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Palle Bo is a long time radioproducer who has sold his house, car and all of his furniture so he could travel around the world. He has an ambition to visit every country in the world and you can join his trip in this podcast. Come along as he meet the locals and experience Palle's excitements and concerns regarding the life as digital nomad.




Palle Bo is a long time radioproducer who has sold his house, car and all of his furniture so he could travel around the world. He has an ambition to visit every country in the world and you can join his trip in this podcast. Come along as he meet the locals and experience Palle's excitements and concerns regarding the life as digital nomad.






295 RIO DE JANEIRO: Hang Gliding over Rio

In this episode, get ready to feel the wind in your hair and the thrill of adventure as we delve into the exhilarating world of hang gliding over Rio de Janeiro. Join me as I take you on a journey through the skies of one of the world's most iconic cities. From the adrenaline rush of take-off to the serene beauty of gliding through the clouds, this episode will leave you inspired to embark on your own sky-high adventure. Discover the best spots to take off, essential safety tips, and hear first-hand accounts of the breath-taking views and unforgettable experiences that await you in Rio's boundless skies.


294 RIO DE JANEIRO: Top 7 Must-Visit Attractions for the Ultimate Experience

Discover the vibrant wonders of Rio de Janeiro with me on The Radio Vagabond! In this episode, we explore the top 7 things to see and do in Rio: 1. Christ the Redeemer: Embrace the panoramic views from Corcovado Mountain. 2. Sugarloaf Mountain: Experience cinematic vistas and spy-worthy thrills. 3. Copacabana Beach: Dive into a Brazilian beach fiesta with sun, sand, and samba beats. 4. Ipanema: Where Bossa Nova meets bikinis – a lifestyle by the ocean's sway. 5. Tijuca National Park: Nature's gym for the adventurous soul amidst urban rainforests. 6. Selarón Steps: Climb a stairway of colourful surprises, a mosaic masterpiece. 7. Maracanã Stadium: Immerse in football history at the legendary stadium. Explore more of Rio's magic on The Radio Vagabond podcast and on YouTube.


SLOVAKIA: Life in a hostel i “Partyslava” (Flashback)

In this episode of The Radio Vagabond, I visited Bratislava and worried how he would stay in a hostel with 20-something backpackers. I also had a chat with one of the locals about the Soviet times. See pictures and read the blog post here:


293 RIO DE JANEIRO: A City Alive with Passion and Resilience

In this episode, we start at the iconic Maracanã Stadium, the beating heart of Brazil's football culture, sets the stage for an exploration into the soul of Rio de Janeiro. The Maracanã Stadium stands as an emblem of Brazil's passion for football, a colossal structure nestled amidst the vibrant energy of Rio de Janeiro. Its storied history includes hosting iconic matches, such as Brazil's devastating loss in the 1950 World Cup final and Pele's memorable goals. With a seating capacity of over 78,000, it serves as a testament to the nation's enduring love affair with the beautiful game. As we step into this hallowed ground, we are enveloped by the echoes of cheers and chants, feeling the pulse of a city that breathes football. Then we visit a favela, where I have a captivating chat with Adam Powers Newman, a true force in the favela community of Rio de Janeiro. Adam shares his passion for breaking down the barriers, allowing people to truly connect with these vibrant neighbourhoods. We dive deep into the challenges and misconceptions surrounding the favelas, exploring initiatives like the ecological park and co-living co-working spaces. Join us as we navigate the colourful and intricate tapestry of the favela landscape, discovering the untold stories, challenges, and the relentless positivity that defines these communities. Adam Powers Newman, our guide through this cultural expedition, unveils the rich history of favelas, from their organic beginnings to the diverse and welcoming communities they are today. As we traverse the narrow streets and vibrant alleys, Adam shares his personal connection, shedding light on a side of Rio often overlooked. Buckle up as we journey through the Maracanã's historical significance, wind through the favelas, and unveil the transformative initiatives shaping these unique neighbourhoods. Adam's dedication to reshaping the narrative around favelas and fostering positive change creates a compelling narrative that challenges preconceived notions and invites you to be a part of a more profound understanding. Visit Favela INC for more information and how you can get involved and support the good work they do. To view photos of my trip visit


292 BALI: Top 7 Attractions You Need to Visit in Bali

Hey travel enthusiasts! Join me on The Radio Vagabond as we explore the enchanting island of Bali. From roaming with monkeys in the Ubud Monkey Forest to witnessing the stunning sunsets at Uluwatu Temple, we're uncovering the top 7 must-visit spots in Bali. Dive into the history at the USAT Liberty Shipwreck and swing high above the jungle at Bali Swing! Listen to the latest episode for a full guide to these breathtaking attractions and start planning your Bali adventure.


BOSTON: The Radio Vagabond Hunting Good Vibes (Flashback)

Join me in this episode of The Radio Vagabond where I pick up where I left off in Czechia before going to the Atlantic to meet up with my friend Brianna. See pictures and read the blog post here:


291 BALI: Hidden Rituals in a Once-in-a-Decade Hindu Ceremony

Breaking Tradition: I Gained Access to Bali's Off-Limits Hindu Ritual My meeting with Wayan, a local driver and fisherman in the heart of Bali, revealed a world of hidden rituals and traditions, unlike anything I’d ever imagined. After we zipped through the vibrant streets on scooters, Wayan's tales of traditions, miraculous healing experiences, and ancient rites of sacrifice left me spellbound. But this was just the beginning of my journey into the enchanting Balinese culture and spirituality. My special guest is Wayan Wayan, a native of Bali, brings a wealth of local knowledge and first-hand experience to explore the island's hidden rituals and traditions. His deep-rooted connection to Bali's spiritual practices and cultural customs offers a captivating insight into the lesser-known aspects of the island's heritage. With Wayan's guidance, you can gain a deeper understanding of the once-in-a-decade Hindu ceremony and the significance they hold within the community. Through his engaging storytelling and personal encounters, Wayan provides a genuine and authentic portrayal of the rich tapestry of traditions that define Balinese culture, making him an invaluable companion on this journey of discovery. Discover Jero Manku's Healing Abilities In an impressive personal story, Wayan talks about the local healer, Jero Manku. He’s a revered spiritual leader known for his miraculous healing abilities. Wayan's firsthand experience with Jero Manku's healing powers against established medical practices offers listeners a different understanding of health solutions. This uncovers the power of alternative medicine, showcasing the impact of spirituality on physical well-being in Balinese society. In this episode, we will: Uncover Bali's hidden rituals and traditions to gain a deeper understanding of its rich cultural heritage.Explore the fascinating Balinese Hindu ceremonies and beliefs to broaden your spiritual knowledge and cultural awareness.Discover Jero Manku's healing abilities and alternative medicine for a unique perspective on holistic healing practices.Delve into Balinese beliefs in reincarnation and karma to gain insights into their philosophy of life and existence.Learn about the ritual of offering to the ocean deity to understand the intricate relationship between Balinese culture and nature. The key moments in this episode are: 00:00 - Introduction to Bali and Its Traditions 03:40 - Balinese Naming Tradition 07:49 - Balinese Hinduism and Rituals 12:57 - Authentic Balinese Experience in Cese 14:53 - Support for Ukraine Relief Mission 17:29 - Meeting Jero Manku 18:59 - Healing Miracle 23:05 - Balinese Beliefs 28:37 - Balinese Hindu Tradition 34:37 - Breaking news on the new ”Vagabond Shorts”


BALI: Fivelements Resort (Flashback)

Before the next season of The Radio Vagabond, I’m going to give you an episode from a unique luxurious place: Fivelements Retreat Bali. See pictures and read the blog post here:


NOMAD CRUISE: Meet 249 Nomads. Where’s Wally? (Flashback)

Welcome to the third and final instalment of my Nomad Cruise adventure, where I hopped aboard the Horizon cruise ship and sailed from Spain to Greece for 9 days with a bunch of incredibly talented digital nomads. If you haven’t already listened to Part I and II then go back and do so before continuing. Let’s jump back aboard the Horizon! See pictures and read the blog post here:


SERBIA: Celebrating in Belgrade (Flashback)

Join me in this episode of The Radio Vagabond where I travel to Serbia and go on a trip to Novi Sad with three Australian backpackers and my Airbnb host Miloš. See pictures and read the blog post here:


MOROCCO: Visa Hunting in Rabat (Flashback)

With my travel buddy, Edvard, I’m moving on the train from Fez to Rabat in Morocco. Here, I talk to him so you can get to know the guy I will be travelling with for a while in Africa. You can also join us as we start our hunt for visas to many African countries. A hunt that turns out not to be without challenges. See pictures and read the blog post here:


TEXAS: Literally My First Rodeo (Flashback)

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to be a cowboy and get immersed in Texan culture you need to take a trip to Tejas Rodeo just outside of San Antonio. I was lucky enough to go backstage to learn about this fascinating sport from a bull-riding legend Yancey James. See pictures and read the blog post here.


290 UKRAINE: Heart-breaking Visits to Bucha and Lviv

Join us on a profound journey in the latest episode of The Radio Vagabond, as we conclude the NomadMania educational tour of Ukraine. Our adventure begins in the suburb of Irpin, near Kyiv, where echoes of past conflicts and strategic defences tell a story of resilience and survival. The remains of a crucial bridge, destroyed to halt the advance of Russian forces, mark the stark reality of war. As we move to Bucha, the ambiance shifts dramatically. Orest Zub, our guide and organizer, narrates the transition from Irpin to Bucha, underscoring the distinct stories each town holds within the larger narrative of the conflict. Bucha, a town tragically transformed from a peaceful suburb to a witness of war atrocities, presents a somber picture of the invasion's impact. Here, we confront the aftermath of occupation and the brutal reality of civilians caught in the crossfire. The silent streets of Bucha, once bustling with life, now bear witness to the violence that swept through the town. Orest shares the harrowing details of civilian casualties, with about 600 local residents reported killed. The Church of St. Andrew stands as a poignant memorial, with a mass grave and commemorations for each victim, including children tragically caught in the violence. Inside the Church of St. Andrew, a heart-wrenching photo exhibition brings the tragedy of Bucha into sharp focus. Images of abandoned bicycles, a loyal dog beside its fallen owner, and lifeless hands clutching groceries paint a vivid picture of the town's ordeal. These photographs, capturing moments of untold stories and lives cut short, emphasize the need for accountability and justice on a global stage. Our journey continues to Lviv, where the atmosphere is a blend of anticipation and reflection. The city bustles with life, offering a stark contrast to the war-torn regions we've visited. The visit to a military cemetery in Lviv becomes a powerful moment of contemplation. Here, we walk amongst the graves of fallen soldiers, each marked with a photo, reminding us of the personal cost of war. Orest Zub explains the significance of these photographs, highlighting the youth and unfulfilled potential of those who lost their lives. On the last night, we gather for a unique sharing session. Travelers from diverse backgrounds, including Gustav Rosted, Max Layerer, Per Besson, Mette Ehlers Mikkelsen, Alex Rivera, Khadija Musa, Ed Hotchkiss, Kim Borup Frederiksen, Lee Sandberg, Tony Wang, Allan Have Larsen and Petro Marais, share their reflections on the Ukrainian spirit, the resilience observed, and the emotional roller coaster of the trip. Each adding a unique perspective to the collective narrative. Their words paint a vivid picture of a nation's struggle, resilience, and the indomitable hope of its people. As we conclude this remarkable journey through Ukraine, I share my plans for the upcoming year. The focus will be on producing more travel episodes, balancing the narratives of other digital nomads and travelers. I encourage you to support and spread the word about The Radio Vagabond. With a wish for a happy Christmas and a festive New Year, we close this chapter of our journey, ready to embark on new adventures in 2024. My name is Palle Bo, and as always, I gotta keep moving. See you in the next year, with more stories, more travels, and more insights from around the world. Blogpost and pictures:


CZECH REPUBLIC: Finding My Peace in a Bohemian Paradise (Flashback)

Join me in this episode of The Radio Vagabond where I visit the northern part of Czech Republic called the LIberec Region, also known as Bohemian Paradise. See pictures and read the blog post here.


USA: Danish Kringle is a Big Hit North of Chicago (Flashback)

In this episode of The Radio Vagabond, I visit Racine in Wisconsin, which is 75 miles north of Chicago. I also visited a Danish bakery and got a taste of the Americanized version of Denmark. See pictures and read the blog post here.


289 UKRAINE: Corruption, Wealth, Destroyed Bridge, and Abandoned Cars

In this episode we’re in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and the nearby suburb, Irpin. Join us as we delve into the untold stories of human resilience, the symbolism of abandoned cars. We also dive into the time before the war, when we visit the residence of the former pro-Russian president, Victor Yanukovych. His massive wealth and lavish lifestyle, starkly contrasts the ongoing struggles of the Ukrainian people, and his opulent estate stands as a testament to the depth of corruption under his regime and its detrimental impact on the nation. Yanukovych’s deposed leadership has ignited frustration and outrage among Ukrainians, illuminating the urgent need for transparency and accountability in governance. When the people of Ukraine finally found out about this lavishness and scale of the estate, it was viewed as a symbol of corruption and excess. And that sparked the Euromaidan Revolution. It's time to uncover the true impact of corruption and understand the true path to reconstruction. Blogpost: Timestamped summary of this episode: 00:00 - Introduction 00:37 - War Remnants in Kiev 02:19 - Facts About Kiev 05:02 - Personal Perspective on the War 09:06 - Visit to Yanukovych's Former Residence 18:07 - Background on Ukraine's pro-Western stance 19:46 - Evolution of the protests 22:23 - Violent crackdown and Yanukovych's downfall 24:48 - Zelensky's leadership and challenges 35:44 - Armed Forces Push Russians Out 36:36 - Rebuilding Residential Buildings 37:09 - Abandoned and Destroyed Cars


288 UKRAINE: From Destruction to Determination and Stories of Hope in War-Torn Cities in Eastern Ukraine

Journey with me into the heart of eastern Ukraine, where resilience blooms amidst the scars of war. Join me and the NomadMania group as we uncover the unexpected twist that forever changed the lives of these brave communities. From the haunting remnants of Izyum to the courageous stories of survival in Kharkiv, witness the indomitable spirit of a city determined to defy the odds. But as the secrets unravel and the plot thickens, one question lingers: What surprising twist lies ahead for these resilient souls? In this episode, you will: See pictures and videos – and read the article on


287 UKRAINE: Destroyed Village Close to the Frontline

In Ukraine, I uncover the devastating impact of war on individuals and communities. From harrowing tales of survival to the resilience of those providing aid, join me on a journey that reveals the true realities of conflict. But be warned, the shocking accounts I share will leave you questioning the fate of those caught in this ongoing crisis. Before this visit to war torn Ukraine, I crossed paths with Dimitri, a Ukrainian refugee in Kraków in Poland, near the Ukrainian border. As our conversation unfolded, I was thrust into a world of unimaginable suffering and despair, as Dimitri recounted the harrowing tales of his hometown and his life reduced to rubble. But it was the unexpected twist, a brutal war crime that Dimitri witnessed, that left me shaken to my core, grappling with a haunting question: How can this happen? If you're feeling a sense of helplessness and frustration as you try to understand the impact of war in Ukraine, then you are not alone! Despite your efforts to gain a deeper understanding, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the crisis and the countless stories of suffering. Your attempts to empathize may leave you feeling powerless to alleviate the pain and restore peace. But rest assured, your desire to increase awareness and empathy is a crucial step towards making a difference. In this episode, you will: Gain a deeper understanding of the human impact of war in Ukraine, shedding light on the stories and struggles of individuals and communities affected.Discover the remarkable resilience and strength of the Ukrainian people in the face of adversity, inspiring and uplifting stories of hope and survival.Learn about the aid organizations working tirelessly to support and assist those affected by the war in Ukraine.Uncover the hidden dangers of landmines in Ukraine and the devastating effects they have on civilians, highlighting the urgent need for their removal and the importance of landmine awareness.Gain insight into the profound losses suffered by Ukraine due to the ongoing war, understanding the lasting impact on communities, infrastructure, and the country as a whole.


286 UKRAINE: Going to a Country in a Full-Scale War

Discover the truth behind Ukraine's perceived danger and gain a new perspective on this captivating country. Are you curious about travelling to Ukraine but concerned about the ongoing conflict? In my latest podcast episode of The Radio Vagabond, I go on a NomadMania tour with a group of travellers and Ukrainian, Orest Zub, raising awareness about Ukraine's current situation. In the episode, we address the scepticism and concerns many travellers have about going to a country in a full-scale war. One of the most fascinating aspects of our conversations is learning about the experiences and motivations of those who choose to visit Ukraine during these challenging times. In this miniseries, we will discover a completely different side of the country. We will experience the resilience of the Ukrainian people, witness the beauty of the country, and learn about the rich history and culture that define this captivating nation – despite of everything going on right now. If you love delving into the heart of a destination and embracing its complexities, this episode is a must-listen. You'll gain a deeper understanding of Ukraine, address any concerns you may have, and be inspired to see the country in a different light. Please spread the word and help to raise awareness about Ukraine. Please share this post with your network and encourage them to listen to the episode. Together, we can challenge misconceptions and foster a deeper appreciation for the resilience and beauty of Ukraine. Episode post:


MAINE, USA: Blueberries, Blues & Beers (Flashback)

Join me on a homely visit to rustic Maine, USA. In this episode, I burn my eyes with hot chicken spice, put my foot in my mouth, and listen to “one hot chick” sing some blues rock in a garage before getting lost on a dark forest road. See pictures and read the blog post here.