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This is the podcast where we talk about the things going on in the world and share our opinions without worrying about political correctness.

This is the podcast where we talk about the things going on in the world and share our opinions without worrying about political correctness.


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This is the podcast where we talk about the things going on in the world and share our opinions without worrying about political correctness.




Season 2: Episode 27

In this episode we discuss: · Reflections ahead of our upcoming 1-year anniversary. · Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin make history today! · Why do so many people not like Bezos? · Would we pay to go on a flight to space? · Junior says that he thought Space Jam was better than Black Widow. · Is it wrong to have strong Male movie characters these days? · Remember the movie Showdown in Little Tokyo? · Equality in the military. · Russia has hyper sonic missiles?! · Crime in US cities is...


Season 2: Episode 26

In this episode we discuss: · Back from a little break. · Junior is back from Puerto Rico. · Driving in Puerto Rico is no joke. · A quick recap of Junior’s adventure. · Shout out to Bebo’s Café in San Juan. · Mask usage was very high on the island. · Shout out to La Nueva Pasteleria coffee shop in Ponce. · Now the White House is concerned with gun violence. · NYC and Chicago streets are more dangerous than ever. · Congrats to Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic! · What happened to...


Season 2: Episode 25

In this episode we discuss: · Its that time of year for High School Graduations. · We tried to take a break from the news… but they keep us coming back. · “In the Heights” was a good movie but creator getting backlash on casting. · Rita Moreno supports Lin Manuel Miranda, but gets her own backlash then apologizes! · Latino’s must stand up for each other if we want to see major change. · We take a closer look at the subject of race within the Latino community. · We discuss critical...


Season 2: Episode 24 - 2021 Top Instagram Models!

This is the special Top Instagram Model review episode! We share our picks for the top Instagram Models for 2021. Grab a drink and open your Instagram page and let us know if you agree with our choices! First we discuss: · The boys talk about how things are a bit hectic moving into the summer · “Raiders of the Lost Ark” turns 40! · Denmark’s Christian Eriksen suffers cardiac arrest during Euro 2020 Opener. · $28M to buy a ticket on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket ship. A bargain! ·...


Season 2: Episode 23 - Interview with Entrepreneur and Veteran, Stephen Nalley

In this episode: We speak with Stephen Nalley, author of the new book “Relentless Pursuit – The Foundation and Principles that WINNERS are built on!” Stephen is the Founder and Managing Partner of Black Briar Hotel Group and Black Briar Advisors. In addition to being a Business Magnate and Entrepreneur, Stephen is also a Veteran, and Mentor. Stephen shares his “cheat code” for success and explains how anybody can do the same thing if they follow his advice. You can buy the book and find...


Season 2: Episode 22

In this episode we discuss: · The boys have been dealing with some stuff at home. · Captain’s legs need sun and Junior hates getting older. · Living in the post vaccine world. · Summer of madness on tap for 2021? · Israel / Palestinian conflicts erupting across the country. · Hoping for no more police incidents this year. · Leave Dua Lipa and Gal Godot alone. · The troubles in the Middle East. · Immigration issues between Morocco and Spain. · The fall of Chrissy Teigen. · Pete...


Season 2: Episode 21

Sorry for the delay in this latest episode, but sometimes life happens. We love our fans and you can expect episodes to keep coming as usual. In this episode we discuss: · The country is slowly opening up again. · Matthew Perry trying to hook up on Raya gets blasted. That’s not cool. · Ben Affleck also gets blasted. But he needs to work on his game. · Junior and Captain try out Raya and hit the jackpot! · Quick movie review for “Tenet”. · The boys ponder what its like to live off a...


Season 2: Episode 20: Interview with Justn Ist, author of "Un-Corrected"

In this episode we discuss: · Captain’s 8 year project. · Junior hurt his back again playing handball. · Are people beginning to see the issues with “Wokeness”? · We speak with author Justn Ist about his new book “Uncorrected – A Good Man’s Struggle Against Political Correctness Run Amok”. This is a very funny book about a man trying turn his manuscript into a movie while satisfying the demands of today’s “woke” culture. · Justn shares his experience writing the book and talks about how...


Season 2: Episode 19

In this episode we discuss: · It’s fucking Friday, bitches! · We’re working on some more guests for the show. · Reflection on Wrestlemania. · Shout out to the Female Champions: Raquel Gonzalez, Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley: https://i2.wp.com/celebjar.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/WWE-Bianca-Belair-Rhea-Ripley-and-Raquel-Gonzalez-Womens-Champion-04-16-2021-1.jpg?ssl=1 · Congrats to Nomadland for winning Best Picture and Frances McDormand for winning Best Actress at the Oscars. ·...


Season 2: Episode 18 - Derek Chauvin trial verdict discussion with guest host, Mars Cowboy

In this episode we discuss: · Junior finally got his first Covid vaccine shot · RIP Shock G · Junior revisits his New Year resolution progress, or lack thereof · We welcome a call-in guest. One of our fans, Mars Cowboy, joins the discussion. · Tonight we dive into the Derek Chauvin verdict. · Virginia Tech soccer player benched for not kneeling. · Happy Birthday to Emma Watson. · Is Zac Efron following the Mickey Rourke beauty regimen? · Captain shares another gender reveal gone...


Season 2: Episode 17

In this episode we discuss: · Lots of shootings being reported in the news · Adam Toledo 13 Year old in March - Chicago · Daunte Wright shot instead of tased - Minneapolis · We discuss the challenges of modern policing and ideas for improvement · Is there a Mental Health support issue in the US? Check this out: https://www.thenationalcouncil.org/press-releases/new-study-reveals-lack-of-access-as-root-cause-for-mental-health-crisis-in-america/ · Joe Buck to become the next host of...


Season 2: Episode 16

In this episode we discuss: · RIP DMX. · Remembering the impact of DMX’s music. · Join us on the Clubhouse app on Thursday, April 15th @ 9pm EST when we talk about the all time best Freestyle music tracks! Have an Apple iPhone or iPad? Join us by visiting: www.joinclubhouse.com/event/m22Gb5l1 · Email as info@outofthecavepodcast.comif you want an invite to Clubhouse. · Freestyle music’s enduring popularity. · Remember boom boxes? Captain tells us about his. · Junior remembers his...


Season 2: Episode 15

In this episode we discuss: · Happy Easter! · We revisit the challenges of how the media handles stories about race. · Charles Barkley speaks his mind about how politicians use race to maintain their grip on money and power. · New study cites AOC as least effective member of U.S. Congress. · Why Junior and Captain would never enter the political scene. · Lil Nas X drops the Satan sneakers. · Christianity still under attack. · Paige Spiranac not taken seriously because of her looks...


Season 2: Episode 14

In this episode we discuss: · Junior and Captain discuss how Salma Hayek’s instagram account is blowing up. · Junior adds to new members to the Actresses who still look amazing squad: Monica Belluci and Carla Gugino. · Junior and Captain have a serious discussion around race. · Scarlett Johansson on politics and work. · Joe Biden’s first press conference. · Mika the monkey? · Do voters have some kind of Biden remorse yet? · Here is the link for the Joe Biden stairs...


Season 2: Episode 13

In this episode we discuss: · RIP Marvin Hagler · Brandun Lee is an exciting young boxer. Check out his knockout below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqL3scua3g4 · Shootings in Atlanta leaves 8 people dead. Was it really racially motivated? · Sharon Osbourne in trouble thanks to defense of Piers Morgan. · Honest conversations about racism still aren’t happening. · President Megan Markle? · The US Border crisis is real and the government is playing games. · Spring is in the air and...


Season 2: Episode 12

In this episode we discuss: · Junior still hasn’t gotten his vaccination. · President Biden’s 1staddress to the nation. · The new Walker Texas Ranger reboot kind of sucks. · CW shows have become cookie cutter, with some exceptions. · Another look at Superman and Lois. · Yet another accurse comes forward against NY State Governor Cuomo. · 10 out of 19 NY Congressional District representatives calling for his resignation. · Captain shares his ideas to help with the border crisis. · Is...


Season 2: Episode 11

In this episode we discuss: · The new Superman and Lois show. · Why the Captain loves the show Bridgerton. · Should Junior get the J&J vaccine shot if it’s offered to him? · Reminiscing about free government cheese. · BIPOC , Latinx, what’s it all mean? · “Biden let us in”. · More accusers surface against NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo. · NY Senator proposing Sex Education courses for children as young as kindergarten. · President Biden cut-off before he could answer questions on virtual...


Season 2: Episode 10

In this episode we discuss: · Pre-gaming is not as easy as it used to be. · NYC Mayor Deblasio decided to cancel Trump’s contract on city ice rinks and leaves citizens out in the cold. · NYS Governor Cuomo continues to fall from grace but where is the outrage? · As the government spends billions of dollars, why can’t we fix infrastructure as promised? · Bronx, NY Educator was demoted and fired for not performing Wakanda salute. · A California Mom’s kids were expelled from Catholic...


Season 2: Episode 9

In this episode we discuss: · Howard Stern show in today’s market. · Junior makes his formal apology. · Thanks again to Harvey Castellano for joining the show last week. · Congrats to Kayla Gomez from Cincinnati, Ohio! Our first t-shirt winner! · Snowy weather in NY and across the US. · Snowblowers: Gas or Electric? · Texas struggling to survive after losing power for days. · Jane Seymour added to Captain’s list of best looking mature actresses. · Embracing body positive Instagram...


Season 2: Episode 8 *Read the show notes*

**Note to our fans**- Please excuse the audio quality in this episode. Junior messed up the equipment, but we didn’t want to skip this week’s show. Don’t worry, Captain made sure to give him a really hard time and he probably will never hear the end of it In this episode we discuss: · Junior and the Captain add Matthew McConaughey to the fantasy crew. · Super Bowl reactions and congratulations to Buccaneers! · Junior and Captain talk about their Super Bowl pool results. · Tom Brady has...