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Have you noticed we've somehow all started dressing the same? Let's change that! Discover independent fashion and beauty brands and hear Esta Fiesta's thoughts on current industry events.

Have you noticed we've somehow all started dressing the same? Let's change that! Discover independent fashion and beauty brands and hear Esta Fiesta's thoughts on current industry events.
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Have you noticed we've somehow all started dressing the same? Let's change that! Discover independent fashion and beauty brands and hear Esta Fiesta's thoughts on current industry events.




I need to rant... Part Deux

I need to rant! There's some topics that have been heavy on my chest for some time and I need to talk them out. Thanks for listening! In this episode I discuss the one Met Gala look that bothered me most (you'll be shocked!), Kim Kardashian trying to become a lawyer, and my secret obsession - Kardashian/Jenner babies. *CORRECTION* I said that Regina King became an actress at 40 - I meant Regina Hall! Regina King has been acting since she was a teen on 227! I also said the Regina was a...


We Should all Be Michelle Lee Stans!

Do you know how dynamic Michelle Lee, editor in chief of Allure is? Let me tell you why I stan... Michelle Lee is one of the best people shaking up the beauty industry these days...but I realize so many of people don't understand how iconic she actually is! In this episode I'm paying tribute to the Asian American editor who is instrumental to America's future success by breaking down five reasons she's what the beauty industry didn't know it needed. Links : Michelle Lee’s...


Tips for Shopping Sephora's Beauty Insider Sale

It's Sephora Beauty Insider Sale time! Sephora's Beauty Insider sale kicks off on May 2 (or April 26 if you're VIB Rouge!) and now that our tax returns have come in its the PERFECT time to start putting together our shoppings lists! I'm breaking down the three categories you should split your purchases into and telling you how to decide which products to skip this go 'round. Pat McGrath MatteTrance lipstick in Full Panic ! Follow @PoisedPodcast on Twitter and Facebook and use...


Spring 2019 Is Coming... Let's Get Prepared

Spring is taking a little time to get here, so we’re gonna use this time to prepare! In today’s episode I’m sharing four ways you can start getting ready for warm weather NOW. I’m also sharing four spring trends you’ll want to explore. DIY pedicure products I mentioned: Kiss Pedicure Kit Lush Cosmetics Volcano Foot Mask Bath & Body Works Shea It Isn’t So or Bath & Body Works Mentha Tingling Foot Cream The Best Moisturizing Socks for Dry Feet Skincare products I mentioned: Youth...


Hair Story Pt. 2 with Lori Tharps

In Part 2 of my conversation with Lori Tharps we're talking about Black men's relationship with their hair, barbershops, and so much more! Read Lori's book: Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America. Check out Lori’s website: https://myamericanmeltingpot.com/ Find Lori Tharps on Twitter @LoriTharps or Instagram @myamericanmeltingpot Listen to Lori’s podcast: My American Meltingpot: Follow @PoisedPodcast on Twitter and Facebook and use #PoisednPolished to...


Hair Story with Lori Tharps Pt 1

Happy Black History Month! I know this one has been crazy so far so I’m bringing you a more pleasant story to talk about : the history of African American hair! Lori Tharps joins me to discuss her book Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America. In part 1 of this conversation we’re talking about how current attitudes toward black hair compare to historical attitudes about hair. Lori’s also talking about her personal experiences with hair, growing up in an all white...


Holistic Beauty with I See You Wellness and Casa Finca

Esta Fiesta chats with Mariam Mouna Guessous of I See You Wellness and Suanny Upegui of Casa Finca about beauty from within. The two wellness experts and creative entrepreneurs are sharing tips for achieving beauty from within! In this episode we discuss Moroccan black soap, the connection between your diet, geographical location and beauty, letting your spirit pick your fragrance, holistic ways to strengthen your nails and more! Find Mariam at I See You Wellness and on Instagram Find...


2019 Beautylutions!

Of course we’re kicking off 2019 with our beautylutions for the year, but first I’m giving a recap on last year’s results! LINKS: Favorite skincare products: Superfood cleanser Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask Orly Nail Defense Nail Strengthener Vegan Nail Brands: Zoya Black Dahlia Lacquer Julep Follow @PoisedPodcast on Twitter and Facebook and use #PoisednPolished to continue the conversation! Follow Esta Fiesta on Instagram and Twitter Sign up for...


What to wear to your office holiday party

It's party time! Ohhhhh it's parrr-tay time! Gonna have a (office holiday) par-tay!! Who else just realized the office holiday party is just days away and you haven't gotten your outfit together? Don't worry boo, you know I got you! On this episode I'm sharing tips on how to figure out what to wear to your office holiday party, regardless of if your office dress casual or conservative and if the party is at a fancy nearby hotel or being held in the big conference room. Of course I also...


Interior Design 101

Today I'm sharing some simple tips for decorating your home! I'm teaching you how to brighten up a space that doesn't get much sunlight, maximizing space with multi-tasking items, and what to do about wall decor. Follow @PoisedPodcast on Twitter and Facebook and use #PoisednPolished and #PodIn to continue the conversation! Follow Esta Fiesta on Instagram and Twitter Links: Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace White Paint Glass wall shelves from The Container Store String Lights Mirrored...


Lauren Alayne

It’s a Poised n Polished first - I’m talking to a makeup artist! Sephora Account Executive Lauren Alayne joins me to talk all things makeup, including how much makeup we tend to wear on vacation, how to deal with makeup shamers of any gender and what makes people gravitate towards a particular MUA. Lauren is also answering a few listener questions! She’s sharing her thoughts on IG MUAs, how to get long lashes without falsies and how often you should switch out your beauty blender. In...


It's Almost Fall So We Can REALLY Start Dressing!

Which one of you prayed for fall so they could get these fits off? I'm sharing my favorite trends that you should try out if you really want to get these fits off this fall! I'm also breaking down NYFW. Not how it went but what it is. Is fashion week a professional event or just an over priced party? I'm breaking down why it exists and what the purpose of all those celebrity filled parties are REALLY about. Check me out on Bri Books Podcast! I'm chatting about fashion, fashion magazines...


The September Issue: B'day Edition

This episode drops on Beyonce’s 37th birthday so it’s only appropriate we discuss her Vogue September 2018 cover article and what a great example she's setting. We're also discussing that viral Brooklyn nail salon video - yes, THAT ONE - and what it made me think about supporting black-owned beauty businesses. But first I'm catching you up on my summer, including my quick thoughts on why you need to see the birthday girl on her On the Run II tour and my recap of TWO independent beauty...


Season 4 Teaser

Season Four of Poised n Polished premieres Tuesday September 4 with an ode to Beyonce, recap of the Project Beauty Expo and my thoughts on the Brooklyn nail salon brawl. Make sure you subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, Spreaker Overcast, Acast, or wherever you listen to podcasts so that you don't miss an episode! Follow @PoisedPodcast on Twitter and Facebook Follow @ItsEstaFiesta on Instagram and Twitter Sign up for the newsletter and visit...


Midyear Beautylution Update

Remember back in January when we all made beautylutions? Have you been keeping up with yours? I have! But I haven’t been doing a great job of sharing my journey with you. In this episode I’m letting you know what I’ve tried, what’s been working and what was a HUUUUGE mistake. We’re discussing double cleansing vs Clarisonics, Lush’s all-natural, sometimes vegan face products the best sunblocks and k-beauty moisturizers. If any of the products I mentioned interest you check them out...


Oh, I just can't wait for these things!

There's so much to look forward to this June but I'm focusing on these three things: Crayola for ASOSFashionNova for Men Follow @PoisedPodcast on Twitter and Facebook and use #PoisednPolished to continue the conversation! Follow Esta Fiesta on Instagram and Twitter Sign up for the newsletter and visit poisednpolished.com for a complete list of past episodes and resources and visuals from this episode.


Phoenix Shaving

Do you even wet shave bro? Douglas Smythe from Phoenix Shaving is teaching me why every man - and woman - should ditch multi-blade razors in favor of traditional shaving. Douglas broke down why those multi-blade disposable razors are bad for your skin and how we all got tricked into thinking they were the best thing since sliced bread. We also discuss whether or not you need beard oil and more details about men’s grooming habits. Most importantly Douglas is teaching me how to help a...


Making Sense of Mudcloth

What is a mudcloth? That's what I asked Natalie Harris of The Tiny Closet during our discussion! Mudcloth as fashion is a new concept I was introduced to when I spoke to Melody Asherman of Everrything Rrouge last January. I'm learning more about the fabric, including how it's made, which West African country it comes from, and which city in America seems to like it more than the rest. We also discuss East African fashion (specifically leather goods from Kenya) and of course... Wakanda...


The Tiny Closet

What would you do if you threw out 90% of your closet and still didn’t like what was left? Natalie Harris decided to find her personal style and launched a blog turned boutique The Tiny Closet. I spoke to Natalie about what it really takes to be a minimalist, finding personal style, and why you should on EVERYTHING in the store. Natalie also introduced me to the concept of “aspirational shopping” and how fashionable TV makes us buy clothes that don't really speak to our lifestyles. Shop...


Louis Vuitton? Nobody Thinkin About That Brand!

Talking about the hottest beauty and fashion stories this week so far. What Virgil Abloh's appointment at Louis Vuitton means for luxury brands; Kim Kardashian encouraging her fans to have more fun with makeup and going from a Fenty Face to a Fenty bawdy!