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16: Episode 16 - The Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick - Halloween Special!

For this special Halloween edition of the podcast, I visited the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick and spoke with Steve Intermill and Jillian Slane, the dynamic husband and wife duo who started the museum about a year and half ago. We’re getting into the holiday spirit with this interview and talking about the history of witchcraft in America; and the fascinating story of how a rare collection of supernatural paraphernalia that once belonged to the first American practitioner of Wicca...


15: Episode 15 - Dan DeRoos

For today’s episode we went to see the man who brings you the news, Dan DeRoos. In case you aren’t familiar, Dan is a reporter for Cleveland 19, and he was kind enough to invite me downtown into the Channel 19 news studios and chat with me about the ins and outs of the astonishingly fast-paced world of TV news. Closing Music: 'Boozled' by Time Cat Sponsored by Jakprints


14: Episode 14 - Amanda King

Amanda’s photography focuses on giving a much needed voice to the black community in Cleveland, and her work is turning a lot of heads. She’s a recipient of the Martin Luther King Jr. award, she was invited to sit on the Cleveland Community Police Commission, and somewhere along the line she found time to earn degrees in both law and art history. And she’s not even 30 yet. Yeah, 'Wow' is the proper response. More about Amanda King: Tickets...


13: Episode 13 - Deena Mendlowitz

Deena is a Second City alumni who runs a live comedy show called ‘Mental Illness and Friends’. Her show is unique in that its focus is on addressing the stigmas and stereotypes surrounding mental health through comedy. Deena’s incredibly funny, and at the same time she has a ton of challenging insights into how we view and treat mental illness in our society. Mass Hysteria: Funnel Cakes Not Included: Mental Illness and Friends:...


12: Episode 12 - Fred Bidwell

For today’s show we sit down with Fred Bidwell, the founder of Transformer Station, a contemporary art gallery in Hingetown, and a current member of the board for the Cleveland Museum of Art. He is also the executive director of FRONT International, a triennial exhibition of international artists that has been going on across the city all summer long. Despite being comprised of works by artists from around the world, the focus of the exhibition is decidedly on Cleveland, its history, and the...


11: Episode 11 - Clem Kunkle

Clem Kunkle is the proprietor of Cleveland Curiosities, a brand new oddities shop that specializes in exotic taxidermies, medical rarities, and just plain weird shit you won’t see anywhere else in the city. In this episode, we discuss the strange, the bizarre, and even the mundane aspects of the oddities business. Cleveland Curiosities Facebook Page:...


10: Episode 10 - Katrice Monee

Local renaissance woman Katrice Monee is a visual artist, actor, and singer. When Katrice was a growing up, her dream was to live in a loft in a big city and make a living off of her artwork. Today, she lives in a loft in a big city and makes a living off of her artwork. In this episode, she tells us all about the difficult journey she took to get there. Link to Katrice's website: Link to Katrice's facebook page: Episode...


9: Episode 9 - Zach Germaniuk

Zach Germaniuk is a fiercely anti-authoritarian punk rocker by night and a property rights lawyer by day. In this interview he tells us all about he navigates the paradoxes and challenges of existing in both the rigid, rules-oriented world of legal defense and the chaotic life of a touring rock musician. We also got kinda drunk before we recorded this. Sorry. Sort of. One minor correction at the end of the show: Pillärs is playing July 8th and Rubber Mate is July 13th, both at Now That's...


8: Episode 8 - Loren Naji

Loren Naji is a visual artist whose sculpture work has been displayed in museums and galleries around the country, including our own Cleveland Museum of Art. Even better, he’s also been known to live inside of his art. Literally. Don't miss this interview that goes to the other side of the planet and back. PS- Loren is referring to 'Tinea Versicolor' about mid show when he can't remember the name of the condition.


7: Episode 7 - Litho Freeman

Litho Freeman is a local artist and filmmaker with quite an inspiring story. Several years ago, he was homeless and ready to give up on life. Today, he's an established filmmaker who has worked with big names like the Grateful Dead and pro wrestling legend Kurt Angle. Don't miss this one!


6: Episode 6 - Ivy Simpkin

Ivy Simpkin is a local bar owner with quite an unusual past. In this episode she tells us all about her favorite life experiences, which include tales of California biker gangs, Alaskan fish mongers, and busking in Germany, to name just a few. Find out why this globetrotting barkeep says 'all roads lead to Cleveland' in this wonderfully fun interview. Closing Music: 'Nohio' by Fawx


5: Episode 5 - Robert Banks - Part 2

Robert Banks is a world-renowned experimental filmmaker, and is one of the last in the world (let alone Cleveland) who works exclusively with analog film. We close out the interview with Robert's thoughts on art and filmmaking in general, and we even go him to say something nice about Cleveland! Closing Music: 'Knife Wounds' by Slugfest


4: Episode 4 - Robert Banks - Part 1

Robert Banks is a world-renowned experimental filmmaker, and is one of the last in the world (let alone Cleveland) who works exclusively with analog film. In the the first part of this interview, he tells us how he got his start in filmmaking. Don't miss this one! Closing Music: 'Barrio' Featuring Black Bravo, Rosello Stone, Teka, Che, and Garbs Infinite. Produced by Garbs Infinite and empowered by the 'Young Lordz Project'


3: Episode 3 - Sara Dobie Bauer

The prolific Sara Dobie Bauer is an author, actor, journalist, mental health advocate, model, musician, and a social deviant in general. She tells us about her work, how she manages to juggle all of it, and gives some tips on how you can, too. Closing Performance: A monologue from 'Romeo and Juliet' read by local actor Patrick Gladish


2: Episode 2 - Jake Griswold

Jake Griswold is the man behind the secretive Innerspace, an underground DIY art venue that was recently shut down by the Ohio City police. He tells us how the Innerspace got started, what his plans are moving forward, and much more! Closing Music: 'Huff Joules' by Harvey Pekar


1: Episode 1 - Bill Parker

Bill Parker was a Franciscan Friar for 5 years; he tells us all about why he joined, the year-long vow of silence he took, why he left the order and returned to Cleveland, and much more. Closing Music: 'CLE' by The Luckey Ones