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Think This is Your Average Pop Culture Podcast? Ninja Please... Come Kick it as 3 Shinobi, StarMan, Black and Makyo. Debate, Reminisce, Review, and Provide insight on not only current Geek and Pop Culture, but also the Black Experience.

Think This is Your Average Pop Culture Podcast? Ninja Please... Come Kick it as 3 Shinobi, StarMan, Black and Makyo. Debate, Reminisce, Review, and Provide insight on not only current Geek and Pop Culture, but also the Black Experience.
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Think This is Your Average Pop Culture Podcast? Ninja Please... Come Kick it as 3 Shinobi, StarMan, Black and Makyo. Debate, Reminisce, Review, and Provide insight on not only current Geek and Pop Culture, but also the Black Experience.




16: Episode 16 "Lions, Babies and Bears...Oh My"

On This Episode, the Ninja Kabal Discusses the heavily anticipated game Death Stranding. We also get into some news about Marvel, Disney Plus among many other things. Please stick around and kick it as we get into another edition of Ninja Please. (00:04:48) Intro Con compression time is among us here at The Ninja Please Podcast, but do not fret because there is always a new game or anime to get intro. With that being said Makyo Metal gets right into it with an in-depth look into what is...


15: Episode 15 "🍑👏 akaClappin' Peaches"

With Anime Weekend Atlanta coming right on the heels of the Halloween season, the ninjas had to run split briefly to do what ninjas do. While Makyo is off on recon Black and StarMan aka Tamiki Black, Hold it down on the first part of this episode. The Ninjas catch up and kick it and chime in of some of their favorite costumes and moments from the week thus far. Later in the episode (00:48:11) Makyo Is fresh back from the con with the scent of Pocky, Ramen, and Jungle Juice in his aura to...


14: Creep Show (Halloween Episode)

Costume photos are up and sho are the Christmas lights , which means that Halloween is almost here and before you know it, it will be gone. with this in mind we present to you a Halloween theme episode just in time. (00:22:55) Makyo asks us our favorite Scary-ish Video games. @(00:41:00) There is also some AHS 1984 Spoilers in here beware. (00:52:49) Starman runs down a list of Creepy anime to watch during the Halloween season. (00:59:46) Is a Nightmare Before Christmas A Halloween movie, or...


13: Episode 13 "Full Circle"

Into - On Today's episode of the Ninja Please Podcast, we have a very special guest, Blazen Fi joins us. In today's show we are still anticipating Halloween and decided to take this opportunity to discuss some truths and conspiracies, because what could be scarier than the truth ? …. knowing the stuff they don’t want you to know! (00:06:50) - we begin todays podcast with a discussion on politics and what anime, books, tv or folklore guided us into politics as adolescence. Staman kicks this...


12: Episode 12 "Gooey Gus"

On this week's episode of The Ninja Please Podcast. we have a live special guest. Rob Cobain joins us for some hot takes and Halloween and Homecoming talk. also @Shotbygnarls is back and later on Keyon half of “The Renegades” joins the Ninjas for a fun and adventurous POD. Music - Lighting strikes - Ninja Please Theme #1 by Starman (00:05:35 - INTRO - A discussion about identities leads the ninjas down a rabbit hole that involves Lupin III, Batman/Joker and Superman. (00:16:40) - Rob Co...


11: Episode 11 "Black Kun"

Welcome to another edition of the Ninja Please Podcast. It's HOLO Season!!!! we open today’s episode up with some autumn nature stories. (00:08:21) Intro - Intro @10:26 we get to clear up Why Makyo is now Makyo Metal and no Longer Makyo Kun not to be mistaken for "Makyo Coon" (00:14:25) - What is Blackface? The Ninjas Discuss the hot button issue of Blackface as the BBC reports that Professional Cosplayer @Livanart Got banned from a comic con contest for what was described as an...


10: Episode 10 (Part 2) "JOKER" Breakdown and Review

After tiptoeing around with non-spoilers when mentioning The Joker in our previous episode, we were finally able to cut loose and give the fans a full deep dive and breakdown of The new DC & Warner Brothers new film Joker staring Juaquin Phoenix. Yes, this is full of spoilers, easter eggs, and hella spoilers. If you havnt seen the movie please note that playing this episode may hinder your full experience and we absolutely suggest that you see the movie, as this is not a worthy substitute.


10: Episode 10 "National Fair"

(00:01:38) Intro - From Cyber Attacks to A near-fatal car crash, nothing could keep a good ninja down. On Today’s episode, Starman opens up about his car accident and his new perspective on life as a result. (00:06:16) - Starman and The Ninjas sum up the near-tragic events with a fun freestyle titled “Honkeys and Them Dulys” (BKG Music - Stevie Ray Vaughn - Lenny) (00:10:13) The Ninjas Give a SPOILER FREE gloss over of their first impressions of DC and Warner Brother’s new film Joker....


9: Episode 9 "Make It Make Sense"

Welcome To the Ninja Please Podcast. Todays Episode we have not one but two special guests. One of them is a surprise the other is a special friend of the show, Silver aka @Feliciahardy aka THE Captain Marvel.Also.. Who is Tamki Black ? Find out ! [into Music] [Sphynx (Lupin the 3rd OST#2)] [opening theme from Yuyu hakusho - Smile Bomb] [ Surugi No Mai - Nujabes (Samurai Champloo OST Impressions)] (00:7:15) Starman Explains the origin of Yuki (00:16:48) Silver and The Ninjas discuss the...


8: Episode 8 Part 2 "Batmayne"

00:00 - Intro - On Today's episode Our Favorite Ninjas celebrate International BATMAN DAY. we start this episode off by giving flowers to the Late great Adam West. Later they shine some light on one of the most slept on Batman Animated shows CW’s “The Batman”. From there The ninjas go down a dark bat cave and explore the ins and outs of Arguably DC’s most infamous character Bruce Wayne aka Batman, his movies, his comics, and his legacy. #Happybatmanday (00:12:36) Black Give a list of top 10...


8: Episode 8 "Digital Love"

(00:04:15) - Intro After the intro the Ninjas Discuss Neo Geo’s Upcoming Holiday Handheld unit with over 20 games. (00:14:04) - In Honor of Batman Day Black announces news of the new Batman/ Fortnite partnership. (00:16:44) - Starman discusses Marvel’s upcoming Infinity Saga (Phase3) Blurry Pack that should arrive in time for the holidays. Also, the Guys discuss Marvel/DIsney’s upcoming Oscar campaign for RDJ and Endgame. (00:27:29) - WuTang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with. Knowing this bit...


7: Episode 7 "Cartoons & Cereal"

This is the episode that might get us Sued … with that being said.. Welcome back to another edition of the Ninja Please Podcast. This is a very Musical episode, very nostalgic and very fun. (00:02:45) Intro - Makyo and Starman dive right in and discuss their experience at the Cinema Grill watching the Justice Space Opera “Iris” . (00:11:48) The Ninjas give an Update to Episode 2 where we discussed the usage of a person likeness, as discuss California’s recent passing of legislation that...


6: Episode 6 "Rave Train"

(00:04:00) - Intro - (musical selection "Sphynx" - Lupin III OST) (00:08:07) - Starman reviews Titans on DC. (Spoiler Alert!!!) (00:26:00) - Black Dishes out the latest online rage with the announcement of a BLACK batman and who that is is, and what that means. (00:37:33) - The Ninjas get amped about the upcoming Crisis on infinite Earths (00:40:32) - Black “Sayjack” quizzes the Superhero knowledge of Starman and Makyo as they attempt to answer "who wins", JLA vs The Boys. (01:09:15) - Makyo...


5: Episode 5 "Circle Circle Dot Dot"

(00:5:00) - INTRO (00:09:50) - The Guys discuss Cosplaying at Halloween and winning contests . We also Give Flowers to all the Cosplayers and especially to our dear friend Mikey Bruener for his immaculate Joker Cosplay (00:15:40) The guys Discuss Dragoncon, announcements, Con stories and what happens late nights at anime and gaming conventions good and bad. (Shout out to Momocon & Anime Weekend Atlanta) (00:26:40) The Guys debate the best Joker Laugh and Starman unveils how Michelle Fifer’s...


4: Episode 4 "His Name is Buddy Lee"

Today is a special episode as the hosts decide to do 1 on 1 interview style. 1st up is Starman and Black as they discuss CBR's List of Top 10 strongest in the Bat-Family. @ (00:27:00) Makyo and Starman Review and Deep. (pun intended) Dive into Amazon Prime's The Boys. Please skip to minute (00:40:23) to avoid spoilers!!! The guys also get into Some Doctor WHO stuff. @ (00:59:40) Black and Starman get into Anime's influence on our music taste. We also take a walk down memory lane to discuss...


3: Episode 3 "Hentai Hot Sauce"

Back again with another hot episode of stories, inappropriate laughs, social commentary, and updates. @ 2:00 the guys discuss Streets sharks vs Biker mice from mars and Mighty max . @ (00:6:00) the guys discuss the Zodiac and the characters we match with based on the actual canonical birthdays. @ (00:19:00) the guys discuss what female characters they align with and at (00:22:00) A live Q & A causes up to decide whether or not we would rather be power puff girls or rogue from the X men @...


2: Episode 2 "Facebucks"

On This episode, we discuss the current hot topic of cryptocurrency, (00:18:30) the latest gossip on the streaming wars and take a deep dive into who's buying our data, and ask the question "Who owns our image and likeness"? (00:6:00) , (00:48:00) Regular show breakdown !!! Today's Guest is SCOS, via Phone.


1: Episode 1 "A Million Dollar Idea"

Hurry!!! We finally did our first podcast. Listen as we discuss the latest animated DC movies "Batman Hush" (00:4:45) , A summer of marvel movies and Great Ideas for Live-action Comic and ANIME adaptations (00:18:10). Today's guest @Shotbygnarlquez Bear with us while we get into a rhythm. it is our first episode...