Rhode Island. Heidi is the founder of Wayward Broad, an independent art studio established in 2011 that promotes empowerment for women and awareness of women’s issues through artistic expression. Heidi's passion and drive to create art can be succinctly summarized by a famous quote from Jean-Luc Godard: Il faut confronter les idées vagues avec les images claires ("One must confront vague ideas with clear...


Episode 5 - Lenora Yerkes

Lenora is an artist and coffee person living, drawing, reading and brewing coffee in Washington DC. Deeply affected by her central Californian roots, Lenora is inspired by Washington, D.C. and its neighborhoods, a place she’s called home since 2007. Her training in the fine arts has laid the groundwork for her development as a comics artist and zine maker. She practices daily drawings reflecting the daily experiences, trying to suss out the bigger story, waiting patiently to see what...


Episode 4 - Louis "Ziggy Mack" Tucker

J. Louis Tucker – better known as ‘ Ziggy ‘ – at initial glance uses digital photography to observe and document moments in time as they relate to American culture and its subcultures. On a deeper level, the artist explores the concepts of rhythm and movement as they relate to people. During 2013 Ziggy was recognized in the Memphis Flyer’s “20<30” article as one of 20 young Memphians under the age of 30 that are shaping the city’s future. Other accomplishments include photographing the...


Episode 1 - Addoley Dzegede

Addoley Dzegede is a Ghanaian-American interdisciplinary artist. Her work has been exhibited throughout the US, Europe, and Africa, and she has been an artist-in-residence at Thread: a project of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation in Senegal, The University of Kansas, the Arteles Creative Center in Finland, Foundation Obras in Portugal, and Nes Artist Residency in Iceland, as well as a post-graduate apprentice at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. She received a BFA from...


Episode 2 - Carlie Trosclair

Carlie Trosclair (b. New Orleans, LA) is an installation artist based in St. Louis, Missouri. Trosclair earned an MFA from the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis, a BFA from Loyola University New Orleans, and is a Fellow of the Community Arts Training Institute. Approached through a lens of reordering and discovery, Trosclair’s site sensitive installations create new topographies and narratives that highlight structural and decorative shifts that...


Episode 3 - Alanna Ford

From Alanna's website, "I'm an entrepreneur and artist at heart. I thrive when I’m listening to people’s stories, uncovering the unexpected, and coming up with new ideas. But I don't stop with gathering insights - I'm even more excited about rolling up my sleeves so I can get to work building. I started my first business when I was nine (a little store) and have been launching projects around the world since then. These days I’m spending my time heading up new products...