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Gregory Iron -- pro wrestler with cerebral palsy -- talks wrestling, pop culture and life with the brightest names in the business and beyond. New episodes every Wednesday.

Gregory Iron -- pro wrestler with cerebral palsy -- talks wrestling, pop culture and life with the brightest names in the business and beyond. New episodes every Wednesday.
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Gregory Iron -- pro wrestler with cerebral palsy -- talks wrestling, pop culture and life with the brightest names in the business and beyond. New episodes every Wednesday.






EP. 8- Deathmatches & Burgers with Grill Em' All Owner Ryan Haskins, Greg Buries The Shitty Promoter That Owes Him Money

Gregory Iron sits down with the inspirational Ryan Harkins, winner of Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race,” drummer for hardcore band "Trappist" and co-owner of Los Angeles pro wrestling and heavy metal themed restaurant “Grill Em’ All.” Ryan talks with Greg his passion for hardcore music, deathmatch wrestling, cooking and how he overcame his addiction to alcohol to create one of the most well-known restaurants in California. Ryan talks about discovering pro wrestling via the...


EP. 7- Gentleman Jervis On Mental Health, Skateboarder Mike V's Pro Wrestling Stint In Ohio

Gregory Iron sits down with The World's Sweetest Man, Gentleman Jervis! Gentleman Jervis talks to Greg about leaving home at an early age to pursue a career in professional wrestling in The United States. From his start training with The Wild Samoans and Mike Quackenbush in CHIKARA to present day performing at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, Jervis covers some of the highlights during his 7 year career. Most importantly, Jervis talks to Greg about his advocacy for mental health. For...


EP. 6- Kody Lane: The Porn Star? & Greg's Annual Obscure Wrestling Halloween Costumes With Sarah Snyder

Host Gregory Iron chats with independent wrestling rising star -- Kody Lane! Trained by WWE NXT's Jordan Myles (fka ACH), Kody Lane talks about his journey from one of the smallest towns in Oklahoma to becoming a pro wrestler and working some of the biggest promotions and names in the industry. Kody tells Greg about his first experiences learning about pro wrestling from old ECW videos, the unlikely WWE tag team he initially fell in love with, his love for WWE Superstar Edge, tattoos,...


EP. 5- A Conversation With "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Host Gregory Iron sits down with the toughest son of a bitch in WWE history, the one and only "Stone Cold" Steve Austin! Last October, Greg sat down with Steve at 317 Gimmick Street to record a couple episodes of "The Steve Austin Show." The "Wrestle Days" documentary crew was following Greg that morning to capture the unique friendship between "The Handicapped Hero" and "The Texas Rattlesnake." While a lot of great banter made it to the "Wrestle Days" doc (available on YouTube), there...


EP. 4- Curt Stallion: The Lone Road To Becoming The Lone Star

Host Gregory Iron sits down with EVOLVE Wrestling star and independent wrestling standout "The Lone Star" Curt Stallion. In only six years, Stallion has quickly carved out a name for himself as one of the top stars on the independent scene based on his untouchable work ethic and unwillingness to quit. Curt could've easily settled for a life like most that live in his small town in Texas have: a lucrative job in an oil field, a nice house, and marriage to his high school sweetheart....


EP. 3- Kimber Lee: More Than Just A Wrestler

Host Gregory Iron sits down with former WWE NXT Superstar and the only female Grand Champion in Chikara history -- Kimber Lee. Yes, she's a wrestler. But Kimber Lee shows us she's so much more. You'll hear about Kim's formative years growing up in Seattle, Washington as a ballerina as well as how 23 years of dancing benefited her in the squared circle. Kim also shares what made her become a vegan and her inspirational story of finding sobriety and love. Kim tells us a crazy Drew Gulak...


EP. 2- Johnny Gargano & Greg Talk Hunter & Shawn

Host Gregory Iron sits down with WWE NXT Superstar Johnny Gargano for one more round! After returning from a local carnival where they watched the incredibly dangerous annual "Greasy Pole Climb," Greg and Johnny get into a discussion that focuses on Shawn Michaels and Triple H -- D-Generation X! Listen as Johnny and Greg chat about their favorite matches and moments from the founders of DX, as well as their favorite incarnations of The Heartbreak Kid and The Game. You'll also hear Johnny...


EP. 1- Johnny Gargano's Birthday Bash Podcast

Host Gregory Iron sits down with his best friend, WWE NXT Superstar Johnny Gargano. On the eve of his 32nd birthday, Johnny chats with Greg about his formative years on the independent wrestling circuit, while Candice LeRae bakes in the background. Johnny discusses his first "pro" matches at 8 years old and tells Greg about the ex-WCW Champion that told his dad that he'd never make it. Hear how working with Alex Shelley, Nigel McGuiness, and Chris Sabin early on influenced Johnny's in-ring...


Episode 0- Testing Iron-On Wrestling

In an effort to make sure that his podcast is available for download prior to the official launch date of September 25th, host Gregory Iron hits you with this surprise bonus episode that details all you can expect with "Iron-On Wrestling." You'll hear how a former WWE Heavyweight Champion hit Iron with the idea of launching his very own podcast, what topics Greg will cover going forward and what WWE Superstar will be his very first guest on the debut edition. - - - Gregory Iron is the...