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Mike & Mike talk movies year round with a "weirdly addictive" blend of film appreciation & criticism, production history & Hollywood news. From Oscars past & present to box office hits - when reality sucks, watch movies with us.

Mike & Mike talk movies year round with a "weirdly addictive" blend of film appreciation & criticism, production history & Hollywood news. From Oscars past & present to box office hits - when reality sucks, watch movies with us.
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Mike & Mike talk movies year round with a "weirdly addictive" blend of film appreciation & criticism, production history & Hollywood news. From Oscars past & present to box office hits - when reality sucks, watch movies with us.






Film Festival Round-Up Post TIFF, Pre NYFF - Hollywood Hot Takes Sep 2018 - Ep 102

Get Your Oscar Race Update HERE! ***This is a NON-Spoiler Episode*** Unless you think trailers that we already reviewed gives spoilers away, then it has those. The 75th Venice Film Festival Round Up: Who Won the Golden Lion? & What Does It Mean? - 2:37 Other Highlights - 5:19 Including Updates & Buzz for The Sisters Brothers, The Favourite, Sunset, Vox Lux, Suspiria, A Star Is Born, First Man, The Nightingale, Nonfiction, & At Eternity’s Gate. The 45th Telluride Film Festival Round Up -...


New #SixDegreesOfMMO, w/ Cargo Shorts! - Hollywood Not Takes - +Bond, DC & Leo - Halfisode #20

***This is a News Episode. So we’re mostly NON-spoilers here.*** There’s some general discussion on the DCEU and James Bond franchises, but it’s broad strokes. #SixDegreesOfMMO: Round 2: Round 2 Recap - 2:00 Sidney Poitier to Chloe Grace Moretz Audience Winners - 3:29 The Mikes Answers - 7:03 What’s the Challenge for Round 3? - 11:31 The James Bond / Danny Boyle Fiasco - 13:42 Why Also Mike Still Pays For Moviepass - 17:30 Bryan Singer Still Has a Career?! Ew. - 20:33 The Joaqker (Joaquin...


Mr. Rogers Documentary Review - Won't You Be My Neighbor OSP - 143 MMO'ers - Ep 101

143, MMO'ers. ***This Review of Won’t You Be My Neighbor? has a Spoiler Section*** Like a true Oscars Sprint Profile, we’ll open with profile information & specs, followed by a non-spoiler and spoiler review. Spoiler warning dance music plays between the two segments. Intro / The 2018 Documentary Box Office Boom - 1:42 Production Profile & Mister Rogers Bio - 5:57 Movie Specs / Months of Profitability - 11:15 Personal Connection to the Neighborhood - 16:49 Expectations - 18:28 Subject...


Oscar Trailers IV: A New (Best Picture) Hope - Ep #100

+ #SixDegreesOfMMO Challenge 1 Winners ***Trailer Spoilers Only*** We consider these trailer reviews to be spoiler FREE, unless you say trailer moments are spoilers. In that case, it’s Trailer Spoilers only. Intro / Six Degrees of MMO: Debra Messing to Anthony Hopkins - 2:03 Next Week’s Challenge: & It’s a Tough One - 8:43 Oscar Trailers Part IV: At Eternity’s Gate - Is it Willem Dafoe’s Year? - 9:45 The Front Runner - Do or Do Not? - 17:07 Vox Lux - Gaga vs Gaga - 21:43 Capernaum - Foreign...


The Nun Review Officially Kicks Off MMO's Spooky Season - The Nun Movie Event Review - Ep #99

A must for Horror Fans! ***This Review of The Nun Has a Spoiler Section*** We’re spoiler free for the first (33) minutes. Then we break down the plot in all it’s gothic glory. The Nun: Non-Spoiler Review Cast & Crew - 4:40 Production Notes - 11:32 Movie Specs - 13:21 Premise / Expectations / Theater Going Experience - 17:32 Review of Production Values - 20:20 Performances - 25:33 Ranking The Conjuring Series Protagonists - 27:41 Oscar Lens - 30:58 Spoiler Music - 33:06 Immediate Carryovers /...


Halloween, Captain Marvel, and Introducing: Six Degrees of MMO - Halfisode #19

Carpenter would approve. ***Halloween Trailer 2, Captain Marvel EW Photos & We Play 6 Degrees of MMO*** So there’s obviously trailer & photo related spoilers here, if you consider such as ummm… such? Whatever, it’s a mash-up quickisode here discussing some recent news & playing some classic film trivia games. Halloween Trailer 2 - 2:28 Captain Marvel EW Photos - 12:11 Introducing the 6 Degrees of MMO segment - 19:18 YOUR FIRST “#SixDegreesOfMMO” Challenge - 23:39 Social Media/Leave an iTunes...


BREAKING NEWS...AGAIN: Popular Film Category Delayed - Why + What's Next - Halfisode #18

Best Popular Film's Death. ***OSCARS BREAKING NEWS!!! And yes, we’re SPOILER FREE*** Burt Reynolds RIP: Our favorites, his most popular films - :49 The Best Popular Film Category has been Postponed. Mike 1 reads the BREAKING NEWS + How We Got Here - 2:28 Gut Reactions + How this affects Black Panther - 5:22 Where the Academy Could Go From Here - 12:15 What happens to Black Panther now? - 17:07 Would they bring Best Popular Film back next year? - 18:20 Social Media - 21:44 First and foremost,...


Conjuring Universe 2: Hyping The Nun 2.0 - The Conjuring 2, Annabelle: Creation Reviews - Ep 98

+ A James Wan Bio. *This episode reviewing The Conjuring 2 & Annabelle: Creation is MOSTLY SPOILER FREE* We discuss and allude to several act II and even act III beats of these stories. So if you’re deathly allergic to spoilers in any form, you should see these films first before listening. If not, do enjoy. We certainly had way too much fun here. The Conjuring 2 review: Cast & Crew / The Wan/Whannell friendship - 5:31 Movie Specs / Another Windfall of Cast - 14:00 Plot / Premise - 18:59...


Searching Oscar Sprint Profile - When Google, Harold & Kumar, and Will & Grace Collide - Ep 97

Screen Life 4Life! ***This Review of Searching has a Spoiler Section*** We’ll have a non-spoiler first half & then give the plot a full breakdown after some spoiler music warning, which also happens to be the song of the summer. Not a lot of people know this, but it’s true. (Nobody knows it. Though I take nothing back.) Searching: Non-Spoiler Review Cast & Crew / Bye Bye Google - 1:32 Production Notes / The Screen Life Genre - 7:11 Specs / A Sundance & Audience Favorite - 12:33 Expectations...


Conjuring Universe 1 : Previewing The Nun - The Conjuring, Annabelle, And The Warrens - Ep 96

+ A Warrens Bio. ***This is a Non-Spoiler Episode for The Conjuring & Annabelle*** Look, we discuss some premise info & allude to some scenes, but for the most part, you shall remain unspoiled. If you hate the slightest whiff of spoilers, maybe see the films first. If not, enjoy. Intro / The Cinematic Universe Discussion - 2:23 Meet Ed & Lorraine Warren - 6:00 The real Annabelle doll Urban Legend - 9:41 The Conjuring Non-Spoiler Review Cast & Crew - 11:02 Specs - 18:07 Plot / Premise / the...


Crazy Rich Asians Makes the Mikes Material Girls - Crazy Rich Asians 2018 OSP - Ep 95

Awkwafina's a STAR now. ***This OSP on Crazy Rich Asians has a SPOILER section*** We go premise info & non-spoilers only for awhile, then dance music warnings and a full breakdown. Crazy Rich Asian Non-Spoiler Review: Production Profile - 2:01 Cast and Crew - 7:03 Specs - 9:29 Expectations - 13:48 Oscar Lens - 15:38 Production Values - 25:50 Performance Review - 30:02 Foreshadowing the Spoilers - 32:29 Watch/Don’t Watch - 36:50 Spoiler Warning Dance Break - 37:30 Spoiler-Filled Review The...


Oscar Trailers 3 - Painting the 2018/19 Oscars Mural - Ep 94

23 Trailer Reviews! ***This is a One-Spoiler Episode Previewing Upcoming Oscar Films*** Unless you consider trailer information as spoilers, we only spoil Braveheart. My God do we spoil the Scottish shit out of Braveheart in anticipation of Outlaw King. (roars!) Ben is Back - 1:13 If Beale Street Could Talk - 4:22 Green Book - 6:34 Roma-9:28 Land of Steady Habits - 12:25 Outlaw King - 14:23 WIDOWS - 17:21 Suspiria - 22:22 Miseducation of Cameron Post - 25:35 Burning - 27:35 Nancy - 29:36...


New Movies in September - Month in Preview - Previewing Films Debuting Next Month - Ep 93

Its Indie Movie Madness! ***This is a spoiler FREE episode*** Unless you consider talk about the trailers as spoilers, we get into some of those. Wk1: Sept 7th Theatrical Releases God Bless The Open Road - 1:30, Peppermint - 2:09, The Nun - 3:08, The Apparition - 6:06, I Am Not a Witch - 7:07, School of Life - 8:21, Bisbee 17’ - 8:50 Wk2: Sept 14th Unbroken - 9:46, A Simple Favor - 10:54, The Predator - 13:03, White Boy Rick - 15:13, American Chaos / American Deep State - 16:56, Antonio...


The Least Likely Emmy Contender Ever Gets His Own Advocate - Devil and the Advocate #4

The Emmy Campaign Starts Here! ***Regarding the film world, this is a Non-Spoiler Episode*** We WILL discuss & spoil some recent WWE plotlines. Mike 1’s Opening Rant / Who Is Paul Heyman? - 1:56 The Interrogation - 4:33 Heyman as a Legitimate Thespian - 10:30 See, Buy, Skip - 21:45 Closing Argument - 23:21 The WWE develops popular actors, and they’ve done so throughout recent film & television history. From Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan to The Rock and John Cena, Hollywood has been scouting...


MoviePass' Saga Continues - Every Change You Make, We'll Be Watching You - Halfisode #17

Time to buy AMC? ***This News Update on the Moviepass Saga is spoiler FREE*** Intro / Is Pop-Punk as Dead as Moviepass? - 0:37 The Moviepass Saga Part I: Which Deserves a Subtitle After a Colon Recent News: The New Stock Price, Lawsuits, & Mind Games - 2:14 Did Also Mike Bankrupt the Company? - 6:20 Death of the Old Movie-a-Day Plan - 10:00 Cancelled Your MP? Not so fast. - 12:40 The Moviepass Saga Part II: Take Over the Film World Or Die MP’s “Business Model?” (w/ Mike 1 counter example on...


The Perfect Oscars Show! We Fixed the Academy Awards Once And For All.- Ep 92

ALL our Oscar Fixes Here! ***This is a One Spoiler Episode*** We do refer to a certain song used during a certain scene at the end of Get Out at the end of this episode. *HOW WE GOT HERE* Intro/Recap of the Oscar News - 2:36 A Small Retraction from our Halfisode 16 - 3:51 Will the Academy go through with this? - 6:05 Recent Best Picture Stats/Trends - 9:16 Big Films Matter (The Lady Bird /Spider-Man Argument) - 11:34 *THE BROKEN APPROACHES* Faulty Definitions of a Popular Film - 16:51 The...


BlacKkKlansman Evokes Our Most In-Depth And Serious Discussion Ever - OSP - Ep 91

SPIKE IS BACK! ***This OSP of BlacKkKlansman has a Spoiler Section*** Our spoiler section will also contain plot details for Get Out, but we are full non-spoilers for the first (39) minutes of our review. **NON-SPOILER Review** Production Profile - 2:13 Movie Specs - 12:45 Expectations - 18:47 Production Values - 23:48 (Non-Spoiler Oscar Lens Reviews of...) …Director - 24:58 Cinematography & Editing - 28:21 Adapted Screenplay - 29:58 Performances - 31:50 Original Score - 35:15 Best Picture?...


Isle of Dogs Oscar Sprint Profile - The East Coast Pod Talk Experience - Ep 90

By 2 Dog Lovers. ***This OSP review of Isle of Dogs has a SPOILER SECTION*** There’s a non-spoiler section, a techno dance music spoiler warning, and then we break down the plot in spoilers. Our NON-SPOILER Review of Isle of Dogs: A Wes Anderson & Friends Cast & Crew Segment - 2:13 Production Notes - 5:42 Movie Specs - 11:45 Expectations - 15:04 Review of Production Values - 18:49 Oscar Lens - 24:35 Review of the Performances - 26:53 Some Final Non-Spoiler Thoughts on the Script - 28:40...


Eighth Grade OSP - From "Make Happy" To Making Movies, He's Bo Yo - Ep 89

Kayla's Our Hero! ***This OSP on Eighth Grade has a SPOILER SECTION*** We do a non-spoiler review first. Then we break down the plot in all of its awkward glory in our spoiler section. **NON-Spoiler Review of Eighth Grade** Cast & Crew - 1:49 A Bo Burnam Quote Fest / Production Notes - 5:52 Huge Numbers in the Movie Specs - 13:25 Expectations/Theater Going Experiences - 19:37 Review of the Production Values - 23:33 Oscar Lens + Performance Reviews - 27:41 Script Highlights + Watch/Don’t...


Oscars Best Popular Film Award Breaks News and Breaks Mikes - BREAKING NEWS - Halfisode #16

& Black Panther's Dilemma. ***BREAKING NEWS!!! This is of course, a movie spoiler FREE episode*** We Read the Breaking News / Letter from the Academy - 1:08 The 3 Major Changes to the Oscars: Best Achievement in a Popular Film - 2:45 Moving Up the Date & Tightening the Broadcast to 3 Hours- 17:49 Wrapping Up & Social Media Contacts- 28:57 OMG, do we have some BREAKING NEWS. The Academy’s Board of Governors approved THREE MAJOR changes to the Oscars. First, they’ve added a new Best Picture...