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Weird and uncanny stories from a strange radio that emits signals from an alternate-universe New York City.

Weird and uncanny stories from a strange radio that emits signals from an alternate-universe New York City.
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Weird and uncanny stories from a strange radio that emits signals from an alternate-universe New York City.




Eastwood Fergusan (Part 2) - Vampires and Vamposers - Transmission 6

“For every vampire, there’s a dozen vamposers.” In the second installment of the Eastwood Fergusan saga, the professor takes on a new protégé. Meanwhile, Count Calverius, his greatest foe, struggles to adapt to the modern world. Yet their shared contempt for the rock star vampire Stefan DeLarge has forged an unlikely alliance between the ancient monster and his hunter. Lost Signal Society Presents EASTWOOD FERGUSAN (PART 2): VAMPIRES AND VAMPOSERS Players Dr. Eastwood Fergusan –...


Dreams of my Sister - Signal Fragment 6

Lost Signal Society Presents Dreams of My Sister Did you know Christmas used to be a time for Ghost Stories? Charles Dicken's Christmas Carol is a surviving example. This story from the magic radio is about eh powerful bond between sisters. -Dec 3rd- * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Players Signal Fragment 6 Caller - Amelia Kidd Rattenkönig - David Thomas Tao Written by Christa Pagliei Produced by Michael Dondero & Christa Pagliei Theme Song by...


Max Taro & The Nature of Being Haunted (Part 1) - Transmission 5

When siblings Vincent and Pamela inherit a home that seems possessed they call in an expert. The only question is if Max Taro's cures aren't worse than the curse they seem to be under... Lost Signal Society Presents MAX TARO AND THE NATURE OF BEING HAUNTED (Part1) Players Max Taro - Patricia Lawrence Vincent Harte - David Thomas Tao Pamela Harte - Amelia Kidd Train Ticket Collector/Wulfhail the Anglosaxon Warrior from the Otherworld - Christa Pagliei Mayor Bob Bauman - Michael...


The Beaver of Fairy Hole - Signal Fragment 5

Lost Signal Society Presents The Beaver of Fairy Hole High Strangeness abounds in this new signal fragment from everyone's favorite bizarre radio. This time an animal ghost makes an appearance during a family camping trip. -November 19- * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Players Signal Fragment 5 Caller - Christa Pagliei Rattenkönig - David Thomas Tao Written by Christa Pagliei Produced by Michael Dondero & Christa Pagliei Theme Song by Ryan...


Zoran And Rattenkönig - Transmission 4

There is an invisible world all around us, one of occult mystery that most people tend to ignore. But when you find other seekers, the friendship itself can seem like a miracle. This week’s episode is about the magic of the mundane. Lost Signal Society Presents Zoran And Rattenkönig Players Zoran Belovik- Ryan Snanoudj Rattenkonig/Eisenstein/John Warren/Al - David Thomas Tao Galena Belovik - Patricia Lawrence Jefrey Warren- John Martorelli Emilia Warren- Christa Pagliei Mr.Paulson...


White Light - Signal Fragment 4

Lost Signal Society Presents White Light Another strange midnight transmission from the mysterious radio we found in the Pine Barrens. This Signal Fragment tells the story of a young mother who finds that remarkable strength resides deep within her. -November 5- * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Players Signal Fragment 4 Caller - Patricia Lawrence Rattenkönig - David Thomas Tao Written by Christa Pagliei Produced by Michael Dondero & Christa...


Oh Hell No - Special Halloween Signal Fragment 3 -

Lost Signal Society Presents Oh Hell No A special Halloween Bonus, Rattenkönig's back and just in time for Samhain. I keep thinking I hear his voice in places in our world, the other day I was sure that he was behind me in the line for groceries. But I was wrong. The transmission wasn't very strong on this one, apologies for the static in places. This caller's grandmother was a practitioner of the Old Religion, who would help those in the neighborhood with their troubles. That is...


I Fell in Love with the Brain That Wouldn't Die! - Transmission 3

Jan has lost her body in a car wreck. While her mad scientist boyfriend searches for the perfect new body, he leaves her in the care of his nebbish lab assistant, Kurt, never imagining that the two would be heading towards love—or something just as dangerous. A reimagining of the classic drive-in film The Brain That Wouldn’t Die. Content Warning: This episode contains mature themes and a scene of violence. It is not recommended for children under 13. Parental discretion is...


White Noise - Signal Fragment 2

Lost Signal Society Presents White Noise We found it again. The call-in show hosted by the man who calls himself the Rattenkönig. The caller claims he once accidentally slipped between worlds. I wonder if the same will happen to us if we keep playing with this radio we found... Anyway, we're calling these small pieces that we're able to coax from the old tubes “signal fragments.” We'll post more as we find them. - oct...


Eastwood Fergusan (Part 1) - No World For Guys Like Us - Transmission 2

Vampire rock stars? Not if Dr. Eastwood Fergusan has anything to say about it. In this week’s episode, a washed-up monster hunter can’t seem to keep up in a world enamored of the Undead. To make matters worse, his greatest nemesis is back from beyond the grave. Lost Signal Society Presents EASTWOOD FERGUSAN (PART 1): NO WORLD FOR GUYS LIKE US Players Dr. Eastwood Fergusan – Michael Alexander Count Calverius – Ryan Snanoudj Emilia/Mary Ann – Christa Pagliei Edgar Hamlin/Doc...


The Gnome - Signal Fragment 1

Lost Signal Society Presents The Gnome This is a “signal fragment” a short piece that came through the radio one night without warning, but then we lost it to static. It seems to be part of a call-in show. We’re scanning the airwaves to try to find it again, but no luck so far. - oct 7- * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Players Signal Fragment 1 Caller - Lucie Weight Rattenkönig - David Thomas Tao Written by Christa Pagliei Produced by Michael...


Do You Know The Mushroom Man? -Transmission 1

The simple story of a sentient alien hivemind fungus who falls in love with a graduate student and wants to assimilate her whole planet. You know, a classic love story. Lost Signal Society Presents DO YOU KNOW THE MUSHROOM MAN? Players Susie Flowers - Lucie Weight Dr.Nader Rahman/Eisenstein - David Thomas Tao Dr. Danny Kraines - Sean Kelley Doorman/Librarian/Dr.Rovet - Kevin Moogan Fungi - ??? Dr. Vetter - Christa Pagliei Man on the Radio - Michael Dondero Written by...


There's a signal from another world...

Last year we found a radio. A beautiful old piece with rounded wooden curves and buttons like chocolates. At first it didn't work, but I got into the back of it and reconnected some of the rusted wires. When I ran electricity through it the first time, I half expected an explosion of tubes and a trip to the emergency room. But instead the old dial lit up and some big band music erupted out through the speakers. At first we thought we were listening to the regular radio- of course we did,...