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Paper Tease: Perspective – October Session (PT155)

Alex and Nick have another Paper Tease session and give feedback on five of your TV pilot teasers. Plus, we share some big Austin Film Festival news and we reveal the date of our next live event! Announcements 1 - Paper Team will be at the Austin Film Festival! It all happens Saturday, October 26. Nick's panel "Breaking into TV" will be at 10:45AM at the Driskill's Citadel Room. Alex's panel "Structuring a Series" will be at 3PM at the Driskill's Maximilian Room. We'll also be having a Paper...


Writing Classic Multicams to Cable Darlings ft. Dan O’Keefe (Seinfeld/Veep) (PT154)

Alex and Nick invite Dan O’Keefe, writer on Silicon Valley, Veep, and Final Space, to talk about his experience writing on classic multicams, late-night comedy, and half-hour cable darlings. What are the differences working on single-cam and multi-cam? How do you keep a consistent career in comedy writing? What is it like working on a serialized half-hour? How do you tackle the politics of late-night and comedy rooms? What is some advice for pitching and selling shows? The Paper Team...


Mindfulness, TV Musicals, and Development Hell – Paper Scraps Monthly (PT153)

Alex and Nick answer your TV writing questions about short-form content, musical scripts and the importance of mindfulness. Plus, we tackle some of the TV writing news of the past month, including thoughts on writers' rooms development hell, pay disparities, and a potential spec renaissance. Content Shout-outs and Austin Film Festival (00:35) Audience Questions: Short-form content, TV musicals, and mindfulness (02:08) TV Writing News: Pay disparity, WGA emails, specs, and development hell...


From Comic-Book Adaptations to Action-Driven Content ft. Sue Chung (Agent Carter/The Brave) (PT152)

Alex and Nick invite Sue Chung, writer on Agent Carter, The Brave, and The Red Line, to discuss her experiences working on TV dramas, including comic-book adaptations, limited series, and action-driven content. What are ways of handling that first week in the writers' room? What was the writing process for Agent Carter and The Brave? How did The Red Line approach representation and social issues? What are differences writing on a limited series over an ongoing show? How was the experience of...


Paper Tease Returns – September Session (PT151)

Alex and Nick renew their popular Paper Tease session and give feedback on five of your TV pilot teasers. Paper Tease Entries "Princi-pal" by Michael Hager "Black Market Freelancer" by David Crosman "The Psychics" by Varta Torossian "F.M.A.C." by Ahmed Aki Aslan "Leopold: The Lost Elephant" by Jordan Sandfer Want to get feedback on the teaser of your TV pilot in an upcoming Paper Tease session? Find all the information you need at If you enjoyed this episode and...


The Paper Team 150th Episode Special (PT150)

Alex and Nick mark one hundred and fifty episodes of Paper Team with an incredible celebration all about your favorite moments from the podcast and new advice from past guests. Which favorite episodes and iconic moments have our listeners and guests chosen? How are writers staying at the top of their craft? What are the records Paper Team has shattered over a hundred and fifty episodes? We also feature updates and fresh insight from several of our TV writer friends, including: Liz Alper,...


Impostor Syndrome, Staffing Submissions and Commercials – Paper Scraps Monthly (PT149)

Alex and Nick discuss the latest TV writing news on staffing submissions, and answer your TV writing questions about career obstacles, spec scripts, and how valuable ideas actually are. Plus, we announce an upcoming Paper Team travel. Reminder Paper Tease is back! If you'd like a chance to get feedback on the teaser of your TV pilot, you can now submit it at NOTE: We'll actually be off next week for Labor Day, but we'll return on Monday, September 9 for our...


Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your TV Scripts (PT148)

Alex and Nick discuss the many common mistakes to avoid in your TV scripts. From structure and character to dialogue and formatting, we go over the frequent problems we've encountered, and our advice on fixing them. Content 1 - Before the draft (01:41) 2 - Macro mistakes: structure, acts, stories (13:54) 3 - Micro mistakes: scenes, dialogue, prose (28:37) 4 - On the page (42:07) If you enjoyed this episode and others, please consider supporting us on Patreon at! :)...


Paper Team Mentorship IV – Staffing Update With Paul (PT147)

Alex and Nick catch up with their first mentee Paul Chang, recently staffed on a Disney animated series, to hear about what he's been up to and get his perspective on being a new staff writer in television. How do you prepare yourself for staffing opportunities? How do gauge which representation is right for you? Why is it important to celebrate all the wins? How do you deal with imposter's syndrome? How do you stay present and useful in the writers' room? Links Paul Chang on Twitter Paper...


TV Business Resources We Use (PT146)

Alex and Nick share the many TV business resources they use for networking, meetings, contact management, writing news, and everything to navigate the television industry. We go over our personal recommendations we've used over the years, and why they matter to us. Content 1 - Books (00:42) 2 - Apps/Software (11:34) 3 - Hardware/Tools (28:57) 4 - Websites (35:39) 5 - Podcasts (55:23) Links "Small Screen, Big Picture" - Chad Gervich "How to Manage Your Agent" - Gervich Chad "Hollywood Game...


Paper Scraps Monthly – Branding Samples, Manager Opinions, and OTTs (PT145)

Alex and Nick look at the latest TV writing news and answer your questions about classes, branding yourself as a nascent writer, and advice about managers. Plus, we announce the return of a fan-favorite segment and we need your help for a very special episode. Announcements 1 - Paper Tease is back! If you'd like a chance to get feedback on the teaser of your TV pilot, you can now submit it at 2 - We need your help for our 150th episode! Do you have a favorite Paper...


Writing Heroes and Breaking Genres ft. Tamara Becher-Wilkinson (Doom Patrol/Daredevil) (PT144)

Alex and Nick invite Tamara Becher-Wilkinson, writer and co-executive producer on Doom Patrol and Daredevil, to discuss her writing process, breaking stories across different genres, and her experiences in the writers' room. What are ways of overcoming procrastination and imposter's syndrome? How can you stay creatively fulfilled while working across multiple genres? What has the experience been working on both DC and Marvel properties? What was the writers' room of Doom Patrol like? Why...


Comedy v. Drama II: Blurred Lines (PT143)

Alex and Nick revisit the topic of one of their seminal episodes: Comedy versus Drama. Should you still declare a major in the age of dramedies and blurred formats? Are boundaries and page-count still relevant as a TV writer? How should you approach staffing and your writing samples in today's era? Content 1 - What we covered three years ago and what prompted this episode (00:33) 2 - How these blurred lines have affected TV staffing and the industry (11:52) 3 - How this evolution has...


How to Take Feedback (PT142)

Alex and Nick discuss how to take feedback in your TV writing. Whether you're on staff or working on your own projects, why and how should you take notes, and when should you say no? Why is it important to be malleable with your TV scripts? What are the differences in approaching notes as a staff writer and with your own material? How do you deconstruct feedback and understand what needs to be fixed? How should you take a note? When is it worth saying no? How do you reject a note? Content 1...


Performing In and Out of the Writers’ Room ft. Charla Lauriston (Hoops/People of Earth) (PT141)

Alex and Nick welcome Charla Lauriston, writer on Hoops, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and People of Earth, to discuss pitching in the writers' room and working as a stand-up comedian. How can you be effective in a writers' room? Should you gauge your own pitches? How does stand-up translates to TV writing? What is the process of writing a comedy routine? How do you sustain a TV writing career beyond that first job? The Paper Team is a laugh riot... Content Performing In and Out of the Comedy...


Paper Scraps Monthly – Records, Routine, and Resolution (PT140)

Alex and Nick answer your questions about writing routine, episode formats, and international writing education. Plus, we give our thoughts on the latest TV writing news, including The Good Place's final season and the UTA/Paradigm rumors. Content Records, shout-outs and reviews (00:28) Audience Questions: international writers, music routine, formats, experience (07:39) TV Writing News: The Good Place and UTA/Paradigm (25:09) Links Should You Pay for TV Writing Education? (PT19) TV Writing...


TV Writing Resources We Use (PT139)

Alex and Nick share the TV writing resources they use for the screenwriting craft, from books, websites, and podcasts, to apps, tools, and hardware. We go over some of our personal recommendations we've discussed over the years, and why they matter to us. Content 1 - Books (00:30) 2 - Finding Scripts (11:05) 3 - Apps/Software (14:19) 4 - Hardware/Tools (19:08) 5 - Websites (25:46) 6 - Podcasts (34:55) 7 - Miscellaneous (39:06) Links "The Cheeky Monkey" - Tim Ferguson "Writing the TV Drama...


Paper Team Mentorship III – “Mid-Death Crisis” Outline (PT138)

Alex and Nick advance in their Paper Team Mentorship with winner Paul Chang, and his comedy pilot MID-DEATH CRISIS. Step three: an outline of the pilot episode, with every act broken down scene-by-scene. We answer some feedback and discuss our thoughts on the outline live. Content Updates and listeners' thoughts on the second mentorship episode (00:37) Discussion of the "Mid-Death Crisis" outline (07:24) Links "Mid-Death Crisis" outline Paper Team Mentorship I – "Mid-Death Crisis" Overview...


Fox Writers Lab ft. Moira Griffin – Inside the TV Writing Programs (PT137)

Alex and Nick return to their "Inside the TV Writing Program" series – a deep dive into what goes on inside every major TV writing program from the decision makers themselves. Our fifth part takes a look at the Fox Writers Lab, with Moira Griffin, who oversees the program as Executive Director of Production and Creative Labs for 21st Century Fox. We discuss everything, from the latest update about the program and its application process, to what they focus on in scripts, loglines, and what...


Paper Scraps Monthly – Similar Ideas, Quality of Dialogue, and Staffing Opportunities (PT136)

Alex and Nick answer audience questions about similar premises, quality of dialogue, and cultural experiences. Plus, we catch up on some of the TV writing news from the past few weeks, including a discussion on staffing opportunities, Netflix and Disney. Content Shout-outs (00:24) Audience Questions: Similar ideas, quality of dialogue, cultural experience, animation (02:46) TV Writing News: Staffing opportunities, Netflix and Disney (20:29) Links "To Live & Dialogue in LA" podcast...