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Mary Payne Gilbert can’t stop listening to podcasts and she can’t stop talking about podcasts. Now she's sharing her obsession with you. On Payne in the Pod, Mary Payne talks to podcasters about their shows, the stories they love to tell, and the personal insanity of being a podcaster.

Mary Payne Gilbert can’t stop listening to podcasts and she can’t stop talking about podcasts. Now she's sharing her obsession with you. On Payne in the Pod, Mary Payne talks to podcasters about their shows, the stories they love to tell, and the personal insanity of being a podcaster.
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Mary Payne Gilbert can’t stop listening to podcasts and she can’t stop talking about podcasts. Now she's sharing her obsession with you. On Payne in the Pod, Mary Payne talks to podcasters about their shows, the stories they love to tell, and the personal insanity of being a podcaster.






Policing Around America

Mary Payne welcomes actor Doug Budin back for another Payne in the Pod episode as they review and discuss Dan Taberski’s newest podcast Running From Cops. Running from Cops is about the longest-running reality TV show in America, COPS. Dan investigates the show and the impact it has had on police culture across American towns and cities. Mary Payne and Doug ponder who really has the final say when it comes to what happens to some individuals on the show. Who holds the most power the actual...


These Things Happened, Then They Moved

The Clearing is a podcast that covers the story of a woman who put the pieces together and figured out her father was a serial killer. Forty-year-old April Balascio uncovered several stories, put the pieces together of her childhood and realized her father, Edward Wayne Edwards, was a serial killer. In 2009, she turned him in to the cops and didn’t talk to anyone about the story until 2016. The Clearing podcast host, Josh Dean who is also a journalist and author, joins Mary Payne and...


Magic Shows, Cub Petting, and Murder

The story told on the podcast Over My Dead Body: Joe Exotic is a story so crazy it is hard to believe that it is real. In this episode of Payne in the Pod, host Robert Moor, joins Mary Payne. Joe Exotic is a gay polygamous zookeeper in rural Oklahoma who bred and rescued lions, tigers, ligers, and exotic big cats. He traveled with these big cats and put on shows where he would charge visitors to pet the baby cubs. Carole Baskin, the owner of a big cat sanctuary in Florida, became one of his...


Connecting With Strangers

An unidentified man who went by the name Sixty-Six Garage had been kept alive via life support in a nursing home for 15 years when Joanne Faryon learned about him. Her podcast, Room 20, covers her time with him. After her mother’s death, LA Times’ investigative journalist and reporter, Joanne, began reporting about end-of-life topics. During that time, she was researching the number of people that were kept alive in a vegetative state which is what brought her to the nursing home that...


OJ Simpson Story Being Confronted

More than twenty years since the death of her brother, Confronting: OJ Simpson podcast host, Kim Goldman sits down with Mary Payne to chat about her experience. If you were alive in 1995, it is likely that you, at some point, caught a glimpse or heard bits and pieces about OJ Simpson’s murder trial. OJ Simpson was accused of killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. Twenty-four years later, Ron’s sister, Kim Goldman, has finally decided to talk about the trial and...


Sleepless Nights Thanks To True Crime

Scott Benjamin, host of true crime podcast, Insomniac, shares with Mary Payne the stories behind his sleepless nights. With so many true crime podcasts to listen to, have you ever wondered how the hosts mentally handle the dark, twisted, and sometimes gruesome stories themselves? For Insomniac host, Scott Benjamin, it has not been an easy experience. Mary Payne is joined by Scott and his producer Matt Frederick, on this episode of Payne in the Pod. Scott has always had an interest in all...


Unsolved Crimes & Stories With No Ending

Hosted by Michael Whelan, Unresolved is a podcast that focuses on many unsolved murder cases and stories that have no ending. Many crimes take place and are never solved, or lack an ending. Unresolved is a podcast that focuses on many of these unsolved cases. Mary Payne is joined by Unresolved host Michael Whelan in this episode. Micheal has been interested in unsolved mysteries his entire life and decided to begin sharing them in a podcast format four years ago after following the Golden...


Introducing Imagined Life Season Two

What is it like to be famous before you’re famous? What is it like to walk in the shoes of another person? Each episode of Imagined Life takes you on an immersive journey into the life of a world-famous person. It’ll be someone you may think you know, even admire -- or maybe the opposite. You’ll get clues to your identity along the way. But only in the final moments will you find out who “you” really are. So sit back, let go, and -- imagine your life, with our hosts, Oscar-nominated Virginia...


Who’s Who of the Best Creeps

In this episode, Mary Payne has a lively chat with Margo and Sonia, hosts of the podcasts, What a Creep and Dorking Out. What a Creep is a podcast that highlights a different creep in every episode – both male and female. Each episode, Margo and Sonia discuss the “who’s who” of the worst, sharing stories of those of the past and of the present. It is not entirely all about creeps though; at the end of each episode, Margo and Sonia, look at the other side and highlight an individual who is...


Anthony Lario’s Breaking News Announcement

Mary Payne is joined by Anthony Lario of Tony’s Tea Corner on this episode. Tony’s Tea Corner is an entertainment podcast about pop-culture and some of Bravo’s TV shows. He’s known to “keep it real” on his podcast where he discusses several of the Bravolebrities and their lives. Anthony shares with Mary Payne why he has decided to step back from having Housewives stars on his show. Breaking News!! Anthony has been keeping a secret from all of his Tony’s Tea Corner listeners and fans. He...


The “Mansion Murders” on 22 Hours

Mary Payne along with 22 Hours podcast hosts, Megan and Jack, discuss a horrific crime that took place when the Savopolous family was murdered. In 2015, DC power couple, Savvas and Amy Savopolous were murdered in their home along with their son and housekeeper. In 2018, a previous employee of Savvas’ company, Daron Wint, was found convicted of the murders. Megan Cloherty and Jack Moore, two reporters for 103.5 WTOP-FM, followed the murder case from start to finish through the digital...


A Date with Dateline and Catchphrases

Mary Payne is joined by Katie and Kimberly from A Date with Dateline, for her 50th episode! A Date with Dateline is a podcast that recaps each week’s episode of Dateline. They talk about the funny parts of each episode and the interesting people that are involved. Kimberly divulges about her favorite host, while Katie refuses to pick a favorite and it is all due to a previous episode of Dateline. Kimberly and Katie share with Mary Payne the hilarious nicknames they’ve created for the TV show...


Theorizing Missing Richard Simmons with Doug Budin

Mary Payne is throwing everyone for a loop in this episode. Instead of talking to the host of a podcast, Mary Payne recommended a podcast to actor, writer, and Jeff Lewis Live co-host, Doug Budin. Mary Payne and Doug discuss the Missing Richard Simmons podcast hosted by filmmaker and investigative journalist Dan Taberski. Richard Simmons Goes Missing One day fitness guru Richard Simmons completely disappeared from the public eye and has not been seen, and hardly heard from since. Podcast...


Best Neighbors Take on New York City

Erin and Margo are best friends and hosts of the Best Neighbors podcast are Mary Payne’s guests for this episode. These two friends live in New York City and their podcast is all about the neighborhood Kiki(a social gathering, a chat) in NYC, reality tv and pop culture. Bosses of Southern Charm Mary Payne and the two discuss Southern Charm, a popular show on Bravo. They talk about the southern gothic mentality that surrounds the show as well as how the women on the show are working it and...


Celebrity Hunting in New York City

Ever had a celebrity run-in? If you haven’t, have you wondered what it is like and where to find celebrities in New York City? Well, then the Out in the Wild podcast is for you. Out in the Wild hosts Jess and David are Mary Payne’s guests for this episode. They share with Mary Payne how an idea for a book prompted them to start the podcast after just meeting with each other two times. They live in New York City and have had a number of celebrity and Bravolebrity friends and run-ins, so why...


Getting Crazy With Reality Cray Cray

Mary Payne visits with Kim and Kyle, hosts of the podcasts Reality Cray Cray and 90 Day Fiance Cray Cray. Reality Cray Cray covers all of the 90 Day Fiance episodes as well as Love/Life After Lock-Up. The banter that takes place between hosts, friends Kim and Kyle, makes for a highly entertaining the podcast, especially since Kyle is a straight man who has a love/hate relationship with reality TV. Kim and Kyle share some of their run-ins with cast members, some of which have been cordial...


Zodiac - A Cold Case for the Ages

The Zodiac Killer is one of the most notorious serial killers of all time. The podcast Monster: The Zodiac Killer explores all aspects of the Zodiac Killer case; the ins and outs of each killing, suspects, dates, and story followers. Mary Payne sits down with podcast host, Matt Frederick, who shares what first drew him to the Zodiac case and an obsession that came with it once he started looking into it. He tells Mary Payne about the attraction of getting involved in a case that showcased a...


Ranting Through Hollywood Gossip

Everyone likes a little Hollywood gossip and that is just what the podcast Grants Rants Hollywood Talk focuses on, the latest stories in Hollywood. Mary Payne sits down with Grant Rutter in this episode. When Grant got started with his ranting in 2015, Youtube was saturated with others doing the same so he decided to start on the podcast platform. Since then, Grants Rants Hollywood Talk has become a widely popular podcast show. Each week he has a different guest on who acts more like a...


Trashy Divorces Make For Amazing Stories

Celebrities and public figures get divorced all of the time, but how many of us really know the whole story behind the divorces? The podcast, Trashy Divorces, focuses on public divorces and how trashy and scandalous they really can be. Married couple and podcast hosts, Alicia and Stacie, visit with Mary Payne in this episode. Britney Spears, Elizabeth Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, Charlie Sheen, and The Royals are just some of the famous divorces Alicia and Stacie have discussed on their podcast....


Going Cold in Texas

Who doesn’t enjoy a good Texan true crime story? Gone Cold is a podcast that highlights cold cases from the State of Texas. Mary Payne is joined by one of the show's hosts, Vince, who reveals that this podcast is unlike most true crime podcasts: they highlight the life of the lost and/or missing as much as possible, rather than the suspect or offender. Vince shares how they choose which stories to honor and how each host has specific responsibilities for producing the episodes. A case in one...