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Mike & Mike talk movies year round with a "weirdly addictive" blend of film appreciation & criticism, production history & Hollywood news. From Oscars past & present to box office hits - when reality sucks, watch movies with us.

Mike & Mike talk movies year round with a "weirdly addictive" blend of film appreciation & criticism, production history & Hollywood news. From Oscars past & present to box office hits - when reality sucks, watch movies with us.
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Mike & Mike talk movies year round with a "weirdly addictive" blend of film appreciation & criticism, production history & Hollywood news. From Oscars past & present to box office hits - when reality sucks, watch movies with us.






Oscar Race Checkpoint 9/20/2019 - We Too Are Abstaining From Campaigning For The Oscars This Year

We play another game of Snubbable or Unsnubbable over Jennifer Lopez and her role in Hustlers. But first, there are 3 Oscar trailers to review on Dark Waters, Ford v Ferrari, & Knives Out, a strange story about Brad Pitt, & many more Best International Film selections. OSCAR TRAILER REVIEW: Dark Waters Trailer 1 - 1:35 Ford vs Ferrari Trailer 2- 5:25 Knives Out Trailer 3 - 8:12 CONTENDER NEWS: Rome FF Highlights The Irishman - 11:05 HBO Buys Up Bad Education - 11:46 Latest Contender Release...


Hustlers 2019 Oscar Sprint Profile - The Most Taboo Film for the TRL Generation - Ep 243

Surprise! Hustlers is a major Oscars contender, & we give it the OSP treatment including an Oscar Lens for JLO, the screenplay, editing, cinematography, & more. We also have fun going back to the 2000’s with the soundtrack & the story. Getting the Awkward Out - Top of Show What is an Oscar Sprint Profile? - 2:26 NONSPOILER SECTION: Production Profile (Cast/Crew/Specs) - 3:11 Plot Premise/Expectations - 11:43 Production Values - 13:54 Performances: (JLo, Oscar Nom? - 21:56) (Well Rounded...


Taika Wai-TIFF-i and His Wascally Wabbit - MMOW 9/16/19

Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit wins the TIFF Audience Award, and we wonder if a Best Picture nom is in its future. We also review a bunch of movies, tv, video games, & pods before you blow our minds with another great #SixDegreesOfMMO. NEWS OF THE WEEK: TIFF’s SHOCKING GROLSCH AWARD WINNER - :52 WHAT WE’RE WATCHING: AlsoMike - 8:04 (Tall Girl; Ma; Child’s Play ’19; Yesterday’ Blinded by the Light; DePalma; Holmes and Watson) Best Thing He Saw This Week: 18:35 Best Thing He Heard This Week:...


TIFF Recap: Portrait of an Awards Race On Fire - Oscar Race Checkpoint 9/14/19

We recap the Toronto International Film Festival and analyze all of the critical reception scores & awards buzz before speculating on what it could all mean. There’s also new trailers for Waves, The Lighthouse, and Portrait of a Lady on Fire to breakdown & enjoy. RECAPPING THE TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: TIFF Cancels Their Awards Show - 1:01 TIFF BUZZ (REVIEWS AND SCORES OF): Hustlers - 3:30 Knives Out - 6:10 Jojo Rabbit - 7:56 The Goldfinch - 10:15 A Beautiful Day in the...


Downton Abbey 2019 OSP - A Very Downton Christmas Special - Ep 242

Mike 1 and Also Mike took Mom 1 and Also Mom to the movies, & we did have a lot of fun. Hear about our unique viewing experience at a special preview of the movie version of Downton Abbey in this Oscar Sprint Profile. The MMO Downton Viewing Experience - Top of Show What is an Oscar Sprint Profile? - 3:20 NONSPOILER SECTION: Cast and Crew/Performances - 6:42 Specs - 16:11 Expectations - 20:36 Production Values - 22:27 More Performances - 26:08 Script Thoughts - 28:33 SPOILER WARNING DANCE...


Mark Hamill's Joker From Batman: The Animated Series - Joker Character Study P.5 - Ep 241

Did you know Luke Skywalker played the Joker? He sure did. Mark Hamill has voiced the Joker 28 times in his filmography, and we chronicle his history with the character & love him for it. In fact, he might be the most recognizable Joker to at least one of us. Impersonations included. What is This Episode/Series? - Top of Show Episode Layout/Index - 2:07 NON-SPOILER JOKER ANALYSIS: Getting Into Character - 2:57 Historical Significance - 9:35 SPOILER WARNING - 14:43 SPOILER JOKER ANALYSIS:...


MMOW 9/9/2019 - When The Joker Wears The Crown

Joker wins Venice, Bad Boys For Life & Black Christmas debut trailers, It Chapter Two wins the weekend box office, Hard Knocks needs a bonus episode, the People’s Choice Awards have noms, “for the moment” we have hope for Spider-Man, & a new #SixDegreesOfMMO. NEWS OF THE WEEK: THE VENICE FF AWARDS The Joker Wins The Golden Lion - 1:23 Other Award Winners - 7:48 A Convenient Narrative - 9:02 WHAT WE’RE WATCHING: AlsoMike - 14:00 (Hard Knocks; Late Night; Secret Life of Pets 2; American...


It Chapter 2 Awards Show Movie Event Review - Just....Oh Boy..... - Ep 240

God, this movie pissed us off. Usually, this is a film appreciation podcast, and even here, we give It Chapter Two a lot of credit. But very few movies have fired us up as much as this one did in a negative review. In other words, we freak the hell out. Format of This Review - 1:41 NONSPOILER REVIEW: Specs, Box Office Awards - 2:28 Cast and Performance Awards -9:02 Production Awards - 11:43 Is This a Movie Event? - 18:24 SPOILER WARNING DANCE BREAK - 21:48 SPOILER-FILLED REVIEW: Nonspoiler...


Recapping Telluride FF w/ Matt Neglia of Next Best Picture! - Oscar Race Checkpoint 9/6/2019

Matt Neglia from Next Best Picture joins us to talk about his adventure to Telluride, recapping his all time favorite film festival experience & chatting with us about the upcoming Oscar Race. Then we react to 4 new trailers & give you one last preview of TIFF. RECAPPING TELLURIDE W/ MATT NEGLIA OF NEXT BEST PICTURE: The Logistics - 1:57 The Ups: The Potential Awards Season Contenders - 14:34 The Downs - 23:30 Teasing a Marriage Story Review - 31:23 OSCAR TRAILER REVIEW: Jojo Rabbit Trailer...


Jack's Joker From Batman '89 - The Godfather Clown Prince - Joker Character Study P. 4 - Ep 239

How did Jack Nicholson get into character? We go behind the scenes & into the pre-production of Tim Burton’s Batman of 1989. What made this Joker so iconic? We break down the historical significance, most memorable scenes, and how evil & hilarious Jack’s Joker really was. What is This Episode/Series? - Top of Show Episode Layout/Index - 4:29 NONSPOILER JOKER ANALYSIS: Getting Into Character - 5:07 Historical Significance - 11:54 SPOILER WARNING - 22:55 SPOILER JOKER ANALYSIS: Most Memorable...


MMOW 9/2/19 - A New Celebrity Entrant Into the #SixDegreesOfMMO Hall Of Fame

We recap the Summer Box Office, review peak TV like Succession, argue about arguing about time travel with the new Terminator: Dark Fate trailer, & we’re also hyped for some upcoming films like Eva Longoria’s Flamin’ Hot (Cheetos) & Last Night In Soho from Edgar Wright. WHAT WE’RE WATCHING: AlsoMike - 2:06 (The Amazing Jonathan Documentary; Succession; GLOW s3; The Legend of Cocaine Island; Frances Ha; Red Country by Joe Abercrombie) See, Buy, Skip - 9:09 Best Thing He Saw This Week: 9:40...


Luce 2019 OSP - Liar, Liar, Who Owns These Fireworks? - Ep 238

Adapted Screenplay, Watts, Roth, Harrison, & a Best Performance by an Octavia Spencer since an Octavia Spencer last performanced?! Whether or not this is an Oscars movie, we think it’s an awesome movie to talk about in front of microphones. What is an Oscar Sprint Profile? - 1:51 NONSPOILER REVIEW: Cast and Crew - 2:28 Specs - 6:46 Premise/Expectations - 9:57 Production Values - 12:45 PERFORMANCES: (Kelvin Harrison Jr - 14:35) (Octavia Spencer - 16:20) (Rest of Ensemble - 20:19) Coach...


Oscar Race Checkpoint 8/30/19 - Setting the Telluride Table, With Venice Already Underway

We further preview the Telluride, Venice, & London film fests, and review trailers for The Laundromat & The King (etc). We overview the Best International Film selections by country, and we also detail the Netflix & Amazon award slate release dates. BIG IMPORTANT ASSIGNMENT FOR YOU - 1:40 PREVIEWING THE TELLURIDE FILM FESTIVAL- 2:40 OSCAR TRAILER REVIEW: The Laundromat Trailer 1 - 9:02 The King Trailer 1- 12:06 Lucy in the Sky Trailer 2 - 15:55 Monos Trailer 1 - 18:56 Synonyms Trailer 1 -...


Pennywise vs The Joker - The History of Evil Clowns on Screen and IRL - Joker Study P.3 - Ep 237

We review the 2nd trailer for the Joaquin Phoenix Joker, preview It: Chapter 2, give you a history evil clowns including the 2016 sightings & John Wayne Gacy, and we have fun pitting Pennywise the clown against the Joker in a dream crossover movie ‘Guess The Plot.’ What is This Episode? - :50 WE NEED YOU! - 1:42 Reviewing The Final Trailer for “The Joker” - 2:05 The History of Evil Clowns - 9:57 (John Wayne Gacy - 11:31) (Post Jack Clown Movies - 15:10) (Post Heath Clown Movies - 17:24)...


MMOW 8/26/19 - D23 Reveals Disney's Plans for (Entertainment?) World Domination

D23 revealed news, posters, & trailers for Disney, MCU, & Star Wars films. ***Spoilers Early & Often for Game Of Thrones & previous Star Wars movies.*** NEWS OF THE WEEK: D23 EXPO Episode IX Teases a Rey Turn - 1:03 Marvel Gets News Too - 8:46 Upcoming Disney Slate En Masse - 12:54 Mandalorian/Lady and the Tramp Trailers - 17:50 What Are the Mikes Most Hyped For? - 20:23 #SIXDEGREESOFMMO: Recap and Awards - 22:19 Winner + New Challenge - 26:16 BOX OFFICE UPDATE - 29:28 TRAILER THOUGHTS: El...


Oscar Race Checkpoint 8/24/19 - The First Game of Snubbable vs UnSnunnable

Big news for Spidey, more Oscar contender trailers, film festivals that intrigue us, and we debut a new segment, Snubbable or Unsnubbable as we talk about Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance of Rick Dalton in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. BIG IMPORTANT ASSIGNMENT FOR YOU - 1:02 BIGGEST OSCARS NEWS: Sony, Spider-Man, and Marvel - 1:30 OSCAR TRAILER REVIEW: Marriage Story Trailer 1&2 - 13:43 Bombshell Teaser 1 - 17:15 Ad Astra Trailer 3 - 20:43 Frankie Trailer 1 - 22:26 The Report Teaser 1 -...


"Ready Or Not" Movie Event Review - This is All Robert De Niro's Fault - Ep 236

A must see for horror comedy fans - Ready Or Not is another MMO movie event! We enjoy our new mock awards show format once again with a chance for some more legitimate nominations for this excellent horror film because Samara Weaving is a star! WE NEED YOU, PLEEAASSEE - :50 Explaining the New “Movie Event” Format - 2:00 THE READY OR NOT, NON-SPOILER AWARDS!: Preliminary Awards - 2:57 Nonspoiler Performance Awards - 8:01 Production Value/Script Awards - 12:50 Serious Awards Talk - 17:20...


Cesar Romero's Joker from Batman: The Movie - The Joker Character Study Pt. 2 - Ep 235

Batman: The Movie of 1966 is a campy classic from a bygone era, & it features Cesar Romero’s Joker. This episode includes segments on Romero’s bio & casting story, the historical significance to this Joker, & all the bests & worsts, bat-ladders & penguin gas in Batman (66’). What is This Episode/Series? - Top of Show Episode Layout/Index - 1:55 NON-SPOILER JOKER ANALYSIS: Getting Into Character - 3:23 Historical Significance - 8:47 SPOILER WARNING - 17:30 SPOILER JOKER ANALYSIS: Most...


MMOWeekly 8/19/19 - Just Your Typical, Everyday, Movie Podcast Talkin' Aliens

We debate if aliens exist after the new Netflix doc, we compare Good Boys to Booksmart, & we discuss what the CBS Viacom merger means for Star Trek & Mission Impossible. But YOU blow us away again with another GREAT #SixDegreesOfMMO on a new Mike, Mike & Oscar Weekly! WHAT WE’RE WATCHING: AlsoMike - 1:44 (MindHunters s2; GLOW s3; Succession s2; Hard Knocks e2; All or Nothing; Teen Spirit; Mia and the White Lion; The Highwaymen; Bob Lazar: Area 51; Girl Fight; Best Movie Year Ever) Alien Talk...


Oscar Race Checkpoint 8/18/19 - WGA vs ATA Gets U-G-L-Y

It’s only August, & awards season is already rife with controversy & MMO debate. After we react to the Little Women trailer & review Martin Scorsese’s Bob Dylan doc, we analyze the Tarantino / Bruce Lee, Disney / Jojo Rabbit, & WGA / ATA showdowns in the trades this past week. What is an Oscar Race Checkpoint? - 1:04 OSCAR TRAILER REVIEW: Little Women Trailer 1 - 1:34 Dolemite is My Name Trailer 1 - 7:17 Portrait of a Lady on Fire Trailer 1 - 10:33 Parasite Trailer 1 - 13:41 A Hidden Life...