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Your two best friends, Sam and Brian, explore every issue of the original run of Marvel's Star Wars comics that started in April, 1977!

Your two best friends, Sam and Brian, explore every issue of the original run of Marvel's Star Wars comics that started in April, 1977!


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Your two best friends, Sam and Brian, explore every issue of the original run of Marvel's Star Wars comics that started in April, 1977!






UK2 - The Kingdom of Ice (with Nate Tapp)

As Luke and Leia attempt to unthaw communications with Colonel Odan on the ice world of Akuria, Nate Tapp keeps things chill by joining us to discuss our frosty feelings about Black Widow and the MCU, to see how many ice-cold instances of worms we can remember from the Star Wars universe, and to let us snow what he thinks about the old-school style of Marvel Star Wars comics in the seventies.


UK1 - The Keeper's World (with Sean Davis)

As Luke, Leia and the droids set off from Yavin 4 to contact another band of rebels, Sam and Brian set off on their latest explorations, starting with a storyline first printed in the pages of a children's magazine from 1977! Sean Davis joins to help them usher in the era, to weigh in on the great debate involving Boba Fett's Starship™, to talk about the myriad delights in the pages of Pizzazz, and to return to a time when the rules of Star Wars were not yet set in stone!


Dark Empire 6: The Fate of a Galaxy (with Jack Stovold)

As Leia prepares for the ultimate confrontation with the revived Emperor, we revive our old Star Friend, Jack, for our final trip to 1992, a re-evaluation of Regular Jefferson, our dream role for General Hux in The Ninth Star Wars Film, and yet another excessive deep dive into the nature of THE FORCE.


Dark Empire 5: Emperor Reborn (with Cam Siemer)

As Leia and the Emperor chat about the future of her child, we chat with Cam Siemer about our pasts in the nineties, hear about Brian's present-day adventures at Disney's Avengers Campus and struggle to stay on topic as we repeatedly compare Dark Empire to the films of the sequel trilogy.


Dark Empire 4: Confrontation on the Smuggler's Moon (with Derek Lavender)

As Leia and Han flee Nar Shaddaa with Boba Fett and Dengar hot on their tail, we welcome new Star Friend Derek Lavender onto the show to have him share with us his deep knowledge of the old Expanded Universe, to reminisce on the cultural touchstone that was Batman Returns, and to hear his thoughts on The Bad Batch and the current state of the Star Wars world.


Dark Empire 3: The Battle for Calamari (with Daniel Borders-Ashe)

As Lando and Wedge attempt a daring rescue of the beleaguered Mon Calamari homeworld, we're rejoined by the daring Daniel Borders-Ashe to discuss some truly classic family movies of 1992, to hear Brian's thoughts on The Bad Batch and Sam's equally compelling thoughts on Star Wars: Biomes, and to discuss the Expanded Universe debut of the gritty underbelly of a Galaxy Far, Far Away.


The 2nd Annual Golden Hoojib Awards (with Kevin Young)

Once again, your two best Star Friends are looking back on the previous year's films and discussing comic book movies, their biggest disappointments and what our overall favorite films were! In addition to that, we'll also be discussing some new(!) Golden Hoojib categories, looking back at The Falcon and The Winter Solider, tackling the latest Star News, and weighing in on this year's academy awards. It's a mega-size extravaganza and it wouldn't be complete without our de facto Golden Hoojib...


Dark Empire 2: Devastator of Worlds (with Sean Davis)

The dead speak! Again! or... for the first time? As Luke Skywalker finds himself being transported to the dark center of the universe to confront a familiar nemesis, we find ourselves joined once again by best Star Friend Sean Davis to discuss Radio Flyer anecdotes, whether the return of Palpatine feels justified in Dark Empire or The Rise of Skywalker, and to dive deep into what it truly means to study the dark side of the force.


Dark Empire 1: The Destiny of a Jedi (with Chris Lantz)

As Han and Leia brave a warzone in search of Luke and Lando, we welcome Chris Lantz back to the podcast as we bravely explore the new territory that is Dark Horse Star Wars and kick off our coverage of Dark Empire! Along the way, we're also taking our first steps into the larger world that is the 90s, (baby) in Earth History, weighing in on Obi-Wan Kenobi casting announcements and Jaxxon action figure releases and, of course, giving our thoughts on the bold new direction of Star Wars in the...


108 - Forever Crimson (with Eric Ambler and Sean Davis)

As the Star Warriors race to the edge of the galaxy for a dark encounter with the foul lady, Domina Tagge, Eric Ambler and Sean Davis return to the podcast to discuss all of their favorite moments from a fan-service filled gift of an issue, to look back on some very recent Earth History, to reflect on the entire original Marvel Star Wars run and to prepare for the next exciting phase of Marvel Star Wars Explorers.


107 - All Together Now (with Jack Stovold)

As an uneasy alliance of Star Warriors grapple with their own insecurities and conflicts while taking on the Tof menace, our Star Friends -- HOLY SHIT IT'S THE FINAL ISSUE! Jack Stovold joins us for one last journey to the 80's, baby, as we analyze the good and bad of a very unusual Star Wars issue, ponder what George Lucas' creative input in the current Star Wars universe might look like, rank our favorite covers, characters and issues of the comic, and look forward to the bright new future...


106 - My Hiromi (with David Robertson)

As Luke and a party of Hoojibs and Hiromi infiltrate the orbiting Tof warship, frequent e-Word writer and first-time Star Friend David Robertson infiltrates the podcast to talk with us about his childhood experiences with these comics in the weekly Star Wars magazine, to weigh in on the Tofs as Star Wars villains, and to dive into the joys of the Special Editions and Prequels.


105 - The Party's Over (with Melissa Thiede)

As Luke, Plif and the Hiromi plan their escape from the invading Tof, we welcome Melissa Thiede back to the podcast to chat with us about bad movies that we watched as children, to weigh in on the final Biggest Bad of the Marvel Star Wars comics, and for a deep dive into the physiology of Hoojibs.


104 - Nagais and Dolls (with Kevin Young)

As Nagai and Hiromi invasion forces both converge on Zeltros, Kevin Young invades the podcast to converse with us about the various versions of Legend, Dani's descent into hate, and Rainforest Cafés.


Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (with Eric Ambler and Cam Siemer)

There wasn't an issue of Marvel Star Wars in November of 1985, but there was a FULL-BLOWN EWOK TV MOVIE, and we invited our Star Friends from What Were We Watching to come join us to dive into this strange, fantasy romp! Beyond that, we're also talking more Mandalorian, diving into some other iconic 80's films, pitching our own Ewok sequels, and loving Teek and Wilford Brimley. Happy New Year!


103 - Tai (with Blythe Rudloff)

As Leia and her Zeltron companions debate the appropriate way to care for their Nagai prisoner, Sam and Brian welcome back Brian's Star Wife, Blythe Rudloff, to talk about CGI Luke, to educate Sam on the history of the Harlem Globetrotters, to discuss the compassion and empathy of Leia and to analyze the horniness (or lack of horniness) in the Star Wars universe.


Star News Bonus Episode (with Sean Davis)

What's that behind the Life Day tree? Could it be another gift? That's right, the Marvel Star Wars Explorers have heard Kathleen Kennedy's call and emerged early from their planned Winter slumber to address the deluge of Star Wars announcements from last week! New TV shows, new movies, new trailers! Not only that, but we're giving our thoughts on two more episodes of The Mandalorian (Grogu and Boba Fett, anyone?), reading some e-Words, and discussing which houses of the Wizarding World we...


The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special (with Cam Siemer)

Happy Life Day! Your two best Star Friends have decided to get into the holiday spirit this year by inviting their favorite offworld Jawa, Cam Siemer, back to the cast to discuss the recently released Lego Star Wars Holiday Special! How do we feel about this deeply referential, time-traveling romp? The nature of the special gives us an excuse to explore all eras of Star Wars, including our first trip to a post-Rise of Skywalker galaxy. We're also diving deep into the first 4 episodes of the...


102 - School Spirit! (with Geoff Clarke)

As Luke and Lando return to Iskalon to deliver the news of Kiro's fate to his people, Geoff Clarke, our Canadian Correspondent, returns to the cast to give us his thoughts on the first 3 episodes of The Mandalorian, to explore an exciting new season of 1985 television premieres (including two infamous Star Wars cartoons), and to get hyped with us about the debut of our new favorite character in the galaxy far, far away... Dania Francis.


101 - Far, Far Away (with Barm)

As Han Solo wrestles with his feelings for Princess Leia on a far, far away and technologically-deficient planet, we welcome Barm back to the podcast to dive into our hot takes on the first two episodes of the new season of The Mandalorian, to soak in the glorious return of Fenn Shysa (and debut of Bey!) and to consider the romantic inner-life of everyone's favorite smuggler.