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Manga Mavericks EP. 65: We Support Kohske

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, its time once again (as much as we try and avoid it) for another news episode, but to spice things up, we're joined once again by our lovable, chicken hating friend from Friendship Effort Victory, Maxy Barnard, as we discuss GANGSTA. author Kohske's recent outcry on Twitter against scanlations of her work and how we feel about people's responses to her tweets, as well as manga piracy in general. Other topics and news pieces we discuss on this episode...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #22: "Black Butler & Fairy Tail"

So, what are we reviewing this week on @ Movies? Weird live-action adaptations of anime franchises? Boring/offensive historical films set in the U.K.? Visually inventive and emotionally poignant french animated films? Maybe some more Oscar-nominated animated films that will make VLord rant about how the Oscars are bullshit and how much he hates Disney again? No, on this episode of Manga Mavericks @ Movies we review...anime movies? Whoa, who would have thunk that the Manga Mavericks would...


Manga Mavericks EP. 64: "Haruhi Solves Math!"

ANOTHER NEWS EPISODE?! NOOOOOO!!!! Yes, circumstances have conspired to rob us of a topic this week. Sadly, the Yu Yu Hakusho podcast we planned is on indefinite hiatus. We recorded a great show, but one of our guests' audio was lost to the ether, and trying to gather the gang back together to rerecord it is too difficult right now with our competing schedules. Fear not, for we will not abandon doing a Yu Yu Hakusho-related podcast completely! We intend to record a Yu Yu Hakusho MANGA FIGHT...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #21: "Loving Vincent & Coco"

Welcome back to Manga Mavericks @ Movies, the only movie podcast that releases what was supposed to be last year's Thanksgiving special on Halloween! I mean hey, you can argue these films also fit the Halloween spirit. I mean, Coco is about skeletal ghosts and the underworld and Loving Vincent is a murder-mystery thriller. They fit the aesthetic and mood, I think. Well, as you can tell, this week we're discussing Loving Vincent and Coco, two of the Best Animated Picture contenders at last...


Manga Mavericks EP. 63: MHA: Two Heroes & All Might Rising

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, after being delayed for three weeks, its finally time to talk some My Hero Academia! Colton and Lum discuss their experiences seeing My Hero Academia: Two Heroes in theaters, with Maxy Barnard of Friendship Effort Victory listening and becoming increasing jealous of the American cinema and their giant pretzels and nostalgic throwback screenings. Other topics of discussion include our thoughts on the All Might Rising prequel chapter, the blatant movie...


@ Movies #20: My Life as a Zucchini & Mune: Guardian of the Moon

Manga Mavericks @ Movies continues chugging through our backlog of unreleased 2017 episodes, and we're finally talking about some animated movies after a long stretch of live-action! Not, not anime, but some really great and underrated french flicks - My Life as a Zucchini and Mune: Guardian of the Moon! Both films were licensed by GKIDS and given limited theatrical screenings in 2017, and Zucchini was even an Oscar contender! What makes these films so creative and unique that they stand toe...


Manga Mavericks EP 62: "Yet Another News Episode..."

GOSH DARN IT I THOUGHT WE WERE DONE WITH THESE?! Yes, this is yet another news-only episode, but nevermind that - WORLD TRIGGER IS COMING BACK!!! After two long years, it's finally returning to the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump on October 29th. You can catch yourselves up on the series before it returns by reading through the entirety of the B-Rank Wars arc (over 80 chapters - more than half the series!) on until October 31st! For an even deeper refresher, you can also listen to the...


Manga Mavericks EP 61: Teenage Renaissance David/I'm From Japan

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, we only meet halfway on the promises of last episode as we don't just record another news only episode, but didn't have time to release all of what was promised. The good news is that we have another great Jump Start discussion with good friend of the show, Maxy Barnard, of Friendship Effort Victory! As we discuss the beginning chapters of two new gag manga in Weekly Shonen Jump entitled Teenage Renaissance David and I'm From Japan! Are these the two new...


@ Movies #19: "Kabaneri, Guardians, & My Entire High School"

This week we're continuing to dig through our backlog of unreleased episodes to finally deliver you guys one of the oldest in our archive! Back in May 2017 we recorded an episode of @ Movies discussing three very different films that we'd seen between late April to early May - the Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress compilation films, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, & My Entire High School is Sinking Into the Sea! These three films don't have anything in common other than we saw them around the...


Manga Mavericks EP. 60: Not Another News Episode!

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, what was supposed to be an episode discussing the latest Jump Starts from Shonen Jump and My Hero Academia goodness with Maxy Barnard of Friendship Effort Victory, turned out to be another news episode again! We promise you'll get to hear that discussion next time, but in the meantime, we have plenty of news to keep us busy! Including unfortunate news for Yusuke Murata's Back To The Future manga, another tidal wave of licenses from Seven Seas, and just...


@ Movies #18: "Dunkirk, Kingsman, and Victoria & Abdul"

Welcome back to Manga Mavericks @ Movies, the only movie podcast that waits over a year after recording to release an episode! Well, 2018 is almost over and I still have 13 episodes of @ Movies recorded in 2017 I still haven't released, so let's see if I can get at least some of those out before the year is up. We're starting off with a triple threat of British-based films this week as LumRanmaYasha and VLordGTZ talk about Dunkirk, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and Victoria & Abdul. Yes,...


Manga Mavericks EP. 59: "The (Now Named) Nameless Man"

ANOTHER news-only episode?! What is this, 2016? Don't worry folks, we'll have series to cover and topics to discuss very soon! We've been listening to your feedback and we'll be implementing some changes that we think you'll be really happy with starting from the next episode onwards. We're committed to bringing on more guests and talking about more than shonen series, not just other manga, but discussion-forum episodes on important topics that deserve a thorough dialogue. We've got a lot of...


Manga Mavericks EP. 58: "Sexism in the Manga Industry & More"

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, its time for another news episode since we didn’t have a topic planned for the week, though unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of very especially good news as we go over some recent accounts of sexism from artists in the industry, how many manga magazines have ended so far this year and the recent passing of the creator of Chibi Maruko-chan, Momoko Sakura. We also have our usual bit of news on different serializations and movie and anime news, as well as...


Manga Mavericks EP. 57: Bakuman

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, we’re joined by One Piece Podcast contributor and writer for Anime News Network, Sam Leach, as well All Comic contributor, Nick Rowe, as we discuss Bakuman from Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata! We cover all sorts of bases during our discussion from what Bakuman meant to some of us as young readers as an in-depth look at the behind the scenes of what goes into creating Shonen Jump manga, to its unfortunate unchallenged depiction of sexism in the industry....


Manga Mavericks EP. 56: HOT (Akira Amano)

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, we were going to be talking about Shaman King, but instead we’ll be talking about HOT, the newest one shot by Akira Amano (Reborn, elDLIVE) from Weekly Shonen Jump! With Colton and Sid not being very familiar with Amano’s past works, will HOT convince them to start diving into her bibliography, or will they only feel cold towards it? We also have some news to discuss beforehand, such as ICV2’s top 10 manga franchises of Spring 2018, more new digital titles...


Manga Mavericks EP. 55: Seiji Tanaka & Alice and Taiyo

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, we dedicate an entire episode to the latest round of Jump Starts recently featured in Viz Media’s Weekly Shonen Jump! Including the action packed, time travelling adventures of Seiji Tanaka: Secretary to the Managing President, General Time Industries from Keiji Amatsuka, as well as the musical, coming of age story of Alice & Taiyo from Takahide Totsuno. We also discuss Tite Kubo’s latest one-shot, Burn The Witch, and Food Wars creators Yuto Tsukuda and...


Manga Mavericks EP. 54: "Summer Con Craziness!"

Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con happened as per the annual July tradition, and with them comes a ton of news we need to talk about. From major licensing acquisitions to remarkable industry achievements, this episode runs the gamut of every monumental piece of news to come out of this month. With the sheer quantity of things to talk about, we’re lucky this episode didn’t run four hours long like our previous news-focused episode did! PODCAST BREAKDOWN: 00:22 - Intro & LumRanmaYasha’s Brief...


Manga Mavericks EP. 53: "Sleepy Princess in the Shonen Sunday"

This week we’re joined by the one and only Shonen Sunday stan Sakaki and all-around manga enthusiast Maxy Barnard to discuss Viz Media’s latest Sunday license - Sleepy Princess in the Demon’s Castle by Kagiji Kumanomata! Well, it was intended to be a discussion about Sleepy Princess, but with both Bomber and Maxy on board it ended up being more of a follow-up to our Shonen Sunday discussion from last year. Could this episode be the unofficial pilot of a Shonen Sunday podcast by those two?...


Manga Mavericks EP. 52: Eden's Zero

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, we manage to record an episode before Sid joins Vlord to head out to Los Angeles for Anime Expo! Which means we didn’t have much time to dedicate to getting ready for another long series discussion, but we did sit down to talk about our first impressions of Hiro Mashima’s first chapter of Eden’s Zero! We discuss why we think the first chapter of this new series is already a lot better executed then most of Fairy Tail and where we hope the series goes in...


Manga Mavericks EP. 51: "Momiji no Kisetsu & Invade You!"

If you’re reading this right now, we need your help! Our supposedly good friend and regular guest Maxy Barnard was so upset we hadn’t invited him on the podcast in a while that he flew from the U.K. to the U.S., traveled cross-country to kidnap us, stuffed us both in a large grocery store plastic bag, and trapped us in a closet! Colton tried chewing through the bag, but instead, he ended up choking on it like a pigeon and is slowly coughing and suffocating to death. I’ve only just managed to...