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36: Two Brothers in Orbit

TOPICS • The Awesome 80s playlist (not) • Portlandia • Comics who become dinosaurs • Bands who don’t change • Rush, who did change • Tom Hanks, typewriter collector • Childhood experiences in typing • 1000 monkeys • The Rural Report: Auction! • How hot was it? • Move prep talk • The joy of Michael McDonald • The Wrecking Crew documentary • TNT - “Deadly Metal” • Orbital - “P.H.U.K.” LINKS • The short story Marcus was trying to remember was R. A. Lafferty’s “Been a Long, Long...


35: Yacht Rick & McCortny

TOPICS • The insidious nature of rural accents • 80s action TV • Rick & Morty parodies 80s action TV • The compelling nature of Venture Bros. • Korrection Korner • McCartney/Lennon or the reverse • Music share: yacht rock staples • Prism Tats LINKS • Selective auditory hearing, specifically “bottlenecking.”: • Al Stewart - “Midnight Rocks”: •...


34: Farm Pod Report

TOPICS • Range Life • Wi-Fi at the bank • Umpqua praise • The joy of local authors • Another round of copyright extension? Ugh • Jeff Goldblum and his cadence • Harlan Ellison: Good and bad in a person • Touching, love, and consent • Music exchange footnote LINKS • William “Bill” Lansing on Amazon: • Jeff Goldblum reads Steamed Hams: • Marcus’s Harlan Ellison blog...


33: Marks of Distinction

TOPICS • Mark Hamill & collectible cards • Simplenote and plain text joys • Markdown • Ways we narrowly avoided killing ourselves as kids • Music exchange: Michael Torke, Nine Inch Nails, Snail’s House • Field tone LINKS Mark Hamill hilariously signs cards: Michael Torke - Color Music: Nine Inch Nails - Bad Witch:...


32: Pod in the Sticks

We thought we’d talk about some stuff, and that stuff is below: • Working man minutiae • Rural road show • Touristy things in a new town • Farmer James • Old timey references • We don’t got the jokes • New OED entries from The Simpsons • Topic Talk • Whither Summer? • Who let the wiener (dog) out? • Rural internet woes • The “marketplace” of ideas • Re-Spotify’d • Gorillaz • Carl Stamitz LINKS The Portland Unipiper: Johnny T’s...


31: A Real Fixer Upper

We skittered through the following things, and apologies for some audio difficulties of the road show equipment: • Half-Road Show Again • The Great Pac-NW • Show milestone, but not really • Popularity doubles • Geological analysis of the Shasta Cascade • House hunting • Firework shenanigans • Robert John “Mutt” Lange NOTE: Shania Twain’s album Marcus couldn’t remember was *Come On Over* • Korrection Korner: more Brad Delp magic • Past your baby time, featuring *Furchester...


30: Separating Pod From Podist

We agreed to talk about the following things: • Sick…again • Pogo’s homophobia and general shitbagginess • Separating artist from art? • Neko Case’s amazing Hell-On • How does James find new music, again? • The mainstream in art vs. avant-garde • Wishing to be on the cutting edge • Kanye We appreciate you listening. And reading this stuff! You can contact us at, or on Twitter at @ijc2b, and on Facebook at Marcus’s...


29: Grounds for Drinking

Hey, all you hangers-on! We discussed some stuff that came up: • Weary times • Smartest Baby in the World • All About the Routines • Coffee Talk, no big whoop • Rediscovering bands we loved as youngs • Whither Twitter? • Puttin’ this baby to bed LINKS A much better (professional) explanation of coffee brewing than Marcus fumbled through: Thanks again for listening to us banter! You can contact us at, or...


28: The Quietly Rambling Storm

We stormed the castle to chat about the following things: • The Quiet Not So Stormy • Upcoming bonus show • Some more Rick Moranis • City Slickers, which was the role Moranis dropped out of to care for his wife. • Seinfeld • The Simpsons—when did it break down? • A Series of Unfortunate Events • TV Wheel • Infinity War, but, ahem, it’s actually “Avengers: Infinity War.” • Does Marcus sound like Rush’s Alex Lifeson? • Doctor Strange (2016) is, indeed, older than Guardians of the...


27: Quick but With Rick

Apologies for the late posting! We rapidly talked about some things this week: • Full employment & packing woes • Ruthless (& Toothless) People • Jaron Lanier • Korrection Korner: The two Billys, Cocteau Twins • Upcoming SCTV special • Rick Moranis’s integrity LINKS Weird Al Yankovic - “Toothless People” Jaron Lanier interview:...


26: Ensnaring and Sharing

It was a rambling kind of day, so we did ramble on this stuff: * How to do opening credits * RP1 review postponed until we, y’know, see it * Organizing your music listening * Snare drum talk * Music shares—Billy Squier, Eric Whitacre, , Wye Oak, (briefly: Massive Attack, feat. Elizabeth Fraser), King’s X * Why didn’t Marcus want to see a favorite band? * Gen X-er angst about gettin’ old, man LINKS * Frank Chimero’s playlist system:...


25: Podcasthouse Rock

We palavered, all right, sometimes about these topics, here: • In the echo chamber • Network logo sounds • Joel McHale & Talk Soup hosts • Pedantry Pcorner • Late intros • Memories of memory • Simpsons anomaly episode • Portland apartment hunt • Korrection Korner • Bob Dorough and Schoolhouse Rock • We have tics • Armchair psychology corner (how many corners now?) • Find of the Week: The Death of Pop, This Is the Kit LINKS • “I Can Remember” (1972), the “loaf of bread, a...


24: Ranty Player One

Noting the following notes: • How we doing? • Hey, pretty good, as it turns out • Is audio reading? • Twitter hypocrites…hypotwits? • Overteased with promos • Ground Kontrol recap • Ready Player One ranting & raving with full spoilers LINKS • The Game Informer Podcast Ernest Cline Interview (starts about 1:27:12): • Shall We Play a Game?’s RP1 show, about both book AND film: • “If You Want to Know How We Ended Up in a...


23: Dockdomainia

On the road again! Exhaustion and a tight schedule means a slightly shorter show, but we still parleyed about a few topics, and they are as follows: • Recording minutiae • A million ants can’t be wrong • Empire of the Ants • Marcus in Portland • Scale is important or public transportation • Moving on up … post-interview, that is • Ol’ Dirt Dome • More arcade nostalgia at Ground Kontrol • Bar food in Oregon • Bubbler madness • Jordy Verrill, you lunkhead LINKS • Ground Kontrol:...


22: The New(ish) Music Exchange Show!

Between song clips, we talked about stuff like the following: • Viva Las Vacation • The Golden Tiki (opened 2015) • Outside Halfway Show #2 • Smartest Baby in the World • Wind sounds • Tone Poems • Finding new music • Django Django - “Marble Skies” • Valerie Coleman’s “Rubispheres” and “Umoja” • Mastodon - “Cold Dark Place” (Mastodon actually has three lead vocalists) • Bright Sheng’s “Tibetan Swing” • Casino Versus Japan - “Frozen Geometry” • Eric Whitacre - “The Seal...


20: Recording From Another Room

We talked, we laughed, we felt much better this week, thank you for asking, you’re sweet: • 20 shows is kind of a milestone • The Flintstones ran for 166 episodes. The Simpsons • Ben Crawford (no relation) is the new phantom and James is brushed with his fame • University exam struggles • Learning How to Learn MOOC • Durans and Taylors • 80s hits redux • Misheard: Tom Sawyer • More Rush minutiae • Songwriting credits • Ringo (Marcus mentions David Dedrick commenting on Paul’s...


19: Troping the Shark

James is sick this week and managed to record, but then ran out of health points, so Marcus chopped this one into shape while he respawns. Apologies if the following topics sound strangely under-edited: • Drop the bass • Contact between teacher and student • Kids’ anti-gun violence walkout • So much material outside the show • Wilmer Valderrama’s character on NCIS • JAG, CSI . . . who watches? • Ted McKinley, JumptheShark, TV Tropes • Down the Google Earth rabbit hole • Looking at...


18: This Show Drives Itself

Topics were talked of: • The time of the season for cleaning • Smartest Baby in the World • The show goes downhill • Private religious school instruction failures • Self-driving cars • The show gets political • Bojack Horseman praise Links • Long discussion of the meaning and origin of “all downhill from here/gone downhill since”: • There’s at least one Bojack-centric podcast I...


17: Who Wants Some??

We talked about these things, among others: • Sick Talk, ft. Freddie Mercury • Mark Hollis & Talk Talk, uh, talk • Van Halen’s “Everybody Wants Some!!” has a strange line (David Lee Roth actually sorta sings, “I seen a booboo datta looka for da moonbeam,” but we’re close enough?) • Master genrefier • Mark Hollis’s solo album as an evolution from his work with Talk Talk • Intentional listening • Going to the zoo. The article critical of zoos Marcus mentioned is...


16: Gen X? Next

Sorry for the lateness, bandwidth caught us again. To make up for it, we’re coming to you for the first time in glorious 128 kilobit stereo! More rambles, post-drunken this time: • Marcus went out the night before and has regrets • Why Marcus has a .net as main domain … and the wrong birthday • Jenny’s number no longer a sure thing • Gaming the record/tape/CD clubs • Greatest hits albums—not so bad, sometimes • Apology Corner • Harlan Ellison’s reading • Hank Green’s video:...