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Podcast created by Erin Williams focused on visual artists and the process and influence of the work they create.

Podcast created by Erin Williams focused on visual artists and the process and influence of the work they create.
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Podcast created by Erin Williams focused on visual artists and the process and influence of the work they create.




Episode 33 - Kayti Didriksen

Kayti Didriksen is a multidisciplinary artist focused on capturing movement and sound with line and color. Didriksen uses blind contour drawing, a fundamental hand eye coordination technique of learning to draw what you see to record the ephemeral traces of movement during live music and performances. In the next step of her process, she overlaps the drawings creating a matrix for larger scale work that represents space and movement with color and generates the feeling of the performance in...


Episode 32 - Leslee Mitchell

Leslee Mitchell is a photographer and content creator based in Nashville, Tennessee. She has shot everything from weddings to her ever-popular matchbox car series, interiors, and everything in between. Her work has been seen on Architectural Digest, Framebridge, One Kings Lane, and CB2. Her daily work can be seen on her Instagram page at


Episode 31 - Rachel Harris

Rachel Harris loves making things, operating primarily in the world of graphic design, illustration, and motion. She holds a MFA in graphic design from RISD, and currently works at the Harvard Kennedy School. She also spent several years as a senior designer at Fathom, a Boston-based information design studio. She has done work for a wide range of clients, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, General Electric, and the Girl Scouts.


Episode 30 - Lauren Tamaki

After graduating from Alberta University of the Arts in 2011, she visited Jillian in New York and landed a job at Bumble and bumble, where she immediately made a splash in the graphic arts community with the wallpaper she designed and illustrated at the uptown salon, as well as holiday cards and the illustrations she created for B&b’s first rewards gaming app. She continued to do freelance illustrations for clients such as GQ, Wall Street Journal and Cole Haan and in 2013, she made the leap...


Episode 29 - Beth Winterburn

Beth received her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art in 2002. She began her collegiate career as part of the Architecture program, but quickly realized that the Fine Arts section of the building was where she belonged. The majority of her years in school were actually spent in the dark room, developing film. The hands-on tactility of processing film and the delay of the work coming to life really "fit" - numbers, cause and effect, creativity. After graduating, she worked alongside a...


Episode 28 - Megan Elizabeth

Megan is an artist and illustrator based in Silver Spring, Md., having recently returned to her hometown after several years in New York City. She worked for nine years as a high school art and Spanish teacher, before making the transition to full-time artist more than four years ago. Her beautiful seascape-inspired images have been featured in several spaces online and in person, including the popular website DesignLoveFest, Kristen Coates Gallery in Newport, RI, Create! Magazine, and The...


Episode 27 - Edith Zimmerman

Edith is a writer, editor, and illustrator living in Brooklyn. She works for The Cut, runs the comics section Spiralbound, and illustrates The Small Bow.


Episode 26 - Vanessa Kutchukov

Vanessa Kutchukov is a California-born Graphic Designer and Illustrator living in New York City. Previously, she represented high-end luxury brands and worked as a Master Hair Stylist for 16 years. She aims to use my unique platform and background to propel an understanding of color and aesthetics into the design world. Her first love is the visual arts: drawing and painting. She also enjoys classic European cars, baseball, a tasty whiskey (usually served neat), and traveling the world with...


Episode 25 - Frances Berry

Frances Berry is a photographer, painter, and collage artist from Memphis, Tennessee. By re-working vintage photographs via digital collage and other photoshop techniques, she gives life to interesting surrealistic works. Her work has appeared at the 2014 Biennial Roadshow in Marfa, Texas, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, as well as spaces around Memphis, including Crosstown Arts, Mind Body Haus in Cooper-Young and Society Memphis Skatepark & Coffee. Born and raised in Columbus,...


Episode 24 - Katelyn Brown

Katelyn Brown explores the black woman experience and its marriage to the black community and the world in broader terms primarily through digital portrait photography and mixed media. Self-taught, Katelyn began photographing as a means of investigating self image. In her early work she yielded chiefly self portraits, highlighting freedom and black beauty as major themes. Her influences include Quazi King, Mickalene Thomas, James Baldwin and Kerry James Marshall; as such, Katelyn has begun...


Episode 23 - Khadija Nia Adell

Khadija Nia Adell is a multimedia artist, arts administrator, and independent curator born and raised in Miami, FL, based in Baltimore, MD. Adell graduated magna cum laude from Maryland Institute College of Art (15’) with a BFA in Interdisciplinary Sculpture and Art History. Adell creates work that investigates her connection as a queer black body to the African diaspora through a multifaceted practice--engaging collage, digital manipulation, fiber, printmaking, performance, sculpture,...


Episode 22 - Anna Valdez

Born in 1985 in California, Anna Valdez’s interest in cultural formation and collective consciousness began in her hometown. Exposed from a young age to a uniquely Californian cultural milieu, her proclivity for collecting and crafting a poignant and meaningful visual vocabulary took root during time spent sharing in the traditions and environments of people within her community. Her fascination with the ways in which cultural identities intersect lead her to pursue a career in sociocultural...


Episode 21 - Kait Walsh

Kait Walsh is a Kindergarten teacher turned full-time artist. You can find her creating illustrations in her Silver Lake studio, teaching kid art classes at Makers Mess, or letting loose at her local dance studio. She is the author of two books, I'm Going To Climb That Mountain and Don't Cry Duck. Her third book, Penny, will be available in August 2019.


Episode 20 - Marie Heilich, Part Two

In the second half of this two-part episode I continue my conversation with Los Angeles based writer and curator Marie Heilich to talk about who, what, and where has influenced her trajectory of working with artists and ideas. She is currently researching and writing on the life and work of Santa Monica-based painter, Luchita Hurtado (pictured above).


Episode 19 - Marie Heilich, part one

In this two-part episode I sit down with Los Angeles based writer and curator Marie Heilich to talk about who, what, and where has influenced her trajectory of working with artists and ideas. Originally from St. Louis, where she grew up off Route 66, Marie now lives off the same historic route halfway across the country in Hollywood. In the interview we discuss how American identity politics hinges on her biography to shape her writing and curatorial practice. She is currently researching...


Episode 18 - Erin Austen Abbott

Erin Austen Abbott grew up in Oxford, Mississippi before moving to Florida in 1985. She lived in the Tampa Bay area until graduation from the University of South Florida. After graduation, Erin moved to Boston to attend the Museum School of Fine Arts and then to Seattle to attend the Photographic Center Northwest. Erin has had gallery shows of her work in Tampa, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, Memphis, Oxford, MS, Water Valley, MS, Berlin, Milan, and Basel. Aside from having work published in...


Episode 18 - Marcella Stranieri

Marcella Stranieri first started drawing in 2016, when she was between jobs and trying to quit smoking. She picked up drawing to occupy both her mind and her hands. She was sharing what she made with friends and family until she decided to start an Instagram account. Her drawings are exaggerated extensions of her daily thoughts and observations. Things she is told by friends, witness on the street, or read in a book are all contributing factors to her thought process. She loves reading,...


Episode 17 - Emily Butterfield

Emily is a live art model, writer, and designer based in Baltimore.


Episode 16 - Nicole Capo Martinez

Nicole is a Boricua storyteller currently residing in the District, where she's lived for a decade in a hundred different lives. She's worked closely alongside DC artists and makers as an administrative + web + emotional support guru while helping to promote all things local. These days, she's managing the retail portion of She Loves Me and occasionally moonlights as a freelance writer. Curandera Club was born from a desire to reconnect with her roots and to form new connections with the...


Episode 15 - Julia Stotz

Julia Stotz is a photographer that strives to capture the simple everyday moment with a sense of sincerity and adventure. Her passion for food works in conjunction with her joy of photographing it. She loves to tell the story surrounding the act of people eating and gathering. Whether it be food, still life, or portraiture, she loves the assignments that bring her closer to the makers, creators, and innovators of our time. From the start of a projects idea to the shoot day collaboration with...