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Sharing news, tips and tricks and treats from Walt Disney World and beyond.




Disney Dining Drop! All the news you can handle on the Park Hopper Daily Interviews! 9/16/21

Greetings friend, and welcome to the Season 2 premier of the Park Hopper Daily interviews. This is show number 16 for Thursday, September 16, 2021, and on today’s episode we are deep diving into all the Disney drops from the past few days! Dining, parties, menus- oh my! From Steakhouse 71 (RIP in peace The Wave) to Space 220 (with it’s not quite out of this world menu), from dinner packages and dessert parties and even the return of fireworks cruises- Bob Chapek is hard at work as always trying to figure out new and improved ways of pocketing […]


Season 2 Premier! Park Hopper Daily, On Monday. 9/13/21



Weekly Newscast for June 24, 2021

A new baby comes to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom will get the Disney “Enchantment” this fall with “Harmonious” debuting at EPCOT. “Disney Kite Tails” will also have a fall opening at Animal Kingdom, Boo Bash tickets continue to sell out, the OC Register is reporting that Disneyland has only hired back half its pre-pandemic cast members and Disney releases a first look at the new rooms at the Contemporary, which have an incredible new theme. All that and more is coming your way in this week’s edition of Park Hopper Daily’s weekly newscast. I’m your host, Anita Boyer.


The 19 Hour and 16 Minute Disney Trip!

Anita and Joe took the four parks challenge to the next level, and did it all in one day! And by all, we mean they left their apartment in Hampton Bays, NY and flew to Orlando, went to all four parks, and then flew home THAT NIGHT! Whew! Get the full play-by-play and all of your questions answered on this episode of the Park Hopper Daily Interviews!


Weekly Newscast for June 17, 2021

Noodlegate, 20 hour trip, to mask or not to mask!? All this and more on this week’s newscast!


Four Seasons Orlando Resort Review! June 1, 2021

Kathryn and Gavin got to stay at the Four Seasons Orlando (JEALOUS!) and Kathryn dishes on all the details!


One Magical Disney Day! Park Hopper Daily Interviews for Monday, June 14, 2021.

Anita & Joe have oft joked about taking an early flight to Disney and coming home the same day… but will they actually do it!? Tune in to find out!


Skilletgate, Noodlegate, Ohanagate; whatever you want to call it, these foodies are scared for the future of Disney Dining.



Virtual Queues, Avengers Campus Opening, Disneyland for Out-Of-State-Guests, Trader Sam’s Bodega and more! On the Park Hopper Daily, Weekly Newscast (5/27/21)



To pack it, or not to pack it, that is the question! Park Hopper Daily Interviews for May 24, 2021

Greetings friend, and welcome to the Park Hopper Daily interviews. This is show number 14 for Monday, May 24, 2021, and on today’s episode we unpack one of the most difficult parts of any Disney journey… what to shove in that suitcase for the trip. Travelers, breathe in that Disney magic and exhale your worries and your doubts because like the outfits in your soon to be perfectly packed parcels- we’ve got you covered! Join Kathryn and Anita as they talk biggest mistakes and misconceptions about what to bring, their weirdest essential items and all the pro tips, this […]