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7 - Noises Off by Michael Frayn (feat. Eleanor Morton-Smith)

I am joined by Eleanor Morton-Smith (with a surprise appearance from Coralie Bastiaens) to discuss the hilarious meta-farce Noises Off by Michael Frayn. Telling the story of a theatre company's desperate bid to make it to the end of their tour of the (fictional) play 'Nothing On,' this play takes place over three performances from three points of view. The dress rehearsal from a director's perspective, a mid-run performance from backstage and one of the final shows of the tour, finally...


6 - Punk Rock by Simon Stephens (feat. Pip Williams & Nancy Netherwood)

In this episode, I am joined once again by Pip Williams and Nancy Netherwood, this time to discuss the intimate and explosive play about teenage-hood, Punk Rock by Simon Stephens. Punk Rock is set in 'a fee paying grammar school' as a small students deal with the ever increasing pressures of A-levels and social interaction. Brutal and heart wrenching, this play lives up to its title in a hundred different ways and none. A play for anyone who is or has been young. Next episode I chat to...


5 - The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams (feat. Nancy Netherwood & Pip Williams)

In this episode I am joined by Nancy Netherwood, and at intervals Pip Williams, to discuss the modern classic The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams. The sort-of autobiographical memory play sees Tom recounting to the audience his life in a dingy St. Louis apartment with his aging mother and his anxiety-riddled sister. Tennessee Williams' first truly successful play, it catapulted him into fame and made him the household name he is today. Next episode Nancy and Pip are back, with Pip in...


4 - Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth (feat. Nyree Williams)

In this episode I am joined by Nyree Williams to discuss the epic modern play Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth. Set in a clearing in a woods outside of a small village in Wiltshire, Jerusalem tells the story of Johnny 'Rooster' Byron, a local waster/drug dealer/reveller/hero/villain on the day before he is evicted from his caravan which has been parked in place for the last several decades. Johnny's Shakespearean fall from 'grace' is beautifully framed by the large host of local outcasts,...


3 - The Last Days of Judas Iscariot by Stephen Adly Guirgis (feat. Anna Hodgson)

In episode 3 of this new podcasting venture, I am joined by Anna Hodgson to discuss The Last Days of Judas Iscariot by Stephen Adly Guirgis. Set in downtown purgatory, 'Judas Iscariot' is a hilariously dark courtroom drama in which a variety of biblical and historical (or should that be the same thing?) figures testify on either side of a raging debate: should Judas be forgiven or not? Devout Christian or militant atheist, this play's themes of free will, responsibility and the nature of...


2 - The Encounter by Simon McBurney/Complicité (feat. Toby Skelton)

Part 2 of our double episode launch, this episode I am joined by Toby Skelton to discuss The Encounter by Simon McBurney/Complicité. A one man show which has its audience wearing headphones throughout, The Encounter uses binaural sounds and interviews recorded in the Amazon rainforest (among other places) along with the actor's voice to create a phono-realistic journey into the world of the Mayoruna people of Brazil. This play, based on the book Amazon Beaming by Petru Popescu, itself...


1 - Dust by Milly Thomas (feat. Charlotte McEvoy)

Part 1 of our double episode launch, this episode I am joined by Charlotte McEvoy to discuss Dust by Milly Thomas. A one woman show in which Alice, played in the original production by Milly Thomas herself, is a fly on the wall during the aftermath of her own suicide. Watching her family's reactions, and darting back and forth between scenes from her life and scenes from her afterlife, Dust is a darkly comic, in-yer-face show about the impact of poor mental health and an unflinching look at...


0 - Trailer

Welcome to Play Ground, the new podcast about plays. First two episodes drop on Tuesday 6th November, when me and two guests are going to be discussing ‘Dust’ by Milly Thomas and ‘The Encounter’ by Simon McBurney. Make sure to subscribe to this feed, and catch us on twitter @playgroundpoddy to keep updated. See you then!