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Join host Ryan Ouellette as he discusses the professional body piercing industry with friends and colleagues. Ryan Ouellette is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers with 20 years of experience in the field. He is an international safety and technique instructor and is always up for a good industry talk.

Join host Ryan Ouellette as he discusses the professional body piercing industry with friends and colleagues. Ryan Ouellette is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers with 20 years of experience in the field. He is an international safety and technique instructor and is always up for a good industry talk.


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Join host Ryan Ouellette as he discusses the professional body piercing industry with friends and colleagues. Ryan Ouellette is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers with 20 years of experience in the field. He is an international safety and technique instructor and is always up for a good industry talk.




194 - Sven Seipold makes really good septum clamps

This week is another interview recorded at BMXNET 2021, this time with German piercer Sven Seipold. I was impressed to learn that Sven is a member of not one, but 3 piercing organizations (VPP, APP, UKAPP). What I am even more impressed with, are the septum clamps that Sven made for me. Some of you may have been hearing about them online. I talk to Sven about the logic behind his modified and customized tools. Stay tuned until the end for a message I think we all need to hear. New content...


193: John Balk: Rendezvous in Reykjavik

I was flying home from my teaching trip, stopping over in Iceland, when I turned around got a surprise. A wild John Balk appears! We sat down and caught up while we waited on our flight. We talk about what success in business and happiness in life has looked like this last year and a half. We also getting around to talking about work and we discuss our preference of word of mouth over advertising to reach new clients. Enjoy this random encounter. I have new content for you at...


192 - UKAPP conference 2021

If you weren't able to attend the UKAPP 2021 conference live and in person this episode gives you a good insight to the event from the perspectives of Ryan and Lola. We start out in Glasgow at Lola's flat with her previewing the conference as the outgoing president. We continue with instructor Edu Fernandez, a collage of attendees before one of Ryan's classes, incoming UKAPP president Sean Powell, another collage of attendees featuring additional board members Rhianna Jones, David Angeles,...


191 - Trust Marcus Strohner

Another episode recorded for you at BMXNET 2021. This time I sit down with Marcus Strohner from Trust Wholesale. Trust are the makers of the snaptile disposable forceps, the mosquito self releasing canula needle, the squidster sterile disposable skin markers, and much much more. A German based manufacturer and wholesaler, Trust has been supporting the body art community with their innovations and products for years. Marcus gives me some behind the scenes sneak peaks at upcoming items and...


190 - BMXNET Berlin 2021

Well, heck. Here I am in Germany instructing at the BMXNET conference again, this time in Berlin. BMXNET 2021 has been fantastic, everyone involved should be proud to make such a wonderful experience for our community. I instructed three classes: BLOOD, Scarification workshop, and Piercing marking workshop. In between preparing and performing my classes I sat down with LOTS of different guests and recorded a bunch of content to release over the next few weeks. This episode will be "the...


189 - Managing specialty services booking + working around travel restrictions

Ryan went all the way to Glasgow to see Lola and all you got was this lousy podcast. We talk about international travel restrictions related to the upcoming piercing conferences in Germany and the UK. We also discuss our evolving needs on how we schedule specialty services. For Ryan that means piercing kids' lobes, for Lola that means managing genital piercing clientele. We talk about a need to distinguish between services that can be self-booked by clients, and services that require a bit...


188 - Ask Us Anything with Ryan & Lola part 5

Ryan and Lola are back with another Ask Us Anything episode! This time we discuss: self promotion strategies, the question "is APP membership worth it?", how to help clients understand pricing, setting jewelry stock levels, the role of music in the studio and how we set a calming tone, and managing our anxiety at work. We also touch on the giant asteroid hurtling towards our industry, big corporations copying the "piercing studio aesthetic" to attract customers. Visit...

187 - Ask Us Anything part 4: Septums & Spectators

Ryan and Lola are back with another Ask Us Anything episode, this time we discuss septums and spectators. With covid restrictions easing some piercers are doing their first septum piercings in over a year. That can make a tricky piercing even more stressful. We discuss how we are getting our groove back with septums, and some tips and tricks for piercers using septum clamps. We also answer the question "do you allow spectators in the piercing room" and the reasoning behind our answers. Stay...


186 - Let's talk about under-mask piercing

For over a year piercers have been terrified to openly discuss safety issues related to under-mask services. Lack of data and misunderstanding of transmission was a major issue in the early stages of COVID19, but even as we started to learn more there was a fear of being attacked in online learning spaces if you brought the subject up. As cities, countries, and shops begin to reopen and loosen restrictions we need to allow the free flow of information so piercers can make informed decisions....


185 - Jef Saunders interviews Elayne Angel about the newly updated Piercing Bible

This week I have a special episode with your guest host Jef Saunders interviewing Elayne Angel. They talk about a massive project they took on, updating the Piercing Bible. The definitive guide to safe piercing got a major update during lockdown and it is available to you now at www.piercingbible.com. Jef interviews Elayne about the early days of her piercing career, the process of initially writing the book, and how it was updated with help from Jef and some of today's most experienced...

184 - The growth and success of Taki Edwards

When I was at a 2019 seminar in Atlanta I met a piercer named Taki Edwards. She had so many questions and a hunger for information. Flash forward to present day and Taki has stepped up her jewelry and sterilization game and is making great strides in body piercing, we talk about how she got there. Taki shares her story and answers the question "what is scarier, being a nurse during covid or being a piercer trying to learn on the internet?". I'll be offering a patreon-exclusive webinar about...


183 - Cale DiFrancesco on ear curation and inventory management

APP board of directors member Cale DiFrancesco comes on the show to talk about how piercing demand has changed in recent years. After a year of isolation clients are coming back in force, and they want pretty ears goddammit! Ear curation is something we are all having to learn or refine in today's industry, but with it comes increased demand for jewelry. How do we manage it all? Cale gives her thoughts while Ryan just smiles and nods. I'll be offering a webinar all about TAPERS on Sunday...

182 - Working disposable as a body piercer with Aiko Hosten

European piercer Aiko Hosten comes on the show this week to discuss a free webinar from the APP Benelux about Disposable Piercing. Some piercers might not understand the concept of working fully disposable since our industry has been based around ultrasonics and scrubbing tools for decades. Aiko explains the value of working disposable, from a financial standpoint but also when thinking green. Listen to this episode then visit the APP Benelux social media for info on how to attend the...

181 - Gauntlet Founder Jim Ward Talks About Early Piercing Needle Development

As a companion piece to my recent NEEDLES webinar I recorded a chat with Gauntlet founder Jim Ward about his experiences developing piercing-specific needles through the 1970's and 1980's. We talk about how Jim took standard medical needles and cut off the hub to allow an easier jewelry transfer. Flash forward 40+ years and we are using piercing needles based on that same early modification. This is a great view of the history and evolution of piercing as we know it today. Watch the NEEDLES...


180 - John Johnson discusses the APP's updated online Bloodborne pathogens course

California piercer and longtime APP volunteer John Johnson comes on the show to discuss the updated Bloodborne Pathogens course now available from the Association of Professional Piercers. We talk about the need to freshen up the presentation of this important subject. Lots of hard work went into this course, if you've never taken the APP's Bloodborne Pathogens course this is a fantastic resource for piercers of all experience levels. Visit https://safepiercing.org/online-courses/ to take it...


179 - Lola gets to reopen + Aftercare Discussion

Lola Slider gets to reopen her shop in Glasgow today! Exciting times for the UK piercing industry as they are back to work after a lengthy lockdown. We discuss managing the stress of reopening after 4+ months of closure. Ryan and Lola also talk about a great aftercare class that Jef Saunders offered recently and the issues it raised. Many of us have been participating in online education over the pandemic. Applying that education can be an intimidating task. We talk about how to effectively...


178 - Hidden Gems: 1993 UK Piercing Article

Lola Slider found a hidden gem for you. Select Pop Babylon (a music magazine from the UK) published a piece all about body piercing in February of 1993. Lola reads the best bits and discusses with Ryan. This is a great time capsule of what piercing was like in the early 90's. Stories about the Gauntlet Los Angeles studio manager Elayne (Angel), stories from Mr. Lifto, stories from UK piercing legend Mr. Sebastian talking about working with Jim Ward and Doug Malloy. We also discuss how a...


177 - Stuart Hofman - APP Benelux

Stuart Hoffmann comes on the show to talk about the APP Benelux, a new piercing organization in Europe. We discuss how a group of piercers in lockdown started with talks about reopening protocols and eventually decided to start a new local association together. Visit www.appbenelux.org for more information. Visit www.patreon.com/ryanpba for on-demand educational content for piercers. The arch-mage tier gives you instant access to a dozen presentations on various subjects including nipple...

176 - Pandemic Communication Anxiety & Online Side Projects

This week Lola and Ryan talk about how we communicate online, particularly during a pandemic. As we all slowly descend into trauma induced anxiety and exhaustion we can start to lose focus on our communication skills. We can also feel a blur between the internet and reality as so much of our interactions are now online. We have a casual talk about maintaining healthy and professional communication skills. Lola also talks with piercer Kelly Carvara about balancing your personal and...


175 - How much work goes into not working

Lola Slider is back as co host this week. We talk about how much work goes into not working. Lola is currently on her third lockdown but still puts in work every day. We discuss the Prince Albert class Lola is planning for January 24th 2021, as well pay models for piercers, setting boundaries for office hours, and a great social media video Lola made to remind clients to take care of their piercings during a lockdown. You can get more info on Lola's class at:...