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Interviews on politics, culture, society, business, and much more with the most interesting and important people from in and around Reno, Nevada

Interviews on politics, culture, society, business, and much more with the most interesting and important people from in and around Reno, Nevada


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Interviews on politics, culture, society, business, and much more with the most interesting and important people from in and around Reno, Nevada




Zach Cage on Craft Beer and the Brewer’s Cabinet

This week's guest on Renoites is Zach Cage, one of the owners of The Brewer's Cabinet, a local craft brewery with a whole family of bars and restaurants here in Reno. Their properties include the Brewer's Cabinet Brewpub and Taproom on California and Arlington, their production facility just off West 4th Street, and the local bars Sierra Tap House, Old Bridge Pub, and Shim's. Zach and Conor talk about the history and growth of the Brewer's Cabinet, the various influences on beer culture...


Ron Kaminkow on Trains and Railroads

One of the most essential elements of our infrastructure in the United States, for moving freight across the country, for getting travelers and commuters to their destinations, and for addressing the challenges of a changes climate is railroads. There are about 140,000 miles of railroad track in the United States, much of it being severely under-utilized for various reasons. On this episode of Renoites, we welcome Ron Kaminkow. Ron is an Amtrak Engineer based in Reno, Nevada who serves as...


Kasey Crispin on Local Farming and Farmer’s Markets

Kasey Crispin is an owner and operator of both Prema Farms, a local hand-scale farm located just outside of Reno, and the Riverside Farmer's Market, a year-round farmers market at the McKinley Arts Center on the Truckee River just outside of Downtown Reno. On this episode of Renoites, the first in Season 3, Conor and Kasey talk about what it was like starting a farm and learning about the challenges of growing in the high desert, starting a family and living in a tiny home on the farm, the...


Connie Wray on Local Radio and TV

Connie Wray has been a fixture of the local media community in Reno for over 20 years. The long time cohost of Bill and Connie in the Morning on Alice 96.5, Connie was always along for our drive time commute in the Reno area, as well as a regular figure at community events of all types, and is now hosting her own projects The Next Stage with Connie Wray, and the new local TV show Love, Reno. On this week's episode of Renoites, Connie joins Conor to talk about her long career in local media....


Jessi Sprocket Janusee on The Generator Art Space

What do many of the most iconic Burning Man sculptures have in common? There's a pretty decent chance that they were constructed right here in the Reno area at The Generator, an arts space in Sparks that has been a hub for local and international artists leading up to Burning Man, as well as arts events and education throughout the year. This week on Renoites, Conor speaks with Jessi Janusee, the communications director of The Generator about their new location in the new "Oddie District,"...


John Trent on Running

The sport of running has experienced several booms in popularity over the decades, from charity 5k fun runs to extremely challenging long distances races through incredibly inhospitable environments. For the most dedicated runners, one of the pinnacles of achievement is the ultra-marathon. Anything over 26.2 miles counts as an ultra, but many of the most popular events are 100 miles long. This week on Renoites, Conor talks with John Trent, race director for Silver State Endurance Runs and...


Niki Rubarth and Denise Hund on Alzheimer’s Disease and the Alzheimer’s Association

Alzheimer's disease affects more than 6 million Americans, with an estimated 44,000 diagnosed cases here in Nevada (and likely many more undiagnosed cases as well). This week on Renoites, Conor welcomes Niki Rubarth and Denise Hund from the Alzheimer's Association of Northern California and Nevada. We talk about the symptoms of Alzheimer's, the difference between Dementia and Alzheimers, risk factors and warning signs, early onset Alzheimer's that can affect younger people, resources and...


Lily Baran on Activism, Advocacy, Anarchism and Mutual Aid

If you have been paying attention to any of the big news stories in Reno for the last few years, you’ve probably heard a lot from the local activist community. From the protests following the police killing of George Floyd in 2020, to the Stop the Sweeps protests and rallies which picked up steam last year, all the way up to the recent community meetings about development and the Jacobs’ Neon Line project, the voices of our local activist community have been a common presence. This week on...


Rachel Story on Feline Rescue and Trap/Neuter/Return

This week on Renoites, it's time to talk all about cats and cat rescue! Our guest this week is Rachel Story, a feline rescue advocate who runs the local cat rescue Feral at Heart and works with the Enchanted Cat Cafe. Rachel's focus is on Trap/Neuter/Return, a strategy that allows anyone to help reduce the feral cat population in their neighborhood by trapping feral cats and having them neutered at a local low-cost clinic, then returning them back to where they were trapped. Conor and...


Judge Christopher Hazlett-Stevens on Reno Community Court

One of the frequent criticisms of the criminal justice system in the United States is that people who violate the law often cycle in and out of the system, and a focus on punishment often doesn't serve to solve the actual problem at hand. Today's guest on the podcast is Judge Christopher Hazlett-Stevens, who presides over the Reno Municipal Court system's Community Court. Community Court is held at the Downtown Reno library instead of the court house, and is geared towards Reno's unhoused...


Michael Tragash on Yelp Reno and the Importance of Feedback

This week's guest on Renoites is the Community Director for Yelp Reno, Michael Tragash. Through his position with Yelp, Michael helps local businesses connect with their customers through events and sharing their stories and make the most of the customer feedback they receive. Conor and Michael discuss Yelp and how it works, how trust and reliability are essential for business owners and their online reviewers, what the "feedback economy" is and why it matters to business owners more than...


Jenny Brekhus on City Council, Development, and her run for Mayor of Reno

This week on the podcast, Conor welcomes Reno’s city council member from Ward 1, Jenny Brekhus. Jenny has served on the Reno city council since 2012 and is running for Mayor of Reno this year. Conor and Jenny discuss current issues facing Reno, including the controversial Jacobs Entertainment Neon Line District and accompanying development agreement with the city, the CARES Campus and homelessness, the recent judicial decision forcing the city council to approve a housing development in...


David Gamble Jr. on Stand-up Comedy

Renoites is back for the new year with more great guests and episodes every Tuesday! This week on the podcast, Conor welcomes local stand up comedian David Gamble Jr. to talk about the world of stand up comedy both nationally and here in the Biggest Little City. David has been performing stand-up in the Reno area for 7 years, including creating and hosting a regular showcase of local and regional comedians at Ferino Distillery in Downtown Reno. On this episode, Conor and David discuss the...


Emily Treischel on Fat Acceptance and Curve NV Plus-Size Clothing Swap

One of the greatest frustrations for people who are large, chunky, plus-size, fluffy, husky, or (to skip all the euphemisms) just fat is that we live in a society that has labeled fat as a "bad word" and assigned various judgments and criticisms to people who have big bodies. From having diets recommended that they didn't ask for, being assumed to be unhealthy based on nothing more than their appearance, being discriminated against by medical providers, or struggling to find major retailers...


Donald Griffin and RoMar Tolliver on Black Wall Street Reno

Black Wall Street was the name of a thriving black-owned business district and surrounding residential area in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1921, just over 100 years ago, it was destroyed in a racial massacre that left many residents and business owners dead or injured, and their businesses burned to the ground. It is among the worst cases of racial violence ever recorded in the United States. This week on the podcast, we welcome Donald Griffin and RoMar Tolliver. Together, they have founded Black...


Manuel Mederos on the Northern Nevada International Center and Podcasting

This week's guest on Renoites is Manuel Mederos, Language Access Specialist at the Northern Nevada International Center. NNIC provides multiple services with the goal of improved global diplomacy, including exchange programs, refugee resettlement, and Manuel's specialty: translation and interpretation services. Learn more about the Northern Nevada International Center at NNIC has also recently launched a monthly podcast called DiploChatz which Manuel co-hosts and can be found on...


Mayor Ed Lawson on Sparks

But what about Sparks? The "Reno Area" is of course inclusive of more than just the city of Reno. We also have the city of Sparks immediately adjacent to us as a major part of our shared economy and community, and Sparks shares many of the same concerns Reno does around growth, development, homelessness, and more. This week on the show we welcome the best person to talk about the city of Sparks- Mayor Ed Lawson! Ed and Conor talk about what type of city Sparks is and wants to be, how the...


Alex and Broden McClelland on Golden Owl Bookshop and Reading

After reading in school about a double decker bus in London being converted into a mobile book shop, 11-year-old Broden McClelland loved the idea and suggested to his parents that they do something similar here in Reno. The Golden Owl Bookshop was born, and has become a staple at the Riverside and Sparks United Methodist farmers markets, Sprouts Farmers Market in Sparks, and various other locations around town. On this episode of Renoites, Broden and his mom Alex join Conor to talk about...


Pete Copeland on the Great Reno Balloon Race

2021 marks the 40th Anniversary of one of Reno's biggest community events, the Great Reno Balloon Race. It's held at Rancho San Rafael park (September 10-12 this year) and is the largest free ballooning event in the world. This week on the Renoites, Conor is joined by the executive director of the Great Reno Balloon Race, Pete Copeland. Pete and Conor talk about the balloon event industry, how the Reno Balloon Race got started as an opening at for the Air Races, the different challenges of...


Eric Henry Andersen on Local Music

Eric Henry Andersen is one of the most active, hardworking musicians in Reno. You may know him from the popular local band The Novelists, last year's Artown music video "Heartbeat to Heartbeat, Eye to Eye (From Reno with Love)" or from his work as a solo artist playing shows both on tour and here in town. He's also a recent appointee to the Reno Arts and Culture Commission. On this week's episode, Eric and Conor talk about what led Eric to a career as a musician, finding the balance between...