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Podcast featuring interviews from the world of the Paranormal, Cryptozoology and Fortean themes, published weekly. The world is a possibility if you'll only try.

Podcast featuring interviews from the world of the Paranormal, Cryptozoology and Fortean themes, published weekly. The world is a possibility if you'll only try.
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Podcast featuring interviews from the world of the Paranormal, Cryptozoology and Fortean themes, published weekly. The world is a possibility if you'll only try.




Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 30 Small Town Monsters talk Mo-Mo

This week, we are delighted to welcome back Seth Breedlove from Small Town Monsters to discuss their new film "Mo-Mo - The Missouri Monster" which is released on September 20th. We dive into the film, the Harrison's story and the ramifications of the event almost 50 years later. We also touch on the upcoming releases for SMT next year, including On the Trail of UFO's, Mothman Legacy and the Mark of the Bell Witch. We also enjoy the ambience of Seth's office as we are joined by the chimes...


Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 29 Gary Opit

This week, we are delighted to be joined by Australian Cryptozoologist, Gary Opit. Gary has been involved in Australian Cryptozoology for decades, ever since a strange incident in 1971 as a park ranger. Gary's knowledge of the Australian flora and fauna is incredible and we discuss numerous witnesses who have contacted him, Gary's own experiences and the ongoing searches for both the Thylacine and Yowies. We cover a lot of ground in our longest episode yet, so put your feet up and dive...


Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 28 Malcolm Robinson

This week, we're joined by British investigator and author Malcolm Robinson Malcolm has been investigating a wide range of phenomena over the year including Nessie, ghosts and poltergeists, UFOs and more. His dedication and tenacity have seen him travel the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. He set up the S.P.I. (Strange Phenomena Investigations) back in 1979 and recently received an award for his 40 years of investigation at the Outer Limits UFO conference. We discuss his career,...


Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 27 Paranormal Police with Andy Gilbert

For many of us, the most compelling witness accounts of strange events and the paranormal are those reported by members of the emergency services. Police officers are trained to examine evidence, collate reports and write up incidents using facts but sometimes they come face to face with incidents that cannot be explained. Author Andy Gilbert returns to join me today to discuss the sequel to his fantastic first book, Credible Witness II: More Paranormal Police Stories. Once again, Andy has...


Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 26 Jason Gleaves

This week, I am joined by author and researcher Jason Gleaves to discuss his new book "The Ufology Umbrella". Ufologist and Ex-Royal Air Force Jason Gleaves reveals these fascinating categories from initial UFO Sightings to actual Extraterrestrial Contact and we discuss some of the cases in his book, using Hynek's 1972 proclamation that there were three distinct types of UFO contact in his groundbreaking book, The UFO experience: A scientific Inquiry. We look at the types, cases and the...


Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 25 The return of Yowie Dan

This week, we're delighted to welcome back Yowie Dan to discuss all things Yowie in Australia. We discuss his recent expeditions, his work on the forthcoming documentary Track and the recent explosion of interest in the Yowie with some very well reported cases making the mainstream news! You can sign up for The Yowie Times here by emailing Dan at You can join us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram as well as signing up for Patreon too. Email us at...


Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 24 Tasmanian Tigers

Since 1936, the official stance of the Australian Government is that the Thylacine is extinct. Ever since the last survivor passed away (Ben in 1936), hundreds of people have claimed to have seen these gentle giants. There are over 3,500 sightings of these supposed extinct Marsupials since its official extinction. My guest today, Chela Tyni, has an incredible story to tell, as she has been living amongst Tasmanian Tigers for over 30 years. The Thylacine is alive and well and she is in...


Mysteries and Monsters:Episode 23 Robert Robinson

This week, Robert Robinson, author of Legend Tripping joins us to discuss his love of the weird, the wonderful and the cryptid. After 21 years in the armed forces, Robert decided to embrace his love of Cryptozoology, the paranormal and the mysterious. In the years since he utilised his knowledge and expertise to enrich his search for some of the most elusive creatures in the world. We dive into the stories of the Skunk Ape and Robert's experiences and thoughts on some encounters, as well...


Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 22 Ken Gerhard

On this episode we are delighted to welcome Ken Gerhard to Mysteries and Monsters. Ken is one of the most well known investigators, authors and researchers in the modern era of Cryptozoology. We dive headlong into the world of Cryptids, covering Bigfoot, Sasquatch, ABC's, Mothman, Flying Humanoids, Thunderbirds, Giant Snakes, Dogmen, Lake and Sea Monsters and more! You can keep up to date with Ken's busy schedule through his website: You can also find Ken's books here too! You can join...


Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 21 Ron Morehead

My guest this week is one of the most well-known researchers in the field of Cryptozoology, Ron Morehead. Ron's infamous recordings, over several years, are collectively known as "The Sierra Sounds" and we discuss several of his recordings, his thoughts on Bigfoot and Cryptozoology and also some of his other expeditions around the world. Ron has spent over 40 years investigating the Bigfoot phenomena as well as several other hominids including the Yeren, the Almasty and the Orang Pendek....


Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 20 The Alien Autopsy with Spyros Melaris

If you'd asked me a year ago which piece of footage I never thought would be put forward as proof of alien life, then the Alien autopsy footage, first seen in 1995, would have probably been my first answer. Yet, incredibly, this well established fake is under going some kind of renaissance, as alleged Ufologists once again claim that this footage is 100% genuine. Absurdly, despite being debunked by skeptics and ufologists in the 90s, it now is being shown as proof. No doubt in this...


Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 19 Nash Hoover from Chasing Legends

This week, I am delighted to be joined by Nash Hoover from the Chasing Legends team. Nash formed the Chasing Legends team back in 2013 and they are building a reputation for no nonsense, well researched videos. We discuss how Nash got into filmaking, the inspiration for the films, Lake Pepin's Lake Monster, Bigfoot, Ghosts, Tasmanian Tigers, Hominids, Josh Gates, Cryptids and their upcoming film investigating the Beast of Bray Road. You can subscibe to their youTube channel here: Their...


Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 18 The Enfield Poltergeist with Dr Melvyn Willin

This week, we take a trip back to August 1977 and the beginning of an 18-month nightmare for the Hodgson family, from Enfield in North London. The Hodgsons found themselves under siege from a malevolent poltergeist who targetted the children and the Enfield Poltergeist case became an overnight sensation. Within days of it starting, SPR member Maurice Grosse arrived and began to record the events. Within in days, he would be joined by renowned poltergeist investigator, Guy Lyon...


Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 17 Denver Michaels

This week, I speak with Denver Michaels about his book "Water Monsters South of the Border". We take a crytid themed journey of discovery around South America as we discuss the various cryptid sightings of various undiscovered beasts. We cover giant snakes, anaconda's, lake monsters, water tigers and more and cover some amazing cases from across the continent. You purchase Denver's book here. Denver also has his own webpage, which you can view here. Thanks for joining me Denver! You can...


Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 16 David Weatherly

I am delighted to welcome one of my favourite authors and researchers, David Weatherly to Mysteries and Monsters this week. David has built a solid reputation as a dedicated and driven investigator, with a sense of humour and a humility that belies his intelligence and wit. We discuss his two latest books, Copper State Monsters and Silver State Monsters, two excellent collections of stories from Arizona and Nevada covering a whole realm of paranormal and cryptid enocunters and...


Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 15 Melissa Martell

This week, I am delighted to be joined by the host of Secret Door Podcast, Melissa Martell. Melissa recently struck out on her own after co-hosting "Drawing Out The Spirits" for a couple of years and dove into the paranormal with some excellent early episodes so far. We discuss the paranormal, ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists and portents as well as what the future holds for Melissa and the Secret Door. You can find her website here: You can join us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and...


Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 14 Small Town Monsters Talk Terror In The Skies

It's a welcome return to Seth Breedlove from Small Town Monsters as we discuss the upcoming release "Terror In The Skies", some of the cases mentioned in the new film and what SMT have in the pipeline prior to the release on June 7th. We dive into the new film, looking at the cases and how Seth viewed the new subject matter in regards to the rest of the SMT canon. You can check out the latest trailer here: You can also pre-order the film here as well: The Small Town Monsters website can...


Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 13 Dan. D Farcas

On this weeks episode, Dan D Farcas joins us from Romania to discuss his new book, Hyper Civilizations. It is a deeply challenging book that looks in to the possiblilities of life evolving in our universe, but maybe by a civilisation far more evolved than here on earth. Could this possible explain why so many people see and experience things that are beyond our realms of understanding? Dan looks into the religious, spiritual and mythological reasons for such beliefs as well as...


Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 12 Dr. Irena Scott

On this weeks episode, I am delighted to be joined by Dr Irena Scott to discuss her new book, Sacred Corridors. I can't praise the book highly enough, it is chock full of information, photo's, correspondence and interviews and shows a level of research often unseen in such publications. Dr Scott looks at her time working for the Defense Department, visits to Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Project Blue Book, J Allen Hynek, Memory Metal and we even mention the R word - ROSWELL!! You can...


Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 11 The Phoenix Lights withDr Lynne Kitei

On this weeks episode, I am joined by the celebrated author, filmmaker and investigator, Dr Lynne Kitei to discuss the Phoenix Lights incidents. This is probably the most witnessed unexplained sighting of a UFO in modern history, with thousands of witnesses, not only in Phoenix, Arizona but across the United States all witnessing a whole range of phenomena from lights, mysterious craft and a variety of objects. We discuss her own film, the work she has continued to do since going public in...