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This podcast highlights issues related to social care. We find out the funny, shocking, heartwarming and inspiring stories about care and hear from ministers, care professionals, celebrities and people giving and receiving care.

This podcast highlights issues related to social care. We find out the funny, shocking, heartwarming and inspiring stories about care and hear from ministers, care professionals, celebrities and people giving and receiving care.


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This podcast highlights issues related to social care. We find out the funny, shocking, heartwarming and inspiring stories about care and hear from ministers, care professionals, celebrities and people giving and receiving care.




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Ep. 28 Comedian Pope Lonergan talks about his new book 'I'll Die After Bingo' and his life as a care home worker

Host Jill Rennie talks to comedian and author Pope Lonergan about his new book where he shares his raw and honest account of his time working as a care worker, his thoughts on care workers’ wages and retention, the need for society and the government to appreciate care workers and value the work they do, and his care home tour where he performs alongside the residents.


Ep. 27 Dr Jane Townson, CEO of the Homecare Association talks about infection control fund, overseas recruitment and cost of living crisis

Host Jill Rennie talks to Dr Jane Townson about care workers being denied sick pay because the government has scrapped the infection control fund exacerbating workforce shortages, the problems providers are currently having when they try to recruit overseas care workers and how future technology used through the power of television could be a way to maintain people’s health at home.


Ep.26 Long Covid left us bedbound for a year says Antony Loveless and Claire Hooper

Antony Loveless and former nurse Claire Hooper say long Covid left them bedbound throughout 2021.


Ep. 25 Amanda Woodvine, CEO of Vegetarian for Life talks about respecting beliefs of vegetarians and vegans in care homes

Host Sue Learner talks to Amanda Woodvine about the importance of respecting the beliefs of older vegetarians and vegans living in care homes, many of whom have dementia and will have forgotten they don't eat meat


Ep.24 Vic Rayner, CEO of the National Care Forum talks about care staff shortages, the need for pay increase and mandatory vaccine

Host Jill Rennie talks to Vic Rayner, CEO of the National Care Forum (NCF) about how social care is viewed in the eyes of the government since the pandemic, how the government should have handled the mandatory vaccine policy and how technology will play an integral role in the future of social care.


Ep.23 Camille Leavold, Abbots Care director talks about mandatory vaccines and the recruitment crisis

Host Sue Learner talks to Camille Leavold, managing director of Abbots Care, a home care provider in the south east of England, about how they have been coping during the pandemic, what she thinks of mandatory vaccination for home care workers and her solution for the recruitment crisis.


Ep.22 Is football a killer? Dr Willie Stewart says headers aren't worth high dementia risk

Traumatic brain injury expert Dr Willie Stewart says footballs should be sold with a health warning and the global rules of game must change as his study reveals professional footballers have a 5 times higher risk of getting Alzheimer's than the public because of headers.


Ep. 21 Stephen Chandler, president of care charity ADASS talks about fixing social care and appearing on Panorama

Host Jill Rennie talks to Stephen Chandler, president of ADASS, about adult social care, his appearance on BBC One's Panorama, the government's response to the pandemic and how care work is still undervalued and misunderstood.


Ep.20 ‘I had panic attacks’ says care manager revealing mental health battle after 9 residents died

Care home manager Dawn Bunter describes how her mental health was impacted after nine residents died of Covid .


Ep.19 Jess Crawford aged 29 reveals what it was like finding she has inherited the gene for frontotemporal dementia

Host Jill Rennie talks to Jess Crawford who has found at the age of 29 she has the gene for frontotemporal dementia, why she chose to take the test, her decision to start making care plans including choosing a care home and how she is helping others by writing a blog.


Ep.18 Care minister Helen Whately defends her response to Covid deaths in care homes

Host Angeline Albert talks to Care minister Helen Whately about government response to deaths in care homes, care home visits etc


Ep.17 Arlene Phillips, Strictly Come Dancing legend talks about her career, ageism and her work with Alzheimer's Society

Host Jill Rennie talks to Arlene Phillips about her dancing career and the inspirational people she has met such as Freddie Mercury, Ridley Scott and Andrew Lloyd Webber. She also talks about her time on Strictly Come Dancing and her departure from the series, being an ambassador for the Alzheimer's Society as well as lockdown and how it has affected people living with dementia and tips for keeping healthy at any age.


Ep.16 Grace Meadows, Music for Dementia director on her passion to make music an integral part of dementia care

Host Jill Rennie talks to Grace Meadows, programme director of Music for Dementia, a charity boosting awareness of the benefits of music and its power to connect and stimulate people with dementia and reduce anxiety. They discuss the charity’s campaign for music to be seen as integral to the care of people with dementia and how care homes can still safely hold singing sessions despite Covid restrictions.


Ep.15 Martin Jones, CEO of Home Instead Senior Care talks about caring for his father and his vision for home care

Host Sue Learner talks to Martin Jones, chief executive of Home Instead Senior Care about how caring for his father has shaped the way he leads the UK's biggest home care provider. He reveals how Home Instead Senior Care has been coping during the pandemic and his vision for home care.


Ep. 14 Care home manager who caught COVID-19 says care homes face free PPE restrictions

Host Angeline Albert talks to care home manager Mark Topps , who caught COVID-19 and says care homes are struggling to get enough free PPE each day because of restrictions placed on them by the government.


Ep.13 Karolina Gerlich, head of Care Workers Charity talks about her battle to improve pay and status of care workers

Hosts Jill Rennie and Sue Learner talk to Karolina Gerlich, executive director of the Care Workers Charity (CWC) about her phenomenal achievement in fundraising two million pounds for care workers during the pandemic and the new points-based immigration system that will prevent foreign care workers coming to the UK to work. She also gives the government a CQC-style rating on how they performed during the COVID-19 crisis when care homes and home care were very much on the front line and talks...


Ep.12 Transgender care director talks LGBT+ rights & inclusive care

Host Angeline Albert asks why should care homes and home care agencies champion LGBT+ rights? Ramses Underhill-Smith, the MD of the UK's first LGBT+ home care firm, shares his personal insight into why it matters. Alice Wallace, director of charity Opening Doors London says every care setting should get Pride In Care accreditation.


Ep.11 Care worker facing deportation fears his life's at risk

Host Angeline Albert speaks to care worker Anugwom Goodluck who battled to protect care home residents from COVID-19 but now faces deportation to Nigeria. He talks about fleeing from terrorists and why he fears his life is at risk.


Ep 10. Care home lockdown laughs include perfume-scented love letters to penpals

Host Angeline Albert asks what is life like for a care home in lockdown? Care worker Jack Johnson, 91-year-old resident Doreen Empson & Danielle Bullent manager at Laurel Lodge care home talk about making residents laugh out loud in lockdown, taking on different jobs including hair-modelling and new activities like a care home penpal scheme which gave nonagenarian Doreen a new admirer.


Ep 9. Care home owner Anita Astle talks about loss of 13 residents from COVID-19 and how ‘love’ from people kept her going

Host Angeline Albert talks to Anita Astle, the managing director of Wren Hall Nursing Home in Nottingham, where 13 residents died of Covid-19. She also fell ill with Covid-19. The care home owner talks candidly about government failures including PPE shortages, no testing for residents who died at her care home and "poor and conflicting" guidance. She says it was the community that gave her the help and "morale boost" that kept her and her staff going.