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Manga Mavericks EP. 58: "Sexism in the Manga Industry & More"

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, its time for another news episode since we didn’t have a topic planned for the week, though unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of very especially good news as we go over some recent accounts of sexism from artists in the industry, how many manga magazines have ended so far this year and the recent passing of the creator of Chibi Maruko-chan, Momoko Sakura. We also have our usual bit of news on different serializations and movie and anime news, as well as...


Manga Mavericks EP. 57: Bakuman

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, we’re joined by One Piece Podcast contributor and writer for Anime News Network, Sam Leach, as well All Comic contributor, Nick Rowe, as we discuss Bakuman from Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata! We cover all sorts of bases during our discussion from what Bakuman meant to some of us as young readers as an in-depth look at the behind the scenes of what goes into creating Shonen Jump manga, to its unfortunate unchallenged depiction of sexism in the industry....


Manga Mavericks EP. 56: HOT (Akira Amano)

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, we were going to be talking about Shaman King, but instead we’ll be talking about HOT, the newest one shot by Akira Amano (Reborn, elDLIVE) from Weekly Shonen Jump! With Colton and Sid not being very familiar with Amano’s past works, will HOT convince them to start diving into her bibliography, or will they only feel cold towards it? We also have some news to discuss beforehand, such as ICV2’s top 10 manga franchises of Spring 2018, more new digital...


Manga Mavericks EP. 55: Seiji Tanaka & Alice and Taiyo

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, we dedicate an entire episode to the latest round of Jump Starts recently featured in Viz Media’s Weekly Shonen Jump! Including the action packed, time travelling adventures of Seiji Tanaka: Secretary to the Managing President, General Time Industries from Keiji Amatsuka, as well as the musical, coming of age story of Alice & Taiyo from Takahide Totsuno. We also discuss Tite Kubo’s latest one-shot, Burn The Witch, and Food Wars creators Yuto Tsukuda and...


Manga Mavericks EP. 54: "Summer Con Craziness!"

Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con happened as per the annual July tradition, and with them comes a ton of news we need to talk about. From major licensing acquisitions to remarkable industry achievements, this episode runs the gamut of every monumental piece of news to come out of this month. With the sheer quantity of things to talk about, we’re lucky this episode didn’t run four hours long like our previous news-focused episode did! PODCAST BREAKDOWN: 00:22 - Intro & LumRanmaYasha’s...


Manga Mavericks EP. 53: "Sleepy Princess in the Shonen Sunday"

This week we’re joined by the one and only Shonen Sunday stan Sakaki and all-around manga enthusiast Maxy Barnard to discuss Viz Media’s latest Sunday license - Sleepy Princess in the Demon’s Castle by Kagiji Kumanomata! Well, it was intended to be a discussion about Sleepy Princess, but with both Bomber and Maxy on board it ended up being more of a follow-up to our Shonen Sunday discussion from last year. Could this episode be the unofficial pilot of a Shonen Sunday podcast by those two?...


Manga Mavericks EP. 52: Eden's Zero

On this episode of Manga Mavericks, we manage to record an episode before Sid joins Vlord to head out to Los Angeles for Anime Expo! Which means we didn’t have much time to dedicate to getting ready for another long series discussion, but we did sit down to talk about our first impressions of Hiro Mashima’s first chapter of Eden’s Zero! We discuss why we think the first chapter of this new series is already a lot better executed then most of Fairy Tail and where we hope the series goes in...


Manga Mavericks EP. 51: "Momiji no Kisetsu & Invade You!"

If you’re reading this right now, we need your help! Our supposedly good friend and regular guest Maxy Barnard was so upset we hadn’t invited him on the podcast in a while that he flew from the U.K. to the U.S., traveled cross-country to kidnap us, stuffed us both in a large grocery store plastic bag, and trapped us in a closet! Colton tried chewing through the bag, but instead, he ended up choking on it like a pigeon and is slowly coughing and suffocating to death. I’ve only just managed...


Manga Mavericks EP. 50: "Assassination Classroom"

It’s only fitting that we hit our 50th episode during the same year we’re celebrating Weekly Shonen Jump’s 50th anniversary. Maybe we’ll eventually run fifty years ourselves. Hey, we’ve got two years down already, what’s another forty-eight? Regardless, we want to thank all you listeners for helping us reach this far! Your listenership and support makes doing this show all the more fun and fulfilling for us to do, and we want to keep going for a long while yet. To celebrate our 50th...


Manga Mavericks EP. 49: "Devilman"

We’re taking a short break from Shonen Jump-related podcast to talk about a creator celebrating a special 50th anniversary milestone – Go Nagai! 2018 is the 50th year of the legendary mangaka's career, and he’s seen a resurgence of popularity thanks to a slew of new anime based on his works like Mazinger Z: Infinity, Cutie Honey Universe, and most famously, Devilman Crybaby! To celebrate Go Nagi’s legacy and the renaissance of his work in the anime community, we’re discussing the original...


Manga Mavericks EP. 48.5: "World Trigger Q&A Extravangaza!!"

Welcome to the second half of our World Trigger discussion, wherein we answer all your questions in another Q&A extravaganza!! Our discussion went so long that half of our team has to bail out! Which members of Team Osamu-1 made it to the end of the podcast? Only one way to know the answers to this and many other questions! Trigger on! PODCAST BREAKDOWN: 00:21 – Intro 04:53 – Least Favorite World Trigger Characters? 09:25 – Which Mascot is better; Raijin-maru or Battle Cat? 10:21 – What...


Manga Mavericks EP. 48: "World Trigger"

Even though World Trigger has been on hiatus for a long time, the love of its fans remains strong. With the series celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, we thought now would be as good as time as any to re-read and talk about it! Joining us are two VERY passionate World Trigger fans and Osamu Mikumo stans - Annaliese Christman, letterer of the series for Viz Media and Weekly Shonen Jump, and Wensleydale Cheddar, host of the Shonen Jump podcast Stammer Stream and the voice of Osamu...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #17: "Baby Driver & Logan Lucky"

Manga Mavericks @ Movies month continues with two stylish, sexy films about cars and crime! That's right, we're discussing Baby Driver and Logan Lucky, two films made by experienced directors honing their craft in these tightly-paced and smartly-plotted stories about good guys doing bad things for the sake of the people they love...with CARS!! Does Edgar Wright's Baby Driver hit the beats of the fine-combed screenwriting and smartly self-reflexive humor that's become his signature? Is...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #16: "Blade Runner 2049"

Manga Mavericks @ Movies month continues as the Mavericks discuss two 2017 films with the word "blade" in their title: Blade Runner 2049 and Blade of the Immortal! But that is not their only connection; both films feature acclaimed directors using their distinctive styles to bring a fresh take to a beloved story. Is Denis Villeneuve's exploration of how to define humanity as artificial intelligence increasingly resembles genuine consciousness superior to Ridley Scott's original take?...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #15: "Tokyo Ghoul & IT (2017)"

Manga Mavericks @ Movies month continues! In this installment, we jump forward from March 2017 to October, a month Hollywood typically reserves for horror. And boy did we see two scary movies that month...scary good movies that is! In fact, unlike Ghost in the Shell and Power Rangers, these films were adaptations of beloved franchises that were well-received! Which two films could we mean? Well, if the title didn't tip it off, they're the Tokyo Ghoul live-action movie and the IT remake!...


Manga Mavericks EP. 47: "Jujutsu Kaisen, Noah's Notes, & Ziga"

Manga Mavericks @ Movies Month is going strong! We’ve been posting new movie reviews on our Youtube channel every day and plan to do so for the entire month of May! These reviews will also be uploaded to our podcast feed just a few days afterward. I’ve just put up our Ghost in the Shell/Power Rangers podcast, a pairing of two remakes of beloved 90’s franchises that weren’t particularly well-received. Check it out and look forward to more new @ Movies podcasts popping up on our feed this...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #14: "Ghost in the Shell/Power Rangers"

Welcome to Manga Mavericks @ Movies, the show where we don’t talk smack about movies, except when we do! How’s that for a catchphrase! Hey, at least it’s more accurate than the old one. It’s no secret that we recorded a ton of @ Movies episodes that we haven’t released yet. Nearly two dozen in fact. I’d been thinking of the best way to release them, and I figured – why not all at once? That’s right, we’re motoring through the @ Movies backlog this month in a special event I’d like to call...


Manga Mavericks EP. 46: "Takamagahara"

For this episode of Manga Mavericks, the part of Sid will played by both Maxy Barnard and Bomber D Rufi, as Sid had this thing called “school” to focus on until he is finally finished with that and is ready to get back to slaving away at all the unfinished podcasts he still has to edit. Anyway, while Sid is off on his own ventures, Colton takes care of the show this week and covers the news with the help of Shonen Sunday fanatic, Bomber D Rufi (@kiirobon), as they talk about the usual new...


Manga Mavericks EP. 45: "The Big News Roundup!"

BIG NEWS! Because our Kenta Shinohara podcasts were delayed we didn’t get around to covering a lot of important news from the past couple months. To remedy that, we decided to record a big news-focused podcast to get everyone up to speed! …This was a big bad idea. We accumulated nearly twelve pages worth of news, tallying to over one hundred stories in total! To make matters worse, we began recording late at night after I was already exhausted from drawing for nearly 20 hours that day....


Manga Mavericks EP. 44: "Survey Results 2018!!"

It’s time once again to run down the results of our annual survey! VLordGTZ joins us to dissect the data and contextualize what the podcast’s biggest triumphs were in 2018. Find out which guests and episodes fans liked the most, alongside a bunch of other interesting statistics! The answer to what was the most beloved moment from the podcast last year might (not) surprise you! Plus, we discuss the recent Jump Start Act-Age and Naoshi Komi’s latest one-shot! Thanks again to everyone who...