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Interviews with the most interesting people in Atlanta. Focusing on health, personal & professional development, current events, business, politics and more! Let's do this!

Interviews with the most interesting people in Atlanta. Focusing on health, personal & professional development, current events, business, politics and more! Let's do this!
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Interviews with the most interesting people in Atlanta. Focusing on health, personal & professional development, current events, business, politics and more! Let's do this!




From Bachelorette to Virtual Reality with Matteo Valles #15

Matteo is a Georgia Tech graduate, ultra marathon runner, Top 50 “Most Beautiful Atlantans” by Jezebel, Bachelorette contestant and founder of Grove, a new virtual reality support group community which aims to help Atlantans and beyond “to create, find and join support groups for topics like alcoholism, depression, loss of a loved one, and more.” We talk about Matteo changing schools every three years of his life until college as his father worked for the FBI and mother for the US State...


Challenging the Female Music Industry with DJ Zoe Gray #14

Alison Zoe Gray is from the Queen City of Charlotte with deep roots in Atlanta, just signed to GRT Management a NYC based agency and will soon move to Las Vegas for a DJ Residency. She specializes in trap/dub, all types of house and open format, with lots of bass. Zoe has brought her DJ’ing A-Game to hundreds of events and festivals with many more on the roster. We dive deep into her style, sound, influences, mentors, friends, family . We talk about hot music spots from East Atlanta to...


"Red Light Green Light" 25 Year Best Friend Mr. Vance Lane Vasser #13

“Lance Tha Dance” is was my very first BFF so y'all can expect a spicy episode 🌶 We discuss our 2+ decade friendship, growing up in Gainesville GA, sports, college, parties and more. We dive into elementary school social skills (seriously 🤓), standing up against bullies and our parents influence into our personal development. We shed crucial light on school districting gerrymandering, how we had to drive past 7 county & city high schools to get to Chestatee and our moms protesting it. We...


#12 with Humanitarian Marcus Acosta, Founder of Hands Across Atlanta

Marcus founded Hands Across Atlanta in 2012 serving over 10,000 impoverished Atlantans. HAA provides food, clothing, hygiene and dental care to men, women, children and veterans. Marcus was born in Tampa, moved to Alpharetta at age 4 and has been serving Atlanta since. We dive deep into the home // *house*lessness issue in Atlanta and what he’s doing to make it better, with emphasis on how we Georgians take care of and support our own. We talk about recent and upcoming fundraising &...





#11 Episode with The Nucleus Anuj Thakker, CEO Legend Apparel Co.

Anuj is the founder of Legend Apparel Co and Co-Owner of Supershine Xpress Carwash in Braselton, GA. Anuj founded Legend Apparel two years in Atlanta and has made a name for himself with celebrities rocking his brand like Ludacris, DrummerBoy & more! We talk about how we met on the @ATLTourBus for his Lead Forensic colleagues birthday J.D. Farrell’s which was his first party just 2 months after moving to Atlanta! We discuss local Atlanta brands, venues, festivals, entertainers, technology,...


#10 with Thomas Harpointner, CEO of AIS Media

Thomas Harpointner founded AIS Media, Inc. in 1997 in Atlanta, GA and has won awards for being an industry leader in digital strategy and marketing. He is an investor and strategic advisor to high-growth companies consulting the likes of AT&T, Wake Forest Innovations, Emory Healthcare, and Synovus on innovative digital marketing strategies that drive measurable business results. Thomas has served as a keynote speaker and have been featured on CNBC, Fox Business, Good Morning America and...


#9 with Chris Lewis Duncan, Atlanta Marketing Influencer

Born & raised in St. Louis Chris moved to Atlanta 10 years ago to pursue a marketing career as an early adapter of organic Facebook & Twitter campaigns. Chris & I worked together at Creative, Word & Image doing marketing for Michelin, Retro Fitness, the Millennium Gate Museum and more. Enjoy this podcast as I start to get a groove on hosting a podcast with this incredible human and guest. We discuss our personal, professional and fitness goals along with the steps we take to execute those...


#8 with Auxence Wogou and Chase Vasser of the #ATLGentz

David sits down with Auxuence Wogou and is joined by Chase Vasser. Aux was born in the Ivory Coast, grew up in New Jersey, went to Wilkes University and got into the auto industry after college. He’s very involved with his friends and with Atlanta events. Chase was born in Georgia, played football at UGA and is in medical sales. We talk about our history together, who motivates him and my intention behind this podcast.


#7 with Atlanta Influencer Cameron Greene

Cameron is Georgia graduate plus born & bred native who owns a Social Media Marketing company and is an Atlanta influencer in blogging & food (@PeachYaToIt), fashion & travel (@SratHardForLife). She does private events with Big Sky Buckhead and supports young entrepreneurs. We sit down and talk about Cameron’s upbringing, travels, struggles and hurdles! She discusses how brands look at peoples social media channels for prospective ambassadors and influencers. We also talk about nutrition,...


#6 with Comedian Bob F*cking Place

David Orland Brown sits down with Bob Fucking Place the Club Manager of the Laughing Skull Lounge in Midtown, a Full Feature Film Director & Writer titled “American Dirtbags” featuring DOB, a 1,000+ stand up performance stand up comedian and new Atlanta Video Parody Creator! We talk about Bob’s thorough history doing stand up comedy since 2000, his upcoming 24 track “Atlanta Bangers” Album dropping in 2020 and we dive into some of the challenges Bob faces in producing and posting his videos...


#5 with Haley Helveston, Relationship & Sex Coach

David Orland Brown sits down with Relationship Coach Haley Helveston to discuss sex, intimacy, love, connection, business, branding, diet, health, nutrition, raw vegan, energy, happiness and good vibrations!


#4 with Stephanie Twum aka Miss Georgia

David Orland Brown sits down with Stephanie Twum to discuss her Robust Personal Training Program, Her Small Businesses ie. #TwumFit and being the coveted 2019 Miss Georgia AND Miss Brawl For A Cause! One of the warmest, most sincere & genuinely good humans I've ever had the honor and pleasure of speaking. We dive deep into Stephenie's past influences, present ambitions and future goals! Connect with her...


#3 with the beautiful Erin Selby

David Orland Brown and Erin Selby sit down to discuss health, happiness and how they know each other through Atlanta over the years!


#2 with Byron Cooper Mr. Out & About

David Orland Brown sits down with Byron Cooper to discuss their upbringings in Atlanta, mutual friends, fun places and insightful ideas into the future! Byron is one of the most happy, humble and hard working people I've ever had the honor and pleasure of knowing! I highly recommend you listening to this epic...


#1 with Andrew Calloway CEO of Execlife

David Orland Brown aka Mr. Atlanta sits down with Andrew Calloway Founder of Execlife. We discuss Andrew growing up as an orphan in Russia until he was adopted with two of his brothers to Atlanta, Georgia. This wild story details what it's like when you grow up with truly nothing in Russia; sleeping in the sewers, eating out of dumpsters and stealing to survive. Next we talk personal and professional goals, Andrew's upcoming book and his Real Estate Career.


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