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We all take different paths in life, whether they be physical or metaphorical. Join host Eric Spitz as he chats with different entrepreneurs, creators, and many other interesting people who are following their passions to live a life they envision for themselves.

We all take different paths in life, whether they be physical or metaphorical. Join host Eric Spitz as he chats with different entrepreneurs, creators, and many other interesting people who are following their passions to live a life they envision for themselves.


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We all take different paths in life, whether they be physical or metaphorical. Join host Eric Spitz as he chats with different entrepreneurs, creators, and many other interesting people who are following their passions to live a life they envision for themselves.






Travis King's Journey as an Author, Explorer and Plastic-Fighter

This episode covers Travis King, who had a fairly normal upbringing growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and then decided to venture to South America after obtaining his Master’s Degree at 28. Four years and four continents later, Travis had a wide mix of experiences that became part of his book: Not that Anyone Asked: A Travel Memoir about Sex, Drugs, Love, and Finding Purpose. . In addition to the memoir, Travis stays busy writing blog posts, working on land development projects where he...


Fred Joyal's Journey with 1-800-DENTIST and Becoming Superbold

This episode covers Fred Joyal, who’s the co-founder of 1-800-DENTIST along with Gary Saint Denis, which started back in 1986. Fred’s also the author of three books; two of which are in the dental industry, and his latest book Superbold: From Under-Confident to Charismatic in 90 Days gives readers a systematic way to increase their boldness and confidence. . Fred will even be having a highly interactive two day Superbold Workshop on June 24 and 25 that will work on some of the exercises and...


Brian Barrish's Journey with Australian Football

This episode covers Brian Barrish, who’s a Media Manager for the Australian Football League. Brian first became interested in Australain Football (Footy) back in 1995 while channel surfing. Since then, his interest in the sport has built him a resume that includes providing commentary and analysis for Stateside Footy TV, Girls Play Footy, and the Footy Gospel Podcast. . Brian even played a total of 61 games over seven seasons with his local USAFL club: The Philadelphia Hawks. In addition to...


Sara Deacon's Journey as a Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor

This episode covers Sara Deacon, who’s a Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In addition, Sara is an artist, host of the podcast Martial Arts & Crafts, and Life Balance Coach who uses the lessons she learned on the mat to teach her clients about wisdom, discipline and leadership. . The conversation ranges from what got Sara into martial arts to begin with, to the important life lessons learned through practicing martial arts, and all of her creative outlets that...


Jeff Seckendorf's Journey as an Educator

This episode covers Jeff Seckendorf, who’s the founder of United Team Diving (UTD) Scuba Diving, which is a successful global scuba training and certification agency. Jeff also started Coach Me Strong as a result of the pandemic, which is an exercise coaching company for people with Parkinson’s disease, other neurological diseases, or even people who are just getting a little older in age. Jeff has a powerful documentary titled “It Seems Like Magic, But it’s Science,” where a group of 10...


Linda King's Journey as a Travel Writer

This episode covers Linda King, who’s an author, travel writer and blogger based in Melbourne, Australia. In addition, Linda is the founder of The Smart Travelista, which is a platform aimed at helping fellow travel lovers save money on their adventures. Linda is also the author of The Smart Travelista’s Guide, which is a four part book series available on Amazon. . Linda uses her background as a travel agent and banker, combined with her resume of visiting over 30 countries to help other...


Shlomo Freund's Journey as a Location Independent Entrepreneur

This episode covers Shlomo Freund, who’s been living as a location independent entrepreneur for over 15 years. Shlomo is the founder of Free Financial Self, which is a business that combines his love for traveling and investments in order to help remote workers from around the world organize their finances and create a roadmap in order to reach their goals. This roadmap is customized depending on the goals of each client, but is aimed at financial independence in order to spend more time...


Kathryn Halberg's Journey as a Romance Author (Bonus Episode)

This Valentine’s Day bonus episode covers Kathryn Halberg, who’s a contemporary romance author based in Dayton, Ohio. Kathryn is the mind behind the Eller Series, releasing ‘Animal Attraction’ back in June, with the sequel ‘Hidden Agenda’ being released tomorrow, February 15. . The conversation ranges from what inspired Kathryn to write romance fiction to begin with, to her creative process with writing and character development, along with her eclectic sources of inspiration, and how she’s...


Brian Butcher and Daniel Matson's Journey with The Home Team

This episode covers vocalist Brian Butcher and drummer Daniel Matson from The Home Team. The Home Team is a four-piece band based in Seattle, Washington who are currently signed to Revival Recordings. While their 2018 album ‘Better Off’ can be categorized as traditional pop-punk, the group released ‘Slow Bloom’ back in October that drew from a wide variety of influences to create a unique sound that’s hard to cleanly place within a genre. . Beginning this Thursday, February 10 through...


Robert Riopel's Journey with Personal Development

This episode covers Robert Riopel, who’s an international best-selling author, app designer, entrepreneur and fellow podcast host based in Alberta, Canada. . The conversation ranges from the inspiration behind his book Success Left a Clue, to how he went from being $150,000 in debt to financially free by 32, with some other practical life hacks thrown in there. . Robert’s website: https://robertriopel.com/book1 . Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRobertRiopel . Twitter:...


Sami Thomas's Journey with Lolita Fashion

This episode covers Sami Thomas, who has a passion for Lolita fashion. Lolita is an alternative style that started in Japan that’s heavily inspired by Victorian, Edwardian and Rococo clothing of fashions past as a way to rebel against expectations of young women in Japan. . It’s important to note that Lolita fashion has no connection with the Vladimir Nabokov novel, or any films of the same name. Searching EGL, which stands for Elegant Gothic and Lolita, may yield better results if you’re...


Paul Casey's Journey with Time Management and Goal-Setting

This episode covers Paul Casey, who’s the mind behind Growing Forward Services. GFS is an organization that focuses on helping both corporate and individual clients change their habits and mindset in order to be more productive, while staying true to core values and giving attention to the things that matter most in life. . Paul has written four books that include The Static Cling Principle (on habits and mindsets), Maximizing Every Minute (on time management), Leading the Team You’ve Always...


Rey Hosler's Journey as an Artist

This episode covers Rey Hosler, who’s a graphite and charcoal artist based in Lansing, Michigan. Rey creates a variety of pieces that include still life, perspective and anatomy, but has a special interest in drawing faces, so portraits make up a healthy amount of Rey’s portfolio. . The conversation ranges from what got Rey interested in drawing to begin with, to influences, favorite equipment to use, and even some very interesting stories surrounding face studies. . Rey’s Instagram:...


Sam Thiara's Journey with Ignite the Dream Coaching and Consulting

This episode covers Sam Thiara, who’s a lecturer at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. In addition to that, Sam has mentored hundreds and engaged thousands of students and professionals over the years with Ignite the Dream Coaching and Consulting, as he has these individuals work towards whatever it is they feel destined to do in life. . Sam is also the author of books such as Personal Storytelling: Discovering the Extraordinary in the...


Dave Fairman's Journey as a Filmmaker

This episode covers Dave Fairman, who’s a filmmaker based in Lansing, Michigan. Dave summarizes himself as a director, writer and editor on his website. He also has a podcast called INDIEfinitive, where he documents his journey as a filmmaker, and has discussions with other individuals in the industry. . The conversation ranges from Dave’s current project, to influences, and overall tips he has for other aspiring filmmakers. Dave’s website has the tagline “I just like to make stuff. Hope you...


Rob Cook's Journey with Contenders Wanted

This episode covers Rob Cook, who’s the host of the Contenders Wanted Podcast. Contenders Wanted is a platform where successful people share their stories on how they were able to relentlessly pursue their dreams without sacrificing their family, faith, health, or other areas that have a high importance to them. . The conversation ranges from what inspired Rob to start Contenders Wanted to begin with, memorable interactions he’s had on his path, and overall lessons he’s learned since he...


Jenn Carpenter's Journey with Deadtime Stories

This episode covers Jenn Carpenter, who’s the founder of the brick and mortar bookstore Deadtime Stories: True Crime and Other Books. The Lansing, Michigan based store just celebrated their one year anniversary on October 16. . The conversation ranges from Jenn’s ties to the state of Michigan in all of her projects, some of her top podcast influences, and even her experience living in one of the most haunted private residences in Michigan. . Deadtime Stories Website:...


Chris Smith and Mike Goncalves's Journey with the Wraith Chasers

This episode covers Chris Smith and Mike Goncalves of the Wraith Chasers, which is a paranormal organization composed of Chris, Brannon Smith and Mike. You may know them as the Tennessee Wraith Chasers from shows such as Ghost Asylum, Haunted Towns and Haunted Live on the Travel Channel with Doogie and Scott Porter also being heavily involved in their investigating. . The conversation ranges from what first got them involved in the paranormal field, to some of their most profound evidence,...


Dr. Amy Novotny's Journey with the PABR Institute

This episode covers Dr. Amy Novotny, who is the founder of the Pain Awareness Breathing Relief (PABR) Institute. The PABR method is a holistic approach to restoring the body to its full potential by using the body’s own nervous system. Amy’s methods have helped people not only reduce and eliminate pain, but have also helped with stress, anxiety, orthopedic surgeries, sleep issues and the need for medications. . The conversation ranges from her experience co-authoring several Amazon #1...


Zack Lawson's Journey with The Dead Lennies

This episode covers Zack Lawson, who contributes guitar and vocals to the Lansing, Michigan based band The Dead Lennies. The group is also composed of Spiz on guitar and Nate Smith on bass. . The conversation ranges from how the band got started, Zack’s creative influences, whether they be musicians or authors, and ultimately how those two types of creators influence what The Dead Lennies do creatively. Spoiler alert, the band name itself is in fact a reference to John Steinbeck’s novella Of...