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Geoff & Joel's Tales From New Orleans






Hot Takes On Sports Doping, Lance Armstrong & The Olympics Plus A Finger Wag, From Summer 2016

From a show recorded in August 2016, inspired to be republished now in the context of the new Lance Armstrong documentary on ESPN, as well as missing the Olympics this summer, Geoff & Joel have hot takes on sports doping in general, and Lance specifically. RIP Geoff and his Unicorn takes.

Geoff Douville's Birthday @ Pal's Lounge With A Tricentennial Storyville Ham Kick (5.17.18)

Two years ago to the day, Geoff Douville, Miss Deanie, and Derrick Smoker Freeman gathered at Pal’s Lounge to celebrate their birthdays, and participate in, plus provide play by play for, a Storyville Ham Kick, inspired by Mo Johnson. Such a good time.

A Happy Mothers Day Episode From 2017 With Geoff Douville & Joel's Mom

Recorded in June of 2017, Geoff & Joel did a segment called ‘We Call You', in which we called prospective guests on air without giving them an advance heads up. In this show, we called Joel’s Mom (at the 37-minute mark) without notice and she rolled with it. We talked about growing up as a latchkey kid in the 70s inspired by Bill Burrs show F is for Family and southern food. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, and to all the sons and daughters who love them.

David Lee Simmons During Festival Season April 2017 On New Orleans Healthcare, Culture & NIMBYism

David Lee Simmons joined the show with Geoffrey Douville in April 2017, and we had a great conversation about New Orleans- so many topics that are relevant to what we are going through today.

Ian McNulty In Jazz Fest Time 2018 On Food In New Orleans & At The Fairgrounds +Post-Katrina Food

Ian McNulty joined the show in 2018 around Jazz Fest time, and talks food and jazz fest and Rhode Island. Ian is a fun dude, and it’s a fun talk. Plus great thoughts and observations on New Orleans post-Katrina. Thanks for tuning in, and hope y’all are staying healthy and sound.

Derrick Freeman On Herbie Hancock, Jazz Fest, SOUL Brass Band Origin Story & Bonnaroo + Fireable Offenses

Originally recorded in April 2017, Derrick Freeman joined the show during Jazz Fest to talk about Herbie Hancock, the Low End Theory Players, SOUL Brass Band, Jazz Fest & an epic Bonnaroo experience with Widespread Panic, and subsequent shenanigans. Chocolate mushrooms and Millenials vs Gen X’ers.

Jazz Fest Darwinism- A Conversation With Geoffrey Douville (Chairs, Baby Boomers & Napalming)

This is a classic from 2012 recorded between Jazz Fest weekends. We have hot takes for Baby Boomers, and love for great jazz artists. Love for Terence Blanchard, and more. And it’s fun. Thanks for tuning in.


From 2012: The Refractory Monologues- Geoff & Joel's Very First Show Ever. Mayor'lism. Parents Can't Listen(!)

We had not too long ago published an old PodKive from 2012 that one Joel Jackson passed off as the first episode ever of It’s A Good Life, Babe. I knew that wasn’t exactly true when I published it. Both shows were recorded the same night. This was the first one. It’s a doozy- parents, girlfriends, and political opponents should not listen to this one. But man, Geoff & I came out of the gates so strong and fluid… RIP my friend. Thanks for listening, except for parents and GFs. Hope y’all are...

2012 Outside Lands Festival Show With Geoffrey Douville. So Relevant Still Today. Gen X Rules.

This is one of Joel Jackson’s most very favorite show from 2012. Because Geoff Douville was so dope. And this show seems so relevant to our times. Oblivious lessness monsters San Francisco Empathy Parkinson’s and not joking about it The Adderall Gen vs Gen X Customer service from top down Don’t contempt your customer You vs us= No debit card attitude The price is right= Epicenter of green meets Spicoli Mike Judge Ocean beach surfing america Dirty Harry Body...

Walter 'Wolfman' Washington @ Pal's Lounge On Dorsey, Irma & Johnny Adams + Being Griper'd

Walter ‘Wolfman’ Washington, Johnny Adams, Lee Dorsey, Irma Thomas, Ben Ellman, Amsterdam Philip, Pal’s Lounge, Geoff’s Birthday, Black Angels, Kenny Wayne Shepard, We Call You… With The Greatest Co-Host Ever Griper Nugent… Wham… Brown Out… Grupo Fantasma…. Lionel Richie… Paul Peck… Taco Party….Ideal Mart…Bonnaroo… Snake & Jakes Christmas Club Barn… and phew… a rerun episode on Geoff’s Birthday way before he got sick… rest in peace Douville. Love you brother.

6'oS: Molly McGee & Annemarie Van Dalen On Healthcare In the Time of Covid

Hey y’all… this is the last or one of last times we’ll be cross-publishing via It’s A Good Life, Babe channels, the new podcast, Six Feet Of Separation. We hope that you will subscribe and listen to the show wherever you get your podcasts, and check us out at On this episode, we welcome a New Orleans based healthcare front line worker & nurse Molly McGee, and an Amsterdam based healthcare administrator, Annemarie van Dalen.

Geoffrey Douville Invents The Douvillympics - All The Games Fit For Covid Time (Sept 2016 Rerun)

The guys are back with a producer, a theme song, sponsors and plugs. We open up discussing going to the Saints home opener at the Dome, and speculate on what dirt new kicker Wil Lutz must have on coach Sean Payton. We spend the rest of the pod introducing the Douvillympics, to take place in New Olreans' City Park every two years. Special Thanks to Egg Yolk Jubilee, Griper Nugent, Terranova, Bob Roth's Lounge, and Grupo Fantasma.

Six Feet Of Separation With Gene Meneray From The Ella Project

Artists, musicians, and workers in the gig economy are among those who are suffering the most during this global public health pandemic. In this episode, we hear from someone who’s stepping up to make a difference by helping those in need access the stimulus and other funds that are available to them. Pre and Post Covid, helping artists and musicians with pro bono legal aid. Thanks to Gene Meneray for coming on the show.

A 2012 It's A Good Life, Babe 'Podkive' On Hurricane Evacuation Stories

From the 2012 It’s A Good Life, Babe podkives, Geoff & Joel share hurricane evacuation and flooding stories with one another. Clearly. we wouldn't be re-publishing this in July or August. In April, these stories are kind of quaint. With any dumb luck. Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. Thanks for listening and sharing.


Paul Grass Part Two On The Mermaid Lounge, Filmmaking & Cockroaches (rerun from May 2017)

Paul Grass returned in part two of a marathon chat with Geoff and Joel. Paul testified about the trials and tribulations of making independent films as a 20-something. There is also gospel and post-apocalyptic evolved cockroach wars. Thanks for tuning in.

Paul Grass & Geoff Douville On The 90's Music Scene In New Orleans (rerun from May 2017)

Paul Grass, life long friend of Geoff Douville’s, as well as fellow bandmate in Egg Yolk Jubilee, joined the show in the Spring of 2017. They talked about the 90's music scene in NOLA, and their friendship over the years. A fun listen. Enjoy.

Six Feet Of Separation With Chef Sue Zemanick On Her Restaurant & Home Covid Cooking

Sue Zemanick joins the show for talk on life, culture and cooking during Covid-19. Sue talks about her restaurant Zasu, and what the future might hold for her and the restaurant. Plus we get into our respective home cooking strategies during the lockdown. Later in the episode, we talk Top Chef, French cooking shows and reading letters from literary figures. Thanks for listening. Stay safe and stay sane.

Six Feet Of Separation With Tom Thayer Of DBA & Traci Birch

Tom Thayer of DBA New Orleans joins the show and talks about putting up for sell the venerable Frenchmen Street music club. Tom gets into how he and his partners found the space, and his relocation to New Orleans to open the club in the early oughts. We talk about changes over the years on Frenchmen Street, the uptown/downtown divide, and finding silver linings during the Coronavirus lockdown. Then Traci Birch joins in, and talks with Tom about the amazing wedding reception she & Geoff...

Six Feet Of Separation With Lloyd Shepherd Locked Down In London

Author and podcaster Lloyd Shepherd, currently of BBC Sounds in London, ( joins the show and talks about jogger problems, high praise and gratitude manifestation for health workers, and cultural differences in policing. We get into working from home Zoom life, and Lloyd shares his obsessive nature towards Covid-19, as well as the inability to enjoy escapist activities in the time of Corona. Thanks for listening and sharing. Stay safe, take care, be well, do good.