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Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, and Essential Oils with Christine Nguyen

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture use herbs and essential oils as a part the alternative treatments, and I couldn't help but be facinated with how Denver Acupuncturist incorporates essential oils in to her practice.Join us in learning how essential oils work on different levels of our body and assist in balancing our Qi. Our discussion is LIVE on Wednesday, December 27th at 12PT, and the replay will be available on December 29th.


How to Intuitively select Essential Oils and Crystals with Britt Nemeth

Deciding which Essential Oils and Crystals are right for you from moment to moment can be overwelming and confusing. But, intuitively, your body knows what it wants and what will help youJoin me and Britt Nemeth as we discuss how to intuitively select your essential oils and crystals this Wednesday, December 20th at 12PT to learn more.


Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils with Jaime Pallotolo

Chakras are the energy centers within our body, and are directly linked to mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual attributes. Keeping your 7 Chakras balanced allows energy to flow freely.This week on Rewired Lifetrade Radio we are joined by spiritual coach and Chakra expert, Jaime Pallotolo, teaching ushow to balace your 7 Chakras with Essential Oils.


Soul Prompts. How to write yourself well with Kathryn Vigness.

Author Kathryn Vigness joins us once again to share her Soul Prompt Journal with us.Writing and gratitude became Kathryn's way to heal physically and emotionally, and she has put all of her wisdom in to a beautiful journal for us to learn and grow from her experience.Join us LIVE on Wednesday, December 6th at 12PT to learn more


Emotions and Essential Oils with Amanda Porter of Enlighten Healing

Have you ever wondered how Essential Oils can afftect your emotions This week's episode is extra special as the author of the book, "Emotions and Essential Oils" joins us in discussing her passion and research behind how Essential Oils work with our emotional body.Learn how different types and categories of Essential Oils work with your body and help improve stress, overwhelm, mood, and helps to move through emotions.Join Amanda Porter and I LIVE on Wednesday 11.29.2017 at 12PT


Yoga, Massage, and Essential Oils with Karen Steele

Essential Oils are becoming increasingly popular in the energy healing world. Join me and my guest Karen Steele in exploring how you can use your Certified Theraputic Grade Essential Oils to enhance your yoga practice, and energy work.


Healing the "Gut Brain" with Hallie Sawyer

Did you know 90 of our "feel good" chemicals are producedin our gut So when you get that "gut feeling" that something isn't right...YOU'RE RIGHT But what if the balance of your gut is off Will you be able to hear important communication Or will you feel "off"Join women's wellness writer and advocate Hallie Sawyer in a discussion to find out how to detox and re-balance your "gut brain" and live at optimum health.LIVE episode airs Wednesday Nov. 15th at 12PT on


Expanding AromaTherapy with Lizzie Bourque

Using certified therapeutic grade essential oils, Lizzie Bourque of Tin Lizzie Apothecary createsdiffuser jewelry adding a modern touch to an ancient practice to support you on the road towards your best health and spirit.


Rewire Your Emotions with Essential Oils

Essential oils are a powerful neuro-tool in shifting your mood and emotional state. In the Rewired Emotions Series we will be discussing how different essential oils assist us in achieving our emotional wellness goals.In today's episode of Rewired Lifetrade Radio we are breaking down essential oils into bit sized pieces in the way I always talk about topics on the show... using oils to help you Love Yourself, Heal Your Body and Mind, and Celebrate Life. We are going to dig in to how...


Introducing the Rewired Emotions Series

Rewired Lifetrade Radio is all about empowering women to heal by teaching you to love your self, heal your body and mind, and celebrate life. Over the last few months we've been digging into Neuroplastic Pathways and discussing different ways to break negative thoughts, beliefs, and patterns.Essential Oils have long been used to work with the body to address issues and root causes at a cellular level, and on an emotional level. Join me in discussing how to useEssential Oils as a NeuroTool...


Find your Feminine Fire with Amanda Testa

What isFeminine Fire For women feeling disconnect from themselves, overwhelmed, exhausted, and like their needs come last... this discussion is for you.On Wednesday, October 18th, sex and relationship coach, Amanda Testa join us in discussing how to cultivate your feminine fire, and how sexuality is the missing link in personal growth and development.


The Energy of Food with Virginia Sunshine

Food is more than substance for our physical body. Just like our bodies, food has kinetic energy. Food can also have higher vibrations and lower vibrations. Don't you want to feed yourself and your loved ones HIGH VIBE foodTune in to Rewired Lifetrade Radio on Wednesday, October 11th at 12PT as we chat with Virginia Sunshine of The Kitchen Mistress...growing and cooking high vibe food.


The Hero's Journey and Sexual Violation with Lisa Foster

Healing from Sexual Violation of any kind is the journey of a lifetime. Join my guest Lisa Foster of Parillume in discussing how the Hero's Journey explains how to Awaken to the reality of sexual violation. Her recovery process has helped hundreds of people heal.


Reclaim your life with Miriam Byrne

Reclaim your life with Miriam Byrne.It is time to stop talking about your dreams, and start living it Get inspiration to move forward with JOY It is time to get real and take positive action.Join Miriam and I as we discuss how to Reclaim YOUR Life Wednesday at 12PT.


Conscious Communication with Mary Shores

Conscious Communication with Mary Shores.Word matter. Join Mary Shores Wednesday, September 20th on Rewired Lifetrade Radio as we discuss how to harness the power of your words. We will learn to change your mind, change your choices, and change your life


Becoming your BEST SELF with Kristen Noel

Becoming your BEST Self with Kristen Noel. Looking for new tools to revamp your everyday life Join the Editor-In-Chief of BEST SELF Magazine, Kristen Noel, as we discuss finding meaning in your life, access your inner light, and find acceptance and gratitude.PLUS Kristen has an exciting announcement for us Tune in Wednesday at 12PT to hear more


Soul Awakening - Learn to Love Yourself, Heal Your Body and Mind, and Celebrate Life with Audrey Michel

Soul Awakening is all about Rewiring YOUR Life. Join author and spiritual growth coach, Audrey Michel, as she shares how to Rewire Your Life. She will also be giving away a spot in her online Master Class Soul Awakening where she teaches her process to Love Yourself, Heal Your Body and Mind, and Celebrate Life.


Jump and Your Life Will Appear with Sonja Wieck

Jump and Your Life Will Appear. Today's guest Sonja Wieck, is an ultra marathoner and Ironman Triathlon coach...and is no stranger to GOING FOR IT When I need encouragement and a pep-talk, this is my go-to girl Are you standing on the edge of life, wondering if you should JUMP Discover what could unfold. Wednesday, September 6th at 12PT


Celebrate with Gratitude and Joy, with Kathryn Vigness

Celebrate with Gratitude and Joy.This week's guest Kathryn Vignesswouldn't be where she is today without practicing gratitude and joy each and everyday.Building celebration into our everyday experiences is a MUST for Rewiring YOUR Life. Join Kathryn and me Wednesday, August 30th at 12PT to learn more


Nourish your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Crystal Castle.

Nourish your Mind, Body, and Spirit.This episode continues to dig deep into the concepts within Audrey Michel's online master class, Soul Awakening... Nourish your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Finding wellness takes nourishing your WHOLE self and being curious about what works for you.Join me and my guest and soon-to-be Hay House author, Crystal Castle in discussing different tools to help you nourish your WHOLE self.