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A podcast about the people and places of Kankakee County, IL. Hosted by, Jake LaMore.


Kankakee, IL


A podcast about the people and places of Kankakee County, IL. Hosted by, Jake LaMore.





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Manteno Tornado Confirmed, Boy Drowns in River - Kankakee Podcast News - Friday, July 19th, 2024

In this week's episode, we cover the tragic drowning of a young boy in the Kankakee River and the community's response, including a petition for a local river patrol. We also report on the recent Derecho storm that caused significant damage in Kankakee County and a delayed court decision in the Gotion case. Additionally, we discuss Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School's proposed tax increase for expansion, pay raises for Kankakee School District administrators, and the appointment of Elizabeth Kubal as the first City Manager of Kankakee. We also highlight local events, including the grand opening of The Venu Lounge and the West Ave Block Party. Tune in for these stories and more, brought to you by the Alkebulan History Center, King Music, and Meineke Car Care. Send us a Text Message. Support the Show.


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KVTA's Hello Girls: Women Who Changed Military Communications

In this bonus episode of the Kankakee Podcast, host Jake LaMore sits down with Sharla Ranchetto to discuss the Kankakee Valley Theater Association's upcoming musical, "The Hello Girls." Set against the backdrop of World War I, this production sheds light on the unsung female telephone operators who played a crucial role in military communications yet were denied veteran status for decades. Sharla provides a deep dive into the show's narrative, which commemorates the 110th anniversary of the start of World War I by spotlighting these remarkable women. From historical authenticity to the complex, multi-genre musical score, no stone is left unturned in bringing this story to life on stage. The dialogue draws from real diaries and letters, making this not just a performance but a historical exploration. Our conversation also touches on the dedication and talent of the cast, the challenges of the intricate harmonies, and the unique reconfiguration of the black box theater to include a live nine-piece orchestra. Sharla highlights key cast members, including Sarah Sheehan as Grace Banker, and shares the immense community effort that has gone into this production. How did these "Hello Girls" navigate the front lines and military bureaucracy while breaking gender norms? What sacrifices were made, and why is their story so powerful today? Tune in to find out! Catch "The Hello Girls" from July 26 to July 28, 2024, and be sure to visit kvta.org for tickets and more information. This is one show you don't want to miss—especially if you love history, compelling stories, and live theater. Stay tuned as we delve into the making of this extraordinary production and celebrate the incredible women who paved the way for future generations. Send us a Text Message. Support the Show.


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#159: Stories from July’s “Yarn Factory Listeners”: Authenticity, Adventure, and Unpredictable Love

In this heartwarming and adventurous episode of the Kankakee Podcast, host Jake LaMore opens the floor to a cast of storytellers at the event known as Yarn Factory Listeners, recorded live at Flanagan's Irish Pub. Join Jake and a group of spirited locals recounting their personal tales, each filled with humor, honesty, and unexpected twists. First, Taylor Leddin McMaster paints a vivid portrait of her brother Danny, whose unfiltered authenticity and inspiring outlook on life have left a profound impact on her. Taylor's admiration for Danny’s honesty and her own journey towards embracing authenticity create a touching narrative that’s hard to miss. The laughter continues as Brian Prairie hilariously reminisces about his journey to the winter ball with a coworker who would later become his wife. From a memorable proposal gone awry to an engagement celebration at Wendy's, Brian highlights the unpredictable and cherished moments in long-term relationships. Bill Yohnka delves into the excitement surrounding an upcoming yarn factory event, thanking all contributors while encouraging community participation. He keeps the feel-good vibes rolling by inviting future storytellers to step up and share their unique experiences. Angelina Gear takes us on an exhilarating ride through her adventurous life by the Kankakee River, all the way to Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and back. Her stories of working with conservation corps, whitewater rafting, and reconnecting with her roots in Kankakee are both thrilling and nostalgic, as she emphasizes the importance of nature and community. Darnell Davis Jr., known as Keep it Smooth, captivates the audience with a tale of a perilous jet ski adventure on Lake Michigan. Despite warnings, Darnell's determination to race led him into the fog—a literal and metaphorical journey followed by an unexpected rescue and profound personal revelations. Ray Winn rounds off the evening with his nighttime alarm incident, blending suspense with humor as he unravels the mystery behind the break-in scare. Join us for an evening brimming with heartfelt expressions, humorous mishaps, and reflections on life and community. Make sure to stick around for our next in-person recording event, and partake in the laughs and stories that make Kankakee feel like home. Send us a Text Message. Support the Show.


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Aqua Boil Order, Major Drug Bust, ONU Breaks Record - Kankakee Podcast News - Friday, July 12th, 2024

Join host Jake LaMore as he brings you the latest headlines from Kankakee County. This week’s top stories include a tragic crash on I-80 claiming the life of a Momence woman, a fatal accident in Limestone Township, a gunshot victim leading police to an arrest in Kankakee, and a significant drug bust resulting in multiple charges. We also cover the lifting of a boil water advisory, developments in the Rittmanic case, and updates on local community projects and events. Stay informed with the latest news and upcoming events in the Kankakee area. This episode is brought to you by the Alkebulan History Center, Meineke Car Care, and King Music. Send us a Text Message. Support the Show.


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#158: Kankakee Arts ColLAB: Inspiring Community with All-Ages Music Spaces

Join Jake LaMore, along with guests James and Mary, as they dive into an enlightening conversation with guest James about the vibrant and ever-evolving local music scene in Kankakee. From attending shows in banana costumes to reminiscing about '90s bands, this episode is a nostalgic journey through sound and community. Mary shares a heartwarming story of attending a concert of her favorite '90s band with her son, emphasizing the importance of nurturing children's interest in music. The discussion highlights ways listeners can get involved with the Kankakee Arts CoLAB, touching on volunteering opportunities, utilizing meeting spaces, and becoming members. Mary and James reveal their multifaceted approach to funding the arts space, including strategic financial plans, fundraisers, memberships, and grants. They share their vision for offering accessible $5 cover shows and alternative opportunities for those who can't afford tickets, such as volunteering. Throughout the episode, there's a strong focus on creating a sense of community and connection that spans generations. The persistent challenge of establishing consistent all-ages music spaces in Kankakee County and nationwide comes to the forefront, underscoring the importance of nurturing young musicians and community mentorship. As the conversation hits humorous notes, the hosts and guests delve into the world of "brain rot" internet content, with Jake opening up about how his seven-year-old son is fascinated by viral videos. Nostalgia makes another appearance with a chat about the "annoying orange" phenomenon, adding a light-hearted twist to the episode. Mary, a full-time teacher who initiated the arts space during summer, discusses the motivations and challenges of the venture. Located in a downtown space chosen for its affordability and collaboration opportunities, the Kankakee Arts CoLAB aims to connect diverse community members and provide valuable services outside the conventional reliance on alcohol or gambling sales. The episode rounds out with a look at short-term and long-term goals for the Arts ColLAB, including event planning, inspections, and community partnerships. James and Mary express their hopes of fostering an intergenerational artist mentorship program and holding family art events during the local farmers market. Jake wraps up the episode reminiscing about local bands and expressing interest in a big reunion show. With closing remarks and acknowledgments of sponsors and support, this episode celebrates the unity and creativity of Kankakee's artistic community. Curious about the Kankakee Arts CoLAB? Want to know how you can be part of this vibrant musical journey? Tune in to find out! Send us a Text Message. Support the Show.


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Hear Mayor Chris Curtis's Re-Election Campaign Kick-Off in Full - Kankakee Podcast News Extra

This Kankakee Podcast News Extra is brought to you by Kankakee Edward Jones Financial Advisor, Adam Elroy. In This Episode: Kankakee Mayor Chris Curtis announced his intentions to run for a second term on Tuesday, July 2nd. Curtis held his re-election campaign kickoff in the evening around 7pm at the corner of East Court Street and Saint Joseph Avenue in Kankakee. A diverse crowd of 75 to 100 people attended, with several prominent community leaders present. You’re about to hear the event in its entirety. The microphone Mayor Curtis and other speakers were using that night kept cutting in and out. That was something we could not control. Other than that, the speeches are mostly intact. The primary election for the office of Kankakee Mayor will be February 25th, 2025 with the general election taking place April 1st, 2025. Currently, it is not known whether or not any other candidates have stepped forward to challenge Mayor Curtis in his re-election campaign. Send us a Text Message. Support the Show.


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Kankakee River Monster - Kankakee Podcast News - Friday, July 5th, 2024

In this episode of Kankakee Podcast News, Jake LaMore brings you the latest updates from the Kankakee area for Friday, July 5th, 2024. Highlights include the safe resolution of a police standoff involving a suicidal individual, developments in the high-profile Sullivan trial, and the creation of a new City Manager position in Kankakee. We also cover the introduction of garage sale permits in Bourbonnais, the approval of a long-awaited apartment complex in Manteno, and major construction projects under Gov. Pritzker’s Rebuild Illinois program. Additionally, hear about the Kankakee River Fishing Derby, a rare Longnose Garfish catch, and Kankakee Mayor Chris Curtis's plans to run for a second term. Tune in for all this and more, brought to you by the Alkebulan History Center, King Music, and Meineke Car Care. Send us a Text Message. Support the Show.


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#157: From Blueprints to Reality: Civil Engineering with Neil Piggush

In this episode of the Kankakee Podcast, host Jake LaMore sits down with Neil Piggush, the owner and president of Piggush Engineering, Inc., to delve into the world of civil engineering and its impact on the Kankakee community. Neil shares his journey from an aspiring engineer to a successful business owner, highlighting the challenges and rewards of his profession. Throughout the conversation, Neil discusses notable projects like the East Riverwalk development, which has enhanced the community's connection to the Kankakee River. He also addresses the complexities of working with municipalities, the importance of balancing technical expertise with political and financial realities, and his vision for Kankakee's future growth. Beyond his professional life, Neil opens up about the vital support from his wife Courtney and their three children, Grayson, Avery, and Brooks, who inspire him daily. Join us for an insightful episode filled with expert perspectives on engineering, community development, and the power of local involvement. Whether you're interested in civil engineering or looking to understand how community projects come to life, this episode is sure to provide valuable insights. Send us a Text Message. Support the Show.


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Third Graders Struggling with Reading Proficiency - Kankakee Podcast News - Friday, June 28th, 2024

Welcome back to Kankakee Podcast News, where we bring you the latest updates and stories shaping our community. Hosted by Jake LaMore, this week’s episode is packed with everything you need to know about what’s happening in and around Kankakee. Highlights from This Episode: - Education Concerns: A recent report reveals third grade students in some Kankakee County Schools are failing to meet reading proficiency standards. Learn about the community's response and ongoing efforts to address this critical issue. - Local News Highlights: Stay informed with critical updates on significant local stories. We discuss the incident of a man drowning in the Kankakee River and explore how the community is responding to this unfortunate event. - Fireworks Displays: Don't miss the breathtaking fireworks displays lighting up Kankakee County! Check out details on where to catch these spectacular shows, including Kankakee Community College, Aroma Park, and Manteno Sportsmen’s Club. - Community Events: Our weekly entertainment report brought to you by King Music on Broadway in Bradley. Use promo code "kankakeepod" at check out for 10% off your order. Special Announcement: We're excited to announce that civil engineer Neil Piggush of Piggush Engineering will be joining us on the podcast this Monday! Tune in for an exclusive interview where Neil will share insights into local infrastructure and development projects. Thanks To Our Sponsors: This episode is proudly sponsored by the Alkebulan History Center, Meineke Car Care, and King Music. How to Listen: Tune in to Kankakee Podcast News on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast platform. Subscribe today and stay connected with the pulse of Kankakee. Thank you for joining us on this journey through our community's stories. We look forward to keeping you informed and engaged with all that’s happening in Kankakee County. Have news to share? Email jake@yourpathfinder.io Send us a Text Message. Support the Show.


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#156: Stories from June’s “Yarn Factory Listeners”: Empowering Tales of Strength and Resilience

In this enriching episode of the Kankakee Podcast, host Jake LaMore delves into the personal and profound narratives of five remarkable storytellers at the Yarn Factory Listeners' event, recorded live at Flanagan's Irish Pub in downtown Kankakee. From transformative advice received in unexpected places to life-altering decisions made under pressure, these stories offer a window into the diverse and resilient spirit of the Kankakee community. Edwin Yohnka shares an unforgettable encounter with literary icon Maya Angelou that set him on a path to deeply meaningful work. Jahana Holloway recounts her struggle with seeking validation and the revelation that spurred her to empower others, especially her daughters. Angela Shea opens up about facing professional humiliation and finding solace in nature's simple moments, while Jeremy Van Kley narrates his adventurous journey teaching English in Uzbekistan under wildly different circumstances than he had imagined. Finally, Connie Lemon's memorable meeting with the legendary Ernie Banks provides heartwarming insights into the impact of her work as a hospice nurse. Each story is a testament to the power of overcoming personal challenges and the enduring strength found within community and purpose. The episode also features host Jake LaMore and Bill Yohnka, who skillfully guide listeners through these profound experiences, reminding us all of the importance of sharing untold stories. Join us for this heartfelt journey of resilience, courage, and inspiration. Tune in to hear how these extraordinary individuals turned adversity into empowerment and found purpose through their pain! Don't miss out on future storytelling events—sign up and share your own story next time. And as always, we thank our listeners for their unwavering support and invite you to reflect on your own untold stories as you enjoy this episode of the Kankakee Podcast. ---- May's Yarn Factory Listener's | April's Yarn Factory Listener's ---- Send us a Text Message. Support the Show.


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New Tattoo Fest, Bourbonnais Garage Sale License - Kankakee Podcast News - Friday, June 21st, 2024

Welcome to another episode of Kankakee Podcast News with Jake LaMore! This week, we cover the latest headlines from around the county, including a tragic shooting in Pembroke Township and a dramatic SUV crash in Kankakee. Kankakee Mayor Chris Curtis and Police Chief Christopher Kidwell address the recent spike in gun violence, while the Village of Bourbonnais discusses a new garage sale license ordinance. Plus, we bring you the exciting announcement of Kankakee’s first-ever tattoo convention, Ink’d Expression Arts Fest, coming this Fall. Tune in for these stories and more, brought to you by the Alkebulan History Center, Meineke Car Care, and King Music. Send us a Text Message. Support the Show.


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#155: The French Heritage: Kankakee's Connection to France, Canada, and Belgium

In this episode of the Kankakee Podcast, host Jake LaMore delves into the rich tapestry of our local history with Jory Walters and Jack Clacy from the Kankakee County Museum. They explore the fascinating story of the French Heritage Museum, reflecting on its grand opening just twelve years ago and the impressive efforts that have kept it a community gem despite widespread unfamiliarity. From the significant bequest by Arsène de Noir in 1995 to the renovation of the historic stone barn originally built for Lemuel Milk's prized Morgan horses, the trio covers a lot of ground. Lemuel Milk's influential presence in the area, managing thousands of acres and traveling widely, sets the stage for the museum's deeper historical context. They also discuss the ongoing challenges, including the stolen air-conditioning equipment, the necessity of fundraising for day-to-day expenses, and the ideas—both hopeful and daunting—for making the museum's second-floor meeting room accessible. As part of the broader French Heritage Corridor, the museum boasts an array of artifacts and displays that narrate the history of French-Canadian settlers and other French-speaking emigrants. Touching stories about families like the Blanchetts and items belonging to the Devasser family connect the past with the present. Listeners are encouraged to visit the museum, engage with local history, and follow the Kankakee County Historical Society online for upcoming events, from garden walks to Bastille Day celebrations. How did they turn an old stable into a vibrant museum? What does the future hold for this historical treasure? Tune in to find out! Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review us on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and follow our social media for the latest updates. Let's keep Kankakee's heritage alive and thriving! ---- Send us a Text Message. Support the Show.


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Fighting Cancer, Leadership Changes, Deadly Shooting - Kankakee Podcast News - Friday, June 14th, 2024

Join Jake LaMore on this week's episode of Kankakee Podcast News, brought to you by the Alkebulan History Center, Meineke Car Care, and King Music. We cover the top stories from Kankakee, including an investigation into a fatal shooting, the surprising discovery in a local storage unit, and a shocking semi-truck crash in Momence. Plus, get the latest updates on community events, including the exciting Juneteenth Week celebrations. Tune in to stay informed and connected with your community. Don't miss it! Send us a Text Message. Support the Show.


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#154: Celebrating Kankakee's Music Talent with ES:Dubble

In this episode of the Kankakee Podcast, Jake LaMore and Es:Dubble delve into the vibrant music scene of Kankakee, starting with a deep dive into the recent album by local artist Zach Tier. The album features the standout track "The Outlier," blending Sci-Fi vibes with rap roots, showcasing the dynamic creativity emerging from Kankakee. They also celebrate the music of Holden, an R&B artist under Reality Check Entertainment, who performs with a bassist and singer, and discuss their exciting collaboration—covering Blackstreet's iconic "No Diggity." The conversation then branches out to their ongoing efforts to spotlight local talent, highlighting AG Star and other local producers and rappers participating in an upcoming showcase on June 22. Es:Dubble reveals his early experiences with handheld gaming devices, sharing nostalgic stories about the original Game Boy and Super Nintendo, before transitioning into his journey in music, from freestyling on the Battle app to creating his latest album, "Kaleidoscope." Listeners will hear about the influence of mentors like Nick Huffman on Es:Dubble's raw and boundary-pushing style, described as "weirdcore," and the intricate process of blending various musical genres. A standout discussion point is the song "Bipolar," with inspirations drawn from bands like Gorillaz, Oliver Tree, and Twenty One Pilots. Adding a personal touch, Es:Dubble shares the true story behind his song "nostalgia," offering insights into how he channels deep emotional experiences into his music. The episode wraps up with an invitation to support Es:Dubble's artistry through his music on Spotify, merch, and an upcoming show on June 22 at Paradox Emporium. How do these local artists continue to innovate and captivate audiences? What drives their passion and creativity? You'll have to tune in to find out! As we gear up for the June 22 showcase, we'd like to remind everyone to come out, support local talent, and enjoy the unique flavor of Kankakee's music scene. Let’s make it an unforgettable night! Send us a Text Message. Support the Show.


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Governor Pritzker Visits Bourbonnais - Kankakee Podcast News - Friday, June 7th, 2024

Join Jake LaMore for the latest updates in Kankakee on this week's episode of Kankakee Podcast News. Brought to you by the Alkebulan History Center, Meineke Care Care, and King Music, we cover top stories including a significant court sentencing and a dramatic police chase in Bourbonnais. Discover why a local teacher was fired, hear about the closure of two beloved businesses, and catch up on Governor JB Pritzker's visit to Bourbonnais. Plus, stay informed about exciting upcoming events like the inaugural Bradley 315 Music Fest and the expanded Strawberry Jazz Festival. Don’t miss out—tune in for all this and more! Make sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts so you never miss an episode. Send us a Text Message. Support the Show.


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#153: Celebrating Self-Expression and Diversity with Miss Champagne X

In this episode of the Kankakee Podcast, guest host Matt Heading-Hess sits down with the fabulous Miss Champagne X to explore her journey as a genderfluid drag performer and the broader impact of drag on identity and community. Sharing the mic during Pride month, Miss Champagne X opens up about the transformative power of drag, from overcoming initial fears of makeup and wigs to fully embracing her tumultuous yet uplifting path of self-acceptance. Miss Champagne X passionately speaks out against the rising conservative political movements targeting the LGBTQ community and sheds light on the importance of educating the public about drag. With poignant reflections, she emphasizes the role of drag queen story hours in promoting diversity and self-expression among children, countering the misconception that drag is solely adult entertainment. In a heartfelt discussion, Miss Champagne X fondly recalls her family’s gradual acceptance, her father’s moving support, and the 80s-inspired drag persona birthed from her mother’s fashion influence. The conversation delves into the buzzing local drag scene in Kankakee, spotlighting supportive venues like Electric Lady Lounge and the revitalized Heroes. Miss Champagne X shares her excitement for upcoming pride events, including an immersive state park performance and a disco-themed pride party, where new queens will debut and seasoned performers will dazzle. How has drag reshaped Miss Champagne X's life and the Kankakee community? What unmissable pride events await this year? You'll just have to tune in! As the Pride season heats up, Miss Champagne X and the hosts remind us all to celebrate identity and inclusivity, encouraging everyone to be unapologetically themselves. Let’s foster a weekend of unity, acceptance, and fierce self-expression! Send us a Text Message. Support the Show.


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Pembroke Incident and Bradley's Tax Shift - Kankakee Podcast News - Friday, May 31st, 2024

Join Jake LaMore on Kankakee Podcast News for this week's essential local updates! We cover a major incident in Pembroke Township, new developments in Bradley and Manteno, and exciting business news in Bourbonnais. Celebrate a local chamber's milestone and hear about upcoming events you won't want to miss. Plus, learn about a beloved community member's retirement and get the scoop on a must-see local theater production. Tune in for all this and more—your source for what's happening in Kankakee County! Send us a Text Message. Support the Show.


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USS Kankakee: Veteran Stories and Naval History at Kankakee Museum

In this special episode of the Kankakee Podcast, host Jake delves into the fascinating history of the USS Kankakee with guest Jack Klacey (Kankakee County Museum). Together, they explore the remarkable journey of this fleet oiler, from its vital role in World War II to its involvement in significant historical events post-war. Jack takes us through the USS Kankakee's commendation as the most efficient tanker, its active service in various war operations, and its enduring impact on naval history. Join us as we uncover the mysteries surrounding the origin of the name "Kankakee" for naval ships and dive into the captivating tales of the USCGS Kankakee vessels. Discover the intriguing exhibits at the Kankakee County Museum, including artifacts from the USS Kankakee and other galleries celebrating military history, sculptures, sports, and the rich Story of Kankakee. From a one-room schoolhouse to a historic mansion, the museum offers a unique journey through time. As the episode closes, we discuss a captivating picture of the USS Kankakee, revealing a surprising twist that led to a memorable April Fool's event in 1955. Stay tuned as we unravel the fascinating stories behind this historic ship and the impact it had on the community. Don't miss out on exploring the rich history of the USS Kankakee and the Kankakee County Museum. Visit their website and follow them on social media for updates on upcoming events and exhibits. Join us on this engrossing historical voyage through the legacy of the USS Kankakee and its significance in naval history. ---- Send us a Text Message. Support the Show.


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Kankakee Radio Legend Passes Away - Kankakee Podcast News - Friday, May 24th, 2024

Join Jake LaMore for this week’s episode of Kankakee Podcast News, brought to you by the Alkebulan History Center in Kankakee and Meineke Car Care in Bourbonnais. In this episode, we cover the top headlines from Kankakee County: - Tragic accidents claim multiple lives. - A local director resigns to start a new business venture. - Exciting developments with new community facilities and projects. - Heartfelt tributes to a beloved local radio legend. Plus, find out about upcoming local events and new business openings that are creating a buzz in the community. Stay informed and engaged with what’s happening in your area. Subscribe now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts! Next Episode Preview: Don’t miss Monday’s special Memorial Day episode with Jack Klasey from the Kankakee County Museum, discussing the USS Kankakee. Have a great weekend! Send us a Text Message. Support the Show.


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#151: Stories from May's "Yarn Factory Listeners": Courage, Struggles, and Identity

In this episode of the Kankakee Podcast, host Jake LaMore guides us through a night brimming with poignant, raw, and deeply personal tales as we dive into the Yarn Factory Listeners event held on May 14, 2024, at Flanagan's Irish Pub. We have a diverse lineup of local storytellers, each sharing a unique piece of their life, colored with the triumphs, tribulations, and lessons learned. Join us as Bill Yohnka recalls his journey through music and redemption, starting with his fifth-grade fascination with the trumpet, leading to a life-altering quest of accountability and character formation. Moran Beasley reflects on Shakespeare’s musings about the significance of names through his tumultuous experiences with identity and acceptance, which struck a chord with us all. Frances McKern unravels the unease of a seemingly harmless car ride gone wrong, transforming her perspective on safety forever. Julia McDonald adds a light-hearted narrative fueled by her love for the local farmer's market, while Alicia Kleinert plunges into the art of drawing the feminine form, dispelling stereotypes in a homage to her father’s legacy. The episode doesn’t shy away from the weight of grief and loss as Lakeisha Rivers shares the unconventional grieving process of digging her grandparents' graves, capturing an experience both intimate and uniquely defining. Topping off the evening of stories, Miss Keys brings us into the whimsical world of dreams that beckoned her into storytelling. Expect to grasp the essence of Kankakee through the words of its residents, each story a testament to resilience and community spirit. Whether it’s tales of overcoming adversity, finding identity, or simply recounting personal adventures, this episode promises a compelling mosaic of the human experience. As we look forward to the next Yarn Factory Listeners event on June 11th, 2024, at Flanagan's Irish Pub, remember to mark your calendars. The event is free, welcoming, and offers an atmosphere of uplifting positivity. Special thanks to our sponsors, Patreon supporters like Stephanie Vanderweide, and our producer, Pathfinder. Join us, subscribe, follow Kankakee Podcast on social media, and immerse yourself in real-life stories that bring us closer to our roots and to each other. Send us a Text Message. Support the Show.