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Legally Clueless is a weekly podcast by Adelle Onyango Here, she documents her raw human journey as an evolving unapologetically African woman. There's a brilliant feature on the podcast called #100AfricanStories where Africans share stories from their live; stories that teach, make us cry, make us laugh.

Legally Clueless is a weekly podcast by Adelle Onyango Here, she documents her raw human journey as an evolving unapologetically African woman. There's a brilliant feature on the podcast called #100AfricanStories where Africans share stories from their live; stories that teach, make us cry, make us laugh.
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Legally Clueless is a weekly podcast by Adelle Onyango Here, she documents her raw human journey as an evolving unapologetically African woman. There's a brilliant feature on the podcast called #100AfricanStories where Africans share stories from their live; stories that teach, make us cry, make us laugh.






Ep27 - Kicked Out In Eldoret

In this episode we talk about challenges and failures! I've always found that I never look at my failures as failures. Because of how I was brought up I automatically see them as either a lesson or I automatically try again. Not to say that they don't make me feel some type of way when they happen - but what I end up labeling them isn't failure in the traditional sense. on #100AfricanStories Nelly shares her story of leaving the village for Eldoret...then the states and finally coming back...


Ep26 - Last Convo With My Father

This week's episode focuses on grief - how it's changed us. On #100AfricanStories Sheila shares the trauma her and her dad endured while he was alive and the unfortunate way she found out he had died. Remember the whatsapp hotline: +254 768 628 790 and we're on Instagram here:


Ep25 - Exploring Accra & A $500 Massage

I fell in love with Accra! I was there for four days and did the most! From a street festival, almost getting conned by a hotel, made amazing friends....listen to my experiences. On #100AfricanStories my friend from South Africa had a very interesting short convo while on a night out in Accra!


Ep24 - Tall, Dark & Handsome

One more week to PursePective and I'm freaking out. This week I share my constant fear around new projects! Do you go through this fear too? I hate it! On #100AfricanStories Thiru/Kim shares his battle with Depression & Anxiety for 15years and his recent move to chase his dreams of becoming Africa's best actor! Join the insta tribe here:


Ep23 - PTSD & New Habits

Spent my week planning for the next PursePective shoot which YOU are invited for - as promised in the episode here's the link: Also I found another app! It helps with forming good habits 1 week in and I'm starting my days drinking water, exercising and having a good breakfast! So of course I had to share it with you! On #100AfricanStories we have part 2 of Edgar's story! I'm just glad he's actively working on his mental health and has found...


Ep22 - Childhood Trauma

Are you aware of how any child trauma you have has affected you? The story on #100AfricanStories this week hit a bit too close to home for me! You'll get it once you listen to the episode. As I said in the episode, you can share your experience with childhood trauma via whatsapp audio note here: +254768628790


Ep21 - Overthinking, Pregnancy & Finding Your Voice

I'm overthinking, again! It's really messing up my sleep patterns but I'm actively working on it - I share how in this week's episode! Also, on #100AfricanStories, Scheaffer from Kenya speaks on starting protests in high school and finding her voice! Connect with me on IG here: Or on whatsapp +254768628790


Ep20 - International Day Of Friendship

This week on the 30th of July the world will celebrate International Day Of Friendship! So I decided for this episode to disrupt our normal routine and bring in my best friend of 15years, Val. We talk secrets, toxic friendships and have a little trivia at the end! Oh and I got your shoutouts to your friends, those are in this episode too! #100AfricanStories returns next week! Love to you, and your friends :)


Ep19 - Dealing With No! And Road Manager's Tales

I go a "No" last week from an organization that initially wanted to work with me and it got me feeling some type of way! On #100AfricanStories, Anchie from Kenya shares her experiences as a female road manager for one of East Africa's top musicians. Also next week's episode is celebrating friendships as it'll be Int. Day Of Friendship! So send me a whatsapp audio note telling me about you and your best-friend and what you love about your friendship and I'll celebrate y'all in next week's...


Legally Clueless Ep18 - Anxiety & Getting Fired

I use 2 apps to help with my anxiety. My anxiety flared up on Friday so that reminded me to share! On #100AfricanStories Jayson from Kenya shares his humourous story on losing love & a job! Join our Insta tribe here:


Legally Clueless Ep17 - Loving A Fraudster

We're 6 months into 2019 and in this episode I do a brief audit of my 6 months and share a few lessons I learnt! On #100AfricanStories Abigail from Kenya shares her story of once dating a fraudster! Join the podcast IG page here:


Legally Clueless Ep16 - The Machakos Dream

What are your dreams? What are you doing to make them a reality? I keep asking myself those two questions especially now that I'm actively on that path and I have a few lessons I've learnt about chasing your dreams! On #100AfricanStories this week, Alex, a sports journalist in Kenya shares his story of chasing his dream! Remember to follow this podcast on IG here:


Legally Clueless Ep15 - Two Men And A Cat

This week I'm thankful for clarity and no confusion! Everything feels right - even standing on the same stage with the president! #100AfricanStories this week features Chim; a Kenyan and Nigerian his story brings forth a very important topic on African men and the support systems they lack. Remember to follow our official IG page:


Legally Clueless Ep14 - Jumping In Front Of Knives

One week of self - employment has been....interesting In this episode catch up with this major life change and I have some EXCITING news! On #100AfricanStories Chiki Kuruka reppin Nigeria shares the number of times she's jumped in front of a KNIFE! Which is interesting because I just watched a BBC story on African teenagers being sent back home to Africa because they're targets of knife crimes! Do join our instagram community here:


Legally Clueless Ep13 - I Finally Did It

I made a decision that took me FOUR years to make! Here's to new beginnings! Find out what I cluelessly did in this episode! Also, this week on #100AfricanStories, Max shares her experience of being unemployed Let's just say that relatives need to be better support systems sometimes when we're unemployed! She has some great tips on moving from a job! Enjoy the episode and follow the podcast on IG here:


Legally Clueless Ep 11 - Keeping It 100

I realized that I love telling stories And getting people to tell their stories! Stories that teach, that inspire That make us cry or laugh! So hopefully I can get 100 African Stories In the episodes to come! Story 1 is Nancy's battles as a Young African Woman in a workspace. Enjoy!


Legally Clueless Ep10 - Will Stress Make Me A Guy?

We're on double digits!!! Episode TEN! This is one of my faves because it's a little laid back Starts with a girls' night out Ends with me registering for a new class And trying to bring an idea to life!


Legally Clueless Ep 9 - We Therapy, Do You?

My best friend Val makes a comeback to the podcast! We both attribute our healing to going to therapy and we tell you all our good, bad, beautiful therapy stories in this episode. Val is also hosting one of our fave therapists on her blog so if you have questions she should ask the therapist send them in via: - Our podcast hotline +254768628790 - DM @misslwile on instagram


Legally Clueless Ep 8 - Grief Triggers

There are many things that trigger my grief. Funerals though, are top of that list - 3 funerals later I've finally figured out exactly why. If you'd like to share your thoughts on this episode - do send through a whatsapp voice/audio note to: +254768628790


Legally Clueless Ep 7 - Of Quitting Jobs & Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts

Last week I was in Ethiopia for the very first time. I was invited by the African Union for the 2nd Pan African Youth Forum. There were many African youth present to witness the launch of the 1mby2021 initiative. Of course I wanted to meet the team behind it all, as it was run by a group of young Africans! Their leader being Kholekile Mnisi! His story just blew me away - from never knowing who his dad was, loosing his mum when he was 10, quitting a high paying job to revolutionizing the...