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Exploring Big Ideas. Podcast talk show focused on politics, sports, Poway personalities and more.

Exploring Big Ideas. Podcast talk show focused on politics, sports, Poway personalities and more.
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Exploring Big Ideas. Podcast talk show focused on politics, sports, Poway personalities and more.






Manny Machado, Bruce Bochy JRP0035

In one of the biggest news stories in San Diego sports history, the San Diego Padres have signed Manny Machado to a 10-year, $300 million contract. We break down this deal from all angles. What this means to the Greater San Diego sports community, how this sorts out financially for the San Diego Padres and what the lineup looks like for the 2019 season. We also look at the reactions from both Padres fans and the national media as the try to come to grips with the Padres aggressiveness,...


Corvette Happiness, Pete Neild, JRP0034

If you love the Chevrolet Corvette, if you love cars or if you simply love a great story that creates so much happiness in the story teller, then this podcast episode is for you. We review Pete Neild’s entire process of acquiring his magnificent Laguna Blue Custom Corvette C7: Calypso. We go through his personal life history with cars including a Corvette C5 and the “Black Rose” Corvette in custom purple, the research and rationale for his C7 purchase, and a step-by-step overview of the...


Poway Granny Flats, AOC Green New Deal, JRP0033

In this episode we get into two hot issues: Poway Mayor Steve Vaus’ proposal for government subsidized Poway granny flats and NYC Congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ proposal for the Green New Deal. At the local level, we break down Vaus’ HOMES (Homes On My Extra Space) plan in Poway. There is good buzz going on in California, in San Diego and here in Poway about addressing the housing crisis. San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer has proposed plans to make construction easier and to combat...


Caleb Allen, Westview Baseball Coach, JRP0032

I had a great conversation with Caleb Allen talking baseball and how the sport translates into great life lessons. Caleb Allen is the Varsity Baseball Hitting Coach at Westview High School in the Poway Unified School District. Caleb has served in various coaching roles at Poway High School, El Camino High School and San Diego Christian College. He also ran the San Diego Crush travel baseball program helping build a solid organization with a tremendous coaching staff. Caleb Allen is a protégé...


Howard Schultz, Super Bowl JRP0031

Is Howard Schultz a viable candidate for President of the United States? Or is he simply a spoiler candidate that has no chance of winning at all? We explore the candidacy of Howard Schultz candidacy from a number of different angles. The reaction from the media and from the left has been swift and severe, particularly because he is choosing to run as a Centrist Independent. Many fear Howard Schultz will split the Dem vote and make it easier for Trump to win re-election in 2020. Others...


Padres Finances Acee Reaction JRP0030

Kevin Acee's article in last Sunday's paper (titled "Look at Padres' books shows debt reduction has team in position to spend") about Padres Finances has created a huge reaction on #PadresTwitter and in the national media. It is was a rare moment where team ownership partly opening up their books for public viewing. There were many nuggets that somewhat explained Padre management decisions, but also invoked anger, frustration and betrayal within the fan base. We discuss the concept of the...


San Diego State of the City, Mayor Kevin Faulconer JRP0029

In this JRP episode we breakdown the San Diego State of the City Address from Mayor Kevin Faulconer. We discuss Faulconer’s proposals to address the biggest issues facing San Diego: the housing crisis and homelessness. I was particularly pleased to see the Mayor offering market-based solutions that relax building regulations and zoning laws to make it easier and cheaper to build more housing. I thought his innovative approach to unlimited density in exchange for accommodations for affordable...


John Maffei, San Diego Sports Journalist, JRP0028

I was so pleased to enjoy a conversation with San Diego sportswriter legend, John Maffei. John is a 50-year veteran in sports journalism, an athlete, a coach and a major behind-the-scenes person that has made a significant, positive impact in the San Diego sports community. We spent time learning about John's life. Born in Chicago, raised in Pasadena, went to La Salle High School, recruited to play baseball at St Mary’s but chose to play at Pasadena City College and later at San Diego State....


Government Shutdown, Wall, Trump JRP0027

We get into a long list of national news issues including the wall along the southern border, President Trump, immigration policy and the federal government shutdown. We spent time discussing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Pay-Go, the Green New Deal, Medicare-for-All and much more. The border wall is political theater. Trump is playing his base. The $5 billion spending plan is 1/1000th of the federal budget but only covers approximately 200 miles of the nearly 2000 miles of the southern border....


Poway Titans Basketball, Padres, Ironman JRP0026

This is the first in a whole series of sports podcasts I plan to share on the John Riley Project. In this episode we talk about Poway Titans highlights and many other topics: Congratulations to Cathedral Catholic on a great football season winning the Southern California championship and coming up just short in the state championship game. Palomar League Basketball for both boys and girls as of December 31, 2018. Scores, updates and comments on the Poway Titans, Adam Sevier, Lucas Shepard,...


Marian Kim-Phelps: No Place for Hate, JRP0025

I enjoyed showcasing the great work of 3 local leaders (Marian Kim-Phelps, Chris Cruse and Amit Asaravala) and offered my thoughts and commentary on each topic: Dr. Marian Kim-Phelps, Poway Unified School District Superintendent, published a guest column titled No Place for Hate in response to the recent hate crime in Poway. Marian Kim-Phelps is putting forward 4 policies at PUSD to address hate: organizing students to pledge to end hate, encouraging difficult conversations, adults modeling...


Stoneridge Reaction, PUSD Ethics Drama, JRP0024

Reactions to the Stoneridge Development public forum on Dec 12th, Ethics issues with Poway Unified School Board, Patreon controversy, free speech and thoughts & recommendations on the shows I am streaming online. Kevin McNamara stepped up to the stage originally to make a 2 minute welcome speech but it turned into a 30+ minute question and answer session from the audience. The questions were direct, sometimes hard hitting and reflected the many concerns of Poway citizens, many of which that...


Poway Hate Crime, Quinceanera, Nick Anastasopolous, #Tariffman, PUSD finances, GHWB, Local Sports, Man in the High Castle, Ozzy JRP0023

Poway Hate Crime, attending a beautiful Quinceanera, Rancho Bernardo Business Hero Nick Anastasopolous, Trump's foolish #Tariffman tweet, PUSD finances once again negatively in the news, reflections on the presidency of George Herbert Walker Bush, Local High School Sports Update, City of San Diego Basketball Championship SDSU vs USD, my new binge watch guilty pleasure The Man in the High Castle, and my Ozzy Osbourne story JRP0023 John Riley Project Info: Bookings? Inquiries? Contact me at...


Poway 2018 Election Post Game Show JRP0021

In this JRP epsiode I break down the data and the drama of the 2018 Poway Mayoral, Poway City Council and Poway Unified School Board races. We step through each race, examine the results, draw conclusions and identity broader themes. I also share my own opinions on various issues including the Poway Road Specific Plan, PUSD Finances, running local government like a business and more... including making a personal plea to newly elected Poway School Board Trustee Ginger Couvrette. We also...


Pete Neild #3 Poway City Council District 1 JRP0020

Regis Philbin was on the David Letterman Show 136 times. Pete Neild has 133 more to tie the record. Yesterday I enjoyed having Poway City Council Candidate for District 1, Pete Neild, join me for the third time on the John Riley Project. Pete Neild is a scientist and he has been very diligent gathering data from citizens in District 1 surveying them on key issues in this race. He has reached 1200 people in District 1 just by driving his beautiful Corvette, Calypso, around town and chatting...


Terry Norwood Poway Unified School Board Area C JRP0019

Terry Norwood joined me yesterday afternoon for pleasant conversation about her campaign for Poway School Board in Area C (mostly Rancho Bernardo). Terry has carved out a unique position in her race. She is the only challenger running against two incumbents. She is the only woman on the ballot. She is the only Rancho Bernardo resident in the race for a district that is primarily about representing Rancho Bernardo's interests. Ms. Norwood has spent a great deal of her time as an active member...


Emily Johnson, Poway Mayor Candidate, JRP0018

I was pleased to have Poway Mayoral candidate Emily Johnson as a guest on the John Riley Project. Emily is young, bright and wants to offer a new perspective for our city. Emily believes it is important for Poway to retain it's country charm and not allow the Poway Rd Corridor project to have high density housing to a degree that transforms our city into a North Park or a Mira Mesa. Ms. Johnson believes that young people need to take an active role in shaping their community and their...


Dave Grosch, Poway City Council Incumbent, District 1, JRP0017

Poway Councilman Dave Grosch joined me Friday afternoon October 12th for a conversation about important Poway issues, his family history in Poway and a little bit about the MLB playoffs and college sports. Dave is well known and takes great pride in being an approachable and available councilperson that will meet with constituents, listen to their concerns, respond to their emails and take their phone calls. He wants to be responsive to the people of Poway to help them solve problems,...


Thoughts on the John Riley Project JRP0014

In this solo podcast I want to take a moment to thank those that are watching/listening and the guests that have joined me. I also want to share a range of thoughts about the project and address comments I get from others. Why am I doing this? Are you only interviewing political candidates? Will you interview more local candidates? Am I Republican or Democrat? Will I endorse candidates? What's the deal with the purple curtain? Why are your podcasts so long? Plus I share my thoughts on ideas...


Ginger Couvrette Poway Unified School Board Area B JRP0016

This morning I was pleased to welcome Poway Unified School Board Area B Candidate Ginger Couvrette. Ginger has an incredible track record of volunteerism in our community helping children, athletes, needy families, special needs students and teachers in the Poway Unified School District. I have always known of Ginger as a community dynamo helping out so many people throughout Poway, but I was amazed to learn that she has done so much more. Ginger often pointed out how the positive at Poway...