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Conceptual photographer from Helsinki, Finland who is passionate about inspiring people to create more art.

Conceptual photographer from Helsinki, Finland who is passionate about inspiring people to create more art.
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Conceptual photographer from Helsinki, Finland who is passionate about inspiring people to create more art.






Kids' high fashion fairytale in a home studio with @Pepper.Pics

Many insta moms dream of turning their kids into celebrities and growing their little family hobby into a business. However, not so many realize how much work it actually takes. Today I’m talking to Bonnie Vangeel - a multitalented pro, who is blending the skills of a photographer, a stylist, a set designer, and a retoucher to turn the life of her 9-year-old daughter into a continuous fashion fairy tale. When you look at her images, you’d never guess that they were made by just one person,...


Dealing with Uncertainty of Being a Creator with Kutovakika

In this episode, I’m talking to a creative soul who keeps blowing our minds on Instagram by mixing reality with magic in her photos. Besides being a successful Instagrammer, who has been featured on the official Instagram account multiple time, she is also a blogger and has a popular youtube channel, where she shares her photography secrets with the world. We’re talking about the life of a content creator, how you can turn your social media hobby into a successful career and how to keep...


Art Will Always Be Inside You No Matter What

In today’s episode I’m talking to a photographer who has been a huge inspiration to lots of us for many years. Photographer who is famous for his whimsical, conceptual fine art photography. He has gained massive popularity sharing his personal and branded work, including that for Coca-Cola and Football World Cup Tour. He was one the first to develop the use of miniature worlds in conceptual photography. He instructed over 400 students in 8 countries during his creative photography workshops....


My Creative Story - Solo Episode

I want to share my personal creative story with you so that maybe you can learn something from it too. And we all know, personal stories are always interesting. So here we go. Please let me know, what you think of this short solo episode. Should I do more? Dm me here or on Instagram!


Transform Through Your Art with Birgit Kleber

Today I have a very special guest for you. Her name is Birgit Kleber and she’s a professional portrait photographer based in Berlin, Germany. During her long photography career, Birgit got a chance to work with many celebrities, including Monica Belucci, Rachel Weisz, Liam Neeson, Charlotte Rampling, Juliette Binoche, and many others. She also has a number of deeply psychological portrait series of women, exploring the changes that a female character can undergo in new circumstances. Birgit...


There's no Art without a Message with Kristina Varaksina

In today’s episode, I’m talking to Kristina Varaksina, a professional fashion and fine art photographer from Russia, currently based in NYC. Her work is an outstanding blend of surrealism, poetry, pastel color palettes and fashion aesthetics. Very few people can boast having such a combination in their works! Her work was recognized by numerous photography magazines and awards, including Aesthetica magazine, Vogue Italy, Int’l Photography awards, PX3, and others. She currently teaches...


Don’t Wait for Inspiration with Patty Maher

In this episode, I’m talking to Patty Maher, an internationally recognized conceptual photographer from Canada. Patty’s unique style faceless portraits of women were featured on multiple immensely popular art portals and received several prestigious photography awards. Among them Tokyo International Foto Awards, Moscow International Foto Awards, Fine Art Photography Awards, and many many others. Patty’s work is represented by several galleries in different countries of the world. And she has...


It's All about the Perception with Ronny Garcia

In this episode, I’m talking to Ronny Garcia, a conceptual portrait photographer from Chile. Ronny is known to over 100k people on Instagram for his fantasy-like portraits. He has a unique editing style that draws thousands of people to his art. However, it was completely different, when he just picked up his camera 6 years ago, trying to deal with a painful breakup. Listen to Ronny’s story to learn how art can help you heal, why paying attention to color is crucial in photography and how...


Turning Dreams into Stories with Karen Cantuq

In this episode, I’m talking to Karen Cantuq, incredibly inspiration digital artist from Mexico. Karen now has a Instagram community of over 90k people, has partnered with brands like Starbucks and CocaCola, but what’s more important is that she has figured out how not to be a starving artist and pay for traveling all over the world. But this is not how it started though. Karen’s story started with deep personal trauma and depression, which art helped her to overcome. Maybe you can relate to...


"If you want to stand out, don’t look at others" with Rob Woodcox

This episode includes my interview with Rob Woodcox, American conceptual photographer who is widely known all over the internet for his series of images of giant structures made of human bodies. Besides creating and financing his amazing artworks, Rob also works for clients like Universal, teaches conceptual photography worldwide and has held over 75 workshops all over the world. In addition, Rob is passionate about helping those in need and organized photography-related projects to raise...


Blending arts instead of choosing between them with Helga Stenzel - @made_by_helga

In this episode, I’ll be talking to Helga Stenzel, a mixed media visual artist from London. She works across a wide range of media including illustration, photography, video, and animation. Helga started out as an Art Director in the advertising industry. There she learned the basics of branding, marketing, and strategic thinking. This set of skills is now helping her to create engaging content for some of the most popular accounts on social media. In our talk, Helga shares the challenges...


Fashion Photography with a Meaning with Diane Villadsen

This episode features an interview with California-based fashion photographer Diane Villadsen. Diane's fashion shoots images the break all the stereotypes of fashion photography. Focused on pastel colors and creating her own location sets, Diane the has a thriving Instagram community of over 47 followers and a popular YouTube channel, where she shares all her knowledge and experience in shooting unusual fashion with more than 15k subscribers. We talk about how to get your first clients as a...


Find your style inside, not outside with Anna Devis (@anniset) and Daniel Rueda (@drcuerda)

In this episode, I’ll be talking to Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda an amazing and hugely Instagram famous couple. You can find them on Instagram as @anniset and @druerda. Anna and Daniel shoot “creativity-driven minimalistic architectural self-portraits” as they call their works and blow minds of thousands of people by the simplicity, originality, and positivity of their photos. In this interview, we talk about how perfectionism gets you nowhere, where you should search for your personal style,...


Instagram is a giant school with Ted Chin - @eye.c

This episode includes my interview with Ted Chin, known as @eye.c on Instagram. Ted is an amazing digital artist from San Francisco, California. He creates mesmerizing composites that seem to stem from another world where everything is possible: whales flying over a city, giant wolves, ballerinas dancing on tree tops - anything that you can or can’t imagine. With an Instagram following of over 120k people, Ted has partnered with brands like Puma, Honda, Apple, Facebook, Adobe and many...