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Join host Ryan Ouellette as he discusses the professional body piercing industry with friends and colleagues. Ryan Ouellette is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers with 20 years of experience in the field. He is an international safety and technique instructor and is always up for a good industry talk.

Join host Ryan Ouellette as he discusses the professional body piercing industry with friends and colleagues. Ryan Ouellette is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers with 20 years of experience in the field. He is an international safety and technique instructor and is always up for a good industry talk.


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Join host Ryan Ouellette as he discusses the professional body piercing industry with friends and colleagues. Ryan Ouellette is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers with 20 years of experience in the field. He is an international safety and technique instructor and is always up for a good industry talk.




177 - Stuart Hofman - APP Benelux

Stuart Hoffmann comes on the show to talk about the APP Benelux, a new piercing organization in Europe. We discuss how a group of piercers in lockdown started with talks about reopening protocols and eventually decided to start a new local association together. Visit www.appbenelux.org for more information. Visit www.patreon.com/ryanpba for on-demand educational content for piercers. The arch-mage tier gives you instant access to a dozen presentations on various subjects including nipple...

176 - Pandemic Communication Anxiety & Online Side Projects

This week Lola and Ryan talk about how we communicate online, particularly during a pandemic. As we all slowly descend into trauma induced anxiety and exhaustion we can start to lose focus on our communication skills. We can also feel a blur between the internet and reality as so much of our interactions are now online. We have a casual talk about maintaining healthy and professional communication skills. Lola also talks with piercer Kelly Carvara about balancing your personal and...


175 - How much work goes into not working

Lola Slider is back as co host this week. We talk about how much work goes into not working. Lola is currently on her third lockdown but still puts in work every day. We discuss the Prince Albert class Lola is planning for January 24th 2021, as well pay models for piercers, setting boundaries for office hours, and a great social media video Lola made to remind clients to take care of their piercings during a lockdown. You can get more info on Lola's class at:...


174 - 2020: the worst year ever, in review

Goodbye 2020. This was a terrible year for most of us. I recap the good, the bad, and the ugly from 2020 and look forward to the next year. Thank you for all of your support whether it was attending my online classes, buying a t-shirt, or listening to the show. You kept me going. www.patreon.com/ryanpba for on demand classes and exclusive content. www.facebook.com/staysharpryanpba for Body Art Education by Ryan Ouellette updates. www.precisionbodyarts.com/shop for the merch.

173 - Ask Us Anything with Ryan & Lola part 3

Ryan and Lola return for another episode answering your questions. Acupuncture and piercing, is there a therapeutic benefit? Time management in the studio. The role of piercing organizations in the industry. Accountability. Music in the studio. The environmental impact of going disposable. And more! Lola and I are offering a day of education on Sunday the 24th of January 2021. Visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/145529093770719/ or email: lolabodypiercer@gmail.com. Like and follow the...


172 - Ryan & Lola's new normal part 2, by appointment only

Enjoy another discussion with Scottish piercer, studio owner, UKAPP President, APP member (and also my girlfriend) Lola Slider. Lola leads a conversation about a transition many shops have had to make recently, being an appointment only studio. We both worked for years in fast-paced multitasking walk in businesses. We talk about Lola's proactive experience with appointment systems helping her in today's piercing landscape, and how I had to play catch up and transition reactively. Like and...


171 - Monica Sabin, APP updates from the President

Monica Sabin, current President of the Association of Professional Piercers, comes on the show this week. The APP has gotten so much work done in 2020. Some by choice, and some by necessity. Monica gives some updates on how work behind the scenes has transitioned into progress for the industry. Also get information on resources the APP can provide for your growth as a piercer, many of which are free!


170 - Ryan & Lola's new normal part 1

Well, I'm back. I won't be doing weekly episodes, but I will post new content as I make it. For now enjoy a conversation with Scottish piercer Lola Slider. We talk about bleeding and how we both manage it post-piercing, how to approach aftercare support from a place of preparation and confidence, Statim sterilizers and how crucial we think they are to our studios, and the toxic atmosphere on social media driving mentors away. I have a new 2 hour class called BLOOD available on-demand at:...


169 - Ask Us Anything with Ryan & Lola part 2

Part 2 of a 2 part series with Lola Slider. We are back with more questions submitted by you, the listener, on another variety of topics. We cover; our opinions on sterile gloves, the importance of mentoring, body mods vs piercing, where we see the industry going in the near future, predicting and preventing predatory behavior from clients, stretching more than just lobes, and what piercings we find to be the most fun. I'll be taking a short break from new episodes so please enjoy some of my...


168 - Ask Me Anything with Ryan & Lola part 1

Part 1 of a 2 part series with Lola Slider. We answer your questions on a variety of subjects including; How does the APP work, How to be a leader in your studio, How we pierce deviated septums, Advice for piercers needing to move studios, Are nostril piercings safe during COVID, Conch Piercings, and Stretching Lobes. Come back next week for part 2 where we cover even more topics. Like and follow the show at: https://www.facebook.com/piercingwizardpodcast and:...


167 - Vivi Madero explains digital waiver forms and online booking

Vivi Madero of Fox Labyrinth in El Paso, Texas comes on the show this week to give me a lesson about online logistics. I've had to relearn several aspects of my own business in the last few weeks. Efficient utilization of online booking systems and digital waivers have been right at the top of that list. Vivi shares some great insight on digital resources as well as discussing the importance of maintaining a strong internet presence through your shop website and social media. Like and...


166 - John Robberson

John Robberson comes back to the show to talk about how reopening is going in west Florida. We talk about the challenges face masks pose to both new and old piercings, and our thought process on when we start offering nostril piercings again. Submit your questions on any piercing related subject for an upcoming episode via this anonymous form: https://forms.gle/Ti9gMHhhdU6KZwUf7 deadline is July 14. Techniques, apprenticeships, jewellery, whatever. Get your question answered on the...


165 - I can't do nostril piercings?! feat. Lee Horton

Ontario piercer Lee Horton comes on the show to discuss reopening limitations and PPE requirements many of us are dealing with. While restrictions against nose or mouth piercings are becoming commonplace, some Canadian piercers are also dealing with restrictions against ear piercing as well. Its a challenging time to be a safe and successful body piercer. Knowing how to effectively communicate with your local health authorities can be the difference between sensible rules and ones crafted...


164 - Back to work with Christina Blossey

Christina Blossey of Atlanta's Piercing Experience returns to the show, this time as a newly elected APP Board member. Georgia was one of the earliest States to reopen for close contact services and Christina talks about adjusting to the new normal. Risks, personal protective equipment, new protocols, and how to manage the flow of an appointment only business. We also talk about the upcoming APP online educational event. Like and follow the show at:...


The COVID Chronicles 04: back in business

After three months of uncertainty I am back to work offering piercing by appointment. I talk about some of the protocols and changes I am operating under. This has been a challenging year. Not just at work, but at home. If you have not already listened to the Piercing Wizard Podcast episode 163: BLACK LIVES MATTER (Piercer of Color roundtable) I would urge you to do so. This virus isn't the only toxic threat we are dealing with right now. Like and follow the show at:...


163 - Black Lives Matter (Piercers of Color roundtable)

In support of Black Lives Matter this week will be a Piercers of Color panel discussion featuring Cameron Solo, Trevor Thomas, Shwayze, Victoria Rothman, Tenn, Cozmo, and moderated by Michelle Katzelnick. I encourage you to get involved in the discussion and show your support wherever you can. Follow: https://www.instagram.com/_piercersofcolor/ and join the forum at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1965578407075835/.


162 - Feeling some piercer normalcy with Rogan Eric Watral

Honestly, I kind of forgot what it felt like to just be a normal piercer and not have to spend my days focusing on a global pandemic. I am so glad I had this interview from February 2020 with piercer Rogan Eric Watral to share. Rogan talked about all kinds of piercer gold; how to mark for paired nostrils, teamwork dynamics to manage a busy day in the shop, and practical aftercare advice for traveling clients. Enjoy the show, and enjoy some normalcy. If you are a professional piercer you can...


161 - Piercings by Tenn: support your local black piercer

This week I chat with Deron (@piercingsbyTenn), one of this year's Piercers of Color scholarship recipients. We discuss his start in the industry, the tough choices to abandon his comfort zone and invest in quality for his future, and the steps he has made to access and share new information. I also talk about some surprise news for me, I'm heading back to work (very) soon. Like and follow the show at: https://www.facebook.com/piercingwizardpodcast/ and:...


160 - Nahuel Burgos shares his Needle Vision

Nahuel Burgos is a Spanish piercer working in London. He was also selected as one of the Al D. Scholars before the 2020 APP conference was cancelled. We talk about his passion for history and documentation in our industry, his Spanish translation work for Sacred Debris, and his Spanish language piercing podcast Needle Vision. Like and follow the show at: https://www.facebook.com/piercingwizardpodcast/ and https://www.instagram.com/piercingwizardpodcast/. Support the show at:...


159 - Zoom & online piercer hangs with Stray Johnson

Zoom and other video conferencing tools have been an important part of social interaction for piercers during the closures. Piercer and jeweler Stray Johnson comes on the show to talk about the Piercer Hangs group and how they've been spending time together online. We also talk about how challenging it can be to stay connected while still trying to unplug. Like and follow the show at: https://www.facebook.com/piercingwizardpodcast/ and: https://www.instagram.com/piercingwizardpodcast/....