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Miss District Of Columbia International 2019 Antonia Okafor - Women's Empowerment & Speaking Up In The Face of Opposition

To Learn More About Antonia Go To Her Website HERE In This Episode, You Will Learn: Where her desire to speak up and empower other women comes from (3:00) What drew here to pageant world (4:15) What her pageant experience has honestly been like thus far (5:30) Her thoughts on the swimsuit portion of competition (12:00) How to develop a surefire confidence in the face of opposition to your beliefs (19:00) Why she describes herself as a “feminist: and what that means to her...


Miss Georgia USA 2017 Deanna Johnson - Competing On The Voice And Facing Body Image Scrutiny At Miss USA

Follow Deanna on Instagram @deannajohnson23 In This Episode, You Will Learn: Her experience of winning 4 different state championships in high school sports (1:50) How she came to audition for The Voice (3:05) What motivated her to audition for the show a second time after being cut the first time around (4:30) Why she chose Adam Levine as her coach (6:30) What Adam taught her about a singing career (7:45) What the reality was like behind the scenes on The Voice (12:20) What was...


Miss Hawaii USA 2016 Chelsea Hardin - Finishing Runner-Up At Miss USA And Having A Full Time Modeling Career

Follow Chelsea on Instagram @chelsea_hardin In This Episode, You Will Learn: What she was thinking when she got the infamous TOP 5 Question Trump or Hillary? (3:00) Where she came up with the idea for her now popular dress she wore for Miss USA (7:00) What drew her to compete in pageants after Volleyball (9:26) What she found challenging about competing at Miss USA (10:45) How her modeling career has evolved (13:30) What it’s like to now split time between Hawaii, LA and Oregon...


BONUS EPISODE - 7 Immediate Action Steps to Starting your Post-Pageant Career Plan

On Today's Friday Bonus Episode I talk about how to start your post-pageant career plan NOW and the 7 steps you need to take Immediately.


Miss Wisconsin USA 2009 Alex Wehrley - Hosting Miss USA And Being a Content Creator In Today's Work Environment

To learn more about Alex and her Empowerista Business, go here In This Episode, You Will Learn: How she manages Dual-Residency in both Los Angeles and Wisconsin (2:44) What is was like to search for a job in Wisconsin after being on National TV (5:20) What the year after she gave up her crown was like (8:05) How she approached her career aspirations after pageants were over (10:30) How she got the call to host Miss USA 2015 after the Trump/NBC controversy (13:40) How to handle...


Miss Louisiana USA 2015 Candice Bennatt - Surviving Domestic Violence And Becoming A Lawyer

To Learn More About Candice's Law Practice, visit Her Website In This Episode, You Will Learn: Competing at Miss America Vs Competing at Miss USA ((3:15) What kind of changes she would like to currently see at the national level of Miss USA (5:00) Thoughts on Miss America pulling the swimsuit competition (8:00) What it was like to be a big sis to a Miss Teen USA in Katherine Haik (12:05) How she became an NFL cheerleader for the Houston Texans (14:05) Where the negative stereotype...


Miss United States 2014 Elizabeth Safrit - Getting Runner Up at Miss World And Her Career in Public Relations

You can follow Elizabeth on Instagram @elizabethsafrit In This Episode, You Will Learn: What life is life since giving up her Ms. United States Crown (2:24) The difference between Ms. United States Vs. America or USA (4:00) What it was like to speak at Oxford (7:47) Working with the Beauty With a Purpose Organization (11:45) Taking on the responsibility of running America’s Miss World Pageant (15:05) Her thoughts on the Miss America Swimsuit decision (17:45) Her thoughts on TV...


Miss Wisconsin USA 2017 Skylar Witte - Life As A Blogger, Model, Public Speaker & Actress

To Learn More About Skylar and read her fantastic blog visit her website. You can also follow her on Instagram @skylar_witte In this episode you’ll learn: Her current work with Future Productions (2:00) How she dealt with the PPB (Post Pageant Blues) 5:00 The moment she realized pageant life was over (8:00) Advice on taking advantage of the opportunities you have as a titleholder (10:30) An empowering excerpt from one of her most read blog posts (14:00) What inspires her to write...


Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez - Navigating Life After Miss USA, Social Media & Traveling The World

Follow Nia on Social Media Instagram & Twitter - @realniasanchez In this episode you'll learn: How life has evolved since giving up this Miss USA Crown (3:00) How her wedding dress became a national fashion trend (4:00) What she learned from pageants (5:00) Why authenticity always wins in pageants (6:00) Why she moved from California to Nevada to compete for a state title (11:15) Dealing with the controversy surrounding that decision (14:00) She answers some questions from current...


4-Time Miss Figure Olympia Nicole Wilkins - The Mindset Of A World Champion and 18-Time Fitness Cover Model

To Learn More About Nicole, head to her website In this Episode you'll learn: How she got started in the world of fitness (2:30) Who some of her inspirations early on were (6:00) Coming back from 2 physical injuries to become a world champion (7:00) How she embraced her more muscular look early in her career (9:15) Transitioning from a state level competition mindset to the national level (14:00) Her daily disciplines and how she perfected the art of posing on-stage (16:30) How to...


Miss Teen USA 2015 Katherine Haik - Winning Miss Teen USA and Going Back to High School After Her Reign

Follow Katherine on Instagram @katherine_haik In This Episode, You Will Learn: Her hopes going into the state competition in Louisiana (2:00) Winning Miss Teen USA at 15 years old (4:00) How she signed a modeling contract after competing (5:30) The difference between local photo shoots and national or international photo shoots (6:50) Swimsuit vs. Activewear, which one she liked better (9:45) What is was like to go back to high school following her reign (11:15) Trying to be a normal...


Miss South Dakota USA 2011 Chandra Burnham-Larson - Winning After Being a 2-Time Runner-Up and Pursuing a Career as a Chiropractor

To lern more about Chandra go here In This Episode, You Will Learn: Graduating magna cum laude from 2 universities (1:45) Finishing runner up twice at the state level and then finally winning (2:40) How she developed her post-pageant plan while she was still competing (5:30) Competing with the stereotype of being from one of the “Dakota’s” (8:55) How she got into the field of Chiropractic (12:15) Advice to those thinking about getting into the Chiropractic field (16:45) Plus much...


5-MIN BONUS EPISODE - The Release Of Megan Gordon's New Book - The Ultimate Crown - Living For The Audience Of One

To Get The Ultimate Crown Book GO HERE OR Grab It On Amazon HERE


Miss South Carolina USA 2017 Megan Gordon - Sharing Your Faith On a Public Stage and Pursuing a Career in Nursing

To learn more about Megan head to her website or just follow her on Instagram @_megangordon In This Episode You'll Learn: Answering a Top 5 Question at Miss USA (3:15) Dreams Vs. Reality After Not Winning Miss USA (6:50) What she would have done during her reign had she known what she knows now(9:25) Why You Need to prepare For Life After Pageants during your pageant days (11:30) Modeling After pageants (17:54) Sharing Your Faith in the Public Eye (24:10) How she got into the field...


The Queen of Sports Fashion Angela King - How She Built A Fashion Design Empire for the Professional Cheerleading and Dance Industry

To Learn More About Angela and Her Company Go to In this Episode you'll learn: How Her Cheerleading Career Began (2:30) How she came to with the idea to start a fashion design company for uniforms (3:30) All about her fashion design background (4:30) How she began to revolutionize the cheerleading and dance uniform market (5:15) How she became the go to designer for virtually ALL of the major sports leagues (6:06) How she works with individual teams to design...


Miss America 2004 Ericka Dunlap - Thoughts On The Swimsuit Competition and How To Make a Difference In The World

To Learn More About Ericka got to her website To Get The Life After The Crown Starter Guide Go To In this Episode you'll learn: What it was like to win Miss America in 2004 (3:00) What it’s like to make the media rounds as a national titleholder (5:30) Her thoughts on MAO’s decision to remove the swimsuit competition (8:00) What she thought of the swimsuit category when she competed (9:00) Her thoughts on the #metoo movement and how it...


Miss Georgia USA 2006 Lesa Wilson - How To Work As A Full Time Host, Model And Actress

To Grab the Life After the Crown Starter Guide go to To Learn more about Lesa Wilson, go to To join the Life After the Crown Pageant Networking Group on LinkedIn simply go here In This Episode You'll Learn: Moving on after Finishing Top 5 at Miss USA (3:13) What You Should Know Before Pageant Life is Over (8:58) What it Was Like to Compete as a Semi-Finalist on American Idol (11:34) How to Use the Platform You’ve Been Given (13:26) When...


Miss Universe 1980 Shawn Weatherly Harris - Winning Miss Universe and Being Part of the First Cast of Baywatch

To grab the Life After the Crown Starter Guide, go to In this Episode you'll learn: What it was like to win Miss Universe in 1980 (3:30) The difference between Miss Universe back then and today (10:05) The biggest takeaway she learned from her year as Miss Universe (15:38) Spending time with President Ronald Regan (20:00) How and why she pursued acting over nursing(21:00) Recalling her Hollywood Experience (26:10) How she landed a spot on the first cast...


Miss New York 2006 Kandice Pelletier - Becoming A Radio City Rockette And Starting A Swimwear Company

To Learn More About Kandice and Her Swimwear Company go to To grab the Life After the Crown Starter Guide, go to In this Episode you'll learn: What motivated her to get into Pageants (2:35) How she handled being runner up in pageants more than once (4:25) How she became a Radio City Rockette (6:10) Advice to anyone who wants to become a Rockette (9:32) Why Kandice became immortalized as the Madame Tussauds Rockette Wax Figure...


Miss Missouri USA 2006 Kristi Capel - How to Succeed in Broadcast News After Pageants

In This Episode, You Will Learn: How she though pageants would help in broadcasting (2:21) Perceptions of what winning a crown means (5:00) How being a “pageant girl” on your resume can help in an interview (5:50) The challenges of being a former pageant girl in the professional work environment (9:20) How to deal with naysayers and “haters” in media (10:50) How pageants helped me in real life (14:45) Why you should always be open to opportunities outside of what you planned on...