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Episode 12 – Mandi

Mandi is a hairstylist and makeup artist that loves Laffy Taffy jokes, wants to come back as a mermaid in her next life, has pink hair, and will make you laugh if you ever get the chance to sit down and talk with her. Mandi is great at her job, working in a hair and...


Episode 11 – Jackie

Our final episode of 2018 is with Jackie, the host of Zombiepalooza Radio Live. Jackie is a very creative and thoughtful person that brought a lot of cool insights to the show about the powerful effect of using creative expression. Jackie is from Ohio, where she enjoys the varied landscapes as a photographer and just...


Episode 10 – Tracy, Ricki, Nicolle

For our tenth episode we have something a little different. As our first milestone of sorts, we have a returning guest, Tracy, and she’s brought along her two best friends, Ricki and Nicolle. We met Tracy in episode 1, but we learn a bit more about her here. We also meet Ricki and Nicolle and...


Episode 9 – Chris

Chris is a drummer and a pinball player living in the Houston area with is wife and kids. An upbeat and happy guy, Chris is involved heavily in his local pinball league, Space City Pinball, and drums with his band at events and gigs across town. Chris’ wife also helps run a chapter of Belles...


Episode 8 – Ricky

Ricky is a husband and father, a self-proclaimed geek, a podcast host, and former city-dweller that is making a life in the country with his wife and kids. We talk about adjusting to life in the country after growing up in big cities, the allure of geek culture, and continuing to improve your situation even...


Episode 7 – Kiel

Kiel is a motivated and driven man who embraces his roles in life. Kiel has a lot of great insights on what it takes to lead in today’s rapidly changing working world and is looking to make everybody’s burden a bit lighter, which is fitting, seeing how Kiel is a power lifter. Strong physically and...


Episode 6 – Danielle

Episode 6 features Danielle. Danielle is someone that knows where she wants to go in life and she’s working hard to get there. A dog and cat lover, a former semi-pro football player, a musician, and someone that lives motivated, Danielle is awesome. If you want to see Danielle’s former football team, head over the...


Episode 5 – Vicky

Vicky joined me for episode 5 and immediately I was won over by her positive outlook on life and her desire to help others find their way in life. Vicky has a lot of personal projects going on, which include recently publishing her own book of poetry, running an amazing website where people can anonymously...


Episode 4 – Chauncey

Chauncey is a fantastic personality that we were lucky to have for one of the first episodes of the show. Working part time as an art curator, Chauncey has a few really cool projects that he’s been involved in and has coming up in the future. Able to find meaning in the big and small...


Episode 3 – Jay

Jay is the kind of guy that by the time we had set up the mics and done a quick sound check I already knew we could be great friends. Jay and I sat down in a city park in Layton, Utah and after the recording we spent a good amount of time talking and...


Episode 2 – Matt

For our second episode, Matt calls in via Skype and we immediately get into the important topics, such as what a self-proclaimed ice cream enthusiast feels is the best brand of ice cream on store shelves. Matt was a great guest, and he put up with a whole host of technical issues to get this...


Episode 1 – Tracy

Tracy joins me for the first episode of Have We Met? and we had a fun time sitting down and kicking off the show. Audio quality was a little rough on this one, due to the room, but Tracy was a fantastic guest and was a perfect way to get the show rolling. Tracy is...