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Join host Ryan Ouellette as he discusses the professional body piercing industry with friends and colleagues. Ryan Ouellette is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers with 20 years of experience in the field. He is an international safety and technique instructor and is always up for a good industry talk.


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Join host Ryan Ouellette as he discusses the professional body piercing industry with friends and colleagues. Ryan Ouellette is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers with 20 years of experience in the field. He is an international safety and technique instructor and is always up for a good industry talk.



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Ask-Us-Anything part 6: Guest Spotting, Jewelry Ordering, and Bad Apprenticeships

Ryan and Lola are back with another Ask-Us-Anything episode where we answer your burning questions. 00:45: How do you grow your online presence? 12:15: How to go about guest spotting. 23:15: Using a Statim with reprocessed tools / clean item bulk storage. 31:25: Efficient jewelry ordering methods and systems. 43:20: Advice for piercers that went through a "bad" apprenticeship. 52:20: What made you realize you wanted to teach? 1:05:50: If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be and why? Are you going to be at the 2024 APP conference in las Vegas? Come stop by the Piercing Wizard booth in the expo and say hello to Ryan and Lola. There will be all kinds of fun stickers, pins, and shirts. If you are a subscriber at www.patreon.com/ryanpba you can come snag an exclusive t-shirt!


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246 - Forward Helixes, Teaching in Spain, Building the New Shop(s)

Hola! Ryan and Lola sat down with frequent guest Jef Saunders while they were all in Zaragoza Spain to instruct at the 2024 APPE conference. They talk about teaching through a translator and how the conference was going after day 1. They also discuss forward helix piercings, how they perform them, and some educational content they have made about forward helixes. The show wraps up with a discussion about opening new studios. Jef is currently working on a new Gamma Piercing shop in Milwaukee and Lola recently opened her new Forest Piercing studio in Glasgow. Enjoy. If you'd like to get more info about forward helix piercings you can find Jef's presentation at www.patreon.com/piercingnerd. You can find Ryan's upcoming video on double forward helix and triple forward helix piercing at www.patreon.com/ryanpba, while you're there you can also find Lola's video showing a single forward helix piercing with a fully disposable method, as well as how she "reverses direction". You also still have time to sign up for Ryan's may 20th 2024 webinar about bevel theory, get more info or sign up at www.ryanpba.com.


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245 - Walk Ins Return (kinda), Constructive Critiques, and talking about Mental Health and Help

Please be aware this episode ends with a memorial to Canadian piercer Deacon Matheson who recently passed. Starting at 46:00 will be some thoughts from Ryan and Lola about mental health. Starting at 57:30 there will be some highlights from episode 232 featuring Deacon's voice. The majority of this episode will be Ryan and Lola talking about their regular piercer bullsh*t. Walk ins are starting to creep back in to both of our studios. We talk about what lead us to give walk ins another chance after settling in to an appointment-only comfort zone. We also talk about how to give and receive constructive critiques. Its not as easy (or as common) as you might hope. You're probably going to hear us being a bit more open about mental health issues throughout future episodes. Like any health and safety issue in piercing industry, mental health is easier to manage with more information. Ryan also has another webinar coming up in may, which feels weird to plug in this description, but hey everybody has to pay bills I guess. You can get more info about the May 19 2024 Bevel Theory online webinar & workshop with this google form (https://forms.gle/58x6YnJhuiVL1HjKA) or by visiting www.ryanpba.com.


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244 - Managing Jewelry Repairs, Lola gets scarification, and BME news

In this episode Lola and Ryan talk about how to manage jewelry repairs in the studio. It may seem like a simple thing to get broken jewelry fixed, but like many other aspects of the studio we pick apart all the little complications. We also talk about Lola's experience of having scarification performed by Ryan, and we have some exciting news about BME activity!! Ryan also has a new video breaking down his method for piercing earlobes with a back-to-front technique. The 25 minute long narrated video includes seven examples of piercing an earlobe, along with two helpful exercises you can practice with. Available now on the arch-mage tier at www.patreon.com/ryanpba.


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243 - Shadowing and observation, do's and don'ts

Who knows what secrets lurk in the heart of piercers? The Shadow knows. On this episode Ryan and Lola talk about setting healthy boundaries and expectations for shadowing (typically, observation outside of your home studio). We discuss some of our experiences with shadowing and how they can helpful for others, either as the host or as the shadowing piercer. We give our opinions on chamomile tea bags for aftercare. We also chat about labret piercings, reverse Prince Albert piercings, and our roles at the 2024 APP conference. Ryan has a new video covering and demonstrating a labret piercing (done with clamps) available now at www.patreon.com/ryanpba.com. Enjoy.


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242 - Fair compensation in piercing & 2023 year in review

During Lola & Ryan's holiday Lord of the Rings marathon, somewhere between the battle of Helm's Deep and the battle for Minas Tirath, we recorded this episode for you. We talk about fair compensation in the body piercing industry as well as a few other subjects. We chat about pubic piercings, labret piercings, if clamps still have a place in the modern piercing studio, apprenticeship progress, a short recap of piercing in 2023, and a funny story about Ryan nearly getting a strip search because of his bawbag piercings. See you in 2024!


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241 - "Is this everything you have?" ...and other difficult questions

Join Lola and Ryan for another q&a episode where we discuss some questions submitted by our listeners. Is this everything you have for jewelry? Do you really need two needles for an industrial? Can you pierce around creases and wrinkles? How do you maintain good physical and mental health as a piercer? Should you pierce immunocompromised clients? How do you report bad shops? Join Ryan for a live seminar in Dallas, Texas on Sunday January 28th 2024. Get more info or sign up at www.ryanpba.com. You can also check out Ryan's new video demonstrating three different outside-in nostril piercings with a variety of methods at www.patreon.com/ryanpba.com.


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240 - Eden Thomson from Absolution New Zealand

Eden Thomson from Absolution Piercing in Christchurch, New Zealand comes on the show this week. Eden and Ryan sat down in Sydney during the AUPP conference and talked about piercing, access to suspension, and the BME vibe. Eden is fantastic piercer from the other side of the world and I'm glad I could finally get him on the show. I have a new seminar coming up in Dallas, Texas on Sunday January 28th 2024. For more info visit www.ryanpba.com.


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239 - Surface Piercing and what we've learned along the way

For this episode Lola and Ryan do a deep dive into surface piercings (about 3/32" in most cases). We talk about surface piercing methods in 2023 and all the various methods we tried out going back into the late 90's. Surface bars, body placements, and a range of techniques from clamps and plastic jewelry up to punch & taper and wound shaping. We also discuss a common issue related to surface work, rejection, and how to talk to clients about their risks. If you enjoy this topic there is a new video demonstrating a chamfer and blade needle surface piercing narrated by Ryan now available at www.patreon.com/ryanpba on the $15 arch-mage tier.


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238 - Suzanne Hallett at AUPP Sydney 2023

I was really happy to have been invited to teach at the first Australasian United Professional Piercers (AUPP) conference in Sydney, Australia. While I was there I sat down with Suzanne Hallett, from the AUPP's board of directors, and one of the event's key organizers. We talk about how a local organization can push standards higher in ways that might not be feasible on a global scale. The AUPP's first conference was an impressive event that brough piercers together with excellent classes, a vendor showcase area, and fun social moments. I also talk to Suzanne about her career success and how she went from being a staff member at a well known and respected studio, to becoming its owner. While I was in Sydney I was finishing up a video featuring Lola Slider narrating her bridge piercing methods and showing an example of both clamp, and no-clamp bridge piercing. Watch it at www.patreon.com/ryanpba along with dozens of other videos for just $15 on the arch-mage tier.


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237 - Which conference is best? + business advice

Lola and Ryan went to all the conferences and all you got was this lousy podcast. We recap some of our favorite parts of the BMXNET conference in Berlin, the Professional Piercers Poland conference in Gdansk, and the UKAPP conference in Manchester. Every conference has its own personality, community, and benefits. We share our experiences to help you decide which conference might be right for you. Stick around for some honest advice for prospective business owners. We will also be offering out next webinar on Sunday November 12 2023. Join us for two classes in one webinar: Navel Piercing Variations, written by Ryan for the BMXNET conference, and Size Matters (jewelry sizing theory) written by Lola for the UKAPP conference. Webinar is open to professional piercers of all experience levels. Sign up at www.ryanpba.com.


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236 - Responsible Experimentation: Live at BMXNET with Kale Roberts

This PWP was recorded in front of a live studio audience. Lola and Ryan went to BMXNET 2023 in Berlin, while we were planning this episode we got a suggestion from a US piercer named Kookie to invite Kale Roberts as our guest. Kale (ig: fleshpiece) recently transplanted from the US to Germany, and this was also their first full conference experience. it felt like the perfect fit. We talk about safe experimentation and a few other issues. BMXNET is a unique conference because there are so many disciplines represented; piercing, body mod, scarification, suspension, tattooing, bondage, and more. How can you take your new information home and explore it safely and responsibly. No one is born into experience, you grow into it. Join in on our conversation and grow with us.


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235 - Preventing Predatory Behaviour + International Conference Season

Lola Slider recently released a video presentation titled "Predicting and Preventing Predatory Behaviour". On this episode she discusses the importance of the topic with Ryan. You can watch the full video presentation for free at www.patreon.com/ryanpba. Ryan and Lola also discuss the upcoming piercing conferences they will be instructing at. BMXNET in Germany, Pro. Piercers Poland, UKAPP, and AuPP in Australia! Ryan will also be offering an advanced seminar in Sydney after the AuPP conference, for more info visit this form: https://forms.gle/LzY6vFHA6q1V6uxEA


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234 - Tongues, Cheeks, and Dermal Punches

Tongues and Cheeks and Dermal Punches, oh my. Ryan made a new video about tongue piercings and it sparked off a whole thing. Lola joins in for a conversation about common practices that have become less common, why, and what we're going to do about it. We approach tongues as a staple piercing that is making a comeback post-facemask-life. We approach cheek piercings as something we really wanted to like, but just don't. And Dermal Punches are talked about in more of a nostalgic hypothetical. A big recurring theme is informed consent. Openly and honestly talking about the risks and consequences for all of these piercings and how they should be approached as both the piercer and the piercee. Want to see Ryan's new video about tongue piercings? Its available now at www.patreon.com/ryanpba. Get more info or register for Ryan's August 20th 2023 webinar on bevel theory at www.ryanpba.com.


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233 - Wikilea talks about piercing in China

The final interview in my APP 2023 series will be with a piercer who goes by Wikilea on ig. Wikilea was a POC (piercer of color) scholar for this year's conference, she is a piercer who might describe herself as an American piercer and as a Chinese piercer. Lola and I sat down with Wikilea to talk about the current state of the Chinese piercing scene. This is another fascinating conversation that helps to shed a light on international body piercing. Lots of new content in the works for you at www.patreon.com/ryanpba. You can find hours of on-demand piercing educational content on the arch-mage tier. Active subscribers also get a discount on my upcoming August 20th 2023 webinar on bevel theory. Find more info or sign up at www.ryanpba.com.


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232 - Deacon Matheson, when its time to move on

Its pretty obvious when you need to leave a bad workplace, but what about when the workplace is mostly fine? Sometimes a piercer may plateau in a studio for various reasons, and it can be time to think about finding growth elsewhere. Canadian piercer Deacon Matheson sat down with Ryan and Lola during the 2023 APP conference to talk about what lead him to move on from a comfortable situation. Lola shares her thoughts from the perspective of another piercer leaving to start their own business, and Ryan approaches the topic from that of a studio owner looking to nourish growth within the studio and within it's staff. Ryan will be teaching his Bevel Theory webinar + workshop on August 20th 2023. Join him live online by registering at: https://forms.gle/JSWRHyoRqXDAfcmH7. This webinar is open to piercers of all experience levels, professional verification required. Special discount available for active patreon subscribers.


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231 - J'son D'souza, India's mrpiercer

J'son D'souza is a piercer and studio owner from Mumbai, India. I met J'son at a conference in Germany and was happy to see him apply for, and receive, a legacy scholarship from the APP to attend their 2023 conference. Lola and I sat down with J'son to talk about some of the cultural history of jewelry and piercing in India. You'll find some fascinating details about how similar, and how different, the Indian piercing community is to those in Europe and North America. Thank you to all of the supporters from www.patreon.com/ryanpba that we got to meet in Las Vegas. We were happy to connect with you, welcome to the new sign ups as well, I hope you are enjoying the mountain of video content available. More on the way soon.


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230 - APP conference 2023 preview, Industrial piercings, and Apprenticeship progress

Ryan and Lola are getting ready for the 2023 APP conference! We talk about our classes and what we'll be doing in the expo. After our conference chat we talk a little about industrial piercings and our opinion(s) on if they should be healed with one piece of jewelry or two. We wrap up by talking about some of the progress Lola has made with her apprentice recently. If you are an active subscriber to my $15 arch mage tier at www.patreon.com/ryanpba and you'll be at the 2023 APP conference make sure to stop by my expo booth and you can get yourself a limited edition shirt. Also, now available, you can watch my watch new video narrating an industrial piercing.


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229 - Surface Anchors (Microdermals)

Surface anchors (aka microdermals, dermal anchors, single point piercings) were the coolest thing ever at one point... but many piercers, Ryan and Lola included, have either scaled them back or eliminated them altogether at this point. We discuss their inception, the innovations for jewelry and techniques, and also their limitations and common problems. If you'd like to know more about surface anchors I just published 20+ minute narrated and subtitled video at www.patreon.com/ryanpba. I show two examples of piercing, along with some helpful tips and exercises to practice fundamentals.


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228 - Downsizing, Retainers, and Referrals

Lola and Ryan discuss one of the most common issues facing today's piercing studios, and its not even about using a needle! Downsizing backings, changing out jewelry for retainers, and handling referrals from other studios is a daily occurrence for many of us. Sometimes this can be a quick service to fit in, but sometimes it becomes a speed bump to studios with limited time and resources. If you don't take the time to develop your own policies it can easily become a roadblock. This is a more complex issue than you may think, so lets talk about it. I have a few new videos available for you at www.patreon.com/ryanpba and several more on the way. You can watch my new video about Eyebrow piercings, and also a new tips and tricks video for working with ring opening pliers, niobium rings, and more. Ryan & Lola will be offering a techniques webinar on May 7th 2023 about Nipple Piercings & Bridge Piercings. Get more info or register at www.ryanpba.com or use this form: https://forms.gle/Ezffo29xiaHJmQWu5