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A weekly podcast where cousins, Paul and Major, review and discuss one episode of Robotech at a time.

A weekly podcast where cousins, Paul and Major, review and discuss one episode of Robotech at a time.


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A weekly podcast where cousins, Paul and Major, review and discuss one episode of Robotech at a time.






Wedding Bells - Episode 25

A wedding takes place on the SDF-1, Captain Gloval gives an award worthy monologue and Dolza has had an assfull of these micronians. It's Episode 25! Also, we have t-shirts which you can find at Wanna be a guest on the show? Write us at or on Instagram @ReflexPointPod.


Showdown - Episode 24

Episode 24 is finally here! Deep apologies for the delay, but here's the episode where Max and Miriya meet, Lisa travels to Earth and Kyle lives his truth. Join us for Showdown!


Reckless - Episode 23

Some of the Zentradi ask the crew of the SDF-1 for asylum, Kyle tries to take things to the next level and Rick and Lisa share a laugh. It's Episode 23, Reckless! Write us at or find us on Instagram @ReflexPointPod.


Battle Hymn - Episode 22

The Zentradi have a plan, as do our intrepid spies and Minmei puts on a "Lovely" concert! It's episode 22 - Battle Hymn! Write us at or find us on Instagram @ReflexPointPod.


A New Dawn - Episode 21

We're back with episode 21 and Macross is all a buzz with the opening of its first feature film! This time we talk about work-place praise, we ask the question, "Where's Gloval", Paul tells a story about lying at Little League and we read an email from a listener! Write us at or find us on Instagram @ReflexPointPod.


Paradise Lost - Episode 20

Captain Gloval receives orders to leave Earth with the civilians, the three spies make their own big escape and we talk grilling. It's episode 20!


Bursting Point - Episode 19

The Zentradi, an Omni-Directional Barrier, Khyron returns as well as enormous steaks... It's Episode 19 and to help us break it down is ANOTHER set of Robotech lovin' podcasting cousins, David Forsythe and Todd Lucas. They host the Edge of Tomorrow Minute and we can't thank them enough for joining us. Listen and subscribe to their show! @EdgeofTomorrowMinute


Interview with Melanie MacQueen

BONUS EPISODE!!! We spoke with the amazing Melanie MacQueen! You can find Melanie at And special thanks Crystal Olinger for her help with this interview. You can find Crystal on Instagram @CrimsonKami_Cosplay


Farewell, Big Brother - Episode 18

Pineapple salad... Well, we all know what that means. To help us get through this, we brought in special guest, Noé Carranza. Noé is watching Robotech for the very first time along side the podcast and we talk about his experience and the things that ruined our childhoods. We hope he doesn't bill us for his therapy.


Interview with Greg Finley

BONUS EPISODE!!! We talk with Greg "Henry J. Gloval" Finley himself... Pinch us, because we're still not over it.


Phantasm - Episode 17

Rick is in a state of delirium after being shot down and we try our best to figure out what his fever dream really means. We talk animation, ego death and we discover that Vanessa is the voice of Rick's self-doubt.


Battlecry - Episode 16

And... We're back. New Year, new episode! It's been awhile but we're coming back strong with Battlecry and we have loads of special episodes coming up for you in the coming weeks. This episode is 2+ hours and is loaded with plenty of on and off topic nonsense. Thank you for listening, as we return to our weekly schedule!


Homecoming - Episode 15

It's a Thanksgiving miracle! Episode 15 is finally here! Gloval and Lisa head to Alaska, Rick and Minmay head to Yokohama and we realize there is an engaged couple aboard the SDF-1. We talk government conspiracies, underwhelming family reactions and Major keeps trying to make "Have a peanut" a thing.


Gloval's Report - Episode 14

The SDF-1 is back on Earth and Captain Gloval is recalling the events of the last 13 episodes. It's a clip show and we break it down with the help of comic book artist Gerard Conte! Follow him on Instagram @gerard_conte_art


Blue Wind - Episode 13

Our hero's return to the ship along with 3 spies, as it makes a break back for Earth. We talk crowbars, hooligan skaters and maintaining one's composure while on a mission.


Big Escape - Episode 12

With special guest... Rebecca Forstadt!!! With our hero's captured, we found ourselves with a lot to talk about - so this is a super-sized show that starts off with an interview. Who do we interview? You'll just have to listen to find out! Don't miss Episode 12! The next thrilling adventure in the continuing saga of Reflex Point!


First Contact - Episode 11

Rick, Lisa and Ben are on the enemy ship and meet them face to face! Episode 11 "First Contact" is now available! We talk Zentradi culture, Dolza, protoculture and bee-bo's!


Blind Game - Episode 10

The battle between the crew of the SDF-1 and the Zentradi increases and we break it down, scene by scene. We also rate last weeks episode (sorry) and discuss being stood up, if Pamir is a planet and why Exedore never gets to sit down. Follow us on Instagram ReflexPointPod or drop us a line at


Miss Macross - Episode 9

Macross Broadcasting System is on the air, bringing you the inaugural Miss Macross Competition! This week we talk job delegation, celebrity assistants, Mervyn's and littering. Special thanks to Instagram user Robotech_Defense_Force for featuring us this week on their page! You said it best, it's us fan's who keep Robotech alive! Write us @ and join the conversation @ReflexPointPod on Instragram.


Sweet Sixteen - Episode 8

Rick has trouble getting a gift, we meet Ben and Max, and Major has to throw every other character under the bus in his defense of Minmay! Email us at