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Manga Mavericks EP 80: The State of Shonen Jump 2019

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, Lum & Colton gather their friends together for another big Shonen Jump discussion, this time on Shueisha's Manga Plus app and website and the many new simulpubs it has to offer!! Listen as Maxy Barnard (Friendship Effort Victory) gushes about Kaito's latest series, Blue Flag, or Patrick "TheComicFiend" (Super Senpai Podcast) talk about survival thrillers like Arata Primal and Soloist in a Cage, or Vlord as he rejoices in new favorites like Teenage...


Manga Mavericks EP. 79: "Shaman King"

Do you believe in destiny? Then let there be light, because we’re reviving a podcast recorded in the past! Last year we recorded a retrospective of Hiroyuki Takei’s soulful battle manga Shaman King with Maxy Barnard to celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary. Computer problems have delayed the release of this episode for a little over half a year, but now we’re finally able to share it with you in all its glory! We discuss the themes and philosophy that makes Shaman King a timeless classic,...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #34: "The Best Movies of 2018!"

Last week we discussed what the Academy thought were the best movies of 2018, so now it’s our turn! Both Lum and VLord count down their top ten favorite films of 2018, highlighting twenty films overall! Do either of us have any of this year’s Best Picture nominees on our lists? Is Lum’s list mostly animated films again or did some live-action stuff sneak in there? When Broly? Listen and learn as the Mavericks celebrate the best movies made last year! Enjoy the show, and follow us on twitter...


Manga Mavericks EP. 78: My Love Story!!

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, Lum & Colton are joined by Ashley McDonnell, host of the Shojo & Tell shojo manga podcast, to discuss My Love Story!! from Kazune Kawahara & Aruko, about a macho but lovable and reliable teenager named Gouda Takeo, who's always used to the girls he likes confessing to his best friend Sunakawa, until one day he finally finds a girlfriend of his own and his springtime of youth officially begins!! Join the mavericks as they discuss their shojo manga to be...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #33: "Oscars 2019 Predictions!!"

Today’s the day where Hollywood’s elites gather to celebrate the films that make them feel the most superior while begrudgingly throwing a bone to the films your average joe actually likes to appease ABC’s need to have eyeballs on screen to sell commercial space at higher prices! That’s right, it’s the Oscars! The 91st Academy Awards has been riddled with ridiculous and hilarious mishaps all year long, from the aborted popular film category to replacing controversial hosts to trying to cut...


Manga Mavericks EP. 77: Princess Jellyfish

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, Lum & Colton are joined by Morgana Santilli, former general manager & manga buyer of the Comicopia comic book shop in Boston, to talk about Akiko Higashimura's Princess Jellyfish! A Josei manga series about a group of otaku women known as the Amars, who would rather stay in and indulge in their hobbies then go out and face the world, that is until they are faced with creating their own clothing line in order to save their dormitory! And thats just the tip...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #32: Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission

Manga Mavericks @ Movies has finally left the year of 2017 and returned triumphantly in 2019 to discuss all the latest theatrical anime screenings! Finally, at long last, we’re releasing newly recorded podcasts about newly released movies! Well, as new as a movie that came out five years ago is, at any rate. That’s right, Manga Mavericks @ Movies is starting off 2019 by discussing Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission, recently released into North American theaters by Viz Media and CineLife...


Manga Mavericks EP 76: Survey Results 2019!

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, Lum & Colton (along with Vlord for some reason) finally sit down to go over the results of the annual Manga Mavericks podcast survey!! This year is special not just because of the amount of people who have filled out the survey compared to last year, but also because you, the listener, had a chance to cast votes for what series and topics we would cover on the show this year! Your feedback and voices will be heard! Enjoy! PODCAST BREAKDOWN: 0:00:00 - Intro...


Manga Mavericks EP. 75: Booty Bat

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, someone reached out to us to talk about the Art of Naoki Urasawa Exhibit in Los Angeles (even before we put up the previous episode!!), and that person was Aidan, otherwise known as @CoyboyBeboy on Twitter! With Urasawa being his favorite manga artist of all time, there was no way he'd miss out on this opportunity, as he joins Colton & Lum on the show to talk about the exhibit and all the cool pieces of art and expensive merchandise they had to offer, as...


Manga Mavericks EP 74: Go Broly, Go Go!

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, we could have gone with just another news episode, but we couldn't just ignore the biggest anime movie at the box office right now! Thats right, after we catch up on some news from the past two weeks, we sit down to talk about Dragon Ball Super: Broly! A new movie from the Dragon Ball franchise that is breaking all kinds of new ground: from surpassing Resurrection F's lifetime gross in one night, to new kinds of animation techniques and fight choreography...


Manga Mavericks EP. 73: Best Of Manga 2019

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, with the start of the new year comes our annual Best Of Manga episode! We take a look at everything related to the podcast, what manga we read and everything in between. We even only have about 20 minutes worth of news! Its a 2019 miracle!! Enjoy! PODCAST BREAKDOWN: 0:00:00 - Intro News: 0:01:36 - New Miss Kobayashi spinoff about Lucoa and Shota 0:03:41 - Shortcake Cake Ends in 2 Chapters 0:04:50 - Gintama will end with its 77th volume 0:07:47 - J-Novel...


Manga Mavericks EP. 72: Jumping Into 2019!

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, we celebrate our first episode of 2019 by talking about our experience reading manga on the new Shonen Jump website and apps and what we think could be improved upon going forward. As well as discuss the two latest new series from the magazine with Ne0;Lation from Tomohide Hirao & Mizuki Yoda and Hell Warden Higuma from Natsuki Hokami! But before any of that, we have a whole lot of news to cover, including a few lists to top off 2018! Topics of discussion...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #31: "The Best Movies of 2017!"

It’s a New Year, and as they say, out with the old and in with the new! Manga Mavericks @ Movies has been stuck in 2017 for the entirety of 2018, but today we’re wiping our slate clean by sharing our final thoughts on the films of that year! Back in March of last year we recorded and released our Oscars podcast, discussing what they thought were the best films of 2017. During our recording of that episode we also discussed what our favorite films of 2017 were, but we cut that segment out of...

Manga Mavericks @ Movies #30: "Wonder Woman"

At long last, we’re releasing the last of the episodes of Manga Mavericks @ Movies we recorded in 2017! It’s a wonder why it took so long for these to come out, but I’m relieved we finished releasing theme before the end of the year. Speaking of wonders, can you believe the DCEU is still a thing? Aquaman is doing pretty well for itself both commercially and critically, which you can’t say about most films from that cinematic universe. Except, of course, Wonder Woman - the DCEU’s most beloved...

Manga Mavericks EP. 71: Jumping Into a New Era

For the entirety of 2018, we have been celebrating the 50th anniversary of Shonen Jump by covering various Jump manga throughout the year, but now it is time. It is time to reveal what we have been planning whilst celebrating the magazine's milestone, an even BIGGER celebration of our beloved anthology! So big that we had to scale back the amount of work we were putting into it, going from a planned multi-part podcast celebration interviewing 10+ individuals from all walks of life, to a...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #29: "Captain Underpants"

We’re finally winding down on our backlog episodes of Manga Mavericks @ Movies! We’ve only got two reviews left, both recorded in June 2017, with both films about superheroes who fight villains in their underwear. One’s so on the nose about it, he calls himself Captain Underpants! Dav Pilkey’s comic books about the tidy-whitey titan was a childhood favorite of ours, so we invited a panel of passionate manchildren to discuss what they loved about this Dreamworks-animated theatrical...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #28: "Thor: Ragnarok"

So, Aquaman is in theatres. It’s a film about the buff bearded prince of a high-fantasy, regal realm separate from the world of man, who has to fight his evil brother, reclaim the throne, and protect his people and humankind. Huh. Doesn’t that remind you of someone else? Another superhero from another comic-book based cinematic universe perhaps? Who could it be? Such a mystery… Ok, seriously, Aquaman is the Thor of DC. Except the Aquaman film’s swashbuckling tone is more similar to Thor:...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #27: "Spider-Man: Homecoming"

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is the best Spider-Man film yet! With it currently swinging its way into box office success, we’re finally releasing our review of the last critically acclaimed Spider-Man film...last year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming! We’re joined by our resident comics history connoisseur and all-around Spider-geek Vix to discuss how faithful Homecoming was to Spider-Man’s history and how it compares to other film and television interpretations of the character! Of course, any...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #26: "Yu-Gi-Oh! The Pyramid of Light"

It’s time to du-du-du-du du-du-du-DUEL...opinions on a Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie! But not just any Yu-Gi-Oh! movie; we’re talking about THE Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie, its first theatrical feature, The Pyramid of Light! Recently re-released by Fathom Events in theaters earlier this year, the Mavericks managed to see it at the very same AMC theatre they originally saw it at when they were kids. Oh, the nostalgia! Of course, The Pyramid of Light has a notorious reputation for being a terrible film - it’s the...


MM EP 70: If You Can Buy a McDouble, You Can Support Shonen Jump

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, we have another super huge news roundup for you! But its not just any news roundup, as we dedicate at least an hour to the latest Shonen Jump news! We start off the show by discussing the latest evolution of Viz's Shonen Jump from digital magazine to free subscription service and whatever tidbits we could find out on before its launch tomorrow on Monday, December 17th! Everything from new simulpubs to access to nearly all of Viz's Jump manga for an...