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049 - The Last Jedi (with Eric Deutsch)

As Luke and Leia find themselves caught in a complex game of political intrigue on the world of Velmor, Sam and Brian welcome Eric Deutsch (of Flash Gordon Minute) to the podcast to discuss a very special Star birth, the rise of monster trucks and Bud Light in the eighties, and the wonder of the TRUE last jedi, Jedidiah.


048 - The Third Law (with Sean Davis)

As Leia is confronted by Darth Vader and his hirelings while trying to... procure a loan on a banking world...? Sean Davis (After the Credits Podcast) confronts Sam and Brian to dive deep into the many strange decisions made in this issue, to chat about the NPR Star Wars radio drama and to question what exactly a Bothan is in this day and age.


047 - Droid World (with Geoff Clarke)

As R2-D2 and C-3PO find themselves in the middle of a droid revolution on Kligson's Moon, Geoff Clarke (The ApeCast) finds himself in the middle of a podcast about old Star Wars comics chatting about "the death of disco", musing on what a character like L3 might think of an entire Droid World and comparing this issue to the children's storybook that it was later adapted into.


046 - The Dreams of Cody Sunn-Childe! (with Daniel Borders-Ashe)

As Lando debates philosophy with a former hero of the rebellion in an alternate dimension, Daniel Borders-Ashe makes his first appearance to talk about an impossibly bright future in which Werner Herzog could become a part of a galaxy far, far away, to weigh in on the Star Trekkiness of this issue and what belongs and doesn't belong in the Star Wars universe, to explore the writer's original intended ending prior to Lucasfilm's intervention and to examine with us the dreams of a certain Mr....


045 - Death Probe (with Kregg Castillo)

As Luke Skywalker and Artoo find themselves battling an entire spaceship controlled by a super-powered probe droid, Sam and Brian welcome first-time guest Kregg Castillo onto the podcast to weigh in on the first episode of the latest animated offering in a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Star Wars: Resistance! They're also marvelling at some wonderful 1980-era reader predictions for Revenge of the Jedi, examining the strange choices this comic decides to make post-Empire and debating which is the best...


044 - The Empire Strikes Back: Duel a Dark Lord (with Crystal Beth)

As Luke Skywalker faces off against the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, we are joined by Crystal Beth (, The Fifth Eleminute, Unlimited Lives Podcast) to tackle the final issue of the Empire Strikes Back comic adaptation, to address the politically motivated attack on The Last Jedi, and to board the hypetrain to Jon Favreau's Star Wars newly titled TV series, The Mandalorian.


043 - The Empire Strikes Back: Betrayal At Bespin (with Eric Ambler and Cam Siemer)

As the Star Warriors find themselves captured and imprisoned in Darth Vader's clutches, Brian and Sam find themselves captivated by What Were We Watchings?'s very own Cam Siemer and Eric Ambler in a rousing super-sized discussion about such classic Empire Strikes Back subjects as Cloud City, Lando's introduction and force ghosts, as well as a dive into the special features and deleted scenes from Solo: A Star Wars Story and a restrospective look back at all of our favorite Star Wars video...


042 - The Empire Strikes Back: To Be A Jedi! (with Blythe Rudloff)

This week, as Luke begins training under the tutelage of a wise Jedi Master on Dagobah, Sam and Brian are joined by Brian's star-wife, Blythe Rudloff for an examination of Han Solo's somewhat problematic behavior towards Leia, a discussion on the frequently changing (and shockingly small) size of Yoda and a variety of tangents regarding The Last Jedi.


041 -The Empire Strikes Back: Imperial Pursuit! (with Geoff Clarke and Jack Stovold)

As Han braves the dangers of an asteroid field to flee his Imperial pursuers, Sam and Brian welcome back both talking apes from The ApeCast, Geoff Clarke and Jack Stovold, for a super-sized discussion about Solo: A Star Wars Story, the development and creation of this six-part adaptation of the film, the increasingly complex character of Darth Vader, the pure magic of The Empire Strikes Back and... our childhood memories of crayons. For some reason.


040 - The Empire Strikes Back: Battleground Hoth! (with Melissa Thiede)

As Luke, Leia and Han squabble in Echo Base and a group of Imperial walkers prepares to strike (back), Sam and Brian welcome Melissa Thiede to the show to hear about her amazing Star Wars-themed instagram account (tk421andme), to discuss the ecosystem of Hoth and the science of Bacta and to examine the murky issue of droid rights in a galaxy far, far away.


039 - The Empire Strikes Back: Beginning (with Sean Davis and Josh Lee)

As the Rebel Alliance acclimates to its new base on the ice planet Hoth, Sam and Brian welcome Josh Lee and Sean Davis (After the Credits podcast) onto the cast to kick off their six-part coverage of The Empire Strikes Back! That means we're talking about Wampas and Tauntauns, forgotten scenes from the cutting room floor and new casting announcements in Episode IX!


038 - Riders in the Void! (with Jack Stovold)

As Luke and Leia find themselves stranded aboard a mysterious spaceship located an unfathomable distance outside of their own galaxy, Jack Stovold (The Apecast, Jack's Silly Little Friendly Neighborhood Star Trek Discovery Podcast, Reopening the Wormhole) finds himself stranded with Sam and Brian for a discussion of the unsettling dreamlike nature of this issue, fetishism in comics, Stanley Kubrick's filmography and a retrospective look back at our favorite covers, characters and issues that...


037 - In Mortal Combat! (with Jack Stovold)

As Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader descend into the Crystal Valley for a final showdown, Jack Stovold (Reopening the Wormhole, The Apecast) joins up with us to weigh in on the hot new Resistance trailer (YES!), to debate whether R2-D2 is force-sensitive, to reminisce on all the landings of the Millenium Falcon throughout the entire saga (happy or otherwise) and to bid a teary farewell to our old friend Orman Tagge.


036 - Red Queen Rising (with Kevin Young)

As Domina Tagge maneuvers the Dark Lord of the Sith and Luke Skywalker towards a Crystal Valley showdown, Kevin Young (Reopening the Wormhole podcast) joins Sam and Brian to talk about O.J. Simpson footwear ads, blue cougars (blougars?), a daring rescue from Princess Leia and a bevy of listener e-Words.


035 - Dark Lord's Gambit (with Sean Davis)

As Luke Skywalker comes face to face with Darth Vader on the planet Monastery, Sam and Brian field Sean Davis (of After the Credits)'s questions about inclusivity in The First Order, delight in the outlandish speech of Darth Vader and do their best to cast the entire Tagge clan.


034 - Thunder in the Stars! (with Sean Davis)

As Han Solo leads the Rebel fleet into a trap laid out by Silas Tagge, Sam and Brian welcome back Sean Davis (After the Credits) to dive headfirst into the recent Episode IX casting announcements, to examine the inherent weaknesses of the Tagge line and to discuss which film of the entire franchise is their favorite.


033 - Saber Clash! (with Jack Stovold)

As Orman and Silas Tagge lure Luke into a clash of sabers, Jack Stovold (The ApeCast, Reopening the Wormhole) joins us once again to talk about Jim Carrey-mania, to bid farewell with us to the seventies and to open the old mailbag for some Star Words (of the e- AND regular variety!). #SilasWasRight


032 - The Jawa Express (with Carlos Galan)

As Luke and Han form a tentative alliance with a group of Jawas, Sam and Brian welcome a new star friend (and ACTUAL Marvel employee), Carlos Galan, to the podcast to discuss our love of Dewbacks, some treasured memories of old Star Wars video games, our experiences with the now legendary expanded universe and, of course, a delightful issue about Star Warriors and Jawas murdering Sandtroopers.


Annual 1 - The Long Hunt / A Duel of Eagles! (with Daren Sprawls)

As a mysterious MAJESTRIX with connections to both Han Solo and Luke Skywalker's past draws our heroes into a trap, Sam and Brian welcome first-time guest and composer of the Marvel Star Wars Explorers intro theme, Daren Sprawls, onto the cast to talk about musical inspiration, some colorful theories about Lando's role in the future of Star Wars, The Last Jedi haters and, of course, a sexy blue man.


031 - Return to Tatooine! (with Cam Siemer)

As Luke begins to uncover a mysterious Imperial plot underway on his home planet, Cam Siemer (What Were We Watching?) returns to the show to help us figure out just who the Tagges really are (and who their real world counterparts may be), to journey back to his middle school days when a young dreamer penned a complete Star Wars screenplay and to fill a vast fruit pie shaped void that has too long been a part of Marvel Star Wars Explorers.