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Conversations with successful expats who share how they're living their best lives abroad.

Conversations with successful expats who share how they're living their best lives abroad.
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Conversations with successful expats who share how they're living their best lives abroad.




Community 8: Startup Grind, Part 1 | Sabrina Benioudren

With a presence in 600 cities across 125 countries, and boasting over 2 million members, for entrepreneurs in the tech space, or anyone who is interested in the tech industry, Google-supported Startup Grind is a great way to no only meet like-minded people, but to help get plugged in to the local startup ecosystem wherever you are. Sabrina Benioudren, founder of the student chapter at Renmin University, and Co-director of the Beijing chapter, says that while Google takes a mostly hands-off...


Community 7: Rotary International | Rita Malvone

Everyone who moves overseas needs community, but some of us are looking for more than just camaraderie and fellowship. Rita Malvone is one of those folks. For people like her who want to dig deeper into the place where they live and who want to give back, Rotary Club has just what you're looking for. As Rita explains, people who get involved in Rotary's service projects find their lives enriched in incredibly fulfilling ways, AND that they're a part of a global network of like-minded people...


Community 6: Podcast Brunch Club | Shannon Martin

Shannon Martin has been living abroad for years. Ever since she convinced her employer to let her work remotely and she fell in love with the #ExpatLife in Spain, she's never felt the pull to go back "home." Today she's a successful content manager and PR pro who is also the organizer of the Shanghai branch of Podcast Brunch Club, a global community for people who love on-demand audio. "It's like book club, but for podcasts!" PBC is probably one of the most open, welcoming and easy-to-join...


Community 5: FitFam | Vy Vu

After a couple of years traveling around the world, Australian Vy Vu took a job in Shanghai's booming fashion sector. Shortly after that she set up FitFam, "A free fitness community that is accessible to all." They offer free workout classes to people of all fitness levels taught by volunteer instructors, and the idea has taken off. FitFam classes are now taught at 35 locations across the city, along with multiple locations in another 9 cities in 7 countries and regions. She discusses how...


Community 4: InterNations | Catalina Calin

One of the largest expat-focused organizations in the world, InterNations often serves as a "landing pad" for young professionals when they move to a new city abroad. This week, Romanian-born Catalina Calin, local ambassador in Shanghai (one of the 420+ cities worldwide with a local chapter), talks about how a local community of volunteers sharing their knowledge and experience with new arrivals can help to alleviate loneliness and demystify the acclimation process. To learn more about the...


Community 3: IPWS | Amanda Argentieri

There are many pathways and support networks for people who want to develop themselves professionally while living n their home countries. But what happens when you move overseas? Where do you turn for mentoring? Who can call out the pitfalls and obstacles as you try to advance your career? Amanda Argentieri, President of the International Professional Women's Society (IPWS) talks about her work leading a volunteer-run platform for dynamic women with diverse professional backgrounds to help...


Community 2: Lean In | Roberta Basso

This week we're discussing women in leadership with Roberta Basso, International Manager for Lean In China. She traces her path from Southern Italy to the Netherlands to China, where she found herself as the only woman on a team of engineers in the industrial sector, and then again in the software industry. So how do you find your way as an expat when you're a minority (foreigner) within a minority (a woman), dealing prejudice and assimilation issues? She talks about the tools that the Lean...


Community 1: SASS.C (Sweat & Social Sisters) | Kelly Olver

Do you like sweating and being social? South African-born and New Zealand-raised Kelly Olver shares her story of being an ex-flight attendant gym rat who has created a fitness community for women in Shanghai, called SASS.C. The idea came about as she searched for a way to combine her passion for staying in shape with her desire to find spaces where women could connect with each other. The results have been lots of sweaty empowering fun! To learn more about SASS.C and see what they're up to,...


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So you've made the leap. You're living overseas; living the dream. Now what? Once the honeymoon period ends, and friends back home stop being excited and impressed by your courageous leap to find your fortune in a foreign land, things start to get real. How do you build a life overseas? How do you thrive? Michelle Ibarra, APAC & Oceania Community Manager for Girl Gone International, interviews the women who are killing it overseas to learn how they did it. Season 1 is all about community-...