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Nihao's It Going lads?

Nihao's It Going lads?




Nihao's It Going lads?






Nihao's It Going Podcast #7 Discussing Taiwanese Identity with Lorraine Chung

On this podcast Lorraine and I discussed Taiwanese identity in terms of there being an underlying inferiority complex behind the section for what it is to be Taiwanese. We also talked a lot of nonsense, but that's besides the point.


Nihao's It Going Podcast #6 Being a 阿兜仔 in Taiwan During Coronavirus, Hairy Butts, and Mask Culture

It's been a while, but I'm back with a new podcast about COVID-19, the uselessness of the WHO, American mask culture being stupid, Boris Johnson having a hand fetish for people with COVID-19, water guns for your butt, and how life is going living in Taiwan as a complete 阿兜仔.


Nihao's It Going Podcast #5 Coronavirus Banter

My podcast on that thing that's been going around the world, ya know, the coronavirus. I'm honestly just talking half nonsense, or full nonsense. Anyway, here's me banter on coronavirus.


Nihao's It Going Podcast #4 Stress, Mental Health Talk and Banter

This week I took a bit of time to delve into something a bit more personal and maybe something a bit more relatable for a few of you. You wouldn't ignore clear signs of physical injury, and we all shouldn't ignore signs of mental distress. It doesn't matter if you're from your home country, in Taiwan, or whatever, we all go through stressful times in our lives and getting some coping mechanisms matters a lot. Just a pity nobody teaches us. Ha! For anyone interested in seeking counseling, I'd...


Nihao's It Going Podcast #3 Racism in Taiwan, getting a visa, and finding a job

Nihao's It Going? This week's episode I'll briefly discuss racism in Taiwan, how I got my resident visa, and some tips on finding a job. I didn't go into a huge amount of information on racism in Taiwan because I can only really discuss my own experience as a white guy. I would really like to interview a couple of people across the international community to get a diverse set of experiences to discuss the topic more holistically. I'll keep you posted on that!


Nihao's It Going Podcast #2 How I learned Mandarin

It's time to learn how this ginger 阿啄仔 learned Mandarin. Funny thing is, I never actually planned to learn Mandarin. In fact, I kind of started studying the language because I had nothing else to do when I started university. Now look at me. Making memes like a machine about the experience of a 阿啄仔 in Taiwan. Funny that. From Irish bog dweller, to Taiwan meme creator. Life is funny. All Hands Taiwan International Jobs Fair - Photo by Maybritt...


Nihao's It Going Podcast #1 Current events rambling

Well, you all finally get to hear a new podcast from yours truly. Apologies for the ramblings and weird thoughts. I'm quite a different beast when you meet me in person or on the microphone. NFSW.