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Episode 465: Saryta Rodriguez

Jasmin and Mariann discuss Jasmin's new job at The Pollination Project and their frustrations with podcast hosts and media figures they admire who aren't vegan. Mariann interviews author Saryta Rodriguez about their new book, Food Justice: A Primer and the links between food justice, animal rights, and social justice (15:45). Mariann brings us some Rising Anxieties (48:00).


Episode 464.5: We’re Dreaming of a Vegan Jewish Christmas

In celebration of Hanukah, today's super special bonus episode weaves in one of our favorite chats with the Vegan Mos' Michael Suchman, who joined Jasmin Singer way back on episode 2 of the Teaching Jasmin How to Cook Vegan podcast to create the perfect Christmas meal (no matter what you celebrate).


Episode 464: Mark Hawthorne

Jasmin and Mariann discuss an email from a listener about a very difficult situation in Florida involving an invasive species of lionfish who have been displaced into Florida. Mariann interviews author Mark Hawthorne about the 10th anniversary edition of his book, Striking at the Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal Activism (8:30). Mariann brings us some Rising Anxieties (47:23).


Episode 463: Karen Courtemanche, Christine Morrissey, Margo DeMello, and Richard Miron

Jasmin and Mariann talk about Jasmin's recent VegNews article, 5 Foolproof Ways I Cope with Being A Vegan at Thanksgiving. Jasmin talks with Harvest Home Sanctuary's Karen Courtemanche, Christine Morrissey, and Margo DeMello (11:25). Mariann interviews filmmaker Richard Miron about his new film, For The Birds (28:00). Mariann brings us some Rising Anxieties (58:20).


Episode 462.5: Sanctuary, A Radio Play Recorded Live in NYC!

In this very special extra holiday episode of Our Hen House, we are re-releasing this recording of our world-premiere performance of John Yunker's radio play, Sanctuary, recorded live at NYC's Symphony Space during the 2017 Compassion Arts and Culture & Animals Festival! This episode also features an introduction to the play from Our Hen House's John Frusciante and Michael Harren.


Episode 462: Michael Harren and Tracye McQuirter

Jasmin talks with Our Hen House's Michael Harren about the activism he participated in and witnessed at this year's Kaporos ritual in New York City, his long-running podcast, MikeyPod, and his recent book, The Animal Book. Tracye McQuirter, one of our favorite guests, teaches Jasmin how to cook......(26:50). Mariann brings us some Rising Anxieties (52:40)


Episode 461: Katie Gillespie, Steve Spiro, Donna Dennison and Natalie Ford

Jasmin attends an art gallery benefit for START Rescue and talks to president and co-founder Steve Spiro, and gets some inspiration from artists Donna Dennison and Natalie Ford (3:40). Mariann interviews Katie Gillespie about her new book, The Cow with Ear Tag #1389 (15:40). Mariann covers Rising Anxieties (44:50).


Episode 460: Elisa Camahort Page

Mariann and Jasmin talk about fundraising, speaking gigs, and Selene Nelson. Jasmin talks to Elisa Camahort page about her new book, Road Map for Revolutionaries: Resistance, Activism, and Advocacy for All (14:50). Mariann covers Rising Anxieties (1:04:50).


Episode 459: Kristie Sullivan and Paul Bashir

Mariann talks to Kristie Sullivan of Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine about.... her work on California's Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act (SB1249), PCRM's strategy for ending animal testing for all products, and the new technologies for testing that have started to help make inroads into shifting away from animal use in basic scientific research (1:25). Jasmin talks to Paul Bashir from Anonymous for the Voiceless, their powerful street activism, and their Cube of Truth Campaign....


Episode 458: Francesca “Sol” Chaney and Liz Dee

Jasmin and Mariann talk about Mariann's trip to the Animal Law Conference and the ramifications of the recent climate change report. Jasmin talks to Francesca "Sol" Chaney, owner of the Bushwick-based vegan restaurant Sol Sips. (16:35). Mariann covers Rising Anxieties (46:05), and chats with Liz Dee about the exciting things happening at Smarties around Halloween (57:45)


Episode 457: Eric Adams

Jasmin and Mariann cover this week's news stories. Jasmin talks to Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams about his journey to veganism, the incredible initiatives he is implementing to promote healthier diets in schools, hospitals, and religious institutions and why the American public's unhealthy diet makes him "angry every day." (11:45). Mariann covers Rising Anxieties (39:00).


Episode 456: Earthling Ed

Jasmin and Mariann discuss Jasmin's observations from the Reducetarian Summit. Jasmin talks to Earthling Ed about strategies for being a "pro-positive" activist, his new grassroots organization Surge, his film The Land of Hope and Glory, and how he became so good at talking to people on the street about veganism (13:25). And as always, News (51:33) and Rising Anxieties (59:42).


Episode 455: Jacy Reese

Jasmin and Mariann discuss an inspiring and important exchange about animal rights between Jasmin and Elisa Camahort-Page at a recent book launch event. Mariann talks to Jacy Reese about his new book, The End of Animal Farming (16:30). And as always, News (56:45) and Rising Anxieties (1:01:20).


Episode 454: John Yunker

Jasmin gives us an exclusive report from the Mercy For Animals Hidden Heroes Gala featuring interviews with Alicia Silverstone, Emily Deschanel, Elliot Knight, Evanna Lynch, and Maggie Q (2:45). Jasmin talks to author John Yunker about his new anthology Writing For Animals (13:45). And as always, News (57:36) and Rising Anxieties (1:03:08).


Episode 453: Rachel Atcheson, Daniel Staackmann and Nicole Sopko

Jasmin and Mariann continue their ongoing discussion about the connotations of the word "vegan." Mariann interviews Rachel Atcheson about how she is helping Brooklyn Borough president Eric Adams promote plant-based initiatives in New York (16:45). Jasmin visits Upton's Breakroom in Chicago to chat with Daniel Staackmann and Nicole Sopko from Upton's Naturals (1:00:25). And as always, News (54:20) and Rising Anxieties (1:21:15).


Episode 452: Carol J. Adams & Ginny Messina

Jasmin and Mariann talk about the recent NYC premiere of the documentary The End of Meat (featuring Mariann!), and Gene Baur's recent appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Jasmin interviews Carol J. Adams and Ginny Messina about their new book, Protest Kitchen: Fight Injustice, Save the Planet, and Fuel Your Resistance One Meal at a Time(14:33). We also have a special dedication and, as always, News (58:00) and Rising Anxieties (1:03:40).


Episode 451: Brenna Taylor

Jasmin and Mariann talk about the challenges of highlighting animal issues on social media. Mariann interviews Brenna Taylor of Seattle Food Tech about their plant-based alternative to chicken nuggets and their work to get these products to the market (10:45). And as always, News (45:32) and Rising Anxieties (52:15).


Episode 450: Rachel Krantz

Jasmin and Mariann discuss the definitions of the word vegan and the freeing of Animal Crackers. Jasmin talks to Rachel Krantz of Mercy For Animals about strategies for using the shifting media landscape to promote veganism (22:14). And as always, News (1:02:35) and Rising Anxieties (1:09:40).


Episode 449: Leah Garces

Jasmin and Mariann discuss Toronto's "Vegandale." Mariann talks to Leah Garces of Compassion in World Farming and Mercy for Animals about the future of factory farming and the Plants For A Change campaign (18:25). And as always, News (58:55) and Rising Anxieties (1:07:58).


Episode 448: Best Of Undercover Investigations with Liz Pachaud, Timothy Pachirat, and TJ Tumasse

We revisit some of our favorite Our Hen House interviews with undercover investigators. Liz Pachaud on her experiences on factory farms around the U.S. and some tips for anyone interested in becoming undercover investigators themselves (3:10). Timothy Pachirat on what it was like working inside a slaughterhouse where 2,500 cows were killed per day–one every twelve seconds (38:31). TJ Tumasse on his many years of undercover factory farm work as well as his efforts heading up undercover...