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014 Stephanie Stanfield - Change a Word, Change Your Life

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, check out this conversation with Dr. Stephanie Stanfield of . Dr. Steph talks about her journey from being chronically ill to obtaining her PhD in energy therapies and Doctor of Theology in spiritual counseling. She offers up some ideas you can integrate into daily life, some great stories and few laughs. Post Production - Avery Russell Sponsors: Texas Media TV -...


012 Andy Imhoff - Pardon My Fork

LTGL 012 Andy Imhoff Andy is host of Boost, Booze and BBQ and Pardon My Fork podcasts. Andy parted out a race car and had some money that needed an outlet. He had raced and even has trophies from doing that. He got tired of waiting for someone to contact him for an interview on a podcast and started his own. He did lots of research and found that “precious few items” would provide professional quality. He started in February of 2016. His most popular episodes were about food and it has grown...


011 Fabianna Marie - Self Empowering Choices

This conversation circles around selfies, social media, breast cancer, essential oils, the impact of the choices we make and much more. Today’s Trivia: How many selfies are posted each day? Fabianna Marie of was diagnosed at the age of 27 with Breast Cancer. She's endured over 150 rounds of Chemotherapy, radiation, and a deteriorating kidney. She fights every day and has chosen to share her journey with the world through blogging and social media in hopes of inspiring...


010 Al Kessel - Creating a Dream Career

Al Kessel is a full-time narrator and voice actor who works out of his professional home recording studio in sunny Arizona. He began several successful podcasts in 2010 and is a prolific audiobook narrator and has lent his voice numerous other projects, including apps and video games. He's not all work though... let's learn more about Al Kessel. He likes to focus on the “good” stuff. Audio books weren’t where he wanted his career to go. But he loves books and always finds something...


009 Funding the Good Life

In this episode, Kimberly talks about her Money Fountain philosophy and ways to create a consistent, residual inflow of money to allow you to live a life of freedom and choices, whether you keep your full-time j.o.b. or not. Ever had to miss work because you or a loved one were struck with injury or illness? Thinking about how you are going to be able to afford retirement? Want to create a life you don't need a vacation from? This episode is for the dreamers, achievers and those who...


008 Creating a Charmed Life with Victoria Moran

Our guest today has been, what she calls, a Main Street Vegan® for 35 years. She is the bestselling author of thirteen books, including The Love-Powered Diet, The Good Karma Diet, the Main Street Vegan, The Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook, coauthored with JL Fields and Creating a Charmed Life (in 30 languages around the world). She is also an inspirational speaker, corporate spokesperson, certified holistic health counselor (HHC, AADP), and host of the Main Street Vegan radio...


007-On Weight Loss & Mindset- Adam Bricker & Avery Russell

Guests Adam Bricker, The Fitness Philosopher and Avery Russell join Kimberly to discuss weight loss, health, fitness and mindset. Kimberly also shares thoughts on self-deprecation and body shaming. Resources: Adam Bricker - Avery Russell - Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon, Phd.


006- Paul Wagner on Finding Your Purpose to Live Authentically

Paul Wagner believes that finding your purpose is more important than finding your passion. In fact, he says relying on your passion is bogus (he uses another word, for the record.) Living and working on the crunchy side in Boulder, CO, Paul is a self-described geeky tech guy who also has a tremendously spiritual side. His Personality project, including an app, tarot cards and book, are being updated with artificial intelligence components and two new books. Additionally, he's teaching and...


005 Work Your Passions with Michael O'Neal of

After a time of significant transition, Michael O'Neal tapped into his passions to create a life and career he loves. Host of several shows, including the wildly acclaimed Solopreneur Hour, Michael offers up down-to-earth conversation with highly successful, entertaining personalities. In this interview, we talk about how he became an audiofile, his long-standing love of Porsche's and how he sort of fell into Solopreneur Hour. He's been featured in INC Magazine as a Top 100 podcast, and...


004 - Meeting Phillip O'Riley

Host Kimberly Henrie went out in search of dna information and found a long-lost relative that's been right before her eyes all this time. While pursuing his dreams in film and television, Phillip O'Riley has worked on well over 100 projects as an on-camera background actor in high profile movies and tv shows. After securing a degree in film, O'Riley has also worked behind the scenes in production, directing and assisting on a variety of projects, including a film for the 48 Hour Film...


003- Uplevel Your Life by Upleveling Your Closet

"I only have everything in my closet that I love to wear" - Kristin Kelly, Styled and Inspired Do you ever look at your closet in the morning and think "I have nothing to wear?" Haven't we all? Kristin says she hears it from clients every day. In this episode Kristin will teach us to track our personal style and embark on a closet cleanse. The result will be a closet full of clothes you love and feel confident in, empowering you to take on the day! **Men - if you could use a little more...


002 - Buddy the Elf and Other Voices

In celebration of National Answer Your Phone Like Buddy the Elf Day, ADR voice talent Jon Bailey ( talks about his craft and shares how he creates vocal impersonations including Arnold Schwarzenegger , Chris Pratt, Owen Wilson, Jeff Bridges, Winnie-the-Pooh, Sam Elliott and of course, Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf. Also, find out how being competitive with his mom as a child launched him onto this creative path. I love the statement Jon makes about finding a hole vs waiting...


001- Inaugural with Elizabeth Henrie

A new podcast experience exploring all the juiciness of living the good life. From champagne & caviar to digging your toes in the sand and the joy of children's giggles. Join Kimberly and company and learn how to turn the little moments into experiences of a lifetime! In this inaugural episode of Living the Good Life, veteran broadcaster Kimberly Henrie introduces the concept of the show with the tag lines: See good. Do good. Live good. Collaborator Elizabeth Henrie joins in this...