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Award-winning travel-writer Lea Lane shares travel memories with passionate travelers, travel experts, and savvy locals around the world. She has traveled to over 100 countries. is the author of nine books, a blogger at, and contributor to dozens of guidebooks.

Award-winning travel-writer Lea Lane shares travel memories with passionate travelers, travel experts, and savvy locals around the world. She has traveled to over 100 countries. is the author of nine books, a blogger at, and contributor to dozens of guidebooks.


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Award-winning travel-writer Lea Lane shares travel memories with passionate travelers, travel experts, and savvy locals around the world. She has traveled to over 100 countries. is the author of nine books, a blogger at, and contributor to dozens of guidebooks.








Trains World-Wide: From Eurail To Luxury Journeys, Including The Venice Simplon Orient Express

Today's trains are not only a part of the green "slow travel" movement, they can be ultra-fast and super deluxe. Lea and Guest Yi Ding, a Eurail executive, share train tips and trips, from speedy, efficient Eurail to the luxury private train tours of the world. Riding the rails proves it's the journey, not just the destination. We first discuss all about Eurail, which connects Europe through trains and ferries. We offer tips, scheduling, scenic routes, night trains and ferry passes. Lea...


The Gorgeous Virgins: Dreamy American And British Caribbean Islands

The U.S.V.I and the B.V.I are beautiful Virgin Island "cousins"-- dozens of tropical isles and cays set between the Caribbean and Atlantic near Puerto Rico. Lea covers the the U.S. islands, and Clive McCoy, Tourism Director of the BVI, discusses the delights and must-sees-and-dos of his island country. The U.S. Virgin Islands boast St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix; The British Virgins feature Tortola, Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke. Both groups of Virgins offer gorgeous beaches and...


Private Jets, Yachts, Backpacking: A Traveler's Extraordinary Adventures Around The World

Anabela George, born in Lisbon and living in California, has traveled to over 75 countries. She's one of those bold, passionate travelers we love talking with on Places I Remember. Anabela has experienced travels at all levels, from being a yachtie on both sailing and motor yachts, to a backpacker riding the rails on top of a train in Ecuador, to being a corporate flight attendant on a private jet. Along the way we meet crew members to presidents, and share adventures in places including...


Portland, Seattle, And The Glorious -- Sometimes 'Weird' -- Pacific Northwest

,Marie Sutro, who sets her newest crime thriller, Dark Obsession, in the Pacific Northwest, loves the beauty and creativity of Oregon and Washington State. She shares info and memories of the best -- from Portland to Seattle, and all around the spectacular region. We begin the episode talking of Portland and environs, including its creative "weirdness": the Oregon Coast and inland Oregon, including the Dunes; charming, artsy Ashland; Crater Lake, the bluest, deepest lake in the world, and...


Where In The World To Move? International Living Experts Rate The Top 10 Places For Expats

Have you thought about moving to another country? Retiring or becoming an expat where safety, climate and cost of living are excellent? International Living has been rating countries for dozens of years, and this year's listings focus on the world's top 10 countries to move to. Jennifer Stevens, Executive editor, and Jessica Ramesch editor of the Panama edition, join Lea for a fascinating convo. We begin by discussing just what makes a country desirable for expats, with qualities including...


The Netherlands: Way Beyond Windmills And Tulips -- Including The Floriade, Held Every 10 Years

On this episode you'll find out about dozens of surprising things to enjoy on a trip to The Netherlands (and why it's often called "Holland"). Renske Green-Lute is a self-described "Dutch fanatic" who lives near Amsterdam. She shares inside info all about this mostly flat little European country: a fun mix of historic past, delightful present, and sustainable future. Lea and Renske talk about museums and Keukenhof Gardens, cities including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and all the classic sights and...


Scotland: Highlands, Lowlands, Islands -- And In-Between

Bruce McAlpine and his sister Rhona Paterson grew up near Edinburgh. They share their love of Scotland with Lea, and they cover cities, countryside, islands and all things Scottish. After describing Scotland geographically, we start by talking of the Scottish character, and go on to the delights of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Scottish foods, Scotch whiskey, the Highlands (is there really a Loch Ness monster?). Also the 800 or so Scottish islands, focusing on The Isle of Skye. We also discuss...


She Sailed Solo In The Pacific: Adventures Of A Free-Spirited Woman

At Places I Remember we love stories of memorable people and places, and this episode certainly offers that. After a life of international travel; work including opera performer, chef and arts director; raising a family; divorcing and recovering from alcoholism, Sandra Smith was a ready for a sea change. Literally. At 43, Sandra moved from Philadelphia to the California coast, bought a 35-foot sailboat, painted it pink, and taught herself to sail. Her travel adventures for the next seven...


1st Anniversary Of Places I Remember! Lea's Sons Interview HER About Travel, Memories

Celebrating the First Anniversary of Places I Remember with Lea Lane calls for something special, and so the tables are turned as Lea's sons, Randall Lane and Cary Lane, interview her. They first all share fun and funny tales of family travels together in London, Iceland, Italy and Scandinavia, skiing, and more. And then the guys ask Lea cool questions about travel, the podcast and personal thoughts on life. By the end of this episode you will have shared laughs and interesting info, and...


Mississippi To Memphis, BB King To Elvis: Chasing The Blues -- Plus, Craig Sings!

Travel writer/musician authors Josephine Matyas and Craig Jones share stories and experiences from their book about music, travel and the black experience in the heart of the South. Major Delta destinations include Clarksdale, Tunica, Greenville, Dockery Farm, Greenwood and Tupelo, in Mississippi; and Memphis, Tennessee. Museums, homesteads, gravesites, juke joints, frolicking houses, Beale Street, Graceland and Sun and Stax recording studios are just some of the sites discussed in relation...


Portugal: 'Exceptional Destination,' Super-Popular With Expats And Travelers

Jayme Simoes, a renowned travel consultant for Portugal, knows all about this tremendously popular country, and gives us loads of inside info. We go over what makes Portugal so special, starting in Lisbon, and going on to the Portuguese Riviera on the Atlantic just outside the city. We also discuss the special regions such as the Aletejo, the Algarve, and Portugal's great and ultra-popular second city, Porto. Jayme goes over cruising on the Douro, taking the train or driving. staying in...


A Survivor's Holocaust Story, And World Sites That Help Us 'Never Forget'

In a truly special 50th episode of Places I Remember, Holocaust survivor Allan Hall tells his frightening, harrowing story as a child caught up in horror. We follow Allan and his parents from their comfortable life in Krakow, Poland, out-manuevering the Nazis in Lvov and Warsaw, and hiding in plain sight throughout the war. Lea prefaces his story with a few sites, memorials, and museums around the world where you can travel, to bear witness. Allan's tale includes uprooting from Krakow to...


Best Travel Tales And Memories Of '21, To Begin '22!

What a fabulous 2021 it's been for Places I Remember! We've talked with fascinating travelers. We've won awards, and are now heard in 2,000 cities and 101 countries. To celebrate, we're gifting you with a sampling of our favorite tales, stories and memories, so generously offered this past year. Here goes: Heidi Sarna, author of Secret Singapore, tells of a discovery there in Ep. 39. In Ep. 2, Millie Ball, former travel editor and Mardi Gras queen, recalls a sweet New Orleans memory. In...


World Customs (Odd, Proper, Fun) -- With TikTok's 'Duchess Of Decorum'

Pattie Ehsaei (TikTok: “duchessofdecorum”), leads a delightful and informative discussion about unusual and entertaining customs around the world, with lots of giggles along with fascinating facts. After an intro about customs of the world by Lea, she and Pattie alternate in discussing customs in France, Italy, Nicaragua, Malaysia, Kuwait, Scotland, Greece, Germany, Indonesia, Russia, China, Thailand, Japan, Nigeria, Mexico, Egypt, Vietnam, Switzerland, Iceland. Ways to kiss in France, how...


Wine Regions Of The World, Featuring Sonoma And Napa: What To Do, See, Drink

We start with memories of vineyards and wineries around the world , including in Europe, South America, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the U.S. And then Lea and guest Karen Misuraca talk in more detail about Napa and Sonoma counties, wine regions in Northern California, outside San Francisco. We first discuss some differences, and then focus on what to see and do in Napa, the wines, and some of the surprising things about Sonoma County. We end with Karen's best memory of Sonoma...


Iran: Mystery, History, Persian Delights

Iran is one of the great destinations of the world, but many travelers are hesitant to go. After listening to Pattie Ehsaei, born and raised in Iran, you'll want to, soon. She describes her birth-country's beauty, history and culture in cities including Tehran, Esfahan, Persepolis and Shiraz. She tells of castles, mosques, ziggurats, lagoons, islands, beaches, scenic mountain roads, and ancient pigeon towers. Pattie came to the U.S. when she was seven, on the last plane out, in the Iranian...


'Regenerative Travel,' Trends/Destinations, And A Yukon Drink With A Frostbitten Toe!

Paul Melhus CEO of Tours By Locals, started his company to make a difference to both tourists and guides. We start by talking of regenerative travel, and what it is. Paul tells us about how his company, follows this new trend for responsible, sustainable travel, and how it started at the Great Wall of China. We then talk of over-traveled areas, under-traveled areas, slow travel, off-season, and "flying less, staying longer." We discuss national parks, eco-friendly ways of getting around,...


Small Ship Cruises: Are They Right For You?

Heidi Sarna is co-founder with Ted Scull of She focuses on small ship cruises of under 300 people -- on lakes, rivers, and oceans around the world. We discuss all aspects of small vessels, and by the end of the episode you'll get an idea if this special, more intimate kind of cruising is for you. Heidi tells why she started She defines "small ship," which is a relative term. She goes on to explain the pluses and minuses of small-ship cruising, and...


Winter Travel: Northern Lights, Christmas Markets, Weird (Cussing, Naked) Festivals!

Winter can be cold, and Lea prefers warmth, but the lights, markets, and festivals of the winter months create warm, beautiful (sometimes weird) experiences, terrific travel opportunities to understand the variety of customs and cultures around the world. Lea reflects on pleasures of winter. She talks of lights and fireworks and remembers festivities in places she has lived, including Miami, Paris and London. Christmas markets are described in Vienna, Prague, Strasbourg, Basel, Krakow,...


'Fire And Ice': Disaster And Redemption In A Remote Arctic Village

Deeanne Burch is a deceptively gentle woman, but super strong when she needs to be. In her travel memoir, Journey Through Fire and Ice: Shattered Dreams Above the Arctic Circle she recounts life in a remote Inuit village. She tells it like it is -- and it gets scary. But she prevails. We begin with her comfortable early life in Canada centering on Toronto and the lake nearby, and memories of her storybook honeymoon in Europe with Tiger, her new husband who is doing a study of an isolated...