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A slightly tipsy exploration of each episode of the STARZ series OUTLANDER

A slightly tipsy exploration of each episode of the STARZ series OUTLANDER


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A slightly tipsy exploration of each episode of the STARZ series OUTLANDER




Outlander S6 - Dudelander pt. 2

Hi, y'all - Neal and Kevin are back at it for part two of two for Dudelander, season 6. While they are not the biggest Outlander fans, they both agree with us that Jessica Reynolds and Mark Lewis Jones are both amazing. Come for the dumb jokes, stay for the insightful criticism. Lots of love - Allison and Julie


Outlander S6 - Dudelander pt. 1

Programming note - Seems like there was a problem with Apple Podcasts this week, and some of you got the wrong sound file. I have re-uploaded Dudelander pt 1, so hopefully this will solve the mismatched audio problem! -Julie --------------------------------------------------------- Hi, y'all - Seems like just yesterday we put microphones in front of Kevin and Neal to break it down for Dudelander Season 5. Well, the dudes are back for Outlander Season 6! We split this one into two...


Sick Burn, Jane: The Bridgerton Experience

Hi, y'all - Allison and Amelia went to The Bridgerton Experience , and they're here to tell Julie all the hot (and not so hot - tennis appliqués, I'm looking at you) goss about The Queen's Ball. Image is serving LOOK AT THOSE MAGNIFICENT BETCHES. Lots of Love - Allison, Amelia and Julie


A Sneak Peek of a Very Special Wake

Hey y’all, So we threw a lil’ wake for Janine’s microphone in the form of a livestream on Crowdcast. You can watch the replay of the whole shebang on Patreon (at any level of support!) but we wanted to share this section with everyone. Lots of love- Allison, Julie, and Janine


Outlander S6 wrap-up: Live from the Oasis!

Hey, y'all - We pulled out Julie's Nutsack of Destiny(TM) dice bag and rolled the DnD dice to determine all of our (non-binding) winners of Outlander, Season 6! People showed up! It was very fun. Michelle from The Oasis wants you to know that she loves you all. Back soon - Julie and Allison


Outlander S6E8 - "I Am Not Alone"

Hey, y'all - Friend of the show Amelia Buzzell drops in to discuss the finale of an excellent season of television. Thanks to everyone involved in making Outlander season 6 - we salute you. Speaking of excellence, everyone give Mark Lewis Jones a round of applause for the master class on acting he has taught us all this season. And then for more stupid types of excellence, listen on for a new legendary nickname and more hilarious shenanigans. L ots of love - Allison, Julie,...


Outlander S6E7 - "Sticks and Stones"

Hey, y'all - Your favorite throuple (Allison, Julie, and Janine) got together in person one last time to discuss the penultimate episode of season 6, "Sticks and Stones." We had a great time, and hope you all do, too! Caitriona Balfe is putting in some crazy good work this season. Much love to Janine in his future adventures! Lots of love - Allison, Julie, and Janine (one silent teardrop)


Sick Burn, Jane: Emma on Emma

Hey y'all - During this tiny break from Outlander, we once again bring you the marvelous Emma Fraser to discuss the costumes of 1996's GOOP Emma. Amelia almost exploded. We can all agree that Ewan MacGregor did not deserve that wig. Lots of love- Allison and Amelia (and Julie and Janine in spirit!)


Outlander S6E6 - "The World Turned Upside Down," pt. 2

Hi, y'all - Here's the second part of our two-parter on Season 6 Episode 6 of Outlander, "The World Turned Upside Down". Jessica Reynolds is amazing. There's nothing else to say because we say everything else in this episode. Lots of love - Julie, Allison, and Janine


Outlander S6E6 - "The World Turned Upside Down," pt. 1

Y'all - This episode. We love it. Here's the first in a two-part review/recap because we CANNOT STOP talking about it. Great writing and directing, amazing acting, incredible costumes and makeup..... Second episode out soon, we promise. This episode 'runs' the gamut, if you know what I'm saying. And I think that you doo. Lots of love - Julie, Allison, and Janine


Outlander S6E5 - "Give Me Liberty"

Y'all - What a ride! We don't even feel like we can write an introduction that does justice to the twists and turns of this episode. Suffice it to say, we are all really glad to see David Berry make his...triumphant(?) return. Let's all go out to the gazebo and talk it out whilst passing a fat one. Maid Face 4 Lyfe! Lots of love - Julie, Allison and Janine


Outlander S6E4 - "Hour of the Wolf"

Hi, y'all - The gang is back together (virtually) to dissect and discuss the newest episode of "Outlander." Sam Heughan really put in some great work this time, but the Platinum Pamplemousse goes to John Bell for breaking our hearts into a thousand jagged pieces. Also - what the fuck is up with Malva Christie? Lots of love - Julie, Allison and Janine


Outlander S6E3 - "Temperance"

Hey, y’all - Friend-of-the-show Jen Moniz joined Julie IN PERSON to watch and recap episode three! She brought a blueberry cake, so you know she was raised right. Hi, Mom! They had a great time with this one, even with all the sad themes. César Domboy really dialed it in, and that was good to see. Lots of love - Julie (Allison and Janine will be back soon, I promise)


Outlander S6E2 - "Allegiance""

Allison is out of town so Julie and Janine do their best with absolutely zero book knowledge to recap "Outlander" season 6 episode 2. There's some laughs and some learning along the way. Both of them agree that John Bell is amazing at all times, as per usual. Lots of love - Julie and Janine


Outlander S6E1 - "Echoes"

We're back on Fraser's Ridge, people! Janine is going back to being clueless, so Allison and Julie have to fill him in on all the goings-on. This was a good episode of television! Lots of love - Julie, Allison, and Janine


Podlander Drunkcast - Dudelander s. 5

CW // sexual assault, sexual violence Hey, y'all... It's Dudelander time! We chat about 'Outlander' season 5 with Neal and Kevin, as is tradition. They forgot almost everything. Next up... NEW OUTLANDER SEASON, BABBBBYYYYYYYYYY! Lots of love - Julie and Allsion


Sick Burn, Jane: GOOP Emma...The Marlos!

Hey, y'all - Oh my goodness we got Amelia's mother, Marlo, to join us so we could talk to them both about Amelia's relationship (obsession?) with the 1995 Gwyneth Paltrow 'Emma!" It's a great ride - please enjoy. Lots of love, Julie, Allison, and ...the Marlos


Podlander Drunkcast - "Outlander" s.6 trailer 2!

Hey, y'all - We're gearing up for all this Outlander content and getting in the swing of things by reacting to ANOTHER trailer. This is the one that was released on January 19, 2021. Make sure you have it ready to go for a watch along. Janine really commits to the bit on this one. Enjoy! Lots of love - Allison, Julie and Janine


Podlander Drunkcast: Outlander Season 6 Teaser and Opening Credits Reactions!

Hey, y'all - We watched the Outlander Season 6 teaser that came out on December 25, 2021 AND the new opening credits. We have reactions and thoughts! Listen in. Lots of love - Allison, Julie, and Janine


Podlander Drunkcast: Live Fanfic from C2E2!

Hey, y'all - On Friday December 10 2021, we were at it again, making up weird and stupid Outlander-themed fanfic for a live audience at C2E2. As always, there are moments of hilarity, moments of confusion, and moments of pure mess. Please enjoy! Lots of love - Julie, Allison, and Janine