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I interview People Pursuing Greatness, each guest is doing something great, something more than most, something that is inspirational and hopefully moves your needle - and possibly your ass off the couch. We all could do more, we all could be more, these are just some of the people and their stories making waves in the world.


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I interview People Pursuing Greatness, each guest is doing something great, something more than most, something that is inspirational and hopefully moves your needle - and possibly your ass off the couch. We all could do more, we all could be more, these are just some of the people and their stories making waves in the world.






53 - Jordan Miles - Hip$ta New Mexico Musician, rapper and entrepreneur

53 - Hip$ta is the epitome of a New Mexican and at that a New Mexican musician. A dyed in the wool rapper, which I personally have seen this man onstage spitting that bar saavy goodness, at parties battle rapping and also his recorded works which are lengthy and lyrically deep. Jordan raps from his heart and from his passion about his life and his upbringing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We delve into all things music, we play the debut of Hip$ta’s banger Red Zia Symbol in the podcast. Catch Jordans DOUBLE album with over 30+ songs releasing May 28 2021 on all major music streaming platforms. 04:00 Action B. is the way. 06:00 Jay-Z and Kanye West Cell phone gospel. 10:00 RIP Mac Miller. 15:00 Shoutout to Achspire. 20:00 Imposter syndrome on the microphone. 28:00 Hip$ta Double album. 35:00 Leaving what you love and returning twice as strong… with a cool mustache. 44:00 Manifesting pain into music. 53:00 Becky with the good hair. 01:00:00 The cypher that brought out Hip$ta and the double album. 01:13:00 Red Zia Symbol DEBUT!!!! 01:19:00 Polymath and remixes. 01:23:00 Hip$ta Freestyle on the hot mic! 01:30:00 Passion and heart in an album. 01:33:00 Decisions on Emotions 01:40:00 The Riddims and other ABQ artists doing it. 01:44:00 Like ships on the sea we rise together.


52 - Sam McIntosh Music Promoter Marketing Saboteur Veteran and podcaster at The Loud Spot with Sebastian

52 - Sam McIntosh with Diamond Noise Agency, music promoter, manager, tour manager marketing genius, truck driver, Former Ranger, Iraq Veteran this man is a phenom. The Anchor, Cannibal Kids, Animal Sun are just some of his bands he manages and promotes. This guy is in the sticky gooey center of the music industry, we talk about how music has changed over the years, Covid and its fallout for live music and many more musical topics. The scene is alive and well and if you think you got something for my Sam to hear hit him up at the What an interesting podcast and a look at the underside of one of my favorite parts of life music baby! Listen, like, and share this podcast help me grow the show! Oh and we on that YouTube to if you want that visual stimulation instead: Make sure to check out Sam's podcast at! 6:00 Metal, Hardcore. Metal rock, and pop and where it sells. 9:00 Brand and market building. 11:00 Human Heart Records. 15:00 What makes a good booking agent. 20:00 Shitty band behavior. 27:00 Motley Crew lifestyle. 37:00 Covid and the music business 44:00 The Loud Spot with Sebastian Podcast 01:00:00 Sam the veteran and the mobile truck studio. 01:03:00 The Happy Fits a pop band with a Cello Bass have amazing live streams. 01:06:00 Sam produces PPG Podcast a bit =). 01:07:00 if you wanna get in contact with Sam. 01:14:00 Bad ideas and alternate personas. 01:17:00 How the big name bands make money at scale. 01:23:00 360 deals. 01:35:00 tracking and mastering proper advice for amateurs.01:38:00 Glad handing the rich dudes…. 01:41:00


51- Skye Avalon model, author and artist on sex spirituality and growing through exploring both

Skye Avalon is an amazing human being an author, lifetime student, artist, businesswoman, Shibatsu rope bondage hobbyist, everyday mystic, model the list goes on and on. I loved talking to Skye. She is such a genuine person. She has an amazing body of work from her Shibatsu rope tying bondage, her photography and her paintings. Shes works with clients to create sacred contracts identifying their archetype and in the process helping people grow for themselves and for their partners. We get deep in the weeds with sex, Feminism, masturbation debunking myths about the female body I mean this cast was amazing. We also touch on cultural perspectives of sexuality, religion, art and growing through education, experience and ultimately love. You guys and gals are in for a treat. Please check out her site and social media presence to support her ongoing work listed below in the show notes. And always share and subscribe, I need your help growing the show! 5:00 An artist and a businesswoman. 9:00 What is a Mystic? 14:00 Outgrowing your tribe. 17:00 Growing through vulnerability Masculine and Feminin 23:00 Skye’s amazing art and what it means and represents. 27:00 Quantum Dynamics and the third eye. 31:00 Being authentic to yourself. 36:00 Breaking the norm with the love of her life. 38:00 LAT Living Apart Together. 43:00 and starting the journey toward sexual freedom. 54:00 Archetypes and patterns of humans. 01:00:00 Being a role model for sensuality and sexuality. 01:10:00 Pushing through the stereotypes especially as a woman. 01:12:00 How to start exploring your sexuality with your partner. 01:17:00 Does exploring your kink get you off better? 01:22:00 Women and mens libido’s. 01:26:00 Ways woman climax, erogenous zones. 01:34:00 The language of sex and growing together sexually. 01:40:00 Coolidge effect 01:49:00 Talk about sex, unlock the beast. 01:54:00 The other sides to #metoo Her website → & Her book → Affirmations for the everyday goddess deck on Amazon. Subscribes, shares and reviews on Apple Podcasts are the best way to grow PPG Podcast, love you all!


50 - Massage Therapy adds to your health with Andrew Nez and Patrick Ryan II

Andrew Nez is a licensed Massage Therapist in Albuquerque New Mexico. He joins Patrick Ryan II and I to talk about his practice at Aurora Sky Massage. We talk about his path to becoming a massage therapist and business owner. We talk about the philosophy of exercise and recovery while getting nothing but honest truths these two gentlemen drop on commonly held fitness advice. Patrick can be found at, hit him up to start working towards your health goals. Andrew is the man you see to move forward your recovery from injury and release that tension from living your life and its many physical demands. You can Google Andrew and his business Aurora Sky Massage or visit him and schedule an appointment today at - 6:00 Knowledge gaps between Medical care and Massage Therapy. - 8:00 Reframing massage therapy. - 13:00 Cost of care, - 16:50 Creating a holistic approach to staying in shape. - 19:00 Real world criticism makes a humble man. - 23:00 Movement Patterns and form. - 28:00 Traditional workouts, traditional outcomes - 30:00 Moving for the future. - 35:00 Experience is the best teacher. - 40:00 Using massage as a preventative injury tool. - 42:00 Letting your ego go. - 45:00 Powerful therapy, real therapy makes a difference, not big box fluff. - 47:00 Touching people, touching lives. - 51:00 Spiritual and physical care. - 55:00 Throwing out bad habits for the client and sorting through misinformation - 01:00:00 Creating a path for total care. - 01:03:00 Learning and growing your reasons for working hard in the gym. - 01:07:00 Crying and feeling are a part of all of us. - 01:10:00 Feeling the stress, feeling the feels. - 01:13:00 What is a knot? - 01:18:00 Twisting the spiderweb - 01:23:00 How to recognize a legitimate massage parlor. - 01:25:00 Contacting Andrew - 505-355-8907 - 01:27:00 Find Pat at


49 - Pat. Ryan II and Christian Gonzalez Taking Care of Yourself

49 - Pat. Ryan II and Christian Gonzalez Taking Care of Yourself Today Patrick and I are joined by Christian Gonzalez soon to be a bonafide clinical Registered Physical Therapist. We talk about all things movement and aging better both mentally and physically with some tasty snacks and deep discussions on the levels of health. Follow us on our journey: Christian → → IG: @act_aware → Soundcloud @Spooky Actuon Patrick→ aware_lifeabq Podcast → Scott Maron → IG: @scottmichaelphotos 1:30 Snack Time!! 8:00 Teaching humans to move more efficiently. 12:00 “Yes pro’s”. 17:00 Breaking the cycle of aging painfully. 20:00 The makings of a friendship for life. 30:30 The body as, a car. 38:00 Breaking the big box mentality. 45:00 Purple disturbance. 49:00 Foam Rollers and recovery. 52:00 Death Practice and rest. 55:00 Levels to and long term relief. 01:01:00 Bonking 01:10:00 Bringing presence to your life 01:12:00 Music 01:17:00 Spooky Action


48 - Patrick Ryan II Holidays and Tradition

Hope you all had a great holiday! Another month another Podcast with Patrick Ryan my favorite health guru to bring on the show. We talk holidays, food, snake oil (fad diets) and trying to out-train your diet. Listen in as we hash out the finer details of food and its relationship to our health. 8:20 Slow down your eating 14:00 Being in the moment 20:00 Doing it right 27:00 Options 31:00 Taking responsibility 44:00 Music man! 54:00 Confidence 01:00:00 Doing things to move life forward 01:04:00 Keep it moving


47 - Patrick Ryan II Accountability and Balance

Our monthly series continues with my brother and Jedi master in the athletic arts Patrick Ryan II of Aware Life ABQ online training. We talk about the continuing effect of the ever present pandemic and what it takes to keep moving and healthy at home while we ride the wave of quarantine orders. 9:40 Radical self reliance 14:00 Pizza monsters and Macgyver 23:25 Sidelining is inevitable be realistic 34:00 Accountability 40:00 Invest in yourself 49:30 Habits maketh the man 53:00 Recovering and trauma 1:00:00 Quitting and its alternatives 1:09:00 Racing and competing 1:14:00 How to keep moving @aware_lifeabq Instagram @ppgpodcast


46 - Pat Ryan II The Mental Health Episode

The man the myth the legend Patrick Ryan II is back and dropping some of that Jedi knowledge in health and wellness. We focused on Mental health funny enough on Mental health day along with other shiny gold nuggets of wisdom to help us all in this unprecedented time. We talk about exercise at home, Covid and its many ripples we feel in all of our lives and its widespread affect on our mental health and actionable tools to put in your medicine cabinet. This one is a great one to listen to if you need a pick me up or maybe just some ideas to get you thinking about your own mental health more honestly. Make sure to check out Aware Training Online Pat’s amazing program which is basically to make a better version of yourself for yourself. I hope you guys enjoyed this one, stay tuned as I’ve always got more episodes coming fam, stay safe out there and happy halloween! Instagram → @aware_lifeabq Facebook → Website →


45 - Vicente Griego - New Mexico Flamenco Artist & Cultural Juggernaut

Episode #45 - Vicente Griego is a New Mexico Flamenco vocalist and artist that has an amazing and otherworldly sound that comes from the heart of his heritage. He’s a stellar human being with a deep understanding of the world and culture around him. We chat on his childhood and his experiences in New Mexico, touring and his current work with kids teaching and developing their musical skills. The man is a living legend, hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Go out and support Vicente and ReVoZo his band links below. Vicente's site--> Vicente and ReVoZo YouTube Channel→ Show Notes: 08:00 Handling differences 14:00 “New Englanders” 24:00 Imposter Syndrome 31:00 What is ReVoZo? 36:00 Roots of Flamenco 41:00 Privilege in the arts and the resistance of ‘Burque’ 48:00 Jazz in Tokyo 55:00 Standards 1:00:00 Your Alive! 1:08:00 Remembering your legacy 1:12:00 Zoot-suit riots and the birth of low-riders 1:20:00 Transcend the human condition 1:36:00 Working with the greats 1:40:00 Working with New Mexico's future musicians 1:44:00 Voices and microphones 1:48:00 Alex Krebs Quartet Vicente Griego Link → 1:51:00 “You are rich for what you give not what you have”


44 - Dr. Mike Coltrin Scientist - Author - Explorer

Dr. Mike Coltrin is an inspiration in what an individual can do when hard work meets hard fun. A chemist, scientist and author by trade we talk about his hobby that led to the de facto guide he wrote for hiking the Sandia Mountains here in Albuquerque New Mexico (Links in the show notes). A trained and accomplished scientist with a doctorate in chemistry, multiple academic paper writer and patent holder. This dude is an example of what doing more and pursuing greatness means. This was a fun and interesting conversation and I hope you all enjoy it! 01:00 Sandia Mountain Hiking Guide and how it came to be 02:00 UNM Press link to Mikes book → unmpress.com03:30 Friends of the Sandias → friendsofthesandias.org05:00 How long does it take to hike every trail on the Sandias?08:00 How do you say Kairn properly?12:10 Contingency 22:00 The dark side of the mountain…24:30 Mike's favorite trail is…29:00 Geocaching in the Sandias → 32:30Mount Kilimanjaro, Hostels and traveling the world37:30 Sleeping at 18,000 Feet42:30 La Luz Trail and running 47:00 Don’t hike alone 54:00 Doctorate in Chemistry with a focus in modeling and simulation57:00 How to write a textbook 58:00 Semiconductor growth01:00:00 Path to theoretical chemistry 01:08:30 Health and habits to keep the high output machine rolling smooth01:11:00 Some of the best trails to hike in the Sandias01:19:00 Mountain stewardship 01:27:00 Quotes to live life by 01:31:00 If you liked the episode please subscribe and share, if you really wanna show us love feel free to review us on iTunes, thank you!


43 - Dr. Jessica Troy Anglo-Saxon Medievalist talking all things middle ages

Dr.Jessica Troy joins me on podcast episode #43. Jessica is a 'Medievalist' and she takes us on a deep look into not only Medieval literature but a day in the life of a medieval human. What would the world look like trying to go to work in say 800, 1100, or 1500 A.D.? What types of jobs could a lowly peasant like me expect to have? What kinds of careers, lifestyle and entertainment could I find back then? Jessica is incredibly smart being both a teacher and a Doctor and is talented at painting a picture of medieval life. Don't miss this chance to immerse yourself in the old world and learn more about corpses, churches and humans in Medieval Anglo Saxon England and what made it what it is today! - 2:00 Its not the Bronze Age! - 2:30 Body Carts and the plague - 5:00 'The 4 Humors' and being 'Hot-Blooded' - 11:45 Re-enacting the medieval plague - 16:00 Battle of Hastings and the Normans - 18:00 Old English - 20:00 French influence - 24:00 Scotts and Irish start a fight - 31:00 The Scarlet Letter - 35:00 Beowulf - 40:00 King Arthur - 44:00 The Odyssey - 47:00 Misunderstood Grendel - 49:00 Medieval Hollywood - 54:00 Death and corpses, a thesis - 1:00:00 Dyeing scenes in all their glory - 1:03:00 Typical day in the life of a medieval man and woman - 1:08:00 Shires were real!!! - 1:12:00 When publicly hanging, rope length matters - 1:23:00 That's not good enough, dig up my sisters corpse! - 1:27:00 Saints don't burn... typically - 1:31:00 Religion is lore - faith is up to you - 1:39:00 Women's rights... or lack thereof - 1:43:00 A Hermitage with God - 1:47:00 Widows may have done well - 1:50:00 Barbers were doctors and healthcare wasn't a thing - 1:53:00 Sex and marriage in the medieval times - 1:56:00 Sex as utility, Chaucer and rape - 2:01:00 Prostitution and werewolves - 2:10:00 Formosus the pope, thrice exhumed and so, so much more - 2:21:00 Literacy and books - 2:34:00 War and its effect on the globe - 2:37:00 Fitness, sporting and hunting - 2:40:00 How to read Jessica's works and contact her! - CALLING ALL CORPSES - Contacting Jessica to hire a Anglo-Saxonist Medievalist --> Email - - Social media Insta - Instagram - @corpselady84 - Love you some history!


42 - Patrick Ryan II with Aware Online Coaching Platform

Ep. 42 Patrick Ryan II professional fitness trainer joins us again! We dive into his hybrid fitness and lifestyle company Aware Training. We try to pull apart some of the more dealt with issues he coaches his clients through. Reach out to Patrick on his website Http:// - 4:00 Shame in its many forms - 7:00 Falling back phase - 11:00 Going in depth - 20:00 Not wanting to workout - 24:00 4 Different options of movement - 27:00 Go outside - 40:00 Referring to treat clients correctly - 45:00 Aware Training - 50:00 A greater network of support - 51:00 What training at this level consists of - 1:00:00 How to get ahold of Patrick - 1:04:00 Going outside and being responsible - 1:15:00 Social media and wellness - 1:20:00 Wall-E and being mindful - 1:25:00 Missing the trees blowing in the wind... - 1:35:00 Planting your own flag Whats it take to really be mentally and physically fit? A deep dive into understanding lifetime fulfillment starting with enjoying that meal your eating.


41 - Edgar Hernandez Restaurant owner and entrepreneur w/ Mariscos Altamar

Edgar joins us today talking about his family business him and his family have poured their lives into, the amazing New Mexico restaurant Mariscos Altamar. Were on location in the Los Lunas location of Mariscos talking about how a family business works from the inside, how the service industry is unpredictable and what it takes to become the best in your niche. Edgar is a humble dude breaking down what led to his success and where he plans to aim his abilities as an entrepreneur next. - 3:00 Edgars beginnings as an entrepreneur - 6:00 Let's open a second location (Pull 60 second audio) - 10:00 Success is never for sure - 14:00 The all important food and how it came to be and how Edgar changed it. - 18:00 Gordon Ramsey's take on Mariscos New Mexican cuisine. - 24:00 Innovation from traveling, life experiences, and just plain luck. - 31:00 What are you doing to stay healthy? - 35:00 Running and working hard. - 38:00 Recovery and gratefulness - 40:00:00 Running and success run hand in hand. - 45:00 The future - 48:00 Mariscos Altamar on Social Media and the interwebs. Facebook, Instagram: Mariscos Altamar Website:


40 - Brian Gray The New Mexico hunting podcast w/Spot2Stalk and Onca Gear

Brian Gray a man of many talents a firefighter, artist, hunter, outdoorsman, amateur taxidermist father and husband joins us on the podcast talking all things hunting in New Mexico. Brian is the co founder of Spot2Stalk a great hunting group on Facebook and Instagram as well as the groups podcast called On The Game Trail podcast which you can find anywhere you get podcasts. Brian and his co founders of Spot2Stalk are also pro staff for the worldwide hunting brand Onca Gear. And somehow in their spare time they run a group called NMTrailCams. We dish on all things hunting from all types of animals you can encounter and hunt in New Mexico, trapping, and best practices. How to apply for the tag lottery draw, what to put in for and where, how to gear up for hunting and much much more. - 2:00 Brians first hunt - 5:40 Hunting in New Mexico - 8:00 Oryx balls and the once in a lifetime hunt - 11:00 Ibex hunting and rock climbers - 14:00 Brown bear eating hunting - 16:00 Mountain Lions - 19:00 Trapping and trapping things you may not want to - 23:00 Feral pigs and Javelina - 25:00 Shooting in Self Defense - 30:00 Close encounters with bears - 35:00 Coyote hunting truths and controversy - 40:00 Jackrabbit and Cottontail eating - 42:00 What hunting does for the environment and the state - 48:00 Field dressing and transporting storing fresh meat - 51:00 Choosing what units to put in for hunting tags - 52:00 Types of weaponry to choose to hunt with - 54:00 Gear for hunting is a lot like backpacking - 57:00 Scouting and glassing - 1:01:00 Fitness for hunting - 1:08:00 HECS body electricity and scent blocking gear - 1:12:00 Hunting do's and don'ts - 1:18:00 Skinning without gutting - 1:21:00 Hunters Safety - 1:23:00 Where to get all of the NM info at the website - 1:24:00 Deers and the 'Zombie' disease or 'Wasting Disease' and Triagnosys - 1:32:00 Attempting to put in for a hunt draw for 2019-2020 season - 1:34:00 Getting all of the licenses you need - 1:36:00 Poaching and illegally fishing - 1:38:00 Hunting small game - 1:44:00 Roundabout costs of putting in for the draw and costing a hunting trip - 1:46:00 Year round huntable animals - 1:52:00 How to score racks on bulls - 1:55:00 Hunting out of state - 1:59:00 Exotic hunting lions, giraffes, zebra etc. - 2:04:00 Helicopter and machine gun hunting - 2:07:00 Onca Gear and what its all about Links to everything Spot2Stalk and OnTheGameTrail podcast --------------------------------------------------------------- @spot2stalk OnTheGameTrail @oncagear


39 - Rakim Thorpe and Devin Clark UFC and MMA Fighters out of Jackson Wink Pro Gym ABQ

Rakim Thorpe and Devin Clarke are MMA fighters training out of Jacksons Wink professional MMA gym in Albuquerque New Mexico. Devin is a pro UFC fighter with a standing record of 9-3 fights this Saturday April 20th in Russia and Rakim just came off his latest win with a record of 6-3. We talk what it takes to be a pro fighter, diet, training, lifestyle and what sacrifices it takes to be a warrior in the modern era from cutting weight to living and breathing fighting like most of us do our 9-5 jobs. Don't miss Devins next fight This Saturday April 20th and follow him and Rakim on social media: Devin @brownbearufc and Rakim @1Rakim - 2:00 Training in Albuquerque - 8:00 Cutting weight for fighting - 12:00 Fighting origins - 16:00 Bull rides and MMA Fights - 20:00 Licensed weapons - 23:00 Fighting in Hollywood - 29:00 Pro versus amateur - 34:00 Head injuries - 39:00 Knockouts - 43:00 Weight training for fighting - 48:00 Supplements - 52:00 Sleep - 55:00 Drinking or letting loose - 59:00 Advice for those looking to get into MMA


38 - Hardcore Keem Metal Reaction YouTube Brute/ Personality

Hardcore Keem joins us on episode #38. This monster is a Youtube juggernaut who creates reaction videos of music and music videos of Metal bands with a lean towards Metal Core. We dish on Keems rise to YouTube stardom, his videos, his taste in music, his family and his brands future. We even have a lightning round of sorts to get the mans opinion on a ton of bands new old, well known or just starting out he may have gave your band a shoutout so look out for that coming up! This is actually a first for APOB and I think for Keem also that this entire podcast had the video captured as well so if you would rather watch the podcast and of course listen go to APOB’s YouTube page by typing A Perch of Birds into the search bar and hit subscribe and play or look up Hardcore Keem for this podcast and all of his great reaction videos. - 2:00 Who is Hardcore Keem - 4:00 Favorite Metal band - 8:00 Female fronted bands - 15:00 Jonas Brothers, NPR Tiny Desk, Anderson .Paak - 19:00 How does Keem choose his videos to review - 25:00 Florida metal scene moshing vs. hardcore - 27:00 That intro though! - 28:00 Shout out to Polyhedra - 31:00 Shoutout Magnolia Park Florida based metal band - 32:00 Keems Spotify playlist (Link Below) - 33:00 Thumbs up thumbs down session Hardcore Keem approved Rings of Saturn, Winds of Plague, As Blood Runs Black, Oceano, The Floors Embrace AND MANY MORE - 45:00 Still dropping band love =) - 48:00 Underrated bands shoutout from Hardcore Keem himself! LISTEN TO SEE IF KEEM CALLED YOUR BAND OUT! - 55:00 Still Dropping underrated bands!! Watch the podcast recorded live on our YouTube → Keems YouTube channel → Keems Spotify Playlist → Keems Facebook → Keems Insta → Keems Merch → Support the podcast →


37 - Polyhedra ABQ Metal Juggernauts w/ James and Alex NEW SONG IN THE CAST

Another metal episode! Alex the vocalist and James the guitarist from Polyhedra an Albuquerque New Mexico based band kicking ass in the Metal world. They just released their EP self titled Polyhedra you can find on Spotify, Google Music, iTunes, and catch a free download of American Snuff on Make sure you reach out to these guys for tickets to their show April 15th in the links below. - 2:00 Metal Influencers - 7:00 Mic stand issues =) - 8:00 Polyhedra EP - 14:00 Recording futons, home studios & accountability - 22:00 Lyrics and writing from the heart - 23:00 **NEW SONG All American Snuff - Full Song** - 25:00 Shoutout to local ABQ bands Desecrated Humanity, Aaralywn. - 32:00 Vocal techniques - 36:00 Guitar riffage - 42:00 Mosh your problems away! - 46:00 All ages show's - 48:00 Touring - maybe? - 51:30 Wall of Death - 52:00 Where to find these guys and pickup tickets to shows - 59:00 What are these guys listening to Band Camp download - Polyhedra Facebook - Polyhedra YouTube Channel - Polyhedra Spotify Link - Polyhedra iTunes - A Perch of Birds website - Support the podcast - APOB Facebook Page -


36 - David Speed world renown graffiti artist w/ Graffiti Life and Creative Rebels Podcast

David Speed is on episode #36 coming to us straight from the United Kingdom in London via the interwebs. David is a professional graffiti artist and now runs a world renown Graffiti company called Graffiti Life which you can find a their beautiful site David and his partners have created artwork for Vice, Nike, Disney and many high level clients and are seen as some of the best in the industry.Find everything David and his team are doing at their site on instagram @graffiti_life and Twitter @graffiti_life. Also check out Davids podcast we talk about in the show called Creative rebels at - 2:00 What is a professional graffiti artist? - 4:00 Risks, missions and prison. - 8:00 Butlers, Jedis and apprentices - 9:00 Where and when did the Graffiti movement start? - 14:00 90's Graffiti in London - 16:00 Getting paid by the same people that once chased him. - 19:30 VR and Virtual Art - 25:00 Banksy - 26:00 DismaLand 'The Worst Theme Park in The World' - 31:00 Meow Wolf and broken schools - 36:30 Following your dreams - 39:00 Practice, podcasting and the magic number of 10,000 - 42:00 Properly launching a podcast - 48:00 Creative Rebels Davids amazing podcast - 52:00 'Sorry my landlord doesn't except exposure' Graffiti Life's site - Davids Podcast - Our site - Patreon -


35 - Buck and Dex with The Buck and Dex show ABQ and World Famous Radio Dj's

Were on with Albuquerque, New Mexico and worldwide radio DJ legends the amazing Mr. Aaron 'Buck' Burnett and Dex Toth from the Buck and Dex show that aired for something like fifteen years in Albuquerque and world wide. We talk all Buck and Dex nostalgia, what these guys are crushing lately and what the future holds. Buck is now rolling on nights at The Coyote 102.5, as well as running hard with his new co-owned venture with The El Rey a badass venue in downtown Albuquerque and Dex is doing a daily gig Star 88 a morning show on the radio and Youtube as well as his new amazing new Youtube show Don't Sweat the Small stuff with fellow Star 88 co host Stevo. We talk Delbert, breaking out bands like FlyLeaf, Jackson's MMA training gym alumni and dishing all things Buck and Dex show. These guys were so cool and humble mad respect to you guys and thank you so much for letting an old fan chat with you. All the links are in the episode description check out and subscribe to his youtube show Don't Sweat the Small Stuff. Buck is cracking on the grand opening of The El Rey's Speakeasy make sure you go to this amazing venue drink some Mezcal under the stars, check out the speakeasy and don't miss the amazing artists that they book at the venue. Follow and keep up with Everything A Perch of birds and your host I, Me, El Capitan is doing on YouTube just look up A Perch of Birds Podcast, Facebook at, Instagram at aperchofbirdsmedia, and if you like what I'm doing and wanna see the show grow with your sponsorship help check out our Patreon at Again Buck Dex, humbled beyond words, thank you again, Fangirl’d hard doing this one, you folks listening thank you for being a bunch of badasses and keep pursuing greatness. Show Notes: - 2:00 Who are Buck and Dex - 5:00 World Famous - New Mexico Legends - 7:00 The Deaf guy - 9:00 Jon Jones and Ricky - 12:00 Flyleaf Five Finger Death Punch and breaking bands - 16:00 How are diaries relevant? - 21:00 How did it all end? - 24:00 The third? - 27:00 Delbert, Dex and dirty diapers - 32:00 Buck and Dex Army - 39:00 Henry Rollins, Joe Rogan, Bryan Cranston and best interviews - 43:00 Charlie Murphy and the worst interviews - 47:00 Cheaters Hotel!! - 53:00 Buck and Dex Podcast - 54:00 Don't Sweat the Small Stuff - 57:00 The oldest 41 year old in the business =) - 01:00:00 Podcasts B and D Listen to - 01:06:00 Music They listen to - 01:11:00 Buck the El Rey downtown and the new speakeasy - 01:14:00 Dex Star 88, and Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Bucks El Rey → Dexs Show Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff → APOB Patreon → APOB Website → iTunes Google Podcasts Spotify YouTube


34 - Bernardo Gallegos UNM Esports Advisor a New Mexico Esports gaming podcast

Esports is a digital sport played professionally all around the world, it's a phenomenon years in the making. We sit down with UNM Esports program adviser Mr.Bernardo Gallegos talking about the steady buildup of University of New Mexico's soon to be official Esports team showing off NM's talent in the collegiate circuit. We peruse the annals of gaming evolution and talk about the cutting edge and future of gaming across the board. Show notes and how to get in contact with Bernardo below, hope you guys enjoy this one keep pursuing greatness! iTunes Google Podcasts Spotify YouTube - 1:00 United Nations and gorilla podcasting - 4:00 What is esports all about - 11:00 Halo, Dreamcast and LAN Parties - 13:00 UNM Esports - 17:00 New generations and opportunities - 18:00 Strategy, scoring, League of Legends - 23:00 The NACE organization - 28:00 Recruiting & Scholarships - 34:00 Michael Jordan and 10,000 hours - 39:00 Esports fight camps - 43:00 Vive (VR) in healthcare - 47:00 Corporate buy-in - 53:00 Battlefield and Call of Duty - 57:00 Virtual Reality eSports - 01:03 Overwatch Leagues - 01:07 Cheating in Esports - 01:11 NMAA High School eSports - 01:16 Olympic Esports - 01:19 New Mexicos future - 01:24 How to get a hold of Bernardo and the UNM Esports team Bernardo and UNM Esports organization contact info: Contact and sites - UNM Esports - Facebook: UNM Esports Instagram: unmesports Twitter: @UNMEsports (gamers can give back too) Personal - Twitter: @_omniprime Insta: _omniprime New Mexico Activities Association (NM high schools) Support the podcast: