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Lea Lane has traveled to over 100 countries. Author of award-winning books, blogger at, contributor to dozens of guidebooks — she shares travel memories with passionate travelers, travel experts, and savvy locals around the world.

Lea Lane has traveled to over 100 countries. Author of award-winning books, blogger at, contributor to dozens of guidebooks — she shares travel memories with passionate travelers, travel experts, and savvy locals around the world.


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Lea Lane has traveled to over 100 countries. Author of award-winning books, blogger at, contributor to dozens of guidebooks — she shares travel memories with passionate travelers, travel experts, and savvy locals around the world.








Everest's Deadliest Day: Climbing In Avalanches, Earthquake -- And Eventually, Summit!

Jim Davidson is, to say the very least, resilient. The geologist/climber survived an avalanche and a fall into a crevasse, and later survived an earthquake while climbing Mt. Everest. He eventually summited the world's highest mountain! His best-selling book is The Next Everest. -- Jim shares a surprising story of what influenced him as a child to become a climber, his favorite places and climbs around the world, and the skills needed to be a good traveler. -- He then tells the tragic...


Traveling, Jim Crow To Now: With Actor Stephen Bishop and his Mom, Lezlie

Between Lezlie Bishop and her son, actor Stephen Bishop, we cover the realities of traveling as a person of color around the world, from the Jim Crow era to the George Floyd reckoning. -- Lezlie and Lea remember the indignities of Jim Crow in the U.S. south. Lezlie tells of when she was the only black student on a field trip to Jackson, Mississippi; and of The Great Migration, and the attitude of black people in the north, and discrimination in Chicago. -- Stephen expresses what it...


Summer Festivals Around the World: The Wildest and Weirdest of All

Lea takes on the world's weirdest, oddest summer festivals around the world. -- In the USA, there's underwater music in Key West, hat contests in Connecticut, and all things Elvis in Memphis. In Canada, she remembers participating in a noisy celebration of survival. -- Bayonne, France celebrates Basque culture; and Italians high in the Dolomites swing on hammocks. In Portugal it's the festival of trays, in Austria, body painting, for the Finns it's celebrating beer, and there's baby...


France/Belgium Road Trip: Trenches and Beaches, History and Charm

Husband Bill and I invited my son Cary and his partner Zhanna on a travels through the major European World War battlefields, in Belgium and France, ending 10 days later in Paris -- a road trip of charm and history. First, we hear tips on road tripping, then we describe our trip. Right away we missed The Compiègne Wagon, the train carriage in which both the Armistices of both World Wars were signed. We also misdirected the GPS and wound up back at the airport! But we visited pretty Laon,...


San Sebastian, Spain: 'Greatest Foodie City in the World'

Delightful award-winning guide Eskerne Falcon talks with us from San Sebastian (also called Donostia) in Northern Spain), near the French border. We discuss the best pintxo bars and take a super tour in this beautiful Basque city and environs, between mountains and the Bay of Biscay. -- Eskerne tells of the city's culture and history, developing from a fishing village early-on to royals favorite, from the 19th century. -- She focuses on the beaches, one mainly for surfing, one with an...


Alaska! Northern Lights and Fishing Towns, Glacial Bays and Inland Parks

Fran Golden and Midgi Moore, authors of 100 Places To Do in Alaska Before You Die, talk with Lea about the travel superlatives of the biggest, most northern and most spectacular state. -- We start with cruising. Does size matter when it comes to seeing glaciers, up close? (Not that much, as in other things.) We name glaciers and describe some of the best excursions off the ship, including food tours, whale watching, flight seeing to a salmon bake, sports fishing, the Skagway train -- and...


More of Forbes Editor's Travels: In Hemingway's Steps -- Cuba, and Pamplona, Spain

In Part 1's amazing tales, Episode 14, we found out that Randall Lane likes to live on the edge -- from the jungles of Liberia to the deserts of Nevada. Besides being chief content officer and editor of Forbes, he's my son, and I found out details on the episode that I never knew about. His motto is "life is to be experienced," and in both his work and play, he would rather do things than regret the things he didn't do. -- Here, in Part 2, Episode 15, Randall gives us even more exciting...


Forbes Editor's Daring Adventures in Liberia, Syria, and Vietnam -- and Drag Racing in Nevada

Randall Lane likes to live on the edge: I know because, besides being chief content officer and editor of Forbes, he's my son. His motto is "life is to be experienced," and in both his work and play, he would rather do things than regret the things he didn't do. Here he gives us four exciting (sometimes harrowing) tales of his adventurous travels. -- He starts off with a hair-raising helicopter ride in the Liberian jungle, on his way to helping accelerate health care in an area that needs...


Italy: 'What's Not to Love?' with Steve Perillo

Steve Perillo, a third-generation owner of America's biggest tour company to Italy, figures he's traveled there over a hundred times. Steve brings expertise and humor as he and Lea share glorious travel memories from Milan to Sicily, and offer a charming overview of this blessed travel destination. What's not to love? -- Steve talks about Adam Sandler playing him on Saturday Night Live, but goes on to list the myriad qualities that make Italy a just-about-perfect travel destination, and...


Green Travel to Help Save Our Planet: Eco-Tourism Trips and Tips

Florence Quinn, a travel and lifestyle public-relations pro, represents numerous destinations and lodgings around the world. She shares with us environmental problems and the best ways to travel green, in what she calls the "earth crisis" we're in today. -- She became especially aware of eco-travel when, among 120 million others, she saw a photo of a distressed sea turtle with a plastic straw up its nose. -- Towels in hotels were among the first signs of green travel, and Lea and Florence...


New Mexico: Pueblos and Art, Space Aliens and Frito Pie

Susan Mihalic, author of the debut novel Dark Horses, shares her love of New Mexico, her home state. -- Northern Pueblos, including Taos Pueblo,and rituals and festivals, Bandelier National Monument, -- Carlsbad Caverns. Lea shares about a tornado; Susan, a honeymoon road trip with (or without) bats -- Susan talks of Roswell, where supposedly a UFO crashed; "cute brick buildings" and a UFO museum -- White Sands: "mountains of snow," soft, powdery dunes, no shade -- Los Alamos, where...


Miami Past, Present -- and The Underline, a Developing Linear Park Under the Metrorail

The Underline, a 10-mile linear park, urban trail and public arts destination, will meander from the Miami River to Dadeland South under the Miami Metrorail. With its first section, "Brickell Backyard" newly opened, Meg Daly, Founder and President of Friends of the Underline, talks with Lea about Miami's past, present and future. -- Lea and Meg both grew up in the Miami area a generation apart. Lea remembers Miami Beach of the past 50 years: no air conditioning, the airport not much more...


Norway: The 'New North,' Beyond Mountains and Fjords

Harald Hansen, travel expert from Visit Norway, shares his expertise with us from Oslo. -- He talks of contemporary Norwegian architecture, and lodgings with spectacular views; even igloos where you can see the Northern Lights from your bed. -- We learn of cruising up the Norwegian coastline, above the Arctic Circle, to Tromso, the "Paris of the North." You can go dog sledding or on a reindeer safari, and see reflective Northern Lights in the Lofoten Islands. -- Harald tells us his...


Spring Travel! Food, Flowers, World Festivals

Podcast host Lea Lane describes favorite delights of spring travel -- food, flowers and festivals -- from the magnificent to the hilarious. -- She starts with food, remembering gorging on "spargle," the white gold (asparagus) of Germany. Food festivals are delicious ways to have fun. And one food festival in England involves a nine-pound cheese that rolls down a hill. -- Spring flowers are Lea's next delight -- colorful wildflowers on roadsides and fields of yellow rapeseed. And gardens,...


Ireland: Sights, Stories -- and Joe Sings!

Irish singer/songwriter Joe Kearns is blessed with the gift of song and the gift of gab, and generously shares both with us. From his house near Dublin, he offers witty insights about the culture and pleasures of his beloved Ireland. -- Find out how to choose the best pubs, and why Dublin’s Trinity College — home of the medieval illustrated Book of Kells -- has a barrel ceiling. We talk of Kilkenny, a remote monastery in the Skellig Islands, the Ring of Kerry, and the Irish beauty of...


Safaris and Animal Encounters: Seeing -- and Saving -- Endangered Wildlife

Determined to save endangered animals, Paul Baricault, CEO of the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, shares travel experiences from Botswana to Antarctica, highlighting magnificent memories, impending crises and ways to solve them. -- Paul explains why it's so critical for world conservationists to work together, such as at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Northern Kenya. -- We learn of animals in danger of extinction, including the northern white rhino, and the success of helping to birth...


U.S. National Parks: 'America's Best Idea'

Mona Mesereau, husband Tom and family have explored at least 75 of America's national parks and monuments. Mona shares history, tales, tips and the joys of family travels, exploring the U.S.A.'s precious public parks system. -- "America's Best Idea"- Mona shares the history of our National Parks, starting with the oldest, Yellowstone. -- Lea shares some of her park experiences including sunrise at Acadia; a drive around southern Utah parks; the blue water of Crater Lake; dawn at Zabriski...


Northern Spain: Walking The Camino de Santiago -- Spirituality, Fun, More

--- Anne Born has walked The Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James) in Northwest Spain nine times. Ancient pilgrim routes stretch across Europe, coming together at the tomb of St. James in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. She shares info about history, varied routes, best lodgings, local foods, and symbols -- on this bucket-list adventure. -- The Way of St. James was one of the most important pilgrimages during the Middle Ages. The most popular walk, an ancient Roman trade route...


New Orleans: Through the Eyes of a Travel Editor/Mardi Gras Queen

Millie Ball, former travel editor at the Times-Picayune, has traveled the world from Antarctica to Easter Island, but is still in love with the city where she was born: "There's no place in the world like New Orleans." -- Millie first discusses the founding of the Crescent City on a curve of the Mississippi River, the diversity of the population, and the influence of slavery. -- She shows us the delights of the French Quarter; a "Moon Walk" along the river; and the pleasures of a perfect...


Left Bank of Paris: A Parisian Shares Why It's So Special

Valerie Benigno lives on Paris’ Left Bank, in the Latin Quarter near St. Germain des Pres —the heart of the 5th and 6th arrondissements. She knows that perfect cafe or shop, the best route to ancient cathedrals, and how to enjoy the charms of this artsy, historic area of Paris. --- Valerie shares her favorite Left Bank places and memories. We find ways to tell a Left Bank resident from someone who lives on the other side of the Seine, and why the 5th and 6th are called The Latin...