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The lowcountry's movers, leaders and shakers! Everybody has a story and we are here to help them tell it. #meetingcharleston

The lowcountry's movers, leaders and shakers! Everybody has a story and we are here to help them tell it. #meetingcharleston
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The lowcountry's movers, leaders and shakers! Everybody has a story and we are here to help them tell it. #meetingcharleston






Meeting JJ Rahnamoon | Charleston Empire Properties

JJ Rahnamoon is native to Charleston, raised in the heart of downtown. He began working in his family’s restaurant at an early age, which helped build the dedicated work ethic he has today. Although the family restaurant is still flourishing after 40 years, JJ decided he wanted to pursue a career of his own as a Real Estate agent in Charleston, SC. His deep rooted knowledge of the city & desire to help others has made the transition from hospitality to the real estate industry seamless. JJ...


Meeting Christian Senger | The Holy City Sinner

We couldn’t be more excited to meet the man behind Holy City Sinner, long time Charleston resident, Christian Senger. He is running the most popular local blog in Charleston. For the last six years, the residents of the city have voted the website and its Twitter feed as the best in Charleston. From local news, helpful resources, and interviews to event listings, celebrity sightings, and party previews, THE HOLY CITY SINNER blog serves as a hub for the city's day-to-day happenings. Seger...


Meeting Dr. Rebecca Zechmann | Riverlanding Dentistry

Dr. Rebecca Zechmann, owner of Riverlanding Dentistry, is incredibly passionate about her career, her patients and the employees, her second family, at Riverlanding. She has created a place for people to thrive and loves supporting her employees and working together with them to accomplish shared goals. She met her husband, Mike, while at Johns Hopkins University, playing tennis. They have three beautiful children: Kate, Madeline, and Michael. If she ever finds free time, she loves tennis,...


Meeting Eric Gussin | Trio



Meeting Dr. Nicole Nadel | Totality Medispa

More Totality Medispa has positioned itself at the forefront of non-surgical aesthetic medicine. We have state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with the most comprehensive services that are available in today's market. While other physicians in aesthetic medicine focus on their performance in the operating room, Dr Nicole Nadel has honed her skills on all non-surgical approaches to beautification. “It's what people want” says Dr. Nadel, “Technology has advanced...


Meeting Sara + Scott + Chris | Tradesman Brewing Company

Founded by husband and wife team, Scott and Sara Gayle McConnell, Tradesman opened as the first brewery on James Island in April 2014 and became part of the growing Charleston beer community. Scott and Sara Gayle had extensive home brewing experience, which fueled their dream of starting their own commercial brewery. Co-Owner Chris Winn joined the team in January of 2015 with years of brewery experience and a love of local beer. The new facility is capable of producing almost 2500 barrels of...


Meeting Hilary Johnson | Hatch Tribe Founder & Business Coach

Hilary Johnson had everything she had wanted. She had quit her corporate marketing job with MillerCoors and moved to Charleston to start her own event-planning business. As the owner of Gusto Group, she produced events such as Charleston Beer Garden and the Lowcountry Hoedown. She had freedom and independence. At the same time, she was discovering that the event-planning business was more volatile than she had anticipated. She found she didn’t love the work anymore. It was a difficult...


Meeting April Motley | Old Whaling Company

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Meeting Eliza Limehouse | Entrepreneur + Socialite Extended Version

We had the chance to sit down with Eliza Limehouse of Southern Charm just in time for the reunion. Deep-dive into the life of Eliza Limehouse in the captivating extended version here. Listen as she discusses her wedding, the Southern Charm cast, plunging toilets, empowering women, building her brand and so much more!