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An experimental and exploratory broadcasting space that is intentional in highlighting the underrepresented multicultural population of emerging entrepreneurs or young professionals who are creating content and organizations. A close focus on community organizers, journalists, social urban educators, freelance artists, and other innovative influences in urban cities who share similar values of educating the public and addressing interpersonal and social change. A fresh perspective on our current economic society through curated storytelling. Support this podcast:


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An experimental and exploratory broadcasting space that is intentional in highlighting the underrepresented multicultural population of emerging entrepreneurs or young professionals who are creating content and organizations. A close focus on community organizers, journalists, social urban educators, freelance artists, and other innovative influences in urban cities who share similar values of educating the public and addressing interpersonal and social change. A fresh perspective on our current economic society through curated storytelling. Support this podcast:




Arts and Culture: Womxn in Production x The Arts in Urban Spaces

Paloma Valenzuela is a Dominican-American writer, Director and actress originally from the city of Boston. She is the Creative Director of the production company La Gringa Loca Productions, LLC. She is the writer/producer/creator of the comedic web series "The Pineapple Diaries". In 2017 the show was featured in Latina Magazine's "5 Web Series Every Latinx Needs to Watch Right Now". Her work has participated as Official Selection at film festivals such as the New Orleans Film Festival and...


Arts and Culture: Systemic Censorship x Spirituality and Culture

Our current guest Diamond L. Delancy is a queer, black womxn dedicated to utilizing her Master's degree in Forensic Psychology to understand further the role of mental health and human behavior in the United States' criminal justice and legal systems. Her career experiences and expertise in event planning, public relations, and social justice organizing has shaped her to succeed as Brazen's Chief of Organizational and Cultural Strategy by providing her with the avenues to comfortably and...


Intro to Arts and Culture - Melting pots x Diversity and Inclusiveness in Urban Cities

The real beginning of Mahogany Honey the Podcast started w/ My friend Jenny and I experimenting w/ audio back in July of 2018. I had an ingenious idea at the time to speak on all the different things we were experiencing at the time. I was a year into my grad degree in urban education and could not figure out how I creatively wanted to channel all my experiences and knowledge so I started to record conversations as an outlet. This was the first episode ever produced and broadcasted by your...


Economic Racial Equity: International WOC Start - Ups w/ HeyGirlDreamer

All the way from Birmingham, United Kingdom, Co-Founders of HeyGirlDreamer Amna and Kiran join in conversation with your host as they discuss how and what led them to start a nonprofit for WOC that supports personal and professional development of young women of color. Here we discuss cross culture, changing paths to reach a purpose, breaking cultural traditions, and the different stages of entrepreneurship from start up to now scale up stage. Guest Resource...


Economic Racial Equity: Trials and Triumph of Leadership in Non Profits and Entrepreneurship w/ Breaunna

Breaunna Dorelus is the Founder and Chief Cause Consultant at Connecting the Cause, a consultancy dedicated to helping volunteers and those that lead them identify and uproot harmful volunteer practices specifically towards Black and Brown communities. She is an advocate for voices of color to be heard, recognized and valued in the service and volunteerism sector and believes in keeping community centered in all aspects of the volunteer process. Breauna's work is built on the principal that...


Economic Racial Equity: Millennial Entrepreneurship While Balancing a 9-5 w/ Yareliz

Social Activist and Founder of Brazen Collective, Yareliz Mendez-Zamora is a daughter of revolutions. Born and raised in Miami, Yareliz grew up listening to her family’s immigration stories and constantly draws inspiration from them. Her family comes from La Tierra de Lagos y Volcanes– Nicaragua. She recently graduated from the University of Miami with her Master's in Education and Community and Social Change. She earned her Bachelor's from the University of Florida with a BA in English and...


Economic Racial Equity: Marginalized Men on a Ph. D Journey w/ Gerson

Social Activist, and Creative Owner of WokeWednesdays, Gerson Sanchez joins me in conversation as we discuss his journey in completing his Doctorate Program and how he became Founder/Host of WokeWednesdays. WokeWednesdays is a media movement dedicated to addressing social justice issues. Throughout the conversation we discuss personal academic struggles, how he finds support, uprooting and addressing toxic masculinity, and how he alchemized his education and personal experiences in creative...


Economic Racial Equity: Branding, Marketing, and Social Influencing w/ Ricely

Meet Ricely, a Afrolatina, Jesus loving, and marketing videographer who is the current creative owner of The Glo Media. Tune in as she joins me in conversation on how she found her purpose and our take on branding, marketing, and social influencing. Ricely values helping others tell their story in today’s digital era. She believes your brand is more than just a product or service, your story is what sets you apart & her goal is to help you tell it. ⁣ Episode Description: Tune in as we...


Economic Racial Equity: Purging Bitterness, Making Lemonade w/ Mo

Social Activist, Creative Owner of Solidarity&Co. and Host of The Mix of BGM - Podcast Mo Pirela, joins me in conversation in unpacking gatekeeping in corporate America, managing intersectionality of a black womxn, and the realities of what it is like to “step out in faith” when there are no seats available at the table. Dialogue Themes: The reputation behind the word bitterness, Gender Equity and Inclusion, Queerness in Corporate Communities, Intersectionality in Feminism, and The Danger...


Wellness and Relationships: Newly Married Millennials

Join us in conversation while we go on this rollercoaster ride of the tried and true as newlyweds during 2020's pandemic. Michaelle Syleus, a current Licensed Mental Health Clinician in practice and her spouse Ricardo Alexander do life together through the peaks and valley. As big-hearted Disciples of Christ, they hope to make a difference in lives of others through their personal journey. In this episode we learn what it was like to get married during a pandemic. Throughout the...


Wellness and Relationships: Navigating Romantic Relationships x Courtship during a Pandemic

Join us in conversation with Jasmin Stewart as we discuss what it is like to navigate a relationship during a pandemic, keeping the romance alive, unpacking difficult conversations, and managing expectations when it comes to finances and so much more. Resident nomad and an International Education Professional for nearly a decade. Jasmin has lived and worked all over the country and oversees. For her latest move, she has relocated from Silicon Valley (San Francisco, California) to Silicon...


Wellness and Relationships: Mother Wounds and Healing Femininity w/ Lizbel

Dominican Writer and Home Based Baker, Lizbel Ortiz was born and raised in East New York after her parents migrated to the U.S. in the late 80’s from the Dominican Republic. She recently released her first book “Let’s Talk About It.” Most of her teenage years and early adult years into researching and dissecting Dominican and Caribbean culture. Plus the effects racism, sexism and classism have had on us and our elders. It is without a doubt that her goal is educate the Latinx community how...


Intro to Relationships - Emotional Archeology

This episode was originally recorded in December of 2019. I decided to dust off this episode to give my listeners a better idea into my own inward journey. I believe this was the best way I could document my saturn return and shadow work. Those who have decide to look at their generational transgressions, self sabotage, aged wounds, and forego spiritual transformation will know it is a journey that forever leaves an imprint. A blank slate means watching your life take a drastic shift and is...


Wellness and Relationships: Cafe con Pan w/ Karina Silvestre

Karina is a creative health-wellness advocate that works for one of the top tech-companies as a health coach. She dedicates her time towards promoting growth within the WOC (Women of Color) community by teaching them how to stay motivated in their wellness journey. She has been recognized as a leading Latinx influencer that breaks through cultural barriers. Tune in as we explore cultural comfort foods, the root causes behind emotional over eating and how it all circle backs to operating in...


Wellness and Relationships: Mindset Coaching w/ Shawnee Palmer

Tune in as we discuss Shawnee’s self-evolution as a licensed social worker to a mindset coach and author. Throughout the conversation we hope to give the readers and listeners tools on how to overcome mental and emotional barriers to find holistic wellness. After working in healthcare for many years, Shawnee developed a desire to become more active in helping people overcome the challenges in their lives. Shawnee is an author who released her book, “Shifting Your Mindset: A Guide to...


S1:Intro to Wellness - Stand in your Lane: Redefine Advocacy & Authentic Walk

Join your Host in a solo session as she ventures through the sea of her own self-exploration. Hear her views on social change, ethics, validation, courage, accountability, and duty to act once discernment and knowledge are aligned. Grab your journals and self-reflect if we are acting consciously or robotically in relation to our service and hold space for your intuition. This episode was originally recorded and launched in December of 2019 when I decided to ask myself a series of...


Take a Seat Series: Mental Health X Millenial Burnout

Clinical Social Worker Tahis Zuniga joins me in a conversation on the current public health environment during the pandemic. The discussion walks you through a day in the life working in spaces dedicated to mental health such as a psychiatric unit, handling ethical challenges and social barriers such as millennial burnout stigmas of being a young professional seeking professional resources for self within the mental health field --- Send in a voice message:...


Take a Seat Series: Higher Education x Staff and Student Affairs

Student Service Director Jasmin Stewart joins me in a conversation on our current college climate during a pandemic. We navigate the challenges students and staff are confronting. The discussion covers topics on managing international students, diversity, performative allyship concerns, turnover, and the need for more awareness of educational policy changes starting with our current secretary of education. --- Send in a voice message:...


Take a Seat Series: Foster Care and Race

Foster Care Specialist Karem Rodriguez joins me in a conversation on the current cross-cultural gaps inner cities face between BIPOC (Blacks, Indigenous, People of Color) in foster care and the ongoing disparities within juvenile justice that continue to affect youth and social workers in urban cities (Miami, FL). --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: