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Heart to heart conversations with musicians and artists about music and life. Jill Minyé Daniel Townsend, and guests

Heart to heart conversations with musicians and artists about music and life. Jill Minyé Daniel Townsend, and guests
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Heart to heart conversations with musicians and artists about music and life. Jill Minyé Daniel Townsend, and guests






Episode 13: A Love Affair with Brazilian Jazz, The Art of Writing a Chart, All Love: Joys & Challenges of Parenting a Child on the Autism Spectrum & Tips for Neurotypicals with Pianist Stephanie Ozer

Our guest this week grew up in the Bronx, New York, currently lives in Sonoma Valley, California. She is a professional pianist who composes, performs and teaches a variety of genres, and has a passion for Brazilian Jazz. She started studying classical piano as a young girl and began attending the children’s program at Manhattan School of Music/Juilliard at age 11. Our guest has a BA in Piano Performance from University of Michigan School of Music, and she also wrote for, acted in and...


Episode 12: The Artistry and Nuts and Bolts of Being a Working Singer, Band Leader, Actor, and Teacher, with Stella Heath

Our guest this episode is from Petaluma, California. She started singing, taking piano lessons, and studying classical voice as a young girl living in the country. As a teen, she attended a performing arts high school, then moved East to continue her studies at Syracuse University where she focused on theater arts. Our guest then moved to New York City and pursued acting for five years before returning to her hometown of Petaluma. Upon her return, she and guitarist Gabe Pirard started a band...


Episode 11: Improvising in a Jazz Combo; Listening, Responding, Leaving Space, The Art of Accompanying a Vocalist, Moog Synthesizers & the Early Days of Electronic Music, with John Simon

Our guest this episode is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is a pianist, composer, arranger, sound engineer, accompanist, as well as the music director at a church. He moved to Northern California in 1979, and currently lives in Sebastopol, CA. Our guest also works as producer, musician, and sound engineer at his recording Studio, J Dog Studios in Sebastopol. He has both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Music Composition and composes in the genres, jazz and electronics. You...


Episode 10: The Heart of a Teacher, Ups and Downs, and Meaning and Purpose, with Guitarist, Composer and Teacher, Brodie Cumming

Our guest on today’s episode lives in Napa, California. He is a guitar teacher at Napa School of Music, and is the YouTube phenom who created, “100 Famous Rock Guitar Riffs”. He has a BA in Music Composition and has diverse musical interests. He has written and performed in a multitude of genres from Latin Rock, to Medieval Folk music, to 12 tone serialism. Our guest also happens to have been our co-host, Daniel Townsend’s guitar teacher for many years. We are thrilled to welcome our...


Episode 9: The Meandering Odyssey of a Musician and His Day Job: with Audio-tech, Sound Engineer and Singer/Songwriter, Reed Maidenberg

Our guest this episode is originally from Indiana and currently lives in Santa Rosa, California. He is a sound engineer, audio-tech, archivist, singer/songwriter and recording artist. He has performed throughout Europe, where he lived for ten years, gigged as an audio-tech since the 90’s, worked as an archivist at George Lucas’ Skywalker Sound, and worked many festivals such as Bottlerock. He is currently semi-retired, enjoying occasional gigs and composing and recording new music. We are...


Episode 8: Learning Bass, Touring Europe, Heartwarming Family Connections through Music, with Skyler Stover

Our guest this episode plays both stand-up and electric bass, and is also a guitarist and singer/songwriter. He currently lives in his hometown of Petaluma, California. He graduated from San Francisco State with a BA in music and recently toured Europe for several months with Idris Ackamoor and the Pyramids. He currently plays in several bands, including the Reggae Band, Sol Horizon, the Gypsy Jazz band, Bandjango Collectif, formerly known as French Oak Gypsy Band, as well as with the Mike...


Episode 7: The Healing Power of Singing, Owning your Creativity, Creating Community : Devi Daly

Our guest this episode lives in Point Reyes, California. She is a singer, guitarist, pianist, voice teacher, choir director, and community organizer, as well as a long-time yoga teacher. She leads a choir of up to 50 people that absolutely delights and inspires the community with their performances. During our conversation, she reveals that she is more interested in singing as a path to personal healing and transformation than as a performance-oriented activity. This becomes a main area of...


Episode 6: Gigging and Enjoyment, Overcoming Stage Fright & Social Anxiety, with Neil Angelo Fontano

Our guest this episode started playing piano at 10, and played his first professional gig at 14. He also plays a bit of trumpet, drum kit, and bass. His piano studies began with classical and ragtime, and soon after, he discovered Jazz. He still loves classical piano, has a passion for the music of George Gershwin and is known for playing a mean stride piano. At 25, he is currently the pianist for The Billie Holiday Project, led by Stella Heath, and has played at most of the top local Bay...


Episode 5: On Being a Session Player, Touring, For the Love of Music with bassist Paul Olguin

Our guest this episode was born and raised in Santa Monica, California. He began playing trumpet at age 10, fell in love with the low tones of the tuba at 13, and switched to electric bass at 15. He started gigging in clubs as a teenager in LA, toured with early rock and R&B bands, played in Hollywood Punk-Era clubs, and toured with a Latin folk band. He’s toured with The Drifters, Richard Berry, and performed on bills with the likes of Albert King, Pete Seeger, Bonnie Raitt and Billy...


Episode 4: The Art of Entertaining, Innovation in Music and Life, Musicians as Community leaders, with Michael Fortunato

Today’s guest is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He plays tenor and baritone sax, clarinet, flute and any other woodwind instrument he can get his hands on. While he is well known and loved in the local music community and beyond for being a versatile player of many genres, I know him as a killer jazz musician, passionate, generous and creative, with very big ears and the ability to connect with anyone. He also happens to be a community development consultant who travels the...


Episode 3: Getting to know a Master Jazz Vocalist and Pianist, Touring the World and Teaching- a Symbiotic Relationship, Learning the Language of Jazz, with Dena DeRose

We are delighted to share Dena DeRose, with you in this episode. Dena is a masterful jazz singer and pianist, jazz educator and overall wise and very fun person! She’s performed in New York clubs since the early 90’s and played at festivals and concerts throughout the world. Dena has worked with Gene Bertoncini, Ray Brown, Jay Clayton, John Clayton, Bruce Forman, Benny Golson, Wycliffe Gordon, Jeff Hamilton, Billy Hart, Bill Henderson, Mark Murphy, Judy Niemack, Ken Peplowski, Houston...


Episode 2: Living Life to the Fullest with Lisa Stano

Our second episode, we are delighted and honored to have Jill's dear friend, Lisa Stano as our very first guest. She currently resides in Petaluma California, and is a prolific and talented singer/songwriter, guitar player, stand-up bassist, and overall delightful human being. Lisa is someone who seeks and finds joy in whatever she does. In this inspiring episode, which is more of a conversation than a straight-up interview, you will find a lot of laughter joy, and inspiration. We discuss...


Episode 1: Hosts Jill Minyé and Daniel Townsend get to know each other in the first episode of Meaningful Musical Conversations.

In the first episode of Meaningful Musical Conversations, Jill, jazz pianist and singer, and Daniel, jazz and rock guitarist/singer/songwriter, have a fun time getting to know each other.