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Purrfect podcast stories of our feline friends. Every week Ewan Spence sits down with cats and their owners to find out more about their relationship. We share the stories of our cats, what they are like, who they love, where they came from, and more.


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Purrfect podcast stories of our feline friends. Every week Ewan Spence sits down with cats and their owners to find out more about their relationship. We share the stories of our cats, what they are like, who they love, where they came from, and more.






My Cat’s Tale: Tabby and Tuxedo

When Willa arrived, Allison discovered a love for cats that has changed her life. Willa would soon be joined by Nala and Bella, and brought Allison and her partner closer together as they all cared for each other. Ewan and Allison share their passion for talking about cats online, how her cats have made a difference at home, and why none of the cats are called Tabby or Tuxedo.


My Cat’s Tale: Shadow and Taffy

Louise has lived much of her life with cats and dogs. Last year, her cat Taffy was joined by Shadow, a timid and anxious rescue cat who was constantly being passed over in the shelter. Louise brought her home, and the long process of helping Shadow and Taffy live with each other began. Ewan listens to Louise's many tales of introducing cats to other cats (and the occasional dog) in her home, how being patient and respectful is key, and how Shadow is starting to come out of her shell.


My Cat’s Tale – Regi, the Queen of Queens

One day, while roaming the streets of Queens, Regi decided it was time to move to a new house. And she decided to move in with Rachel. From that first moment on the doorstep, through a call to her then-owner, to accepting each other, Rachel and Regi became inseparable Now aged 21, the loving bond between Rachel and Regi is stronger than ever. Ewan listens to tales of vets appointments, the power of Jackson Galaxy, trying to guess how old a cat is, and how Regi appears in Rachel's upcoming...


My Cat’s Tale – Leo

Leo arrived into Jaylan's household as a tiny kitten with a big heart, who promptly went on to light up everyone's lives. As the coronavirus pandemic raced around the world, this little ball of fluff kept spirits high through dark times. Ewan listens to an exuberant Jaylan about the difference Leo has made to the family, the unspoken disagreement over his surname, and how he bewitched her sister into becoming a cat-person.


My Cat’s Tale – Chloe The Service Cat

Chloe, along with Toshi, lives with Ian and she has made a huge difference in his life. Starting with walking on a leash, through a long-distance train journey, and to a life around London, Chloe decided she was going to be a service cat and help Ian as much as she could. Ewan listens to Ian as he talks about how Chloe became his service cat, the positive and negative reactions from businesses to Chloe, and how he hopes to train Toshi alongside Chloe.


My Cat’s Tale – Oscar, Erica, And Living With A Diabetic Cat

Oscar and Erica live with Stephanie Erica after many years as a community cat living outdoors, Oscar through adoption. They are both very territorial and are quite happy splitting up the workspace and the home space. Ewan listens to Stephanie talk about their lives, and her previous cat Quintus. Oscar, like Quintus before him, is diabetic. How do you diagnose feline diabetes, what treatments are available, and how can you support your cat and find out more information?


My Cat’s Tale – Cuarta

From a chance encounter at one week old, Cuarta has found her forever home with Tom and his family... along with their two dogs. A cat was never planned for in the house, in fact, a cat was never considered given the two dogs already living with them. Bringing up Cuarta was and is a learning experience. Tom talks to me about those first nights with Cuarta, where her name comes from, and why she likes the house's internet router so much.


My Cat’s Tale – Crits For Cats

Bash may have five cats in their home, but many more cats and kittens pass through this very connected foster home. Thanks to its online communities, the Crits For Cats project can also support cat rescues and shelter cats in the local area. Ewan listens to Bash to learn more about living with so many foster kittens coming through a home, how the rescue adventure started, and how streaming on Twitch has built up a supportive community of cat lovers.


My Cat’s Tale – Malcolm The Cat’s Christmas Tale

Caroline told us Malcolm's tale of his injuries and treatment earlier this year. After he was hit by a car, his community rallied round to help fund his extensive medical treatment. There were many happy fans of Malcolm when he made it back home, and his ever-present companion Baby Dog took care of him. I caught up with Caroline just before Christmas to find out how Malcolm is getting on, how his life has changed, and the new cat coming round to visit him.


My Cat’s Tale – Sigrid Rides

Sigrid is a familiar sight on the streets of London, as she explores the capital city in her cat basket on the front of Travis Nelson’s bike. Emigrating with Travis from California, the adventures of this deaf cat are being told in print with her book ‘Sigrid Rides’ set for publication in 2023. Ewan listens to Travis as he explains how he introduced Sigrid to biking, why he can’t sneak up on her, and the fun of writing a book about their cycling… …all white a massive cat-sized hamster wheel...


My Cat’s Tale – Oliver James Big Paws

Oliver is a strong-willed Norwegian Forest Cat who loves to roam his neighbourhood. When Annette's previous cat passed away, Oliver paid a visit. And over the months and years made it clear that he had moved in with Annette and her husband. Ewan listens to Annette as she talks about Oliver's mystery walks outside the house, when she knows it is the right time for snuggles, and how he helped comfort Annette during lockdown.


My Cat’s Tale – Cedric the Cat

Cedric is one chill cat. From a very early age, he just sat back and enjoyed the world... unless he hears the hoover. Chelsea was introduced to him when he was a one-week-old kitten, and there was never any doubt that he would be joining Chelsea and her partner as they all started a new life in a new home. Ewan talks with Chelsea about moving house (twice) with Cedric and how he has adapted to moving house, matching the new sofa styles to Cedric's cat tree, and the two other cats in his life...


My Cat’s Tale – Yvie Pawdly

Brought in to her local shelter, Yvie's kittens were quickly adopted, but it took Sam coming along before Yvie could find her forever home. Diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia, Yvie's wobble has not stopped her enjoying life at all, with the run of the house, lots of love, and the ability to lip-sync whenever required. She's also made a huge difference to Sam and her fiancé, filling that classic cat-shaped hole that every family has. Ewan sits down with Sam to talk about Yvie's life, how...


My Cat’s Tale – Eric And His Escapades

The clue to this adventurous little cat is in his online name... Eric's Escapades. Paul and Helen met Eric when he was a year old, and a cat-shaped hole in their lives was quickly filled. Eric very much knows what he wants, and more importantly who he wants to help him during the day. Paul talks to Ewan about Eric's life, the many places around the house where he loves to sleep, and the very precise routines he demands.


My Cat’s Tale – Clara and Storm

Clara and Storm are two very social cats. They know many people where they live, who has the nicest spots to catch the sun, and who will feed them. They also have a little GPS collar so David can find out where they have travelled... and they travel far and wide during all hours of the day and night. Ewan sits down to talk with David about the technology he uses to support Clara and Storm, how excited they are when he comes home, and a curious night with a hedgehog.


My Cat’s Tale – Pawsley

For a long time, Nathalie's allergies meant she could not have a pet, but when this calmed down, especially around ragdolls, Pawsley arrived on the scene. He's a cat that definitely knows what he wants and is not afraid to let people know. Nathalie talks to Ewan about living with a very chatty cat, how she introduced Wintery to the house, and how much Pawsley prefers working from home rather than walking into the office with her.


My Cat’s Tale – One-Eyed Willow and Two-Eyed Buffy

Willow and Buffy did not have the easiest start to their lives, but all that changed when Kristan found them in a shelter. Quickly making it known that they would like to go home with these comic-loving humans, Willow and Buffy settled in to a wonderful life. Ewan chats with Kristan about Willow's ongoing medical issues, how this Buffy is not very good at slaying, and the most important issue of all... which season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer's Willow and Buffy are most like Kristan's Willow...


My Cat’s Tale – Buddy and Gizmo, the Scottish Maine Coons

The Maine Coon is not an insubstantial cat. Bring two of them into your life, and you are welcoming in a a lot of fun, adventure, and love. Buddy and Gizmo are two such cats, continuing the tradition of great Scottish double acts. Ewan chats with fellow Scotsman James about living with two near-lions, the intelligence of Gizmo and cunning patience of Buddy, and the impact of owning cats weighing twenty pounds.


My Cat’s Tale – Stacy LeBaron and The Community Cats Podcast

Stacy LeBaron is the host of 'The Community Cats Podcast' which is dedicated to creating a supportive environment to help people help cats in and around their community, as well as providing information on cat welfare and preventing cat overpopulation. She is also a huge cat lover. Ewan caught up with Stacy to hear more about her journey, from her family's first cat, through early TNR projects in America, to her current involvement with many animal welfare organisations that support cats.


My Cat’s Tale – Ophur and Rosie

Ophur and Rosie are two gorgeous rag-doll cats from New Zealand. Like any classic double act, Rosie is the one who runs around and wants to do everything all at once, while Ophur is a little bit more sedate and measured in his approach to life as the top cat of the household. Carla tells us the story of these two cats who were instantly close to each other, even if Ophur will not share his box. We also talk about the huge positive influence that Ophur and Rose have made to Carla's life, and...