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Rhian’s Hope is a weekly podcast, hosted by Rhian Rogan, about those who are using their platform to inspire hope in others. Each episode is an exploration of the challenges and opportunities that paved their path and the hopes they have for the future. rhianshope.com

Rhian’s Hope is a weekly podcast, hosted by Rhian Rogan, about those who are using their platform to inspire hope in others. Each episode is an exploration of the challenges and opportunities that paved their path and the hopes they have for the future. rhianshope.com
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Rhian’s Hope is a weekly podcast, hosted by Rhian Rogan, about those who are using their platform to inspire hope in others. Each episode is an exploration of the challenges and opportunities that paved their path and the hopes they have for the future. rhianshope.com






Sisters for Service: Chelsea and Tiffany

Back from an extended hiatus with two very typical teenaged sisters, Tiffany and Chelsea, who between schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and making mukbang videos, started a charity. Sisters for Service recently raised hundreds of dollars to buy Christmas toys and the duo have big plans for 2019 and beyond. Listen in to learn about life at school, at home, and online. Keep up with the Sisters for Service...


Sheila Powell: Reporter*

The way we consume the news is constantly changing. We have TV, Twitter, and maybe you've seen a newspaper this decade. Certain words are/aren't being used to describe malicious behavior, important events aren't getting enough coverage, and recently, the news reporters have become the news. For some insight into the reporter experience, I talked to Sheila Powell* about life in the newsroom, pitching stories, chasing non-stories, working with others, why reporters can't just call people on...


Todd Cook: Promote the Vote Michigan

In an era where voting rights are at the forefront of many minds, I talked to Todd Cook about a joint effort between the ACLU, NAACP, and League of Women Voters known as Promote the Vote that got a ballot measure approved that will make voting easier by: implementing automatic voter registration, expanding absentee ballot allowances, making it easier for servicemembers to vote, allowing same-day voter registration, and more. Let's take this nationwide. Promote the Vote...


Philip Olson and Julia Lorenz-Olson: Two Cents and The Art of Finance

Another entry in The Financial Health Series! Philip and Julia are actors turned money people. The husband and wife team are the creators of the PBS Digital Series "Two Cents" and owners of their own financial advisory firm, The Art of Finance. We go through some lessons learned from the show and the business beyond dollars and cents budgeting: the fact that breastfeeding isn't free [they're new parents], that the cash over debit card to save money study doesn't exist, how to get the most...


Shannon Smith for Detroit Public Schools Community District Board

It's voting season and this episode features a candidate for office from Detroit, Michigan. Shannon Smith, Detroit native, University of Michigan graduate, and Global Philanthropy Associate at JPMorgan Chase, is sharing his story as he enters the homestretch of his campaign for a seat on the Detroit Public Schools Community District Board. Shannon walked me through the 5 W's of his campaign: Who is Shannon? What is Shannon doing? Where is Shannon? When can you vote for Shannon - I'll...


Coach Rodney Rogan: Millsaps College Athletics Hall of Fame Inductee/My Brother

Special episode featuring Rodney Rogan, Assistant Coach for the University of Nebraska - Omaha Women's Basketball Team, 4 year starting forward for Millsaps College from 2004 to 2008, and my brother. Rodney delivered this speech as part of the Millsaps College Athletics Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony where the 2007-08 men's basketball team was recognized for a historic season where they finished with 28 wins, went undefeated in the Hangar Dome, and captured the SCAC tournament...


Jodel: When Being Petty Pays Off, Literally

The last entry in the Rhian's Hope Financial Health Series, for now, comes from another childhood friend. Jodel grew up down the street from me and is a pediatric nurse in Texas. After missing the deadline for academic scholarships at the University of Texas Arlington, Jodel racked up all the student loans but worked to pay them off as a personal, petty challenge. We talk career choice [nursing was a backup plan], budgeting [he's a Dave Ramsey fan, too], when to pay off credit cards to...


Jomari Peterson: The Digital Reserve - Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Explained

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are two of the biggest buzzwords of the last few years but what do they mean? The Financial Health Series continues on Rhian's Hope with Jomari Peterson, Founder of The Digital Reserve Network: a peer-to-peer payments, sustainable lending, and collateral free borrowing platform with a responsive monetary policy to empower discriminated communities. With Merriam-Webster as our starting point, Jomari dives deep into cryptocurrency, bitcoin, blockchain, and the...


Johamy: Financing a Family

The second chapter in the Financial Health Series is here! This week I'm talking to my childhood friend Johamy about managing money as a wife and mother of four children under the age of four. She shares details about learning to save while in college and learning to budget alongside her recently laid off husband while in her third trimester. We even talk about budget wedding planning [pro-tip: online wedding dress shopping]. Johamy shares several tips for financial health with a family of...


Lindsey Leaverton: Mo' Math Mo' Money

Another Texan this week to start the Financial Health Series on Rhian's Hope. Lindsey walks me through her experiences as an artist, reconciling her identity as a gay woman with her faith, and becoming a personal banker. Through music, Lindsey works to increase awareness and inspire change in education after learning of the growing achievement gap between students of color and their white peers. Finally, we get some real action items around planning, saving, and getting your head out of the...


Emily Cook Harris: FITWEEK 2018 presented by EMPOWERED

Emily Cook Harris is a Louisiana native, dancer, fitness professional, and founder of EMPOWERED. We discuss the role of naivete/a lack of fear as she moved from LSU to NYC for an internship, stayed for a dream job, and then landed a spot on a national tour. An injury led her back to the wellness industry and eventually, LA. Now she's working on FITWEEK, an annual event celebrating the power of fitness in the community and raising money for She's the First and DonorsChoose.org. Get fit and...


Mayor Annise Parker: Victory Fund

On this episode, I'm talking with a former Mayor of the Greatest in the World! Mayor Annise Parker served as the Mayor of Houston, Texas from 2010 to 2016, but before that, she was a triple major at Rice Universit. After graduation, she accidentally rode the tech wave in the oil and gas industry. When Mayor Parker realized she was working to support her volunteer habits, she decided to run for a position in local government. And lost. And lost again. But learned from those experiences and...


Me: The Story of Rhian's Hope

I'm handing hosting responsibilities to my friend and loyal listener, Glenn Sumirat, for this episode of Rhian's Hope Glenn, a husband, dad, fish taco savant, and proud member of the United States Navy, suggested an episode all about me and volunteered as tribute to interview me. He walks you through my childhood, the first time we met, and in what I hope will inspire some of you to start your own project, I talk through the process of creating Rhian's Hope, the things I struggle with,...


Hunter Hames: WNBA Playoff Preview

Welcome to the second season of Rhian's Hope! On this episode, my most frequent guest Hunter Hames is back to rundown the 2018 WNBA regular season including: Check out Rhian’s Hope online: rhianshope.com facebook.com/rhianshope instagram.com/rhianshope twitter.com/rhianshope Music from Jukedeck – create your own at http://jukedeck.com


Mike Sherbakov: The Greatness Foundation

On this episode of Rhian's Hope, I'm talking with Mike Sherbakov, veteran, entrepreneur, philanthropist, adventurer, and founder of The Greatness Foundation about his journey from the United States Marine Corps, and then to heeding "divine discomfort" and knowing when it was time to make the change from Marine to student to founder. Throughout our conversation, Mike imparts knowledge about what it means to volunteer, trusting our instincts, showing versus telling of your commitment, and...


Hunter Hames: 2018 WNBA Preview, Part 2 of 2

More! Hunter and I finish up our team by team breakdowns with the Los Angeles Sparks, Minnesota Lynx, New York Liberty, Seattle Storm, and the Washington Mystics. We end with our WNBA wish list including more apparel, more data, and more teams! #bringbackthehoustoncomets And make plans for my mother's possible turn as a Rhian's Hope correspondent? This was a trial run. If you want to hear Hunter and me talk about the WNBA more, reach out and let us know, and help us come up with a...


Hunter Hames: 2018 WNBA Preview, Part 1 of 2

On this episode of Rhian's Hope, my friend Hunter Hames and I are talking all things WNBA, kicking off its 22nd season today, May 18th. After we talk about ourselves, you'll hear: Check out the official website of the WNBA here for schedules, an online store, and links to social media accounts: WNBA Check out Rhian’s Hope online: rhianshope.com facebook.com/rhianshope instagram.com/rhianshope twitter.com/rhianshope Music from Jukedeck – create your own at http://jukedeck.com


Debbie Nyakaru: Million Hoodies Movement for Justice

On this episode of Rhian's Hope, I'm chatting with Debbie Nyakaru, a sophomore at Cornell University, and the Chapter Leader for the Cornell chapter of the Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, a nationwide, intersectional organization dedicated to ending racism and systemic violence. She walks us through her journey from Minneapolis to Ithaca, the event that spurred her involvement in the Million Hoodies Movement, and offers her advice on having difficult conversations about race and...


Chad Joseph Songy, First of His Name: Zebra Crossing Adventures

On this episode of Rhian's Hope, I am finally talking to Chad Joseph Songy, founder of many things, but most relevant to this episode, Zebra Crossing Adventures. We start with doldrums of 9 to 5 life, and move on to his experience as a white male, his efforts to have important conversations about equality across the world, his goals in launching Zebra Crossing Adventures, and the work and effort it has taken him to get him to this point. Chad flips the script on me a few times and really...


Ricky and Greg: Zebra Crossing Adventures Part 2 of 2

On this episode of Rhian's Hope, I'm continuing a really enlightening conversation with Ricky Marais and Greg Andrews. Kick things off with Greg's origin story and hear more about the work Ricky and Greg have done/are doing all over Cape Town with Street Scapes, Zebra Crossing Adventures, and Crossings Travel. Key takeaways: Look at people as people. Put your pride in your pocket. The one thing everyone needs on this planet: acceptance. Prejudice + Power = Racism. Ricky's page on...