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An 8-part limited series fiction podcast dedicated to the dancers, drug addicts and dreamers who call Camberville home.


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An 8-part limited series fiction podcast dedicated to the dancers, drug addicts and dreamers who call Camberville home.






EP8 What's To Come

Set in the near future, author Raahi Mathew is being interviewed by legendary radio host Candace Mitchell. It isn't going well. But then a bombshell confession changes everything. Featuring Shahjehan Khan. © Danielle Monroe PLUS, announcing we're accepting submissions for Season 2 of Republic of Camberville! Submit your fiction today. Or give to our Kickstarter campaign.


EP7 Massacre

Neko, a millenial Latina, soothes her grief from her mother's death with pills, hook-ups and salsa music. Hannah, her best friend, is desperate to help her. That is until they discover the development firm they work for might be trying to build over Native American burial lands. Featuring Elise Roth and Tamar Avishai. © Danielle Monroe


EP6 Can't Help Falling

A gritty and often funny portrayal of marriage and forgiveness. After being up all night tending to her sick daughter, Miranda is forced to host an annoying guest of her husband's. She discovers there's more to this woman's past with Vivek and she must confront her husband about the future of their marriage. Story written and produced by Danielle Monroe. Featuring Danielle Monroe, Linoy Alexander, Stephanie Louis, Noelle Alexander and Teeru Bihani as Piya. Episode Art courtesy of Victorien Ameline. © Danielle Monroe


EP5 Bombay Princess

Mandira, an au-pair from India, is tasked with driving around three children during a snow storm while the children's parents perform an ill-advised home birth. Featuring Danielle Monroe, Reshma Mehta, Michael Cole and Vineet Prabhu. Episode art courtesy of Aditya Vyes. (c) Danielle Monroe


EP4 "Man in the Mountain...", "24 Cutter..." and "Kid"

Three short-short stories packed episode. Joe, a Somerville native, gets stuck driving around Hernan after his wife is killed by a bus. A woman moves through a psychodelic fever trip where she feels colors and confides in the angry ghost of an Indian Chief about her husband's affair with another man. And, a baby is missing. Deborah, the child's grandmother, must come to terms with the mistakes of her mentally ill son while Detective Marshall reflects on his own power to enforce good in a troubled world. With performances by Michael Cole and Jon Taie. Episode art "Hallelujah" courtesy of Somerville artist Bethany Noel Murray. © Danielle Monroe


EP3 Hide & Seek

Annabel must return to Michigan after a family tragedy. She attempts to use the theories of Behavioral Psychology she's studied at Tufts to care for her ailing, stubborn mother. Story written by Danielle Monroe and performed by Michael Cole, Vineet Prabhu and Liz Adams. Episode art by Cara Foster Karim. © Danielle Monroe


EP2 While I Have You

15-year old Raahi tries to record his sci-fi podcast with his Mom, who has other motives. Story written and performed by Danielle Monroe along with Kaz Qutab. © Danielle Monroe


EP1 Salsaholico

Raaj, a young Indian man, leaves Maine in the wake of his father's death for Boston, where he discovers salsa... and Yesenia. Story written by Danielle Monroe and performed by Shahjehan Khan. © Danielle Monroe