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A podcast about the people and places of Kankakee County, IL. Hosted by, Jake LaMore.

A podcast about the people and places of Kankakee County, IL. Hosted by, Jake LaMore.


Kankakee, IL


A podcast about the people and places of Kankakee County, IL. Hosted by, Jake LaMore.






Episode 11: 1920s Prohibition from Chicago to Kankakee

Schuyler Avenue in downtown Kankakee in the 1920s. It's that time of the month already where we are joined by the Kankakee County Museum to put out a special episode of Kankakee Podcast! Executive Director, Veronica Featherston, and Research Coordinator, Jorie Walters, take us back to the Prohibition era of the 1920s. As you probably already know, Chicago's Al Capone was one of the most prolific bootleggers of that time in history. Jorie tells us about the possible connections between...


Episode 10: The Globetrotting Martin Sisters with Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall holding a picture of his great great aunts, Mable & Lula Martin. A few weeks ago I received a message on the Jake LaMore Facebook Page from a guy named, Ryan Hall. He told me how much he enjoyed listening to Kankakee Podcast and how he would love to share the story of his famous great great aunts, The Globetrotting Martin Sisters. I had never heard of them before! I did a quick Google search on the Martin sisters and the first thing I found was an article in The Daily Journal from...


Episode 9: Musa Man (Zion Ali)

Left to Right: Musa Man (Zion Ali) and his good friend, Joe Martin. I've always believed it's super important to support local original music. As you can imagine, it's extremely difficult to launch a successful career writing and performing songs for a living. It's not impossible though as Musa Man, a.k.a. Zion Ali points out in today's episode of Kankakee Podcast. His positivity radiated throughout the room as we sat and talked. It felt good to feel his drive and determination to reach the...


Episode 8: Hiking the Appalachian Trail with Molly Ehrich

Several months ago I saw my fellow 2009 Bishop McNamara High School classmate, Molly Ehrich, post a status on Facebook stating that she was going to hike the Appalachian Trail. Mind you, this isn't some excursion you attempt to do on a Sunday afternoon. The trail is over 2,000 miles long. So when I read Molly's Facebook status, I commented on it saying, "When you finish, come onto Kankakee Podcast and tell me about it!" Molly replied, "I probably won't remember much." When she got back to...


Episode 7: The Inception of Kankakee County

High-angle view of downtown Kankakee, taken from the City National Bank building (at Court & Schuyler). View is to southeast, toward Kankakee County Courthouse. Probably taken between 1912 and 1920. Photo provided by the Kankakee County Museum. I’m excited to celebrate “Kankakee Day” for the very first time! I don’t believe I’ve ever celebrated this important day in our county’s history before. It might just be the first time for you as well. It was on this very same day in 1853 that...


Episode 6: Lupe Carroll

When I first started developing the idea of Kankakee Podcast in the fall of 2020, I knew I wanted Lupe Carroll to write the theme song. There was no doubt in my mind that Lupe had the voice and songwriting style I was looking for. So on this episode, we break down how Lupe created the Kankakee Podcast theme song and also dive into his days from being on NBC’s The Voice. Thank you Lupe for creating such an amazing song for the podcast and being a good friend! Much Love, Jake LaMore The...


Episode 5: Mike Tomano

I was one year into my broadcasting career when I first met Mike Tomano in 2015. I hosted the midday show on River Country 101.7 FM and Mike was hired to do the morning show. At that point, Mike had been out of radio for a year or so and wanted to give it one last go around. I’m thankful he did. Otherwise, we may not have met. I remembered him from his days at The Kat 105.5 FM hosting mornings with Steve Touhy. I was excited to meet someone like him who was well known in the Kankakee Valley...


Episode 4: The Story of Col. James H. Kasler

Colonel James H. Kasler. Photo from the United States Air Force. Today, as we honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country, we also learn about the story of the late Colonel James H. Kasler. While the Colonel didn’t pass away during his time in service, he still has an incredible story I think we all need to hear. I had the honor of being at Kasler’s former home in rural Momence, IL a few weeks ago. Seth Burkey, who now own’s the estate, invited me over...


Episode 3: Kent Wade

Kent Wade, Public Speaker. I first met Kent Wade when I was doing a video shoot in December of 2020. Eric Peterson had asked both of us to be in a “Dad Joke Battle” video to support Toys For Tots. It turned out we had something in common other than being fathers. We both spoke to people for a living. Kent being a public speaker and I a broadcaster. After the video shoot was over, he gave me his business card and we became Facebook friends. It was then that I learned about his mantra, “Shake...


Episode 2: Kankakee County Museum

The Kankakee County Museum Campus is beautiful. Especially in the spring when the trees are blooming or in the fall when the leaves are changing colors. It’s a hot spot for taking for photos. We’ve all done it, right? I know we once shot photos there for when my son turned 18 months old. How many of us have actually taken the time to go into the museum though? Not many if you ask me. I know I’m guilty of that. I didn’t step inside the doors of the Kankakee County Museum until March of...


Episode 1: Eric Peterson of Project Headspace & Timing

Eric Peterson of veteran nonprofit organization, Project Headspace & Timing. When I started developing Kankakee Podcast in the fall of 2020, I couldn’t decide where to start. Who should be on the first episode? Who should be the first guest? There were so many great places and people to start with. I knew that I wanted Eric Peterson to be a guest at some point. I just wasn’t sure when. Then, one Saturday afternoon a few months ago, Eric volunteered to help move some big desks into the...


Kankakee Podcast Premieres May 10th

“It’s easy to see your hometown in black and white. However, if you open your eyes and take a second look, you’ll see that it’s full of life and hope.” Kankakee Podcast premieres Monday, May 10th at kankakeepodcast.com or wherever you get your podcasts. Hosted by, Jake LaMore. Logo by, Brandi Price. Theme song by, Lupe Carroll. Promo video shot and edited by, Becky Skoglund. The post Kankakee Podcast Premieres May 10th appeared first on Kankakee Podcast.