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Pop Culture is life. Stef and Michelle are the superheroes leading this geeky podcast and we talk about everything pop culture related: from Star Wars and Harry Potter to WWE, Netflix binges, and our favorite fiction reads. The Pop Culture Junkees podcast is a fun, positive and entertaining time where listeners can feel like they are geeking out with two of their favorite girlfriends.


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Pop Culture is life. Stef and Michelle are the superheroes leading this geeky podcast and we talk about everything pop culture related: from Star Wars and Harry Potter to WWE, Netflix binges, and our favorite fiction reads. The Pop Culture Junkees podcast is a fun, positive and entertaining time where listeners can feel like they are geeking out with two of their favorite girlfriends.






Things Magical Under the Moon

There's something magical happening here! Just in time for spooky season, we're talking with Amanda Stockton and Alexis L. Carroll, the authors of the grim anthology titled Things Magical Under the Moon. Stef and Michelle HIGHLY recommend getting your copy of this 6-story anthology, especially Michelle, who normally doesn't like horror, and was surprised how much she loved each of the stories in this anthology. Guest Links: Things Magical Under the Moon Amanda Stockton in Autumn Nights: 13 Spooky Fall Reads Alexis L. Carroll in Autumn Nights: Nine Stories to Nibble at Your Nape Alexis L. Carroll in Chimera: An Anthology Alexis' Linktree Alexis' Twitch Amanda's Links Support the show@junkeespop@popculturejunkees@popculturejunkees@PopCultureJunkeespopculturejunkees@gmail.com


International Podcast Day

It's #InternationalPodcastDay and the Pop Culture Junkees are here for a quick chat to celebrate. On this episode Michelle forgets our name, we discuss book TBRs, Stef's novel plans, traveling, a crying James Buchanan Barnes, and Michelle's six degrees of Harrison Ford and Eric Bischoff (nWo 4 life). Support the show@junkeespop@popculturejunkees@popculturejunkees@PopCultureJunkeespopculturejunkees@gmail.com


This isn't Footloose Mary

On this episode, Stef and Michelle chat with Karyn Bosnak, author of Save Karyn and 20 Times a Lady (also known as What's Your Number?) We learn about Karyn's writing journey, her Scooby van obsession, and the reason her yorkie Mary has her dancing in the pantry with a disco ball. Follow Karyn! https://www.instagram.com/karynbosnakIt's Always Somethinghttps://twitter.com/karynbosnakhttps://tiktok.com/@karynbosnakSupport the show@junkeespop@popculturejunkees@popculturejunkees@PopCultureJunkeespopculturejunkees@gmail.com


Pirahna Plant Raid Rave

The Pop Culture Junkees welcome Twitch streamer SusieQZ, to talk about her streaming journey, creating a positive community, and the infamous dancing piranha plant (it's sassy!). Don't forget to like and review our podcast! SusieQZ @susieqz@susieqz@hellosusieqzhttps://linktr.ee/SusieQZStef @latinageekgirl @latinageekgirl@latinageekgirlMichelle @missmichb@ms_michelleb@MichBellSupport the show@junkeespop@popculturejunkees@popculturejunkees@PopCultureJunkeespopculturejunkees@gmail.com


Pop Culture Junkees Goes Broadway

Help us welcome to the stage our friends Jennifer from At This Performance podcast and Sam from Boy Band Project! We talk about Jen's Broadway addiction, Sam's journey in the Boy Band, and all the best spots to visit when you're on a Disney trip to Florida. Join us to support them both April 1, 2023 when they'll be appearing on power hour with No More Games Radio. The theme is parody songs! Follow our guests (links below) and don't forget to like and review our podcast! Jen: @jenniferlyn620At This Performance@jenniferlyn620AtThisPerformancePodcastSam: @samiamharveyBoy Band Project@samiamharveySamJHarvey.comSupport the show@junkeespop@popculturejunkees@popculturejunkees@PopCultureJunkeespopculturejunkees@gmail.com


Out of the Way, Toddlers

Did you know your Pop Culture Junkees were named a "pure delight" by the Nerdist?Stef and Michelle take time to catch up, talk about what you've missed since the last episode, and play a few hands of Pick Your Poison. Support the show@junkeespop@popculturejunkees@popculturejunkees@PopCultureJunkeespopculturejunkees@gmail.com


The Return of Danny

We're back! The Pop Culture Junkees have returned, and we've brought back our first repeat guest, creator Danny Gorny. Danny talks to us about his new comic, Cygnus Imperium, and *ahem* did we mention we might have had a hand in its inspo? It's such a cool story, and it includes spaceship punching robots (what more could you ask for?) Danny teaches us how he runs successful Kickstarter campaigns, and we're doing our best to lure him to Phoenix for a comic convention! Danny Gorny on Twitter Subscribe to Danny's newsletter Buy Danny a coffee Pop Culture Junkees on Twitter Pop Culture Junkees Linktree Support the show@junkeespop@popculturejunkees@popculturejunkees@PopCultureJunkeespopculturejunkees@gmail.com


Sew Ashtastic

On this episode of Pop Culture Junkees, we interview Ashley, aka Sew Ashtastic, about her thriving independent sewing business, her favorite comic books, cosplays and celebrity photo ops at comicon. How did she become an accomplished sewer, and what comic books should we be reading right now? Join us to find out! Find Ashley: Support the show@junkeespop@popculturejunkees@popculturejunkees@PopCultureJunkeespopculturejunkees@gmail.com



Help us welcome to the Pop Culture Junkees author Scott Ryan, who just released the book Moonlighting: An Oral History. Moonlighting is the never-before-told inside story behind the making of the TV series, which aired from 1985-1989. We talk about how the show pioneered television, what it would be like if Moonlighting aired today, and why so many people identified with David Addison. This book will make you want to rewatch the series! Support the show@junkeespop@popculturejunkees@popculturejunkees@PopCultureJunkeespopculturejunkees@gmail.com


Michelle Becomes A Supervillain?

Season two! The Pop Culture Junkees catch up on coping with coming out of the pandemic, the things we're watching, and the things we can't wait to see - plus, is Michelle going to become a supervillain? Find out on this episode of the Pop Culture Junkees. Support the show@junkeespop@popculturejunkees@popculturejunkees@PopCultureJunkeespopculturejunkees@gmail.com


Big Bad Wolf

On this episode, the Pop Culture Junkees sit down with Suleikha Snyder, author of the shifter romance Big Bad Wolf. Suleikha talks about her writing, her favorite TV binges, and how she and Michelle once penned the fanfic "Lord of the Boing." You don't want to miss out on that story! Find Suleikha on Twitter @suleikhasnyder or her website http://www.suleikhasnyder.com/ and if you'd like to win a copy of Big Bad Wolf, visit the Pop Culture Junkees on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to join our giveaway contest! Support the show@junkeespop@popculturejunkees@popculturejunkees@PopCultureJunkeespopculturejunkees@gmail.com


Jungle Walrus! With Danny Gorny

If you've ever been fascinated by cryptids, or are fascinated by the idea of monsters in pinup, you need to hear this episode! Michelle and Stef talk with comic writer Danny Gorny, who has a successful Kickstarter campaign currently underway for a comic titled The Myth Butcher - James Bond meets Cryptids! The comic features a jungle walrus and...well, you just need to listen in because we talk with Danny about his current writing projects, how he got started, and the reason he has sexy pinup monsters as a campaign perk. Danny's graphic novel: https://tapas.io/series/Sleepwalkers/info Danny's Twitter & Ko-Fi: https://twitter.com/DJCrashOverride https://ko-fi.com/dannygorny The Myth Butcher Kickstarter Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dgorny/the-myth-butcher-james-bond-meets-cryptids Support the show@junkeespop@popculturejunkees@popculturejunkees@PopCultureJunkeespopculturejunkees@gmail.com


Happy New Year 2021!

What is your "word of the year" for 2021? The Pop Culture Junkees are here to check in on your new year goals, and say Happy New Year 2021! We're here to geek out over Wonder Woman 1984, Cobra Kai, Bridgerton and charcuterie boards. Plus, we've got a movie giveaway for you to see Love and Monsters starring Dylan O'Brien. It's gonna be a good year, Pop Culture Junkees! Support the show@junkeespop@popculturejunkees@popculturejunkees@PopCultureJunkeespopculturejunkees@gmail.com


Ya Filthy Animals

What are your top five favorite holiday movies? Michelle and Stef share their favorites, including the iconic Home Alone but we have some not-so-traditional movies on the favorites list as well. Tell us what we missed! Plus this week, we're offering a fun contest for the movie Sister of the Bride. Listen in and enter the contest! Support the show@junkeespop@popculturejunkees@popculturejunkees@PopCultureJunkeespopculturejunkees@gmail.com


A Galaxy Far Far Away

On this episode, Michelle and Stef spoke with Rhode Island based musician Brian Ross, member of the Wizard rock band Draco & The Malfoys, who will soon release a solo Star Wars based album titled A Galaxy Far, Far Away. Brian talked with us about the songs on his album and gave us an early preview (spoiler alert: we stan the album!). We also discussed some of our other favorite fandoms like Lord of the Rings, Princess Bride and Slytherpuffs. To follow Brian's music and get an early download of his song I'm Kylo Ren, visit https://brianrossmusician.com/. Support the show@junkeespop@popculturejunkees@popculturejunkees@PopCultureJunkeespopculturejunkees@gmail.com


Spooky Season

The Pop Culture Junkees CAN'T WAIT for Halloween, so we've come with our top five movies and TV shows for this spooky season. From Hocus Pocus to Nightmare on Elm Street, we list our favorites. Once you hear our suggestions, let us know what we forgot! Support the show@junkeespop@popculturejunkees@popculturejunkees@PopCultureJunkeespopculturejunkees@gmail.com


Enola Holmes and Spooky Books

WE WANT MORE ENOLA HOLMES! Geek out with Stef and Michelle over Netflix's newest installation in the Sherlock multiverse, and help us get in the fall mood by picking spooky books to read. Celebrate #InternationalPodcastDay with us! Support the show@junkeespop@popculturejunkees@popculturejunkees@PopCultureJunkeespopculturejunkees@gmail.com


Geeks in Quarantine

Michelle and Stef have emerged from quarantine. Just kidding, they couldn't stop talking about all the pop culture news happening lately, and had to dust off the podcast! In this episode, recorded virtually, the Pop Culture Junkees discuss DC FanDome, Gamescom 2020 and all the things we're binging (and look forward to binging) on Netflix and the other streaming apps. Support the show@junkeespop@popculturejunkees@popculturejunkees@PopCultureJunkeespopculturejunkees@gmail.com


This is the Way

It's Mando time! Stef and Michelle can't stop thinking about The Mandalorian on Disney+ so we invited four members of the Shonare Vhekadla Clan (the AZ Mando Mercs) to join us for this episode. We discuss Mando culture, how to become a foundling and our love for The Child...sweet Baby Yoda himself. Support the show@junkeespop@popculturejunkees@popculturejunkees@PopCultureJunkeespopculturejunkees@gmail.com


Be My Galentine

Is love in the air, or are we just staring at The Witcher? Stef and Michelle recorded this Galentine's podcast to find out what kind of friends we are, and the results weren't great... Support the show@junkeespop@popculturejunkees@popculturejunkees@PopCultureJunkeespopculturejunkees@gmail.com